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-i. ABERDARE NOTES. [By ARGUS]. T The Sporting Life speaks very highly of Tom Linton's cycling success at Paris. Good old 'Berdar It is said that it would require a Philadelphia ?*yer to understand the new regulations of the ^herdare School Board. Theie is a man in town who has lived here for seven years, but lie has not yet been at Cwmdare Alf. Lewis, tho Aberaman pro., is likely to hive a i'Vely time at the Paris-Bordeaux races. The entries "Kslude those of such men as Meyer, Rivierre, Corre, and Geo. Hunt. Alf. is, however, sure to do well. .Although oil-cart bells are not as sweet-toned as pose of Edgar Allen Poe, yet they cannot be said to ft nuisance. It is consequently hard lines that two Pteo who are selling oil should l>e prohibited from avin? a bell attached to their cart. Mr. D. P. Davies was quite right when he told his pother councillors at last Friday's meeting of the ^■strict Council that the fish cries are a bigger r.u,sance than the bells. There is the leather-lunged « oater-man, for example, and the stentoiian-voiced ^tfish-hawker. They put the bells in the shade. rjJtatne of the London papers put it on sometimes, -here was a statement in one of them last week to effect that there were 11,000 colliers out of work at ^oerdare. It is certainly not as bad as that. 'J'hThe Aberdare School Board are climbing down. rPe chairman has now given notice to consider the .^visability, or otherwise, of increasing the salaries of w»e ex-P.T.'s. Lady Lewis, of the Mardy, owing to the state of health, finds it impossible to reside at Aberdare t^al Per'°^?* Lady Lewis is at present in Aus- i^Ir. E. Thomas, an engineer at the Gold Coast, hai ordered to Coomassie, Ashanti, to construct a o rt for the British ivoops that are to lie stationed r> re: Mr. Thomas is the son of Mr. M. Thomas, l\rdiff-street. Good old 'Berdar once more » Que of the most pleasant features of the Primrose »jfaRUe meeting on Thursday was the presentation of second order of the grand star to Mrs. W. T. V* Maesyffynon, in recognition of that lady's past ^v'ces on behalf of the League. The star is a most dutiful piece of jewellery. 's worth recording the faot that one-third of the M-p Tc°ii6tables appointed during the last 21 years 6 Unitarians. Lewis, wife of Mr. Lewis, a prominent en- PB«,Srin America, is at present on a visit to Sweet T«il ar< Mrs. Lewis is the daughter of Mr. James, gQ 0 House, Monk-street, and her husband is tho Mr. Lewis, Fairfield House. Mrs. Lewis has v crossed the Atlantic five times. furny exclamations of a supporter of the Mardy on t?n(Jda) Association Team at tho Ynys Meadow, bVk, Urdny, afforded keen amusement to tho local Well done, Daio," the innocent *oi!u'te w'oul(l exclaim. "O'r bach an ag e!" he WitSi a^erwards shout. It was well worth paying Pence to witness the antics of this enthusiastic '^tator. Llewelyn Williams was on a visit to Aberdare Conj^' He was accompanied by Mr. Tom Stephens, Jrfr H.ctor of the renowned Rhondda Glee Society. ^'lliains has invited the Welsh Quartet" from LOud art', to sing before the Duke of York at 011. q^u.fcll-known oharacter was laid to rest in the TbilS Precincts of Aberdare Cemetery last week. at At*1* John Anthony, of Treforest, who had lived y^^rdare for many years. He conducted the He y Comiuin," for a long i>eriod at that town. *Pt>n^aVe llP the scholastic profession, and was tfQlnto a responsible post at Dowlais Ironworks; there he went to Nantyglo Tinworks, and back if. ,to Aberdare, where he engaged in business, the „u,Wefl«ently removed to Treforest. He died at of 79. Peace to his ashes. th^ w'ere pleased to observe Gwyr Philistia as <W.Pi$?e for competition in the male voice at Aber- eh11 Klsteddfod on Monday. This is quite a welcome tion ? after the perpetual hammering at Destruc- a °f Gaza." i>, following note, nicely written on pink paper, ]a. "and. Listen! "Dear Argus,—I do wish the %ales would not wear such monstrously high hats. I ■*» at the Swiss Choir entertainment the other laH-n,nP at the Public Hall. There was a row of ha» !n fr?nt of rne> ai'd owing to their tremendous belr' j v'ew was quite obscured. I felt as if I was Jl/ > a hedge. 1 have a good mind to write to {'a s Journal, and suggest that the Parisian fash,8te" s*lou^ got i'ma^cr hats for the next lady'} Lipton, the famous provision merchant, advertise*! his business in a novel way. On Monday a band of men dressed m Eastern costume, one of them on Sl'h VT bA the StreetS a^vei*tising Liptori's The show drew quite a crowd. lieI' a few interesting figures from the Council's cost, 5i statement for the last year. Public lighting street /'M69 68. Id. scavenging, jei.421 15s. 9d. hosn^^a^er'n!7i £7116s. lOd.; Park, J6208 2s. lOd. P tal, £71 jgg 7 d. repair of roads, £3,106138. 2d. >ftj — the^Wing verses were composed specially for ThUrsiree held in honour of the High Constable on lai* „ v' a report of which appsars in our Aber- »*w» columns ETt thy stature, faithful friend, 1 A temple where there is enshrined spu-it pure that cannot bend actions mean, or deeds unkind. hy smiling face, thy heart as free, As rippling breeze o'er crystal loch, "Y townsmen all feel proud of thee, \V DO'J^e ^fiend, Ap Carw Cosh. come not here to flirt with time, In fanie to fawn in flowery tale, ,.Pr°Ky speech or doggerel rhyme, Ihy name is known through Cynon Vale. e^» L. N. Williams, one fond hope it r gathered here sincerely share wish thy life a lengthen'd scope, *ligh Constable of Aberdare. cf°wds are a study. Sometimes they get At tho m en there is no knowing what they will do. S*ftls(jn ^?tch on Monday, an excited partisan of the irehan- arn threatened to smash an advocate of th*" xPn Treharrisite returning the chal- ,lc Nelsonite threw up the sponge." |'o defendants at the Police-court said that r t\Vf> Ver worked in his life. He was sent to gaol Weeks. He will have to work there. lc?6iit0ll^vU^ to,1ple appeared before the Bench at a j Miee-court, husband was 20, and the Jtiite f_ J'19. Tlioy had been in the matrimonial had kaj^w nonths only, but the husb.and said that f *"• Tl enoilgh of his better half," and he left f°Ur shjit? 'Magistrates, however, ordered him to pay 111g-; a week towards his wife. |lj '">erc^are ^talc Voice Party did very well on Let their motto always be "Nil Desper- j. ——— School 'Jnsjieetor says, in his report of the Ll wydcoed ydcoe^, W ebh 18 well taught there. Good old



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