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As a safe, permanent, and warranted cure for Pimples Scrofula, Scurvy, Bad Legs Hk'.n and Blood Diseases, and Sore of all kinds, wc can with con Aden NO recouunend CT.ARREV VVOULO-FAMEI) BLOOD MIXIIRE. Sold by Cuemi- ever} where Situations Wantet>, &c- IF YOU WANT A SERVANT, a SITUATION, a. HOUSE, APARTMENTS, or to Buy, SELL, or EXCHANGE ANYTHING, ADVERTISE In the PREPAID COLUMN of the Merthyr Times, at the following SPECIALLY CHEAP RATES: 20 WOUDS 6d. 20 WORLS FOR THREE TIMES, IS. THREE SIX WORDS. OXE TIMES. TIMES. a. d. s. d. s. d. 20 Words 0 6 1 0 2 0 32 Words 1 0 2 0 3 0 40 Words 1 3 26 3 6 48 Words 1 6 3 0 4 6 The above is the Prepaid Scale for Wanted, To be Let, and To be Sold Advertisements only; for other Charges apply to the Manager, Times Office, Merthyr Tydfil. C- OMFORTABLE HOME" for two young men. I 7. Court-terrace. SPLENDID DOUBLE-BARKLLED BRKECHLOADING s Gcx, quite new, £3 5s.-H. Isaacs, Pawnbroker and Jeweller, Horse-street, Dowlais. SILVER GENEVA WATCH, 10s. Hall-marked Sil- ver Albert, 7s..6d. English Silver Lev6r Watch, 30f. warranted.—H. Isaacs, Dowlais. PAiR OF WELSH KERSEY BLANKETS, 10S. 6d.; pair of large size twill sheets, 3s. 6d.—H. Ihaacs, Pawnbroker, &c., Dowlais. F~OR SALE OR HIRE7 a good PONY and TRAP trap scarcely soiled.—68, Thomas- street, Merthyr. GROCERY AND PROVISION TRADE. G Wanted, a Strong Lad as apprentice. Must know Welsh.—Apply WILLIAM HARRIS, 144, Higb- street, Merthyr. APARTMENTS.—Front Sitting-room and Bed- room suit one or two gentlemen. Excellent cooking; references required.—30, Upper Thomas- street, Merthyr. OR SALE. — BROWN LEOHORN EGGS (Listerkay and Pattens Strain ); price, 3s. 6d. per sitting.—Apply to Mr. GEO. GRATTAN, 13, David Price-street, Aberdare. [3699 INSURANCE.—London, Edinburgh, and Glasgow AGENT'S INSURANCE BOOK FOR SALE? splendid investment; Dowlais district.—Apply, at once, M.R., Times Office, Merthyr. BOX MISSING.—Will the man who carried the box from the Cobden Coffee Tavern, Merthyr, on Thursday last, about noon, kindly communicate with the Proprietor of the above Coffee Tavern. IT^OUND, on January 13th, Small Black Fancy Bitch, two white front paws, also white patch on breast. If not claimed in three days, will be sold. —Enquire New Inn, Merthyr. [3691 FOR the convenience of West of England adver- tisers, a copy of the Merthyr Times is regularly filed and may be seen at A'ES? ~s. JONES BROS., Adver- tising Agents, 39, Queen's-road, Clifton, Bristol. YOUNG MAN (18—19) desirous of obtaining Home Employment for spare time. Splendid references. Good writer.—Apply Agency," Timtf. Office, Merthyr. [3395 RESPECTABLE YOUNG MAN o]>en to Collect Rents in Merthyr and surrounding districts- Terms moderate. Guarantee given. —"E," Time* Office, Merthyr. [3#j? BED AND SITTING-ROOM WANTED in, "of within ensv distance of High-street, Merthyr! Moderate, inclualve terms. Good references required. Permanency, it .suitable.—ALBERT W. DUXCOMBR Eso., The Cloisters, Hereford. [3686 ISII Direct from Sea to Table. 71bs., 2-s. lOlbs- 2s. 6d.; 131bs., 3s. 151bs., 3s. 6d. Cleaned f°r cooking. Carriage paid. Basses of Prime from 3s. Schools, kc., contracted for. Lists free. -The AN-C-LO FRESH FISH COMPANY, Pontoon, Grimsby. LECTRICAL TRANSMISSION OF POWE^- —Wanted l y high-class firm of manufacturers' a well-connected agent to introduce business. Con'* mission only.—Apply "VOLT," CO Watkins and Osmond, 62, Ludgate Hill, London. [365J. INDIGESTION. — THE MEDICAL REFORM SOCIETY will send FREE to all applicants excellent BOTANIC CVRE for Indigestion, Bilious' ness, Liver Complaints, Piles, Rheumatism, Gout and Bronchitis. Address — The Secretary, BOTANIC INSTITUTE, NOTTINGHAM. [32! I" pREkll FISH FRESH FISH !-S. Noble, Fish Merchant, Grimsby, supplies fish of kinds. Good quality. Low Prices. Regular suppV guaranteed. A trial order respectfully solicited. Send at once for quotations and particulars. Fis|? fryers catered for. [l3 £ ~|LAIBERG'S Arcade, Bute-street, Cardiff. LAIBERG'S Arcade.—Tapestry Quilt, full size, B splendid pattern, 6s. 6d. BLAIBERG'S Arcade.—Forfeited Concertina, 21s Maker, Lachinel, London. BLAIBERG'S Arcade.—22ct. Wedding Ring9' 19s., 3;dwt weight and quality guaranteed^. ENERAL Remarks of our Customers.—I buy \JT almost everything from you. Let me some Winter Goods, cheap.—Blaiberg's Arcade. GENERAL Remarks of our Customers.