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MOUNTAIN ASH SECOND ANNUAL COTTAGE HOSPITAL EISTEDDFOD EASTER MONDAY, APRIL 6TH, 1896. CHIEF CHORAL COMPETITION—" When His Loud Voice in Thunder Spoke (Handel's Jephtha). PRIZE, £ 100. MALE VOICE COMPETITION—"The War Horse" (D. Jenkins). FIRST PUTZE, £:JO SECOND PRIZE, £10. JUVENILE CIIOIH COMPETITION—"Come, Praise your Lord and Saviour (T. Price). FIRST PUIZE, EIO; SECOND PRIZE, £ 5. BRASS BAND COMPETITION — Selection, « Maritana." FIRST PRIZE, £18; SECOND rUIZE, £12; THIRD PRIZE, £7; IOURTH PRIZE, £3. FIFE BAND COMPETITION — Selection, "Gems of Welsh Melodies." FIRST PRIZE, £12; SECOND PRIZE, 98; THIRD PRIZE, F,4 FOURTH PHIZE, £ 2. TROPHIES WILL BE GIVEN TO THE SUCCESSFUL CONDUCTORS. Soprano, Contralto, Tenor, and Bass Solos, £ 2 2s. each. Quartet, £ > 38. Trios: Duets, Pianoforte Solo, S2 2s. Violin Solo, £ 1 Is, ADJUDICATORS VOCAL Signer RANDEGGER, London D. JENKINS, EsMi;s. Bac., Aberystwyth R. C'. JENKINS, Esq. RHYS THOMAS, Esq., F.T.S.C., Ystradgynlais.. BANDS WALTER REYNOLDS, Esq., Burton Latimer, Kettering. AMBULANCE COMPETITIONS, WATER COLOUR PAINTING, AMATEUR PHOTOGRAPHY, FREEHAND DRAWING, WRITING, ESSAYS, WOOD CARVING, NEEDLEWORK, AND VARIOUS OTHER COMPETITIONS. I TIMBERING COMPETITIONS. For full ]>artii:ulai's „ official THE COMING CONCERT SEASON. ALL CONCERT GIVERS ARE RESPECTFULLY INIORMED THAT MR. DAN DAVIES AND HIS CELEBRATED CONCERT PARTY ARE NOW OPEN TO ACCEPT ENGAGEMENTS FOR HIGH-CLASS CONCERTS! AT MODERATE TERMS. The Party (Numbering Twelve Selected Voices) consists of well- known Artistes, including Madame MILES-BEYNON, Miss CLAUDIA THORNEY, Mr. SANDFORD JONES, and others, Who will render Solos, Duetts, Trios, Quartettes, and Glees. The Party is specially trained by the Veteran Conductor of the Mer- thyr Choral Society, Mr. DAN DAVIES. Accompanist—Mr. D. C. WILLIAMS, Professor of Music. All communications to the Manager-Mr. JOHN BEYNON, Avenue Cottage, Gwaelodygarth, Merthyr. A MONSTRE TWO I)AYS'EISTEDDFOD (UNDER DISTINGUISHED PATRONAGE) Will be held in a SPACIOUS MARQUEE TO ACCOMMODATE 12,000 PERSONS, AT B R Y N M A W R, On MONDAY & TUESDAY, JUNE, 1st and 2nd, 1896, WHEN UPWARDS OF £ 350 WILL BE OFFERED IN PRIZES. I CHIEF COMPETITIONS: £ »• d- CHIEF CHORAL-For Choirs not under 150 voiceg." Ye Nations" (Mcndthsokn) Prize 100 0 0 And a valuable English Silver Lever Watch, suitably engraved for the successful conductor. MALE VOICE—For Parties not under 60 voices, "Destruction of Gaza ( L De-RiUc) Pn»> ^500 tIrVFNILE CHOIR (Children under 16) -For Choirs not under 60 voices, 12 Adults allowed to 2nd Prize 3 0 0 A Metronome value 21s., will too ,.r«td hy Mrs. Davies, }:hhw Yale (from whom copies A L a Dlay be had), to the successful conductor winning the first prize. N B.-There will also be 14 SOLO PRIZES of 2 Guineas each; a. well as Quartet (24 Prize) and Duet (3 Guineas), i)A\i) "(Jems of Scotia" (Rnund). First Prize, £ 20, Second, £ 12; Third, £ 6; Fourth, £ 4. This competition will be carried on strictly under the South Wales and Monmouthshire Association Rules. „ITU VTPF KAXD— "Gems of English Melodies" (Round.) First Prize, £ 7 Second, £ 3. SS»meTi^fec VSTil. 1» Uy Me™ Kendall Cm, Mk* I~d«. *> «» nan 1 conductor winning the first prize. ALSO SPECIAL VIOLIN SOLO Violin Solo for Children (Guinea Prize); and Two Pianoforte Solos (One Guinea and Two Guineas respectively). Also Prizes for Essay and Recitations. Programmes now ready, One Penny each, by Tost lid., may be had of the Secretary, "POWELL, Eisteddfod Committee-room, Brynmawr. 