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CAERPHILLY. For all kinds and best of printing and stationery go to OWEN" JONES, Printer, Caerphilly. [3641 DISTRICT COUNCIL ELECTIONS.—In the Caerphilly Town Ward there are already two candidates in the field, Councillor Thomas, the sitting member, the chosen of the Ratepayers' Association, and Mr. Thomas Evans, the working men's champion. The bets are against the British workman.—After writing the above news has reached us that Senghenydd is going to run a candidate. In the Nelson Ward, also, there is every probability of a three-cornered fight. Messrs. Peters (sitting member), Jones, and Williams have already put the gloves on. Councillor Corbett, according to latest advices, is going to have a walk over at Llanbradach or Ystrad Ward. There is some uncertainty about the Taff's Well Ward, but Mr, C. F. Richards, we are told, has ambitions to enter the local St. Stephen's. PRESENTATION.—&n interestingceremony took place at the close of the Literary Society's meeting last Thursday, when Mr. T. R. Phillips, formerly of the Inland Revenue service at Caerphilly, and who is about to take a position in the analytical department, Liverpool, was presented with a combined walking and tishing-stick, mounted with a silver band, in- scribed as presented to him by his friends of the Caerphilly Literary Society. The pleasant task of presenting this mark of esteem:of his knowledge and talents fell to the lot qf Miss Evans, Castle Cottage, who also oonveyod to him, in well-chosen terms, the sentiments of the society, of regret at his departure, and of good wishes for his future. Messrs. J. Morgan, S. E. Evans, C. S. Goodfellow, W. Thomas, and P. A. Lewis followed in the same strain. Mr. Phillips suitable responded. CAERPHILLY LITERARY SOCIETY.—At the ordinary meeting of the society last week two papers were read, one by Castellydd on the History of the Van," the pther by Mr. Ernest Gray on Spiritualism." Castellydd was m his element, tracing the descent of the Lewis family from the celebrated Prince of Car- digan, who had declined to do homage to Edgar at Chester—in fact, risked a row with him rather than row for him. A. Lewis, of Y Van, was sheriff in 1580. The last of the family mentioned as sheriff was Harry Lewis, of Greenmeadow, father of the present owner. —Mr. Gray handled his subject in a manner which greatly pleased and interested the audience, treating the awful mysteries, ghosts and spooks included (he had no "Julia," though), with a calmness worthy of a Priest of Isis. —A hearty vote of thanks to Castellydd and Mr. Gray was proposed by Mr. T. H. Phillips, and seconded by Mr. W. Thprnas, who felt justified in giving their highest commendations, SNAP SHOTS FROM THE LEANING TOWER. MORF CHEESE Brrs FOR OURM.A.T.—"Because this lady was by accident married." Decimal Nothing." "Much pleasure (?) in supporting a vote of condolence." All these were spoken not a hundred miles from the Leaning Tower. Hats off sit down in front, I say, Were words we often beard But now with Rongton's famed X ray, The words will sound absuid. CAERPHILLY MUSEUM.—"One of the Thomases" has been agitating our risible faculties lately. He has written us pages of foolscap, but after wading through his interesting, though enigmatic, letter, we have completely failed to discover if he is going to take this matter of museum under his tender care or not. And then, if you pleaso, he must needs, in I during his epistle, poke fun at us by imitating the classic u) style qf ^nap-sliotsi AU rioht, Longfellow, wait a bit, SUPERSTITION OR ECCENTRICITY, WHICH ?—We have a young lady friend who ia superstitious. At least, that is what she terms it. She almost quarrelled with us when we called it by another name. We asked her to explain. She said it was absurd axioms needed no demonstration. According to her philosophy, it is lucky to see the new moon through the window, to he born or start on a journey on a 1 lid ay, for a crow to croas your path, for a——. (Look here, Snap-shots, we don't believe the young lady ever said anything of the kind, so ring in the end.—ED. M.l\)








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