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MERTHYR. I SNOWFALL. — The hills around Merthyr were ¡ covered with snow on Tuesday morning. THK HOME SECRETARY has written Mr. J. M. Berry, acknowledging the rceipt of a vote of condo- lence with Her Majesty the Queen and Princess Beatrice on the death of Prince Henry of Battenberg, passed by the Lcyal Cambrian Lodge of Freemasors. VISITORS TO ABERDARE should not fail to call at Miss A. OEPPEN'S, Commercial-place, Aberdare, for their cigar", tobacco, &c. A choice selection of smokers' requisites is always in stock, and cannot fail to please, both in cheapness and quality. Remember the address Commercial-place, Aberdare. [AOVT FOUND, about 11 years ago, by JENKINS, CHEMIST and SEEDSMAN, next door to Police-station, a Perfect CCRE for COUGHS, COLDS, ASTHMA, and SHORTNESS of BREATH. The same can be had by payment of one shilling. Hundreds have already speculated the one shilling, and the unanimous verdict has been Nothing equals the Cambrian Cough Cure." [3474 SCIENCE AND ART EXAMINATIONS, SIERTIIYB CENTRE. — Students who wish to be examined as external candidates in any of the forthcoming examinations of the Science and Art Department are requested to send the necessary particulars at once to the Special Local Secretary, 13, Courtland-terrace, Merthyr. A fee of Is. for each paper applied for must accompany the application. J. T. DOCTON, SANITARY ENGINEER, Plumber, Hot Water Fitter, Gas Fitter, Electric Bell Fitter, and General House Decorator, etc., 138, High-street, Merthyr. All orders will receive prompt attention. Distance no object. A staff of experienced workmen regularly employed. J.T.D. may be consulted on Sanitary matters, embracing drainage, ventilation, etc. f281 LABOUR CERTIFICATES.—Messrs. Short and Jon(s, H.M. Inspectors, held an examination at St. David's Boys' School on Monday last for the granting of labour certificates to boys and girls wishing to leave school. The total number of candidates was 82, coming from St. David's National, St. Mary's Roman Catholic, Pentrebach National, and Cefn Board Schools. THE VOLUNTEERS.—On Thursday evening the Mer- thyr Detachment of Rifle Volunteers bad a march-out as far as Duffryn Crossing, a distance of four miles. These marches are to be continued twice a month- the last Thursday and Saturday-iii order to train the men for the camp manoeuvres, which severely try the marching powers of citizen soldiers. It would be very effective, therefore, if "heavy marching order" was observed occasionally on these parades. To PARTIES FURNISHING.—Messrs. J. G. Maddox and Son, auctioneers, will sell bypublicauctionattbe Auction Mart, 25, Duke-street, Cardiff, on Tuesday and Thursday, March 10th and 12th, an immense assemblage of very superior household furniture. The sale will commence at two o'clock precisely each day. Further particulars will be found in our advertising column or may be obtained by writing to the auctioneers at the above address. r2849 TECHNOLOGICAL EXAMINATIONS IN MAY NEXT.— Written examinations in masonry, brickwork, and carpentry and joinery will be held in May next in connection with the City and Guilds of London Institute at the Merthyr Centre. Applications may be received up to the 27th March, but not later, accompanied by the fee of 2s. for the paper, by the Special Local Secretary, School Board Office, Merthyr. THE SUCCESS OF MISS ELEANOR JONES.—On Saturday evening a meeting of the committee who have undertaken the training of Miss Jones met at the ante-room of the Temperance Hall, Colonel D. Ret s Lewis presiding. It was decided to accept Mr. Dau Davies offer to give a complimentary concert to Miss Jones upon her success, but the matter was deferred tine die on account of the large amount of distress in the district. INCANDESCENT GAS LIGHTS INCANDESCENT GAS LIGHTS !