1111CHARDSON & CO., THE POPULAR Ballroom Decorators, Bazaar Fitters & Illuminators TRADE STREET, PENARTH ROAD, CARDIFF, T \RGFST and BEST SELECTED STOCK OF DECORATIONS IN Ff WALES "suitable for Ballrooms, Bazaars, and Banqueting Halls. Decorators to the ^r,nc'PaJ Ball Committees in Glamorganshire. Contractors for Royal A lsits, Agricultural Shows, Coming-of-Age Festivities, Garden Parties, Eisteddfodau, etc. TRIUMPHAL ARCHES & VENETIAN MASTS ERECTED AT SHORTEST NOTICE. Royal Arm. Prince of Wales Plumes, Heraldic Shields, Flags, Banners, Illumination Lamps and 3 Lanterns, for Sale or Hile. TABLING, SEATING, & CARPETING TO ANY SIZED BUILDING. Write for Designs and Estimates to- RICHARDSON & CO., Decorators, DISTANCE NO OBJECT. CARDIFF. New Iron Frame PIANOFORTE, Villi Trichord. Cheek Action. Latest Improvements. Handsome Rosewood or Walnut Case. Sent FREE to 'my station on receipt of Cash— £ 21—Cash. 10 Years Warranty Given. AMERICAN ORGANS, Finest Makers, irom iC6 to £100. HARMONIUMS, Special Church Damp Resisting, from X4 to dBOO. SKILFUL TUNERS Sent Everywhere. HEINS & CO., BRECON. ALSO AT HEREFORD, ABERGAVENNY, and ROSS. SUBRNOBUFB LOTIOX is inimical to every kind of Spot, Blotch, Epps's COCOAIXK.—Cocoa-Nib Extract. Tea-)ihe).— The Ra«h, Pimple Eczematoua Roughness and Cracking also choicest roasted nibe (broken up beans) of the natural Cocoa Absolutely destructive of a germs causing trouble to the on being subjected to powerful hydraulic pressure, give forth Skin Advt. their excess of oil, leaving for use a finely flavoured powder— xL MPftn 44 Coeoaine," a product which, when prepared with boiling MATCWJKSS CLEANSER'S been used' hat is easily water, has ■the consistence of tea, of which it is now beneficially taking: the place with manv. Its active principle An klrrfs ê!t pnntin" can b- done neAtly, cheaply and ex- being a gentle nerve stimulant, supplies the needed energy ■edition' 41 the Tn,.m Printing Works, Merttovr. Everv without, unduly exciting the system. Sold oplr in packets JTfintion is paid to ihc smallest a» well a the Ur^e»t job. and tins, by Grocers, labelled "James Epps and Co., Ltd. Apply t« the Manager. l,.3m«ovrti»c Chemists, London. EARLY SPRING FASHIONS. I t RICHARD T. JONES & CO. Respectfully beg to announce that they are daily receiving deliveries of NEW GOODS in MILLINERY, STRAWS, MANTLES, JACKETS, CAPES, DRESS MATERIALS, and SILKS, PRINTS, DRILLS, and SATEENS. LACE and SWISS CURTAINS. ALSO IN THE GENTLEMEN'S DEPARTMENT WILL BE FOUND AN EXCELLENT ASSORTMENT OF NEW TIES, SCARVES, COLLARS, SHIRTS, &c., WOOLLEN CLOTHS, T SUITINGS, TROUSERINGS, &c., &c. Our Goods have as usual been selected with the greatest care, and are marked at prices that cannot be undersold. » Patterns sent Post Free on application to RICHARD T. JONES & Co., 126, High-street & Market-square, Merthyr Tydfil. IMPORTANT NOTICE. It will pay you to read this through carefully. OPPOSITE THE THE HAT HOUSE (TO^IF) MERTHYR TYDFIL GREAT SALE OF DRAPERY AND OUTFITTING. IMMENSE BARGAINS AND REDUCTIONS WT THOMAS has pleasure in announcing that his FIRST ANNUAL SALE will l>egin on V? • SATURDAY NEXT, and continue for ONE MONTH. The whole of the GOODS have been REDUCED and the CLOTHING and DRAPERY will be Sold at prices.that^ill ensure speedy sale to make room for our Spring Goods, W. T. desires tocall SPECIAL ATTENTION to the fact that the goods are all New and Latest Style. A SPECIAL LINE IN TRIMMED MILLINERY, PARIS FASHIONS, AT LESS THAN HALF-PRICK. UNTRIMMED BONNETS AND HATS IN GREAT VARIETY, To be Sold Regardless of Cost. SPECIAL ATTRACTION.