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DOWLAIS. Our Dcwlais correspondent is Mr. W. Harris Evans, 26, Pantscallog, who will be glad to be notified of meetings, and to forward advertisements and orders for printing. E. TENNYSON-SMITH, renowned Temperance Orator (second J. B. Gough), Oddfellows' Hall, April 18th to 23rd, 1896. [3684 UNDERTAKING and all kinds of Carpentering and Joinery Work done. Hearse and Mourning Coaches to order. GEO. J. O'Neill, Frederick's Court, North Street, and Pond Street, Dowlais. SANITARY PLUMBING AND HOT WATER EXGIX- EERING.—W. AUSTIN AND SON have added the above to their old-established House Decoratmg Business. Beer Engines, Baths, etc., fitted and repaired. Good workmanship and moderate charges. The largest, cheapest, and best selection of Paperhangings in the district. New patterns for 1895. Paints, Varnishes, Glass, etc.—26 Union-street, and 91, Caeharri: Dowlais. J. JEREMIAH, Plumber and Decorator, 36, High- street, Merthyr, and 2, North-street, Dowlois. J.J. has erected New Showroom at the rear of 36, High- street, Merthyr, where a choice selection of paper- hangings, &c., can be inspected. Side entrance, 35, High-street, Merthyr. All paperhangings, gas fittings, bar fittings, paints and varnishes at lowest prices in town. Visit my showroom if you want to save money. LANTERN ENTERTAINMENT AT BEULAH.—An interesting entertainment was held at Beulah English Baptist Chapel on Tuesday evening last, when the subject, "One of His Jewels," was rcad by Mrs. W. J. Jenkins, and illustrated by the aid of a powerful lantern manipulated by Messrs. W. J. Jenkins and Thomas Thomas, grocer. There was a large atten- dance of juveniles, who thoroughly enjoyed the treat afforded. The Rev. James Williams, the respected pastor, presided. ENTERTAINMENT AT MISSION HALL.—An interest- ing entertainment was held at the abce place on Thursday evening, when solos, recitations, and dialogues were given by the following:—The Misses Ford, Messrs. James Bufton, J. Thomas, and Master Gardner, who were followed by the Temperance sketch, The Calculating Cobbler," illustrated with lantern pictures. A series of mission meetings were held throughout last week, Mr. Thomas I'. Wintle, Pontymoile, conducting, and though the meetings h ive not been iargely attended, the friends at tne Mission Hall are very pleased with the religious fervour which is shown throughout. OBITUARY.—We regret to have to record the death of Mrs. Mary Jones, wife of Mr. John Jones, Mary- street, which took place at her residence on Wednes- day last. after a severe illness of only one day's duration. Deceased, who was but 27 years of age, leaves a widower and four little ones to mourn her loss. She was a faithful member of Caersalem Welsh Baptist Chapel, and had proved herself a musician of no mean order in her interpretation of oneofthechief parts in the performance of Agatha." The funeral took place on Monday, at the New Cemetery, Pant. It was attended by an enormous concourse of people, and appropriate hymns were sung en route to the cemetery by the Caersalem Choir, under the leadership of Mr. Fred Hier. The officiating ministers were the Revs. J. Thomas, Cwmbach, and J Jones, pastor of Caer- salem, and both gentlemen made feeling references to the deceased. BRITISH WOMEN'S TEMPERANCE ASSOCIATION.—On Thursday thsaboveassociation held their monthly meet- ing at Elizabeth-street Schoolroom, when a very good programme was gone through, the chair being taken by the president, Mrs, J. B. Evans. After opening wi, h reading by Mrs. Evans, Union-street, and prayer by Mr. Woosnam, a very good paper on Prayer was read by Mrs. Williams, Mary Anne street, which was greatly appreciated. Mr. Barnard then spoke, after which Miss Mary Morie", Regent-street, rendered a solo with great credit to herself and pleasure to the audience. Miss Jone;, Francis-street, then gave the pathetic recitation Billy's Rose." Miss E. J. Williams, Morlais-street, addressed the meeting, giving some very practical hints, followed by the Rev. B. Davies, Moriah, with a very able Temperance address, urging the workers to individual effort in the worthy cause. A very cordial welcome was accorded Mrs. Alfred Bowen, of Gwernllwyn Uchaf, in her new capacity as vice president of the rssociation. The illc Rev. B. Davies closed the meeting with prayer. It was very encouraging to the officers and members to see the meeting so well attended and appreciated. They would kindly ask the public to hold up their hands and support them in the good cause, that is so needful among the women of our town. SOCIAL TEA.-On Wednesday se'nnight, through the generosity of Mrs. Oswald J. Thomas and Mr. and Mrs. W. Harris (vice-consul U.S.A.), the members of the Beulah Christian Endeavour Society were enter- tained to a social tea. The tables were presided over by theMisses .rohn, Blanchc-street; Miss Clara Harris, Regent-street: and Miss Annie Morcran, Pond-street, who were assisted by MfR. W. Harris, Pant-road Misses L. J. and Cecillia Harris, Graig-terrace and Mr. Sydney Vaughn, Balaclava.