—J. T. DOCTON, 138, High-street, Merthyr, lias been Specially Appointed for the Sale of the Incandescent Gas Lights. Gas Consumers, by using this Light, will Reduce their Gas Bills by One Half and Obtain Treble the Light. The various Kinds of Lights can be seen in operation, and full particulars obtained at the above address. Inspection invited. Competent workmen employed to fix same. [ADVT. IRON AND STEEL MANUFACTURE, RAISING AND PREPARATION OF ORES MECHANICAL ENGINEERING.— We are desired to inform our numerous young readers that students who purpose sitting in either of these subjects, or in any subjects in connection with the City and Guilds of London Institute, are desired particularly to note that no application for papers can be received after the 27th March, by the Special Local Secretary of the Merthyr Centre, School Board Office, Merthyr. KEEP YOUR EYE ON MORRIS'. WHAT FOR? For Stylish Suits and Overcoats. For style, quality, and value, Morris challenges the town. Try Morris' wlebrated 37s. 6d. OVERCOATS and 50s. BUSINESS SUITS. They cannot be beaten. Once tried always used. Warmth and comfort for the winter months. See that you get no other. In Hats, Caps, Shirts, Collars, Ties, &c., MORRIS LEADS THE WAY. Have a look at our windows to see our New Season's Stock of Mufflers, Ladies' and Gent.'s Lined Gloves, &c. Note the address, J. W. MORRIS, 10, Pontmorlais, Merthyr. MR. DAN DAVIES' CONCERT PARTY.—This well- known party gave a grand concert at the Tredegar Hall, Newport, on Saturday last. The party met with a splendid reception. This is the second appear- ance of the party at Newport under the same auspices, and as before, the Slerthyrians made a splendid impression. Miss Beatrice Evans, who has joined the ohoras, received flattering applaudits, and was encured. Madame Miles-Beynon also sang in her usual brilliant style, and was loudly applauded. On Thursday night the party will give a grand concert at Ystrad, theRhondda. MERTHYR TYDFIL GAS Co.-The annual meeting of the Merthyr Tydfil Gas Co. was held on Thursday afternoon at the offices of the company, in Picton- atreet, Mr. E. B. Evaus, chairman, presiding. The statement of accounts was taken as read and a maxi- mum dividend declared at the rate of 10 per cent. per annum upon the original ordinary stock, 7 per cent, upon the E7 ordinary stock, and 5 per cent. upon the preference stock. The usual subscription of £2 2s. to the Merthyr Library and the same amount as a voluntary church rate were ordered to be paid. Mr. T. W. Scale, Aberdare, the retiring director, was re-elected, and Mr. E. B. Evans was re-elected chair- man of the company. Mr. H. P. Linton being re-elected as deputy-chairman. The best thanks of the meeting were given to the chairman and deputy- chairman for their attention to the interests of the corn pany during the year. TOM EVANS, Bespoke Tailor, solo agent for the celebrated firm of Kino, London, begs to thank his numerous customers for their liberal support in past years, and to announce that he has removed from No. 1, Market-square, to 24, High-street (opposite the old Church), where he has opened business as a fancy draper, outfitter, and gent's mercer. T.E. trusts that by strict attention to the needs of his customers to merit a continuance of their favours, and it is with the idea of being able to supply his customers with every necessary article of clothing, that he has added the mercery business to that of tailoring. Trousers to measure, 10s. 6d. suits, 39s. 6d. overcoats, 25s. Fit and style guaranteed. White aud coloured shirts, collars, cuffs, scarves, gloves, &c., of evbry description. Agent for Rushbrook's butchers' clothing. Every kind of children's fancy hosiery and baby linen supplied. Terms, strictly for cash r3316 THE ARMENIAN FUND.