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YAYKOH PARISH COUNCIL. Friday. Present: Messrs. J. Rogers (chairman), William Evans, (vice-chairman), W. Meredith, D. W. Davies, W. Edwards, R. Trice, J. Harpur, J. Morris, W. Williams, Revs. T. Salathiel, and W. B. Griffiths, and the eleik, Mr. W. Harries. THE CUSTODY OF PrBLlC BOOKS.—The Rev. W. P. Griffiths, who had given notice of motion on the above rubject, being unavoidably absent during the first part of the meeting, Mr. Price said that he had been called upon to bring forward the matter of the custody of parish Ijooks. Having had such a short notice, Mr. Price explained that he had only just time to read up the portion of the Act bearing upon the question, and this tated that all public books, writings, and papers, excepting registers of baptisms, marriages and burials, and all books containing writings relating wholly or partly to the affairs of the Church or to ecclesiastical chanties, shall either remain in their existing custody, or be deposited in such custody as the Parish Council may direct." By this it appeared clear to him that the minute and other books belonging to the defunct Parochial Com- mittee would come under this category. These books were now, if he mistook not, in the custody of Mr. F. T. James, Merthyr, and seeing that it was from such memoranda that the histories of parishes and towns came to be written, he thought that they ought to be deposited in some convenient place where people could easily get at them and consult them. A lawyer's office was not a place where people cared much to go to and hunt up references. He was, therefore, pre- pared to move that the minute and other books belong- ing to the Rural Sanitary Authority be in the custody of the clerk of the Parish Council, but was willing to receive any suggestion from any member of the Coun- cil.—Mr. D. W. Davies seconded.—The Rev. T. Salathiel thought the best way would be for their clerk to see Mr. F. T. James, and inquire what books he had in his possession, and for the Council to hold a special meeting in a fortnight to consider the matter further.—Mr. Price said that with the consent of the seconder of his resolution he would willingly defer the .question until that time. He, therefore, gave notice that he would bring forward at the next meeting a. motion that all public books or writings relating to the Parish of Vaynor shall he in the custody of the clerk of the Parish Council. -After a long and some- what animated discussion as to what is meant by public books," the Chairman moved that the clerk be instructed to apply to the clerk of the extinct Rural Sanitary Authority for a list of the public books, writings and papers relating to the Parish of Vaynor which may be in his custody, so that the Council may decide where they shall be deposited, in accordance with Clause 17. Sub-section 8 of the Local Government Act, 1894.-This was secondad by Mr. John Morris and agreed to. THE BRAKES.—Mr. D. W. Davies asked what had become of the question of the Cefn and Merthyr brakes mooted at the last meeting.—The Chairman, in reply, said that it would be considered at the next meeting of the Rural District Council. CILSANWS MOUNTAIN.—Mr. R. Price stated that he had received a letter from Mr. D. A. Thomas, M.P., acknowledging the receipt of the draft sent to him re the ownersnp of Cilsanws mountain. In the letter Mr. Thomas expressed his determination to hunt up the matter as well as he could.—In connection with the said draft, the Chairman mentioned that he had read it before it was forwarded to Mr. Thomas, and while reading it he felt that every aspect of the case was so carefully presented as to make it unnecessary for him to make any alterations whatever.—Mr. J. Morris expressed himself in a similar strain.



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