—In order to advertise the Sale, W. THOMAS has decided to offer Three Prizes to the Customers who spend the largest amounts during the Sale 1st Prize-Mahogany Dressing Table, with Looking Glass attached. 2nd Prize-Rocking Chair. 3rd Prize—Counterpane. These articles will be displayed in the Windows prior to the Sale. Don't miss this opportunity of get- ting a Mahogany Dressing Table Free. The Reductions w* have made will lie found sufficient to bring the General Public to this Sale. Come and see for yourselves. All Country Orders must be accompanied with Remittance. DO NOT MISS THIS GRAND OPPORTUNITY. NOTICE THE NAME:- WILLIAM THOMAS (Late D. J. EVANS), GENERAL DRAPER & OUTFITTER, THE HAT HOUSE (OPPOSITE THE POST OFFICE), MERTHYR. THE MERTHYR FURNISHING COMPANY, GREAT STOCK. TAKING SALE. ,¡ Substantial Reductions Grand Selections Bedroom Suites Reduced. Parlour Suites Reduced. < Bedsteads and Bedding Reduced. Sideboards, Overmantels, and Brass Fenders Reduced. Good Opportunity for Cash Buyers. Best Manufactured Goods. BEST SELECTION and FREE DELIVERY. MERTHYR FURNISHING CO., MARKET SQUARE BUILDINGS (Opposite POLICE STATION), MERTHYR. INTAKES Boots and Harness H waterproof as a duck's back and soft as velvet. Adds three times to the wear and allows pol- GOLD MEDAL !& £ ,17 Exhibition '■j"" mtuw* Highest Awards. Tins ?A., 6d., Is., mid 2,. 6d. I|llffln|n)( all Bootmakers, Saddlers, ■Leather Sellers, «e. 1.106-204 WHiWIII MATCULKSS CLEANSER has swept away A thousand worries af Washing Day. The Merthyr Times Office is the only Society Offiee in this district. No Sweating. As regards wages, hours and apprentices, the rules of the Manchester Typographical Association are adhered to, and this a guarantee to the public that the establishment is conducted on fair and humane principles. Gcod ptiuting, for charges which are strictly moderate. TO THE TRADE AND PRIVATE BUYERS. HENRY" JECKS DIXON & SONS, Limited (One of the most renowned Carpet Manufacturers in the World), LONG MEADOW MILLS, KIDDERMINSTER (IN LIQUIDATION). The Auction Mart, Court Street, MERTHYR TYDFIL. MESSRS. H. W. HARRIS & SON have received instructions to sell by Public Auction a portion of the Manufactured Stock of Henry Jecks Dixon & Sons, Limited, together with other Manufacturers Stock on WEDNESDAY, MARCH 11.1896, comprising a large quantity cf ORIENTAL, AXMINSTER, BRUSSELS, WILTON, VELVET PILE, KIDDERMINSTER AND TAPESTRY CARPETS, ALSO A LARGE ASSORTMENT OF HEARTH RUGS, BEST BRUSSELS STAIR CARPETING, SOFA RUGS, DOORMATS, &c. SALE AT TWO O'CLOCK PROMPT. GOODS ON VIEW MARCH 10TH. CATALOGUES FROM THE AUCTIONEERS' OFFICES, MERTHYR TYDFIL. MARDY & RAILAYAY-TERRACES, PLYMOUTH ROAD, MERTHYR TYDFIL. To Investors and others. SALE OF TWO GOOD LEASEHOLD DWELLING-HOUSES, BEING No. 22, MARDY- TERRACE, AND No. 1, RAILWAY-TERRACE. PLYMOUTH-ROAD. MESSRS. H. W. HARRIS & SON HAVE been favoured with instructions to SELL BY PUBLIC AUCTION, at the GLOBE INN, HIGH-STREET, MERTHYR TYDFIL, on TUESDAY, MARCH 17th, 1896, at 8 o'clock p.m., punctually, in Two Lots, and subject to such conditions as shall be then produced. LOT 1.