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MERTHYR. MARKET-SQUARE CHURCH.—At this church on Sunday night Miss Claudia Thorney, R.A.M., sang a sacred iiolo with much taste. CORRECTION.—We are asked to state that the gsntlemen who took part in the glee singing at the Theatre last week were not members of Mr. Dan Davies' Choir, as stated in our last issue. TRKVECCA COLLEGE.—On Sunday the Rev. Rees Evans occupied the pulpit at Hope Chapel, and made an appeal on behalf of the funds of Trevecca College. Substantial contributions have been promised. GREAT ATTRACTION FOR MABON'S DAY, MARCH 2ND, 1896.—The renowned Trcorky Royal Male Voice Party have been engaged, at an enormous expense, by the Pontmorlaia Calvinistic Methodist Church, to give Two Grand Concerts at the Drill Hall, Merthyr, afternoon and evening. [3665 -LosT.-On Saturday 25tli, at or near the Merthyr Market, a. five-florin piece, half-ringed English silver; three inches silver chain attached. Anyone detaining the article after this notice will be prosecuted. Finder will receive a reward on returning same to the Times Off.c., Merthyr. Advt VISITORS TO ABERDARE should not fail to call at Miss A. OEPPEN'S, Commercial-place, Aberdare, for their cigar?, tobacco, &c. A choice selection of smokers' requisites is always in stock, and cannot fail to please, both in cheapness and quality. Remember the address Commercial-place, Aberdare. [ADVT FOCND, about 11 years ago, by JENKINS, CHEMIST and SEEDSMAN, next door to Police-station, a Perfect CCRE for COUGHS, COLD," ASTHMA, and SHORTNESS of BREATH. The same can be had by payment of one shilling. Hundreds have already speculated the one shilling, and the unanimous verdict has been Nothing equals the Cambrian Cough Cure." [3474 J. T. DOCTON, SANITARY ENGINEER, Plumber, Hot Water Fitter, Gas Fitter, Electric Bell Fitter, and General House Decorator, etc., 138, High-street, Merthyr. All orders will receive prompt attention. Distance no object. A staff of experienced workmen regularly employed. J.T.D. may be consulted on S&itary matters, embracing drainage, ventilation, etc. f281 MERTHYR WORKING MEN'S BUILDING SOCIETY.— An appropriation by ballot was held at the offices of this society last Tuesday night when Mr. E. B. Nash and Mr. H. W. Sou they, J.P., were appointed scrutineers, and Miss Maggie Lloyd, Cefn Coed, drew the ballot block No. 100, the owner being Mr. William Fogarty, 81, Yew-street, Troedy- rhiw, who is entitled to a loan of £ 200 for 16 years free of interest. A vote of thanks to the chairman Mr. E. Morris) closed the meeting. KEEP YorR En ON MORRIS'. WHAT FOR? For Stylish Suits and Overcoats. For style, quality, and value, Morris challenges the town. Try Morris' celebrated 37s. 6d. OVERCOATS and 50s. BUSINESS Sum. They cannot be beaten. Once tried always used. Warmth and comfort for the winter months. See that you get no other. In Hats, Caps, Shirts, Collars, Ties, &c., MORRIS LEADS THE WAY. Have a look at our windows to see our New Season's Stock of Mufflers, Ladies' and Gent.'s Lined Gloves, &c. Note the address, J. W. MORRIS, 10, Pontmorlais, Marthyr. ZOAR CHAPEL ORGAN RECITAL.—This "(Thursday) evening Mr. Harry Evans. ^A.R.C.O., of Dowlais, will give an organ recital at Zoar Chapel. Mr. Evan'<' fame as an organist is a sufficient guarantee of the excellence of the entertainment. The recital he gave at this chapel two years ago was a great success, and since then he has made enormous strides in his profession. The vocalists engaged were Madam Miles-Beynon and Mr. E. R. Evans. The former, unfortunately, is suffering from a severe cold, but an excellent substitute has been secured in Miss Eleanor Jones, whom the public will no doubt be eager to hear after her brilliant success in London. To com- mence at 8 admission, Is. and 6d. SUCCESS OF MISS ELEANOR JONEs.-Her many friends will h3 pleased to learn of the success of Miss Eleanor Jones, in winning the Prince of Wales' Scholarship at the examination held at the Royal College of Music, London, on Friday last. It will be remembered that about two years ago a committee was formed in the town, with Mr. Ernest Daniel as secretary, and through the generosity of Col. Lewis, Mr. William Harris, Mr. Dan Davies, and other gentlemen, who headed the list, a sum of money was collected for the purpose of assisting Miss Jones in her musical training. She was placed first under the care of Madame C. Novello Daviea, and then of Mr. Dan Price, of London, and has made remarkable pro- gress. In 1894 she won the first prize at Carnarvon National Eisteddfod, and