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MERTHYR COUNCIL. Wednesday. Present Mr. T. H. Bailey, J.P. (chairman), Mr. D. W. Jones (vice-chairman), Messrs. John Roberts, Dan Thomas, H. E. Gray, Thomas Thomas, John Evans, Joseph Owen, John Lewis (Penydarren), W. Lewis (Treharris), J. Ll. Atkins, David James, Evan Lewis, Thomas Jenkins, V. A. Wills, John Harpur, G. C. James (clerk), T. F. Harvey (surveyor), and Dr. Dyke (medical officer of health). ALD. EVAX LEWIS.—Before the business com- menced, the Chairman, on behalf of the Council, offered the warmest congratulations to Aid. Evan Lewis upon his recovery to health, and his return to the Council (hear, hear). He also welcomed Mr. H. E. Gray as a new member of the Council.—Aid. Lewis thanked the Council for their kind sentiments, and for the kind note of sympathy sent him during the time he was laid up. THE TAFF VALE ANDTHERHYMNEY RAILWAY BILLS. —The Chairman moved that with the view to the promotion and the protection of the interests of the inhabitants residing in the District Council's area, the Council take proceedings to oppose those Bills, now pending in Parliament, and that the costs of such apportionment be paid out of the General District Rate and the District Fund of the Council. —Mr. Thomas Jenkins seconded. As chairman of the Farm's Management Committee he assured the Council that instead of giving land away they required many acres more than they had at present. —The resolution was carried unanimously. WATERWORKS LOAN.—The Clerk said the Treasury had sanctioned a loan from the Admiralty for the new waterworks, The Admiralty asked that the schedule of repayments of principal and interest should be pre- pared and sent to them. He had seen Mr. Harris, the book-keeper, who said that the work alone would take him about a week to do. He did not know Avhether the Council would ask Mr. Harris to do the work or appoint an actuary in London to prepare the schedule.—Mr. Dan Thomas said he preferred the work being done by their own book-keeper, and it was agreed that Mr. Harris carry out the work, and get an assistant to help' him in his other duties for one month. BRAKE LICENCE. Mr. Wilson, cab proprietor, applied for a licence to run a wagonette between Cefn and Merthyr.—The matter was referred to the Cabs Committee. CAEDRAW BRIDGE.—A letter was read from the Merthyr Chamber of Trade, enclosing a cheque for J370, on account of the J3100 promised towards the cost of erecting Caedraw Bridge. The letter stated that the Chamber of Trade would proceed to get the balance. It was agieed that the clerk reply asking the Chanilier to pay tho balance as soon as possible. THE NEW WATERWORKS.—The sub-committee of the new Waterworks Committee met on the 28th February, and visited and inspected the works, to- gether with the officials employed at Neuadd. The question of a postal and money order office was considered, and the committee recommended that the Council request that such facilities be at once provided, letters in the first instance to be addressed to the head office at Merthyr. It was also recommended that the Council invite tenders for the erection of a store for provisions of fresh meat, and that tenders bo invited for supplying the same. The contractors made a strong recommendation to the committee as to the desirability of at once dealing with the question of a licensed store for the supply of refreshments and intoxicating liquors in order to prevent the men from taking drink illegally, and also from wandering away from their work, and they recommended that a store be provided, and that those sending in tenders for provisions, &c., include refreshments in their tender. —Mr. Harpur proposed the adoption of the report.— Mr. Dan Thomas seconded.—The report was adopted, and the matter of the licence was referred to the clerk to be dealt with. MEDICAL OFFICER FOR WATERWORKS.—In response to the Council's advertisement for a medical officer for the new waterworks, three applications were received, as follows :—Dr. J. R. Evans and Dr. H. L. Hughes. Dowlais, and Dr. W. W. Jones, Merthyr.—Mr. J. Lewis proposed, and Mr. John Roberts seconded, that Dr. Hughes be appointed, Mr. Lewis remarking that it was important the Council should appoint a gentleman who understood Welsh as well a3 English.—Mr. V. A. Wills moved that Dr. W. W. Jones receive the appointment. He said that Dr. Jones had the highest and best qualikca- tions of the three candidates.—Mr. Harpur seconded the amendment. — On a division nine votes were recorded for Dr. W. W. Jones, and five for Dr. Hughes. — On the proposition of the Chairman, seconded by Mr. T. Thomas. Dr. W. W. Jones was appointed to the position. THE MERTHYR VALE WAKD VACANCY.—Mr. W. Lewis rose to draw attention in accordance with notice of motion, to the filling up of the vacancy caused through the death of Mr. Walter Bell.—Mr. Wills said the notice had not been upon the Council's books for seven days, and Mr. Lewis was therefore not in order.