—All that well-situated, good and substantially built dwelling-house, known as No. 22, Mardy- terrace, Plymouth-road, now in the occupation of Mr. Currell, at the low yearly rental of J613 per annum. LOT 2.—All that well-situated, good, and substantially built dwelling-house, known as No. 1, Rail- way-terrace, Plymouth-road, now in the occupation of Mr. Snailem, at the low rental of JB15 per annum. The above premises are held under a lease for 99 years from 1st day of May, 1874, subject to a small annual ground rent of L2 Is. lld., which will be apportioned at time of sale. The houses are well situated, being close to the town, always command good tenants, and can be recom- mended as an investment, or for private occupation. For further particulars apply to the AUCTIONEERS, Court-street; or W. KNIGHT SMYTH, Esq., Solicitor, Merthyr Tydfil. Dated March 4th, 1896. IN THE HIGH COUIT OF JUSTICE, CHANCEUY DIVISION—MK..TI.STIOK KEKEWICH. 1895. S. No. 383. RE SMYTH, DECEASED. HARRAP V. SMYTH. For SALE by PUBLIC AUCTION by MR, ALBERT EDWARD HARRIS (OF THE FIRM OF MESSRS. II. W. HARRIS & SON), OF 4, COURT-STREET, MERTHYR TYDFIL, AT THE STAR INN, SAND-STREET, DOWLAIS, ON WEDNESDAY, MARCH :!i)TH, 1896, At 7.30 for 8 o'clock in the Evening (with the approbation of His Lordship, Mr. Justice Kekewich, the Judge to whom this Action is assigned, and subject to such Conditions of Sale as shall be then read and produced), in ONE LOT, all that LFASEHOLD DOUBLE-LICENSED INN, known as the STAR INN, Together with a COTTAGE adjoining the same, situate in Sand-street, Dowlais, in the County of Glamorgan. The Premises are held for the residue of an estate for three lives and term of 99 years, computed from the 1st day of November, 1846, at an apportioned Ground Rent of £2 12s. 8d. per annum, and are now let on an Underlease, expiring on the 1st day of May next, at the Rental per annum of £ 26 and thenceforth for a further term of 21 years, at an increased Rental per annum of B56. For Further Particulars and Conditions of Sale, apply to Mr. LLYWARCH REYNOLDS, Solicitor, of 48, Glebeland-street, Merthyr Tydfil; Mr. WILLIAM KNIGHT SMYTH, Solicitor, of 50, Glebeland- street, Merthyr Tydfil; Messrs. METCALFE & SHARPE, Solicitors, of 40, Chancery Lane, London, W.C. Messrs. TRAILL & HOWELL, Solicitors, of 52, Queen Victoria-street, London, E.C. or to the AUCTIONEER, at 4, Court-street, Merthyr Tydfil. SALE NO. 185. WEDNESDAY, APRIL Isr, 1896. AUCTION MART, COURT STREET, MERTHYR TYDFIL. SALE OF FIRST-CLASS HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, BEDDING, AND EFFECTS. MESSRS. H. W. HARRIS AND SON WILL SELL BY AUCTION, at their convenient Auction Mart, Court-street, Merthyr Tyiilil, THE FIRST WEDNESDAY IN EVERY MONTH, A VARIETY OF r.SEFCL AND WHLf.-HAUH HOUSE HOLD FURNITURE, PIANO, PIER GLASSES, BEDDING, AND EFFECTS, CONSIGNED FOR SALE. The Auctioneers would call purchasers' special attention to these Monthly Sales, they now having been established for many years, and the Goods that have been purchased at them have given satisfaction to all. They also beg to state that Goods can be purchased any day privately if desired. The Goods are on view the day previous and Morning of Sale, and are well worth the altention ol purchasers. Goods packed or stored free of charge, and every