delighted everyone as a soloist in the Royal Welsh Ladies' Choir and Mr. Dan Davies' Concert Party. TOM EYANS, Bespoke Tailor, sole agant for the celebrated firm of Kino, London, begs to thank his numerous" customers for their liberal support in past years, and to announce that he has removed from No. 1, Market-square, to 24, High-street (opposite the old Church), where he Has opened business as a fancy draper, outfitter, and gent's mercer. T.E. trusts that by strict attention to the needs of his customers to merit a continuance of their favours, and it is with the idea of being able to supply his customers with every necessary article of clothing, that he has added the mercery business to that of tailoring. Trousers to measure, 10s. 6d. suits, 39s. 6d. overcoats, 25s. Fit and style guaranteed. White and coloured shirts, collars, cnfft*, scarves, gloves, &e., of every description. Agent for Rushbrook's butchers' clothing. Every kind of children's fancy hosiery and baby linen supplied. Terms, strictly for cash. r3316 SUCCESS OF A MERTHYR VoCAHST.—We are pleased to announce that Miss Rosina Beynon, daughter of Mr. David Beynon, Cyfarthfa Cottage, has been successful in winning the three years' Maintenance Scholarship at the Royal College of Music, London. There were no less than 500 competitors for the honour. Miss Beynon was under the tuition of Mr. Harry Evans, A.K.C.O., Dowlais, for some time, and for a term and a half studied in London. Alias Beynon is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Beynon, of the Cyfarthfa Offices, and is now about 20 years old. The family is musical. Her father has been connected with singing in one form or another until recently, and was some years ago in charge of the Band of Hope at Zoar. He is still passionately fond of music, ana rarely misses any musical treat in the district. Her brother, Mr. Horatio Beynon, is well known in the district as an efficient player. Although Miss Beynon had not sung often in public, it has long since been known that she possessed a voice of rare quality, and her parents gave her every encourage- ment to train it. Those who know her well have expected great things of her, but even to them it is a welcome surprise that she has so soon succeeded in taking such high honours where the test was so severe. Beyond all doubt, there lies before her the 8noouragiog prospect of a most brilliant future. VESTRY MEETING.—On Monday afternoon, at the Veetry-room, Glebeland street, Merthyr, a vestry meeting was held for the purpose of passing a resolu- tion to oppose the Rhymney Railway Bill and the Taff Vale Railway Bill. The chair was occupied by Mr. T. H. Bailey, J.P., chairman of the District Council, and Mr. Griffiths (from theoffice of Mr. G. C. James, the clerk) was also present. The only other councillor present was Mr. Dan Thomas. There were only a few persons present. The Chairman explained the object of the meeting, and Mr. Alfred Edmonds asked in what way would the Bills adversely affect Merthyr.—Mr. Dan Thomas, in reply, said that Merthyr would not be directly affected. But in connection with Aberdare the land under the super- vision of the Farms Management Committee would be affected. One of the schemes, if passed, would have the effect of taking away a good slice of the con » ttee's land, and as they did not have sufficient land already the effect would be serious.-The Chair- man moved, Mr. Dan Thomas seconded, and it was resolved to authorise the Merthyr Urban District Council to oppose, with the view to the promotion and protection of the interests of the inhabitants of the said district, the application of the promoters of both Bills. MORLAIS BAPTIST CHURCH.—On Thursday evening, a tea party was held by the members and friends of this church. The tables were laden with good things, the gifts of the ladies, among whom we may mention the following Mrs. T. Roberts, Albert-street; Mrs. James Macintosh, Ivy Cottage, Georgetown Mrs. Hayward, Paris House Mrs. H. Lewis, William- etreet; Mrs. J. T. Hughes, William-street: Mrs. T. Price, Plymouth-street; Mrs. Hill, Georgetown Mrs. Williams (nee Miss L. Lloyd), and others. The tables were presided over by Mrs. and Miss Read, assisted by Miss George, Mrs. and Miss Landers Mary-street; Mrs. H. Lewis and Mrs. J. T. Hughes' William-street; and Mr*. W. J. Hayward, assisted bv Miss E. Glyde, Miss Polly Hill and Miss Sarah Pugh. While Mrs. Macintosh and Mrs. Hill were most attentive in looking after the wants of the various tables. An after meeting for church business was held, when the chair was taken by Mr. W. J. Hayward (treasurer of the church). Addresses were delivered by the Chairman, Messrs. F. Read D. Davies, William Price, James Jones (deacons), and Messrs. A. Fromow, G. Reeves, W. Morgan, W. Davies, and — Jones (late of Newtown, Montgomery- shire), bearing upon the anticipated invitation of the church at Mountain Ash to the Rev. E. G. Thomas, pastor of Morlais Church, to become a candidate for the vacant pulpit at Mountain Ash. The addresses were very feeling and eulogistic of the labours of Mr. Thomas, both in th^ pulpit and in hi?