—Mr. Rhys Davies, Court- land-terrace, the treasurer of the above fund, has sent us the following report :—250 circulars were issued, with about nine responses. It may well be asked where are our Merthyr Christians, and hM e they locked their Christianity, with their cash, in their cash boxes? Amount received j322 lis. 4jd., as follows: — Collection at Drill Hall meeting, £4 Os. 4jd. Mr. T. Williams, J.P., JE5; Messrs. D: Williams and Co., JE1 Is. Mr. R. Dayies, El Mrs. Davies, Bryntirion, 21 IF. Mr. T. J. Jones, Cefn, £1 Brecon-road friend, per Mr. Gillelind, 20s. Mrs. C. Herbert James, 21s. Mr. T. Thomas, Court- land-terrace, 21s. Principal .Prys, Treveeca College, 21s.; Mr. W. Griffiths, Courtland-terrace, 21s. Mr. J. Rice, 5s. J. N. Frases, 10s. Mr. Joseph Williams, 103. Mrs. Jones, Manchester Hotisc, 21s. Mr. J. Jones, Glannant, 2s. Colonel Lewis, 21s. Mi-. John Morgan, coal merchaut, 5-3. ZION llfBU; CLASS.—The ordinary meeting of this class was held last Thursday night. During the evening Miss Gwen Rees, a member of the chapel, read a very instructive paper. Mr. W. Davies was appointed secretary of the class. PLYMOUTH SICK AND ACCIDENTAL FUND.—We, the undersigned, have examined the accounts of the above society, and we are glad to inform the public that we found them in a satisfactory manner. Signed, David Williams, Lewis Williams, February 19th, 1896. THE WOMEN'S LIBERAL ASSOCIATION SOIREE.-In our report of this event last week the names of the following ladies were inadvertently omitted from the list of th jse who ass'sted Mrs. John Davies, Wellington street; Mrs. John Davies (Messrs. Masters and Co.), Mrs. Emma Williams, and Miss Gwladys Edwards (The Court). CYMMHODOIIION MERTHYR. — Gwledd Gwyl Dewi Sant.—Bwriada y gymdeithas uchod gynal ei gwledd flynyddol am 8 o'r gloch no* Wener nesaf, Mawrth 6ed, yn y Victoria Coffee Tavern, pan y disgwylir cynulliad lluosog o'f aelodau a chyfeillion cymrodorol y dref, ac y ceir dathliad teilwng o goffadwriaeth ein Hen Sant. ALD. DAVID DAVIES INDISPOSED.—His many friendswill regret to learn that Alderman David Davies is confined to his room suffering with a severe cold. Dr. Ward is his medical attendant. Upon inquiry yesterday we were informed that the patient was much better, though still under orders to remain iudoors. We join with Mr. Davies' friends in wishing him a speedy recovery to good health. 3RD V.B. WELSH RKCIMKXT. -MERTHYR DETACH- MENT.—P. R. Cresswell, colonel commandant. Orders for week ending Saturday, 14th March, 1896:—Mon- day, recruit drill; Wednesday, march out, parade at the Armoury at 8 p.m., drill order with leggings, great coats worn if wet, bugle band to attend; Fri- day, recruit drill. Surgeon-lieut. Jones will form an ambulance class all wishing to join must attend at tho Aimoury at 8 p.m. on Monday. For duty Capt. Probert, Sergt. Millington, Lce.-corpl. Evans, Bugler James. Next for duty Lieut. Jones, Sergt. Nash, Lce.-corpl. Vaughan, Bugler Lewis. — By order, D. R. LEWIS, colonel, 3rd. V.B. Welsh Regiment, commanding Merthyr Detachment* YNYSGAU CHAPEL.-On Wednesday evening tast Ynysgau Juvenile Choir gave a performance of "The Little Captain," under the leadership of Mr. John Evans, in a very creditable manner The explanatory readings between the various choruses were read by Mr. D. D. Williams. It was intended to illustrate the rendering by means of lantern slides, but unfor- tunately the owners failed to send the slides. In order to make up the deficiency a large number of pictures were thrown on the screen, illustrating various continental cities, as well as many more familiar scenes in the immediate locality and other parts of North and South Wales, together with several of the Arctic expedition. The lantern was manipulated by Mr. Gwilym Williams, Tust Office. SALE OF CARPETS, &C.—As will be seen on reference to our advertising columns, Messrs. H. W. Harrisand Son will sell by public auction, at their Auction Mart, Court-street, on Wednesday, March 11th, a large quantity of Oriental, Axminster, Brussels, Wilton, velvet, pile, Kidderminster, and tapestry carpets from Henry Jecks Dixon and Sons, Limited, one of the most renowned carpet manufacturers in the world. On the 17th inst. Mr. A. E. Harris will sell by public auction, at the (ilobe Inn, Merthyr, two dwelling- houses, No. 22, Mardy:terrace, and No. 1, Railway- terrace, Plymouth-road. On March 25th, Messrs. Harris will sell by public auction, in one lot, the Star Inn, Sand-street, Dowlais, at that place. For further particulars see advertisements, or apply to the auction- eers, Court-street, Merthyr. [3167 DISTRICT COUNCIL ELECTION.