care taken to give satisfaction. SALE WILL COMMENCE AT 2 O'CLOCK IN THE AFTERNOON. PUNCTUAL ATTENDANCE IS RESPECTFULLY REQUESTED. Auctioneers' Offices The Auction Mart, Merthy Tydfil. THIS IS GENUINE AND FOR 28 DAYS ONLY. OWING to extension of premises, and stocktaking, we tshall otter, at prices that must sell, OUR E N T I R E STOCK at from 15 to 30 per cent. reduction. DINING-ROOM FURNITURE DRAWING-ROOM FURNITURE BEDROOM SUITES BEDSTEADS AND BEDDING CURTAINS AND CARPETS FOR CASH ONLY. THE MOST GENUINE FURNITURE SALE EVER ADVERTISED. FOR 28 DAYS ONLY. SEE OUR WINDOWS DAILY FOR EXAMPLES Of the reductions we offer. Each article will show its original value and its present price. b CUSTOMERS CAN SEE FOR THEMSELVES THE PlUCES OF ALL GOODS. TRAPNELL AND GANE, ,-o :38 & 41, QUEEN STREET, CARDIFF. ALL GOODS CARRIAUE PAID. THE PLUMBING, GASFITTING, PAPBRHANGIING, AND PAINTING DEPOT, 87, CARDIFF ROAD, ABERDARE. THOMAS DUFOUR Begs to inform the Inhabitants of Aberdare and District that he will open, On SATURDAY, MARCH 14th, The above Premises with a Large Stock of the Newest Designs in Paperhangrngs, Paints, &c. NOTE THE ADDRESS— 87. CARDIFF ROAD, ABERAMAN, ABERDARE. mrn> REGISTERED* fJ^ADE MARK "DIWYDRYDD-Y-CYMRY." PARRY^L^D ROCJKE, WELSH WOOLLEN MANUFACTURERS SWANSEA. Manufacturers of guaranteed Welsh Hosiery, Flannels, Knitting Yarns. All ovr goods are labeUcd with our Registered Trade Mark for the protection of users. Should there be any difficulty in your obtaining our manufactures, please drop us a post card and'we will at once send you address of nearest draper or dealer. SUPPORT YOUR HOME INDUSTRIES. Wholesale only. To be had of Retailers in every town in Wales, 3482 I DR. MACKAY'S "MARVELLOUS" 15/6 FEMALE REMEDY. 5/6 LADIES will SAVE much EXPENSE, DELAY, and BITTER DISAPPOINTMENT by sending at flrat for this WONDER- FULLY SUCCESSFUL MEDICINE. POST FREE, 5s. 6d. POSITIVELY the ONLY TRUSTWORTHY and RELIABLE PREPARATION i n THE WORLD for ALL IRREGULARITIES, NEVER FAILING in bringing about all that is desired SPEEDILY and SAFELY. Does not cause PROSTRATION and PAIN like most of the SO-CALLED REMEDIES, but by its invigorating and effective action promotes a healthy condi- tion of the system hitherto unattainable BY ANY OTHER PREPARATION. Thousands of flattering and Unsolicited Testimonials have been received EXTOLLING the VIRTUES of this REMARKABLE MEDICINE. Space, however, will not admit of them all being published. The following extracts are, therefore, specimens of some of the NUMEROUS GRATEFUL LETTERS that arrive dai)\ :—" Your remedy is worth its weight in gold.—Mrs. W." "The first two doses put n^e right.—Mrs. N." Your medicine relieved me almost instantly.—M.H." "Everything I tried had failed. Your remedy acted like magic.—L.W." Yours, indeed, is a mar- vellous remedy.-II.B." Not ony am I all right, but much improved in health.—A.S." I sincerely wish I had written to you before.—Mrs. K." "Every female ought to know of your medicine. Mrs. W." "Shall always send to you in future.—Miss R." "Many, many thanks for your truly effec- tive medicine.—Mrs. Y." All other remedies were useless. Three doses of yours benefitted me.—Mrs. S." LADIES, DON'T DELAY, SEND AT ONCE and test the Value of this Famous Medicine. 104, HIGH HOLBORN, LONDON. DR. MACKAY'S "MARVELLOUS" 5/6 FEMALE REMEDY. 5/6 [3479

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