—Mr. Lewis Notice was given seven days aero.—Mr. Wills It was not in the book.—The Chairman, upon being appealed to, told Mr. Lewis that his motion should have been entered upon the I woks.—Mr. Lewis thought the Council should strain a point, and continuing, referred to the exceedingly brief notice given of the bye-election in the Merthyr Vale Ward, and the limited time allowed for selecting a suitable candidate to fill up the vacancy. There was, he said, but two days allowed the electors to chose their candidate.—Mr. Wills I should like to know whether this election has been conducted in accordance with the law.—The Clerk Certainly.— Mr. Wills: Then Mr. Lewis is out of order.—Mr. Lewis said he made no complaint against the officials of the Council. He was simply going to say that they might have given four of five days notice, Mr. Dan Thomas You'caunot go against the law.—Mr. Lewis said that Merthyr Vale Ward was peculiarly situated.—Mr. Wills: I ask you, Mr. Chairman, to call him to order. He is speaking against the law.— Mr. W. Lewis No, I'm not.—Mr. Wills: Is it in the province of the clerk to give more than two days' notice ?—Mr. W. Lewis I may say we had an Inde- pendent Labour candidate to come out (laughter).— The Chairman I am afraid you cannot alter it now (laughter). The Clerk hos already said that the elec- tion was carried out in accordance with the law.—Mr. W. Lewis I propose that in future we have four or five clear days' notice.—The Chairman You cannot (laughter).—Mr. D W. Jones said it appeared to him that what Mr, Lewis really .meant was that the people of the Merthyr Vale Ward did not have a fair opportunity before this matter was rushed upon them. He (Mr. Jones) had great sympathy with Mr. Lewis' argument. He thought it would have been far better if the election had not been rushed through m the way it had been done. Of course, any two members wero at liberty, he knew, to call upon the clerk to fill up any vacancy which occurred, and he believed, that as soon as the vacancy occurred, two members signed the requisition to tho clork, and he was bound to act upon it.—The Clerk It was done on the eve of the funeral.—Mr. Jones: It would have been far better if those two gen- tlemen had allowed one meeting of the Council to pass by, so that if necessary, the Council themselves could fill up the vacancy.—The Chairman pointed out that under the new Act the Council could not fill up any vacancy.—Mr. D. W. Jones Whether they can or not, I do say that one meeting of the Council after a member's funeral could very well elapse before rushing into the contest as was done in this case. It it is Mr. Lewis' intention to try and prevent this I shall suppert him.—Mr. Lewis said that from what he heard that day they were surrounded by an extraordinary state of things. —The Chairman said they could not go behind the Act, The clerk had suggested in order that there should be no misunderstanding that he should in the future give notioeof forthcoming elections,—Mr. Gray said he knew nothing about the matter" but he thought his friend—(pointing to Mr. Dan Thomas)— rather precipitated matters. — The Clerk then announced that one member would retire for each ward this month. The election would take place on Monday, the 30th instant, the notices of the election would be out on Wednesday, 11th of March, and nomination papers would have to be presented not later than four o'clock on Monday, the 16th March. LICENCE OF THE THEATRE ROYAL.—A letter was read from Mr. Will Smithson, lessee and manager of the Merthyr Theatre Royal and Opera House, apply- ing for the renewal of his theatrical licence.—Mr. Dan Thomas hid great pleasure in moving that the licence be renewed.—The Chairman: Unfortunately this licence carries with it a spirit licence.—Mr. Dan Thomas I do not think it is unfortunate.—The Chairman I think it is. I thmk there have been a great many complaints about it.—Mr. Dan Thomas: The motion has not been seconded, and I should like to know whether you are in order in speaking.—Mr. Evan Lewis seconded the motion. The locality was much improved since the licence had been granted, and now people were not stopped on the road by any suspicious characters. The lessee did not allow women or children in the refreshment buffets every- thing was conducted in an orderly manner, and no complaints had been made regarding the licence.— Mr. W. Lewis: Are there any complaints?—The Chairman None.—Mr. W. Lewis: I do not think we should make any objection then. I have been making inquiries, and I find that the bar is totally separated from the theatre itself, No one has more objection than myself to intemperance, but I find everything is conducted at the theatie very orderly. One thing about it is that people cannot stand in the bar and see what is going on upon the stage. I find that only one barrel of beer is consumed to every 2,000 bottles of lemonade (laughter).