} pastoral work. The universal feeling wa3 that he should still preside over the church at Morlais, where he so admirably Auit*, both as a preacher and pastor. The rev. gentleman was spoken of as the best preacher within radius of twenty miles. After the appeals made by the brethren, Mr. Thomas very feelingly thanked the church for their kindness and respect for him, aud in a few words, which were characterised by deep emo- tion, he declared, amid the cheers of the member* that he would still remain at Morlais as their pastor! He thanked the i-,hurch for their unanimity and their brotherly feeling, and he hojiedj-Xrith their co-opera- tion, to do much good for the Master in the future, as he had tried to do in the past. It was unanimously decided to increase the stipend of the pastor as an encouragement to him, and as a token of the apprecia- tion of his service. Afterwards it was decided, at an early date, to call a special meeting to devise ways and means of liquidating the small remaining debt on the building.—On Monday evening, at the usual weekly service, at which a large number of the ¡ members were present, a very interesting ceremony wm performed in presenting to Mr. and Mrs. John Walter;, late of Georgetown, who have left for Llansaduon, their country residence, a beautiful marble clock, with marble Corinthian pillars. The presentation was made on behalf of the cnurch to Mr Walters by the pastor, the Rev. E. G. Thomas in a few choice words. Addresses were given by some of 9 Mr. Walters' fellow deacons, viz., Messrs. W. J. Hayward, F. Read, and James Jones, who spoke of the very useful services rendered by Mr. Walters while deacon and treasurer of the church, and very much deploring the loss the church had sustained by his removal from their midst. Mr. Walters thanked one and all for their kindness in presenting to him and his dear wife the beautiful clock, which would always remind him of the very happy time he had spent at Morlais. He could safely say that he never 8peont, a happier time than when listening to our respected pastor, and doing his little in extending the kingdom of the Master at Morlais. The singing <rf the D«*o/ogy concluded the interesting meeting. ZION BIBLE CLASS.—The ordinary meeting of the above class was held at the vestry-room of Zion Welsh Baptist Chapel, when Mr. J. Jones read a very instructive paper. OUR FAVOURITE BILLrO'.iTE:R.Nfr. James Sullivan, the favourite billposter of Merthyr and district, has just received from Pearson's a beautifully-executed enlarged portrait of himself in an exquisite oak frame. MERTHYR CHORAL SOCIETY.—The society met in large nuinters on Sunday and Wednesday, at the Market Hall. Several matters of interest were dis- cussed, and the opmion of everyone was that the choir was in better form than ever. INCANDESCENT GAS .LIGHTS INCANDESCENT GAS LIGHTS !!—J. T. DOCTON, 138, High-street, Merthyr, has been Specially Appointed fjr the Sale of the Incandescent Gas Lights. Gas Consumers, by using this Light, will Reduce their Gas Bills by One Half and Obtain Treble the Light. The various Kinds of Lights can be seen in operation, and full particulars obtained at the above address. Inspection invited. Competent workmen employed to fix same. [ADVT. SAM HAGUE'S MINSTRELS.—These well-known and popular favourities will occupy the boards of the Theatre Royal next week. Sam Hague's name is famous all tie world over, and his troupe of minstrels get a hearty welcome wherever they go. There are amongst them the finest comedians and singers to be found on the stage, and their enteitainments are invariably a grand treat.—Don't forget the Plymouth benefit next Friday night, To PARTIES FURNISHING.