-road. After tea the appended programme was gone through, and the various items were very much enjoyed. The presi- dent of the society, Miss L. J. Harris, presided :— Song, "The V alley of Shadows," Mis. Oswald J. Thomas dialogue, The Evils of Strong Drink," Misses Williams and Griffiths trio, "Disdainful of Danger," Miss Cecillia Harris, Mr. J. H. Harris, and Mr. W. J. Jenkins song. Alone on the Raft," Mrs. W. J. Jenkins solo, 0 Rest in the Lord," Mr. Fred Morgan quartet, Sleep, Gentle Lady," Misses Cecillia Harris and A nnie Morgan, Messrs. J. H. Harris and W. J. Jenkin", which was encorf'd and responded to. Votes uf thanks to Mrs. O. J. Thomas and Mr. and Mrs. W. Harris for their kind invita- tion brought a most enjoyable meeting to a close. The accompaniments were played by Miss May Evans and Miss Annie Morgan. PRESENTATION MEETING AT PENYWERN CHAPEL.— On Tuesday se'nnight. Miss Kate Jenkins, Penvwern, was presented by the Sunday School with an illuminated address and a beautiful engraved inkstand, as a slight acknowledgment of the signal service she has rendered the Penywern Sunday School, the superintendent of which she has been for some years. The chapel was crowded, snd the pastor, the Rev. J. H. Hughes, occupied the chair. -In his opening remarks, the Chairman said they had all congregated there that evening to do honour to whom honour was due. Miss Jenkins had proved herself worthy of the presents which she was about to receive. Speeches were delivered by Messrs. Thomas Thomas, Abraham Jones, James Jenkins; and bardic addresses were also delivered by Messrs. Nicholas Hughes, a blind man, and John Jenkins. Mrs. Rees, the oldest member of Penywern Chapel, presented the address, and Mr. Thomas Thomas presented the inkstand.— Miss Jenkins feelingly res ponded.— Songs and recita- tions were contributed by the following:—Recitations, Misses Eleanor Ann Jones and Blanche Lewis, and Mr. George Hicks; songs by Miss Mary Thomas, and Messrs. T. P. Jones, John Thomas, and David H. Williams. The treasurer of the presentation fund was Mr. John Jenkins, while the secretarial duties were satisfactorily carried out by by Mr. John Jones. TEMPERANCE CHOIll POPULAR CONCERTS. — On Saturday evening last another of the Pops" pro- moted by the Dowlais Temperance Choir was held at the Assembly-rooms, Oddfellows' Hall, under the presidency of Mr. Daniel Griffiths. There was a fairly good attendance, and the various items were well received. The following contributed to the evening's enjoyment:—Song. "The Sc!dier,' Mr. E. B. O'Neill; recitation, "Y Glowr," Mr. Gwilym Price; song, "Bessie, the Drunkard's Child," Miss K. Jones; recitation, "Lochimoor," Mr. Tom George; song, "The Blue Alsatian Mountains," Mr. M. T. Davies reading, Gath ar pwys menyn," Mr. D. Davies recitation, "The Gamblers Wife," Mr George Hicks song, That awful Blue Riblxm," Mr. Theo. Price, encored, "Mona"; song, "The Better Land," Miss L. C. Jones recitation, The Charge of the Light Brigade," Miss Jones, Peny- darren song, "The Outport." Mr. J. Rhys Morgan recitation, Yu Merw'r lli," Mr. Theo. Price song, The Bugler," Mr. Tom George; reading, One Niche the Higher," Mr. Isaac Edwards (encored); reading (encore), Anton Rubenstein," Mr. Isaac Edwards song, The Village Blacksmith," Mr. E. B. O'Neill; song, "The Anchor's Weighed," Mr. M. T. Davies. The accompanists, Messrs. J. Rhys Morgan and R. T. Rees, the popular conductor, played with their usual good taste. SCHOOL CHILDREN'S CONCERT.—On Tuesday after- noon last, the school children of the Central School (infanta' department), sang, recited, performed musical drill, and gave other illustrations of the work done during the past year. Ibe school was crowded with parents of the little ones, and this public exhibition of school work was greatly enjoyed. The first part of the programme was with the babies, and it must be said that, considering their age, they did excellently. Song, "I've a Little Dolly"; recitation, "Dolly's Break- fast"; soner, "Hold the Right Hand Up" reading from card; recitation, "Little Four Years Old": Kindergarten song, "The Ball" recitation, "Tommy Tumbledown": song, "This is the Way"; recita- tion, Hide and Seek song, In a Pretty Little House"; song, "Bahyland." The second part was confined to infants five and six years old, and the admirable manner in which they went through their programme reflected the greatest credit on Mr. Abraham Houlson, headmaster, and his excellent staff. Marching, Boys song, "Johnny was a Soldier Bold," Boys and Girls recitation, "lllackberrying," Girls; song, Cat and Kittens," Girls and Boys; Fan- folding Exercise, Girls; recitation, I'll Try," Boys; recitation, "Ten Little Servants," Girls; song, "The Shop," Girls and Boys; recitation, Modelling in Clay," Boys song, The Fisher Boy," Boys and Girls; recitation, A Penny to Spend," Girls Musical Drill, the successful squad at the recent Rechabite Eisteddfod; recitation, "The Queer Little Boy," Boys exercise with modu- lator recitation, "Sewing for Dolly," Girls song, "What Game's Best for Playing," Boys and Girls; reading from school reading books; recitation, "A Gentleman," Boys; song, "Exercise Bone and Muscle," Boys and Girls: recitation, "Helping Mother," Girls song, "The Train," Boys and Girls Welsh recitation, "Y Gwcw a'r y Fedwcn," Ho) s; Welsh recitation, "Tobi," Girls; song, "Merry Christmas Bells," Boys and Girh. During the after- noon, Rev. S. O. Tattersall and Mr. Thomas Evans, Gwent House, delivered addresses, and expressed their pleasure at being present, giving a few woids of encouragement to the children. Mr. Houlson con- ducted, and the staff and himself must have worked very hard to bring the juveniles to such a high state uf efficiency. DEATH. WILLIAMS. —Onthe24th inst.,at8, Gellifaelog-terrace, Dowlais, Ellen, the beloved wife of the Rev. J. H. Williams (Brynfardd). Funeral (private) at Pant Cemetery on Saturday.