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DEATH AND FUNERAL OF MISS MAGGIE WILLIAMS, MERTHYR, It is our painful duty this week to record the death, at the ehrly age of 27 years, of Miss Jane Margaret William^, daughter of the late Mr. David Williams, butter merchant, and step-daughter of Mr. J. F. Lewis, printer and stationer, High-street, Merthyr. Up to within a fortnight ago the deceased young lady apparently enjoyed ge>od health, and her almost sudden death has cast quite gloom over the town. She became very ill about a forinight ago, and was obliged to take to her bed. The fa;nily physician, Dr. C. Biddle, attended her, but skilful medical treatment proved of no avail. On Saturday last Dr. Webster was called into consultation, but the poor young lady passed peacefully away at twenty minutes past ten o'clock the same night, the cause of death being enteric fever. Miss Williams was well known and highly respected by everybody who knew her. For some years, with her sister, she assisted in the station- ery business of hot step-father, and her kind and genial disposition endeared her to all customers, and made her no end of friends. Her bright and cheerful face will be sadly missed, and no one will feel the loss greater than her sorrowful sister, for both were inseparable. For years Miss Williams had been a faithful member of Zoar Chapel, and has always taken a very active part in the affairs of this church, especially in all movements carried on by young people. For many years she was a faithful Sunday School teacher, and always conducted a Welsh class. Here, also, by her kind and sympathetic manner, she won the affection of not only the members of her class, but of the whole congregation and school. No beitter evidence of this is necessary than the fact that when the sorrowful new was announced in the school last Sunday almost every one, both youngand old wept tears of great sorrow. Miss Williams was the possessor of a splendid soprano voice, and was a faithful member of the Merthyr Choral Society. She has taken part in all the successful competitions, and only a few weeks ago attended Mr. Dan Davies' presentation meeting. Her favourite pieces were Dr. Parry's Nebuchaduexzar" and "Judas Maccabteus," and she excelled especially in the sacred song, "Star of Bethlehem." This was the last song she sang three weeks ago, and it was little thought at that time that she was so soon to see the Great Master over Whom the star shone. At the conclusion of the evening service at Zoar Chapel on Sunday evening, Mr. Thomas Williams, J.P., Gwaelodygarth, in the absence of the pastor, the Rev. John Thomas, alluded in most pathetic tetms to the untimely death of Miss Williams, and the congregation left the sacred edifice with teai- stained eyes. The Merthyr Choral Society met on Sunday last at the Market Hall, Councillor Thomas Thomas pre- siding. Reference was made by the Chairman, Mr. Dan Davies, Mr. Morris, and others to the death of one of the most faithful members of the choir, and a vote of condolence was passed in silence, and ordered to he sent to the bereaved family. It was unanimously decided to seud for a wreath of flowers to be placed upcn the coffin as a token of the respect in which Miss Williams was held. It was the feeling of the choir that they should attend the funeral and sing some of the deceased young lady's favourite tunes, but it being the wish of the family that the funeral should be private it was subsequently agreed that the choir be represented by one or two of its number. The funeral of the deceased youn? lady took place at Cefn Cemetery on Wednesday afternoon. The greatest sympathy was felt by the inhabitants, and all along the route to the cemeteiy blinds-were drawn and shutters put up. The funeral was private. The order of the mournful proeeesion was as follows :— First coach. Dr. Bieldle, Rev. J. Thomas, Mr. John Williams; second, third, and fourth coaches. Bearers, namely Mr. D. C. Williams, Mr. Harry Thomas, Mr. J. Beynon, Mr. T. Gilbert Evans, Mr. D. M. Yorwerth Mr. J. S. Jones, Mr. E. Lumley, Mr. T. Thomas (employees); fifth coach, Mr. J. P. Lewis, Mr. Daniel Davies (uncle); Mr. Richard Davies and Mr. W. F. Davies (cousins) sixth coach, Mr. Octayius Davies, Mr. E. Davies, Rev. Fred Williams (cousins), Mr. James Lewis (uncle): seventh coach, Mr. R. Edwards, Merthyr, Mr. John Harpur, Cefn, Mr. David Jones, Merthyr, Mr. William Harpur, Cardiff (uncles) eighth coach, Mr. Joseph Williams, Mr. Thomas Thomas, Merthyr; Mr. Llewelyn Davies Mr. T. Jenkins, supelintl ndent of Sunday School. Following is a list of those who sent wreaths, &c. Dr. and Mrs. Biddle, Mr. and Mrs. Davies, Oxford- street, London Mrs. J. D. Jones. High-street Mr. D. M. Yorwerth, London and Provincial Bank Mr. and Mrs. J. Davies, Wellington-street Miss Jenkins, Abermorlais Sch.xils Miss Jones, Gwaelodygarth Mr. Thomas Williams, J.P., Gwaelodygarth Merthyr Choral Society (harp. with broken chord); Mr. and Mrs. J. Evans and family, Iscoed, Merthyr Mrs. Cromwell Junes, Mr. and Mrs. Hansard and family, employees, Mrs. Henry Lewis and family, Castle-street Mr. and Mrs. A. E. Parr, Mr. and Mrs. Beddoe, the Zoar Choir, Mr. R. Edwards and family The Vicar of Llanybri and family Mr. and Sirs. Heppell and daughter; Mr. James Lewis and family Mr. and Mrs. J. Beynon, Avenue Cottage Mrs. Winton, Sand-street, MorftH Town M s W. Harris, 144, High-street Miss Annie Sibbering, The Hawthorns Miss Lizzie Morgan, Fairfield House Sliss Bessie Sibbering, Sir. D. C. Williams, Sir. and Sirs. R. T. Davies, ronty- |X>ol-road Sir. and Sirs. T. Gilbert Evans, Messrs. pool-road Mr. and Mrs. T. Gilbert Evans, Messrs. Oakey,Eddy, and Willie Davies Co-teacheis at Zoar Sunday School, Mrs. Williams, Globe Hotel Mr. and Sirs. D. J. Evans and Miss Evans, Mr. and Mrs. Rees Jones and family, Bethesda-street; Mr. E. P. Biddle, Mr. A. Hansard, Mr. and Mrs. W. W. Green. The service at the graveside was most impressively conducted by the Rev. John Thomas, pastor of Zoar Chapel. The family request us to thank all friends who have sent messages of sympathy. The letters are too numerous to be replied to individually.