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Correspondence. THE MERTHYR VALE WARD ELECTIONS. Sm,—As one who has watched from the outeide, the recent elections, I cannot but see how closely we are held in the grip of capitalism. All around we see want and starvation staring us in the face, and I have noticed many letters in your columns on the subject, and I really cannot see anything in our social con- dition to laugh at. To all thoughtful and discerning men it should now be clear that the solution of the social question is the great task which has been laid upon the present epoch in the history of the world. Mr. Editor, Socialism is misunderstood. People have got the idea that capital would be nearly aliolished. No. So far from abolish- ing capital, Socialists wish to make it still more effective for social well being by placing it under social control. What they wish to abolish is the existing system in which capital is under the control of a class. It would be a considerable gain in clear- ness if this system were always called capitalism. Socialism has been allied with Anarchy. But what more like Anarchy have we than the present condi- tion of affairs ? Landlords grabbing the land from the people, masters crushing the workmen by low wages and starvation, idle men living in luxury, hard- working men starving, rich men getting juetice tempered with abundant mercy, poor folk, strict justice, often with brutality. Why, it appears as if a few were born to play football with the many. Socialism is not Anarchy. It is a term which embodies love your neighbour as yourself" (not kick him). Who can uphold the present system of society, when a few men, with money, are allowed to starve thousands, besides using methods which will not allow these thousands to get work elsewhere? It is enough to drive any hard-working man into violent Anarchy. In con- clusion, Socialism has greatly helped to give pre- valence to the historical conception of political economy it has deepened and widened the ethical conception of politIcal economy. Socialism has brought the cause of the poor most powerfully before the civilised world. Socialism has laid its diagnosing finger on all the sores of society, and showed how to heal them. Yet, Mr. Editor, we have men who do not understand this matter laughing at a few who are trying to understand it. Before they go further let them show why masters must rule and the majority of men be bound by the iron law of wages."—Yours, ———— SARTOR. SiR,—I am pleased to find that Treharris has followed the spirit of my letter, and has adhered to the sound principle of one man one Board at the recent bye-election. At Merthyr Vale there is every probability of Sir. Gray following in tho steps of his iate chief, and sit on three boards. He is already a member of the School Board, and has just been elected unopposed to the District Council; and from what I hear he is likely to be the candidate for the vacant guardianship also. There has been some trafficking ill seats between Trebarris and Merthyr Vale, and if the electors were of the same mind as myself, they would not tolerate any of these nice little arrangements, but go to the poll. What right.I ask, have a couple of hundred ratepayers to pledge themselves to the giving of one seat away providing another would not be contested ? This, to my way of thinking, is voicing by a few the feelings of the electors cf the Merthyr Vale Ward without authority. It must be obvious to any thinking man that a gentle- man sitting on three boards, and serving on several committees attached to the s-.atne, could not properly discharge his public duties, mixed up as they are in nine cases out of ten, with their own private business. Your correspondent "Conjistent" is fishin^, I imagine, for a free advertisement of himself and the reckless party he belongs to, and ignorant" as I am, I can see through his motive, and shall not fall into the trap so neatly set for me. I am a strong sup- porter of genuine Labour representatives, but unfor- tunately the great drawback 18, how and where to obtain their expenses. As far as I am concerned, I derive satisfaction from the fact that I am one of the subscribers to the expenses of Mr. John Edwards, our respected Labour member of the Merthyr Vale Ward on the Merthyr Board of Guardians, and all the poor ratepayers of Treharris cannot say that.