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ASSOCIATION. Monmouthshire easily beat what was called the Glamorganshire team." It would, however, be ridiculous to say that the defeated team represented the best socy" talent in Glamorganshire. For example there was not a single player from Aberdare and Treharris. We are certain that a team composed of Aberdare and Treharris players woulel easily vanquish the so-called Glamorganshire Team." Monmouthshire "socy players must not run away with the idea that the team they beat on Saturday was the best that Glamorganshire could turn out. Not by a long chalk. The Aberdare v. Mardy match on Saturday was rather interesting. Both teams had absentees. Aberdare won by a goal to nil. The score does not, however, indicate the complexion of the game. Aber- dare pressed throughout, and some easy chances were spoilt by exceedingly faulty shooting. The Aberdarians have very good combination, but their shooting is decidedly "off." Johnny Thomas is about the neatest shot they have, and his absence on Saturday was sorely felt. B. Morris in goal played a nice game as usual. Aberdare will shortly be losing his services as he is going away. He is a sine qua non to the team, and his loss will he sorely felt. The Mardy goalkeeper was also a tower of strength to his side. He made some remarkable saves—one in particular. The Mardy backs were also a very trusty pair. Some of the forwards were inclined to get waxy, and one *f them showed his fists to an Aberdare player. To say the least, such conduct is unwarrant- able. By the way, it is interesting to note that seven out of the proper Mardy XI. possess the euphonious and aristocratic cognomen of Jones. Five of these Joneses figured in Saturday's match. It will be remembered thatF. Deacon, the Aberdare full-back, was selected to play in the international trial match. So well did he play that it looked almost certain that he would get his cap. It appears, how- ever, that he was disqualified on grounds of birth. Great interest was taken in the match Treharris v. Nelson, played at Aberdare on Saturday, being the semi-finale for the South Wales Challenge Cup. There were about 500 spectators on the field, prin- cipally from Treharris and Nelson. Partisan feeling ran high at times, and it was amusing to note how the crowd urged theii favourites on. In about ten minutes after the kick off Treharris scored a rather fluky goal. The Nelson custodian was too slow in trying to attempt a clearance. This was the on'y point obtained, and the match ended in a victory for Treharris. The play was not by any means brilliant. The combination of the teams was very indifferent. Of the two teams Treharris had the best forward?. Their full backs were also a good pair. The Nelson forwards were very poor but they had a good pair of backs. A word of praise is due to Mr. Ash tun, the referee, for his excellent refereeing. Treharris are now in the final, when they will meet the Barry Reserves. We cannot conclude our references to the match on Monday without strongly condemning the tricks of the people who sneaked into the field without paying. They ought to be ashamed of themselves. By the way what is "The South Wales Junior Challenge Cup" like ? Is it a better cup than the senior one ? AJERDAHE RANGERS v. NELSON A.—Plavud at Nelson on Saturelay, and resulted in a win feu Nelson by 2 goals to nil. The visitors were weakly repre- sented, and the match was a very tame affair. TREHARBIS v. NELSON.—This was a semi-final match (South Wales tlunior Challenge Cup), and was played at the Ynys Meadow, Aberdare, on Monday in the presence of fully 500 spectators. After ten minutes play Treharris scored an easy goal. This was the only point scored, and although the Nelsonites exerted themselves very hard to equalise, the Tre- harris defence proved too good for them. It was a well "contested game; but there was not a very scientific exhibition of the game. Treharris now enter the final round for the cup. ABERDARE v. MARDY.—Played at the Ynys Meadow on Saturday, in the presence of a fair gate. The ground was in a sodden state, which rendered the ball very slippery. Both teams had absentees. They fielded as; follows :—Aberdare Goal, B. Morris full- backs, F. Deacon, Gomer Watkins half-backs, F. J. Caldicott, J. Owens, R. E. Sydney; forwards, right wing, J. E. Thomas and J. E. Newton left ving, D. Rees and A. Jones (captain); centre, Owens. Mardy: Goalkeeper, D. Jones full-backs, Joe Morgan, Ben James; half-backs, J. Williams, J. Jones, W. H. Harris; forwards, right wing, R. Jones and J. Harding; left wing, Ted Jones and Jack Jones centre, J. Price. The referee was Mr. J. Strong, Aberaman. Aberdare kicked off, and a fast game at once ensued. The Aberdare attacking line made themselves busy, and D. Jones had to clear on several occasions. D. Rees had the goal at his mercy, but a. "aulty ;h It sen; the ball wide. R. Jones and Harding got going, and the latter eluded Deacon, and raced down upon B. Morris' charge. Ben was not, however, to be caught napping, and cleared splendidly. Sydney, who was working like a Trojan, and playfng a very smart game, had a nice opening, but ran the ball out. Harding dribbled up the field, but Caleiicott checked his progress. D. Rees and A. Jones, by means of excellent passing, took the ball right up to the Mardy goal, but the ball was shot wide. Half-time arrived with no score. On resumption of play both sides exerted their utmost to bring about a point some good combination pmongst the Aberdare forwards was witnessed. Newton centred well and A. Jones scored an easy god. Harding was again to the fore, and raced down upon Morris' charge, but the custodian cleared safely. Sydney beat two of the Mardy forwards, and then passed to Caldieott Caldicott transferred to A. Jones, and the captain came within an ace of scoring. Owens after a gooJ run sent in a rattling shot, and the Mardy e-ustodian had to concede a corner to save his side. The corner kick was well put by A. Jones a warm scramble ensued in front of the Mardy goal, but Joe Morgan brought relief by a smart shot. Harding dribbled, but Deacon returned the ball with interest. Play was in Mardy territory when the whistle blew. Final score Aberdare, 1 goal Mardy, nil.