—I hav0 been buying here for the last 40 years. Blai berg's Arcade. GENERAL Remarks of our Customers.—Yo^1 have one, only 5s. 10^d. (Railway Overcoats) 5 you can work any weather.—Blai berg's Arcade. GENERAL Remarks Of our Customers.—Red Band Shirt, 2s. 6d., please. I am still wearing one bought here twelve months ago. I have come the way from Dowlais for one.—Blaiberg's Arcade. ENERAL Remarks of our Customers.—Speak' VJT ing about our 4s. Ansonia Alarm Clocks: I* has saved me many a turn.BIaiberg's Arcade. GENERAL Remarks of our Customers.—'MV Silver Watch cost me 45s,, when we offeied oUr best Gold Watch at 42s.—Blaiberg's Arcade. GENERAL Remarks of our Customers.—A friend of mine told me that yours was the best and cheapest place to buy a Gold Albert.—Blaiberg's Arcade. GENERAL Remarks of our Customers.—South Wales Welsh Shirits, 4s. lid. They canr.ot be at the price." But they are. We guarantee it.- Blaiberg's Arcade. i^LtTU AGENTS WANTED, to form Clubs fa* V-V Watches, Clocks, Jewellery, Silver Plate, Oper* Glasses, Musical Instruments, &c. Members pay Is* per week. Terms, catalogues, &c., ICENDAL and DENT, 106, Cheapside, London. Splendid value Great success. Mention paper. Ladies' and Gents Sib er Levers, -.{.IO., worth 70s. [3108 ]i/rorvEY.-if you want it promptly, privately. IT B and at a low rate of interest on your simple promissory notes with or without sureties, apply immediately, enclosing stamped envelope, to Mr. W* P. Thomas, 20, Market-street, Abertillery, or to Rimer and Co., the Don, Aberdare Junction. Specif features :—No inquiry fees; reasonable interest which is quoted beforehand universal promptitud?, a day's notice being generally sufficient; nool)pre-gsioll of hones* and solvent clients. The Carlton Bank, Ld., for whom Mr. Thomas is Branch Manager, has be*" established 10 years, and lias a capital of £ 30,000, consequently no genuine and respectable application n ever refused. [2876 mHE Inhabitants will l>e glad to hear that Pr<> JL fessor Desmane, the Specialist on all com plaints, has decided to stay in the district altogether, and will give advice free of charge. Headaddress:- Merthyr: The Dispensary, Westbourne-place, Pl £ mouth-road. Tuesdays and Sundays all Day, and unt>' NoonotherDays. Dowlais: Merthyr and Dowlais Coffee Tavern, Mondays, 3 until 9 p.m. Pontypridd: City Coffee Tavern, High-street, near Station Gates. Wed- nesdays, 3 until 8.30 p.m. Aberdare Da vies' Eat* ing House, 2, Market-street. Thursdays, 3 until 9 p.m. Treharris: 33, Perrot-street, near Railway Station. Fridays, 2 until 8 p.m. Times and as usual. Teeth Extracted, 3d. each. [157-9 Euctione. ON TUESDAY AND THURSDAY, MARCH 10 and 12, 1896, Commencing at Two o'clock precisely each day, IMPORTANT TO PARTIES FURNISHING. MESSRS. J. G. MADDOX & SON WILL SEL>; BY PUBLIC AUCTION, at their AUCTIO> 'ROOMS, 25, DUKE-STREET, CARDIFF, on the above dates, an immense assemblage of very superior HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE (Removed from various residences for absolute salt') including 6 Hardwood Bedroom Suites complete, 6ft and 4ft- Wardrobes, Pairs of Handsome Toilets, Iron and Brass Bedsteads, several excellent Carets, Fender?, Brasses, 5 excellent Dining and Drawing-room Suites, Rosewood and Walnut Cabinets, 6ft. and 5ft. Side boards, Bookcases, Dining and Occasional Tables, Walnut, and Gilt Overmantels etc., etc., in all about 400 lots. On view morning of each day of sale. Arrangements made to pack and forward all goods purchased by country buyers. Established 1860. [2840 =-' public announcements, Mining Machinery (For Students), By HENRY D.WIKS. The only Book of its kind in the market. Contain' ng Exercises and Examination (Questions fully answered and worked out, on Engines—Winding, Ilaulinsr, Pumping, Ventitating- Ropes, &e., as well as other important matter. Handsomely and Ex- tensively Illustrated. Supplying a great want ill Mining Literature. No Student need fear an Examin- ation in this Subject after mastering its contents PRICE 5s., Post Free. FIFTEEN YEARS' EXAMINATION QUESTIONS, Arranged and classified with full particulars as to the INSPECTORATE.-—Mining Questions set at Cardiff (1° sets), Bristol, Manchester, West Lancashire, > Science and Art Papers. PRICE Is. Botli the above to be had only from the Author, HENRY DAVIES, County Mining Lecturer, Treharris, South Wales. (3690..