—Messrs. J. G. Maddox and Son, auctioneers, will sell by public auction a tthe Auction Mart, 25, Duke-street, Cardiff, on Tuesday and Thursday, March 3rd and 5th, an immense assemblage of very superior household furniture. The sale will commence at two o'clock precisely each day. Further particulars will be found in our advertising column or may be obtained by writing to the auctioneers at the above address. T2849 CONCERT. -On Thursday last, at Bethel Chapel, a concert was given bv the children attending the Georgetown Infants' School, for the purpose of rais- ing funds to proride a piano for the Georgetown School. The children, through the instrumentality of the head-mistress, Miss Harris, went through a programme (f dialogues, quartets, and dances, which was much enjoyed. The chair was occupied by Mr. W. L. Daniel, and Mr. V. A. Wills was also present. Miss Lewis (daughter of Sergt. Lewis) accompanied rn the pianoforte very artistically. We are pleased to learn that about JB10 was collected. TREORKY MALE VOICE PARTY.—Much interest is evinced in the concerts to be given at the Drill Hall on Monday by the above party. The fame of the Treorky boys has gone out to all the land. Since their appearance before the Queen at Windsor Castle the name of their party is a household world through the length and breadth of the country. They will give two concerts on Monday, to commence at three and eight o'clock. The soloists are Madame J. Thomas (winner of the soprano solo at the Llanellv Eisteddfod), Mr. W. Todd-Jones, and Mr. Gabriel Williams. The baton will be wielded by Mr. W. Thomas. The programme is an interesting one, and an excellent musical treat may be looked forward to. AINON BAPTIST CHURCH—On Monday evening a most interesting entertainment was held here, when the humorous dialogue "Apartments to Let" was given in character. The parts were taken by Messrs. B. Walters, W. C. English, C. P. Williams, and Syd- ney English. This part of the programme created loud roars of laughter, and all the performers took their parts exceedingly well. The remaining part of the programme was taken up in songs, &c., by Messrs. C. Roberts, D. Walters, and W. C. English and Miss Walters, who acquitted themselves well. A prize had been offered for a letter on the history of Merthyr. There were four letters sent in, the winners being Mr. D. Walters and Miss Jones. The chairman, Rev. H. Jenkins, acted as adjudicator, his verdicts giving entire satisfaction. JLWI411 WEDDING AT MERTHYR.—On Wednesday afternoon an interesting wedding ceremony was per- formed at the Jewish Synagogue, when the Rev. Sol. Levin, of Aberdare, was joined in the holy bonds of matrimony to Miss Phcebe Marks, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. Marks, of 14, Temperance-street, Merthyr. The ceremony was performed by the Rev. A. Abelson, of the Merthyr Synonague. The sacred edifice was crowded with well-wishers of the bride and bridegroom, and among those who took part in the ceremony were Mr. Cohen, Mr. and Mrs. Juluis Prag, Mr. and Mrs. Goodman, Bethesda-street, Merthyr; Mr. Charles Cohen, Mr. Fine, Rhymney Mrs. Row, Aberaman Mrs. Miles, Aberdare Mrs. Wilde, Merthyr; Mr. Freedman, jun., Dowlais; Mr. Goldstone, Gadlys, Aberdare; Mr. Fine, jun., Mr. and Mrs. Goldstone, Aberaman Mr. and Mrs. Jacobs, Aberdare Mr. and Mrs. Samue's, Aberdare; Mr. Corp, jeweller, Aberaman; Mr. Haudley, Jewish butcher, Aberdare; and Miss Handley, and others. After the ceremony a reception was held at the Synagogue Schoolroom, Merthyr, which was a very enjoyable affair. Speeches were delivered wish- ing good luck to the happy pair by the Rev. A. Arisen, Mr. Fine, Mr. Samuels, Aberdare, and Mr. Goldstone, Aberaman, and the bridegroom responded in suitable terms. A large number of handsome pre- sents were received. PENCKL CiiArEL. — On Monday evening the second of the series of readings were held at the above place of worship, when a varied and interesting programme was capitally rendered by memlieis of the Sunday School. The programme was as follows :—Solo, Miss Rachel H. Davies; duet, Mastei Rees David Rees and Miss R. Mazey recitation, Miss Sarah Saunders solo, Miss Kate Morris; recitation, Margaret J. Morgans; solo, Miss Rachel Willis; mouth orvan solo, Mr. Daniel James solo, Miss Bessie Williams recitation. Miss Eleanor Powell duet, Messrs. E. J. Thomas and Fredk. Thomas solo, Master Howell Price Thomas mouth organ solo, Mr. Rees Thomas Sailor's Chorus,1 Male Voice Party, under the leadership of Mr. Jenkin Thomas. The friends at Penuel are desirous of making special mention of the assistance given by Messrs. D. Thomas, 13 ugh Williams Thomas Jones, and William Thomas, hailing from Penydarren. The singing was far above the average for meetings of this kind, and the gentlemen named were but too pleased to assist to make the reading a success. The accompanists were Messrs. William John Rees and E. J. Thomas, who did their work well,as also did the chairman, the Rev.D. Jones. The pastor is doing excellent work among the young people. Bible classes have been formed preparatory to the Scriptural examination, and there appears a general tendency to make an advancement in educa- tion and usefulness. MERTHYR CONSTITUTIONAL CLl-B V. PONTYPRIDD CLLB.