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"VOR all kinds o Printing go to the TIMKS PRINTIN9 A Costrxxr, who have the largest staff ofworkiren in the district. Bes work quick despatch. TREMENDOUS DOWNFALL IN PRICES AT UPTON'S. HAMS HAMS! BACON BACON I LIPTON'S FAMOUS HAMS. Finest Quality. Specially Selected. Lean, Mild, and Splendidly Flavoured. Every Ham Guaranteed Perfection. The Best Value ever Offered to the Public. NOW REDUCED TO 7D. PER LB. PALE AND SMOKED. NO HIGHER PRICE. OTHER CHOICE QUALITIES FKOM 6d. PER LB. RAfiflN I RAnnN I I lllc Best Breakfiwt Bacon, Lean, Well Cured, Pale, Smoked, Kolled, Sides, and in Cuts UnUVIl ■ ftJftUUli ■ ■ at Prices hitherto unheard of in the Trade, FKOM 4kl. PER LB. 2 The SECKEI how LIPTON can sell Hams and Bacon cheaper than any competitor: lie is one of the largest curers in the world. Customers buying from him save all middlemen's profits, and get a much superior article. CHEESE! CHEESE! BUTTER BUTTER! MARGARINE! MARGARINE I GHEAT SELECTION OF CHEESE, PlUME DAIUV BUTrEK. SPLENDID SWEET MAKGAKINE From 5d. per Ib. Prom lid. per lb. j From 5d. per lb. I T T P^PATVT TIIE PROVISION DEALER IN THE WORLD. I I ■ X YYLM M TEA, COFFEE, AND COCOA PLANTER, CEYLON. ? Tea Merchant by Special Appointment to Her Majesty the Queen. Milker of Soups, Sauccs, Potted Meats, Sausages, Pies, Bottled Fruits, Jams, Jellies, & Marmalade. Fruit Grower, Cocoa & Chocolate Manufacturer. Fancy Cake and Biscuit Baker. Local Branch; 4, MARKET SQUARE BUILDINGS, MERTHYR. BRANCHES EVERYWHERE. CHIEF OFFICES —CITY NO D T ONTXTXT 0 J* IvUAU LUiNLMJJN. AGEMS lUROUGHOVT THE WORLD. Business announcements. VERITAS VERITAS VERITAS SAFETY LAMPS AND OIL Heating Stoves. The BEST & CHEAPEST SAFETY LAMP. 50,100 & 200 CANDLE POWER. Accidents Impossible. HUNDREDS ~0F~UNS0UCITED TESTIMONIALS. Great Variety of patterns suitable for all classes and purposes. Ask for Illustrated Catalogue, Gratis, OF ALL LEADING IRONMONGERS & LAMP BALERS, Wholesale only of "VERITAS" LAMP WORKS, LONDON, VERITAS VERITAS VERITAS PORTRAITS TAKEN DAILY AT THE NATIONAL STUDIO, ABERDARE, AND MONDAYS, THURSDAYS, AND SATURDAYS AT MERTHYR. BEST WORKMANSHIP. MODERATE CHARGES. Call and See Specimens. PRESENTATION PAINTINGS A SPECIALITY OCT-DOOR GROUPS OF EVERT DESCRIPTION. Don't Forget the Address B. THOMAS, Photographer, MERTHYR AND ABERDARE. [170-221 professional. J. J. gormanT M.R.C.V.S. (GLASGOW), VETERINARY SURGEON, MEDALLIST HIGHLAND AND AGRICUL- TURAL SOCIETY OF SCOTLAND, 15, Church Street, Merthyr. HORSE AND CATTLE MEDICINES SUPPLIED TO STOCKOWNERS. ALL OPERATIONS SKILFULLY PER FORMED. Business announcements. VISITORS TO CARDIFF SHOULD NOT FAIL TO CALL AT THE PHOTOGRAPHIC ESTABLISHMENT OF THE OLD ESTABLISHED AND WELL-RErCTRD FIRM OF GrOLDIE BROTHERS WHOSE STWHIOS ARE AT 66, QUEEN STREET, CARDIFF. .Photographs of all descriptions accurately and artistically produced. Wedding parties, groups, &e. a tpccialitt. Cricket, football, and other athletic clubs waited upon. SATISFACTION GUARANTEED. J. E. COMLEY AND SON, WHOLESALE MERCHANTS, IMPORTERS OF FANCY GOODS, &c., 23, MOIRA-TERRACE, CARDIFF, Is the Best and Cheapest House for Hardware HoHowar. Tin Goods, Fancy Goods, Cuttery Stationery, Haberdashery, Glass, China and General Sundries. Shopkeepers and others about starting business should Call and Inspect our Immense Stock before going Elsewhere. Strangers arriving in Cardiff ask at once to be directed to New Infirmary. OUR ESTABLISHMENT IS CLOSE BY. ESTABLISHED 1880. IMPORTANT an? never-failing remedies IIVI r Will nni for all irregularities and obstructions, fj-fc iiJ however obstinate or long standing, and nerer fa"s to bring about the desired result. Thes« I AniCQ really wonderful medicines are without paral- LnillLUi lei in medical science they preserve heatth and have saved thousands trouble, illness and expense; bears of unsolicited testimonials. Send at once stnrnped envelepe for most invaluable particulars. (The only effectual remedy on earth). A. 0ASMAIL WAL!m\MSTOWALE8t W.155'204 # PICTON & MORRIS, COMPLETE FUNERAL FURNISHERS, DOWLAIS. T r r DECLARATION OF WAR 100,000 VOLUNTEERS, IRRESPECTIVE OF AGE OR SEX, REQUIRED TO ENABLE BEVAN AND COMPANY, LIMITED, V REGISTERED AS "THE CARDIFF FURNISHERS," To Continue to carry out their AVAR against the HIGH PRICES charged by other Firms. Save your money by giving this Old-established Firm your Orders, whose business, after the uninterrupted trading of nearly half a century, has attained its large dimensions by sending out none but thoroughly reliable Goods at lowest possible Prices HUNDREDS OF SUITES. THOUSANDS OF BEDSTEADS. MILES OF CARPETS. BARGAINS IN ORGANS. BARGAINS IN PIANOS. BARGAINS IN EVERYTHING. BEVAN & COAIPX-NVIS UNLY ADDRESSES ARE DUKE STREET AND OPPOSITE THE ST. MARY STREET, TOWN HALL, CLARENCE STREET, CARDIFF. NEWPORT. PONTYPOOL. • „ l'rinted and published by the TIMES PRINTING COMPACT, John Street, Merthvi ITCMR Thurtday, February .y.Hh, 1896.