—One member for each ward retires, namely, Messrs. David James, Dowlais Ward J. LI. Atkins, Penydarren Ward Thomas Thomas, Cyfarthfa Ward David Davies, Town Ward H. W. Lewis, Plymouth Ward and J. Roberts, Treharris Ward. As far as we can ascer- tain Mr. David James will stand for re-election. It is said that Mr. Thomas Williams, Gellifaelog, will contest the Penydarren Ward, and that Mr. Thomas Thomas will again stand for Cyfarthfa Ward. It is rumoured that Mr. David Davies, on account of his many public engagements, will retire, and that Mr. John Jones, Glanynant, will stand in his stead. Mr. H. W. Lewis is away on the Continent, and it is said that Mr. Arthur Daniel will contest the seat. Mr. J. Roberts will offer himself for re-election. ORGAN RECITAL.—Mr. Harry Evans, A.R.C.O., of Dowlais, gave an organ recital on Thursday evening at Zoar Chapel, the Rev. John Thomas, pastor, in the chair. Mr. Evans' instrumentation was highly appreciated, particularly his rendering of the "Mariner's Hymn" (with variations), and the Concert on the Lake"' piece. These were exceed- ingly effective and were loudly applauded. The vocalists were Miss Eleanor Jones (in the absence of Madame Miles-Beynon), who sang "I will extol Thee," I moan as a Dove (the two songs she sang in her final examination in London), and "The Heavenly Song," and Mr. E. R. Evans, Dowlais, who sang "Why doth the God of Israel sleep," and "How Vain is Man." The attendance was fairly good. ECCLESIASTICAL.—The Rev. Ll. M. Williams, rector of Dowlais, presided over a meeting of the ruri-decanal chapter on Monday. The Rev. R. David read a paper on The Righteousness of the Church as the Light of the World." The Rev. J. Williams was appointed decanal secretary for the Church of England Temper- ance Society. The Rev. Pedr Williams accepted the secretaryship for the National Society, and the Rev. R. David that for the Society for the Propagation of the Gospel in Foreign Parts. In the evening a meeting of lay people was held at the Abermorlais Board School, the rural dean strain presiding. There was an excellent attendance. Mr. Frost read a paper on the Sunday School, and a discussion" followed, with the result that a guild of Sunday School teachers was formed. DEATH OK AN OLD INHABITANT IN AUSTRALIA.— We are sure many old Slerthyrians will hear with regret the news of the death of Mrs. Mary Williams, wife of Mr. Thomas Williams, builder, Carisbrooke, Australia, and formerly of this town. Mr. Williams is one of two brothers of Mr. Joseph Williams, Tilst Office, who both emigrated 42 years ago during the gold fever in 1854. Mrs. Williams was a sister of Mr. I Waikin Watkins, Grawen-terrace, one of the oldest deacons of Tabernacle Baptist Chapel. Her death occurred on the 7th of January, and was the result of an accident which she had met with a few weeks pre- viously. Whilst returning from a drive with one ot her grand-children, and when only five yards from the house, the horse suddenly bolted, and she was thrown out of the bugsry, which overturned, and Mrs. Williams was found underneath. After being carried to the house she was medically attended, and strong hopes were entertained of her ultimate recovery but on the date mentioned above, without almost any warning, she passed peacefully away, at the age of 64 years, leaving behmd a loving husband with six sons and three daughters to mourn her loss. A memorial sermon was preached the following Sunday by her pastor, the Rev. H. Greenwood, who bore testimony to the high Christian character of the deceased lady, who had been a most faithful member of his church for tho last 35 years.







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