-On Thursday last the above-named clubs played billiard, whist, and chess matches, with the following results: — Billiards — Merthyr: George Chamberlain, 200 P. T. Evans, 123; T. W. Davies, 182 C. R. Williams, 200; W. Macdonald, 200; J. Gray, 199; W. H. Williams, 200; C. A. Harris, 160; W. W. Meredith, 200: Keates Wilson, 200; J. Oeppen, 160 total, 2,029. Pontypridd W. Miles, 149; E. Thyer, 200; Dr. C. Bristowe, 200; C. P. Orsinan, 134 W. Lewis, 186; L. Llewellyn, 200 C. Starr, 165 T. Davies, 200 G. King, 160; Ivor Davies, 183 W. Wilson, 200 total, 1,977. Merthyr won by 52 points, or six games to five. Whist—Mer- thyr T. O. Williams, P. Sullivan, 15; Bob David, Price Owens, 13 T. W. Price, J. G. Frayne, 8 C. Richards, W. Davies, 15 Goodman, Wall. 17 total, 68. Pontypridd J. Jeffery, C. Chapel, 17 Morris, Baker, 12 Thomas, Jones, 16 Ashford, Chard, 15 Perkins, T. Davies, 12 total, 72. Pontypridd won by four points. Chess Merthyr W H. Price, 10; Valentine Watson, 11; E. Belcher, 1 1; C. A. Harri-, 1 1; total, 7. Pontypridd Heitzman, 0 1; W. Ree*, 0 0; W. Wilson, 0 0; Dr. Bristowe, 00; total, 1. Merthyr won by six games. The Merthyr team are still undefeated at billiards, and are now anxious to take on the recognised club champions of South Wales, viz., Cardiff Conservative Workina: Men's Club. SAD FATALITY AT CYKARTHKA.—On Monday, at about one o'clock, an accident happened at Cyfarthfa Works which resulted in the death of Frederick Rowe, a locomotive fireman. It appears that the engine upon which the deceased was employed was pushing some bogies," or trucks, up the slag tip for the pur- pose of discharging their contents. When near the tip the deceased jumped down from the engine and turned the pointers to allow the trucks to run up a certain road." The pointers were situated on the left-hand side of the engine. A few minutes after- wards Rowe was discovered under the wheels of one of the loaded bogies on the right-hand side, so that he must have crossed the rails in front of the train, which was running at the rate of from nine to twelve miles an hour. The poor fellow's leg and thigh were terribly smashed, and no was taken to the Merthyr General Hospital, where he died the same afternoon. It appears there was no necessity for deceased to have crossed the line, and what his object was in so doing will never be known.-An inquest was held at the Merthyr General Hospital on Wednesday morning, before Mr. R. J. Rhys, coroner, and a jury, of which Mr. Price was foreman. Mr. Hambley, chief engineer, was present and produced plans of the spot where the accident occurred. The plans also showed the various roads." The first witness wis deceased's uncle, who gave evi- dence of identification.-The next witness was William Martin, who was upon the engine at the time of the accident. He said the engine was Iloing up the slag tip, and, as usual, Rowe got off for the purpose of turning the pointers. Witness then started to go up the tip, and he did not see him afterwards, until he saw deceased under one of the full trucks. The pointer was on the left-hand side facing the tip; when he saw deceased he was on the right hand side of the "bogie." Deceased must therefore have crossed the line. There was no occasion for him to cross the line.-Richard Fencott, a platelayer, said he was near the place where Rowe got hurt on Monday. He saw the deceased turn the pointers when he saw him next deceased was under the wheels of the bofie. Deceased was on No. 6 Road witness was on ISo. 4 Road. As far as witness could see nothing out of place was done. Deceased must have run across the road and got knocked down. The poor man was bleeding very much when picked up, and the doctor was sent fer. The doctor arrived about ten minutes afterwards.—Nurse Lewis said the deceased was admitted at 1.30 p.m. on Monday afternoon. He suffered from a smashed leg and thigh. The limb was very badly smashed, and the deceased was quite in a state of collapse. He died at a quarter-past four the same afternoon. Deceased was too weak to have an operation performed. He did not i-ocover con- sciousness.—A verdict of Accidental Death was returned.

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