—Yours, A POOR RATEPATER. SIR,-A change of front does not necessarily change altogether the complexion of issues. I suppose I must reluctantly follow Anti-Socialist as I intend to. yea, and stick to him like a leach, and the ultimate decision of your readers must be "beaten" or bigoted." So, sir, the I.L.P. made a feeble attempt to put a member of the I.L.P. on the Urban District Council. Now, Anti-Socialist," be consistent, and do not expect great things all at once. We have not sustained a defeat far from it. Unfortunately our organisation was unprepared to bear the strain of a contest for the simple reason that we have only lately been formed. Anti-Sociahst should share our surprise and appreciation at the moral support we command even at this stage. One thing he can fed assured of that the future is ouis the working man may be in a lethargic state, but as true as day follows night, so will he awaken, and I doubt very much if he will look to or expect much guidance from Anti- Socialist." The handful of harmful Socialists will yet prove too big a job for your contributor to crush. I would advise him to hasten, as histask will be a tough one indeed. Now, fir, I arrive at an unmanly assertion re funds, and an inference that the lack of same was in a manner explanatory and thus causing the white feather." If it should not appear similar to an adver- tisment, would you kindly allow me to urgently request those kind local Conservative gentlemen to hand us in the necessary gold which we usually receive (thanks, Mr. Editor). For the information of Anti- Socialist," I must express my regret at not lieing ft party to a free admittance to Sir. Fred Brocklehurst's lecture. I niay say that the le^cture delivered by Mr- Tom McCarthy (December 2nd, 1895) was free, the necessary funds being raised locally and voluntarily. This cannot, however, be repeated, and threepence to hear a gentleman of Sir. Brocklehurst's ability may be well earned, it being at any rate well spent. Yes, Anti-Socialist was present at the lecture as expected, and his cantankerous attitude and questions to our esteemed comrade were the laughing stock of the audience, for never was a more courteous and ex- ■planatory answer given to unbigoted queries. How- ever, as the lecturer reminded him, if lie had lwen aware of the facts his questions would never have been asked. The last remark that Mr. Biocklehuvt was compelled to make completely demolished Anti-Socialist," the audience so appreciating his discomfiture that the applause was loud and prolonged. And this is Treharris Liberalism Rather an uncom- plimentary way of showing it, and rather a chuck- iiig "of a leader who would aspire to voice the feel- ings of the working classes, assisted by a thin-skinneel connection with Trade Unionism, etc. I have again to remind Anti-Socialist that Liberalism upon its completion of Freedom and Contract," etc., its mission expires, and thus the party must naturally follow suit, and, whether it may lie cruel or otherwise, it must be treated in an identical manner to his removal by old age from his employment without any recognition or compensation, unless he pays to a pension fund. Unfortunately Anti-Socialist can- not see and won't read and trace the economic changes suffice it to say that our so-called Liberal and Tory leaders desire no evolutionary changes and I regret to think working men of Anti- Socialist's indiscretion ever ready to pose as authorities or rather inisrepresentative. At any rate. lie now has a fairly clear insight into Socialism, and am afraid it is individuals towards which his venom is directed. -Yours etc, EXPECTANT. OUR JUNIOR MESIBER. SIR,—Can anyone give me an idea where our Junior Member is to be found? We know he ought to he found at St. Stephen's doing his duty as a legislator, if he is a true successor of our ever-to-be-remembereel "Henry Richard." Important divisions affecting Wales have taken place this week, and our junior" is marked absent and unpaired. We might as well have only one member as to be thus ignored by Mr. P. Morgan. Every man, as in the days of Trafalgar, is expected to do his duty, this day and every day. Our Tory Government are asking for an extra £ 3,000,000 over last year's Liberal grant, and promise to spend J610,000,000 on additional ships, that we may live at peace with our neighbours What a ghastly joke What would Sir. Henry Richards have said to all this huge and wicked expenditure? They also want to take three-fourths cf the taxes off the land as a sop for Tory votes, and make'the towns pay the piper for the benefit of, not the land, but landlords. It is the same with the so-called Ve>luntary Schools. If we do not look out, the clergy will get our taxes to pay their school expenses, and that at the expense of Nonconformists mostly. That is making Churchmen by Act of Parliament. T think I have said enough to prove that we require all our M.P.s to be present, and do their duty even in the face of 150 majority. 4th March. VERITAS.