—Mr. John Lewis moved, as an amendment, that the licence be not granted if it carried with it the liquor licence. It was unfair to the people who hekl publicrhouses. He believed people could obtain drink in the theatre after they were prohibited from so doing in public-houses. He referred to the Nelson Hotel, and said that some con- sideration should be shown for the interests of holders of licensed houses.Mr. Atkins seconded the amend- ment.—Mr. Wills supported the motion. Canvassing had been going on amongst some members of the Council, by interested parties. — Mr. Thomas Thomas also supported the renewal of the licence.— Mr. J. Roberts supported the amendment.—In reply to queries, Mr. Dan Thomas said the licence allowed the holder to serve refreshments up to 11.30, but the directors of the theatre, at a meeting, passed a stringent resolution to the effect that the bar must be cleared at the conclusion ok ead) performance, and that rule was observed.—Onl^-four vytes were given for the amendment, and the motion was declared carried. Mi'I>i>T MEIU'HVG,—Mr. T, F. Harvey presented his report. Paragraph 2 stated that Lower High- street, Dowlais, from the top of the New-road to near Gellifaelog, required breaking up, metalling, and rolling, upon which Mr. D. W. Jones said that the public had made complaints with regard to the dirty state of the roads, and he suggested that a com mittee should go into the matter.—Mr. V. A. Wills said that for over two months he had been in com- munication with Mr. Harvey about keeping the roads clean.—Mr. Harpur said that some time ago the surveyor was asked to give an estimate for paving the roads with wood.—After further discussion it was resolved, upon the motion of Mr. D. W. Jones, seconded by Mr. John Evans, that the matter bo referred to the Bridges and Roads Committee for con- sideration. BUITDINO WITHOUT PLANS BEING PASSED.—The JJridges and Roads Committee reported having visited Brecon-road, and were surprised to find that Mr. Thomas Rees, builder, was proceeding with the erec- tion of two shops, the plans of which had not been approved of by the Council.—Mr. Wills said the plans were received and re,erred to the sub-committee, but the buildings were being proceeded with.—Mr. Dan Thomas did not see why Mr. Rees should defy the Board, when a poor man at Dowlais had been sum- moned for erecting a shed. and Mr. J. Evans moved, Mr. Thomas Thomas seconded, Mr. John Lewis sup- ported, and it was agreed that Mr. ReeabeRUounoncd for alleged contravention of the bye-laws. TWYNYRODYN IMPROVEMENT.—A letter was read from Mr. F. T. James, clerk to the Merthyr Rural District Council, pointing out that the present seemed an opportune time for the construction of the road between Bedlinog and the Merthyr pariah road at the top of Twynyrodyn.— On the proposition of Mr. John Lewis, the letter was referred to the Bridges and Roads Committee. FRANCIS-STREET, DOWLAIS.—A letter was read from Mr. David Price, Dowlais, on behalf of the Francis- street Improvement Committee, stating that at a meeting of the house-owners of the street, held on the 18th February, they agreed, with the exception of one owner, to accept the conditions of the Council for improving that thoroughfare.—Mr. D. W. Jones said they would all agree that the road was in a most deplorable state, and he thought the owners were entitled to some consideration at the hands of the Council. He proposed, and it was agreed, that the matter be referred to the Bridges and Roads Commit- tee for consideration. VACANCT ON COMMITTEES.— On the proposition of Mr. J. Roberts, it was agreed that Mr. H. K Gray fill the vacancy on the Bridges and Roads Committee, and upon the motion of Mr. D. W. Jonea, seconded by Mr. Dan Thomas, Mr. Gray's name was also added to the Finance Committee. CLAIMS FOR COMPENSATION.—A letter was read from Mr. Benjamin Rogers claiming damnres for an accident alleged to have been sustained by falling upon the pavement near Waterloo Chambers, owing to some rubbish being placed there by the Council's workmen.—Mr. Henry Evans wrote claiming £ 48 for losing time, &c., through falling over some rubbish in New Castle-street about 12 months ago, and Thomas Jones, 351, High-street, Penydarren, claimed compensation on behalf of his wife, for injuries sus- tained through falling over a trap-door in Glebeland- street.—The clerk was instructed to reply denying liability. THE OVERSEERS. —Mr. D. W. Jones said the time was near at hand when the Council would have to re- appoint overseers. He proposed that the clerk com- municate with the present officials, asking them to prepare a report showing what duties, &c., they carried out during the year. — Mr. John Lewis seconded, aud it was carried. THE BURIAL BOARD.—On the motion of Mr. Dan Thomas, the clerk was asked to report upon the posi- tion of the Council with regard to the election of the Burial Board.










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