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ABERDARE COUNCIL. Friday: Present, Messrs R. H. Rhys, J.P. (chair- man), D. P. Davies, J.P. (vice-chairman), Rev. B. Evans, Rev. T. Humphreys, Mr. G. George, J.P., Mr. J. Howell (Aberaman), Mr. Owen Harries, Mr. E. Morgan, Mr. R. Llewellyn, Mr. W. Hann (clerk), Mr. Owen Williams (surveyor), and Mr. John Evans (sanitary inspector). ROADS COMMITTEE.—The report of the Roads Com- mittee was adopted. SANITARY INSPECTOR'S REPORT.—Mr. J. Evans, sanitary inspector, presented his usual monthly report. There had been two cases of small- pox. and the utmost precautions had been taken to prevent the disease from spreading.— Mr. George asked whether it had come to their know- ledge as to how the disease had been contracted ?— Chairman: The last case was brought from Ponty- &ndd.—Mr. George It was here for some days pfore it was reported.—Chairman All the cases have come from Cardiff or Pontypridd, and the victims are tramps.—The Surveyor also reported that several nuisances in the town had been abated since the previous meeting. There was a complaint from residents at Wood land-terrace as to the nuisance caused by killing pigs (laughter).—The Clerk I suppose that the squeaking is the nuisance ?— Inspector Yes.-The report was adopted. THE SUSPENSION OF A CABDP.IVER.—Mr. Evan Jones, a calidri ver,^ whose licence had been suspended, attended the Board and applied for the restoration of the licence.—Mr. J. Howell asked as to what period the licence had been suspended.—The Vice-chairman replied that it was for three months.—The Chairman said that they could not rescind the notice of suspen- sion.—No action was taken in the matter. POLLING STATIONS.—A letter was received from the assistant-overseers respecting the polling stations and the necessity of making application to the County Council for a rearrangement of the boundaries.—The Chairman said that it ought to be done. The polling stations should be altered so as to suit the present arrangement of wards.—Mr. D. P. Davies endorsed the chairman's remarks.—It was decided to petition the County Council as suggested.—The Chairman remarked that all the streets should also be classified separately, and the list of all householders living in a particular street placed together. SURVEYOR'S REPORT.—This report was :t- follows:— Mount-atrcct Culvert.—Having been instructed by the Roads and Streets Committee to inquire when, and by whom, the open culvert in Mount-street was constructed, I l>ej to report that I have made inquiries and also examined the minute book of the Locat Board of Health, and found that the culvert was constructed jointly by the County Roads Board and the Local Board of Health, in February. 1877, I recom- mend that the open portion of the culvert, beinpf a distance of 34 lineal yards, be covered over with rouuh pavinc, at an estimated cost of S6 16s. Ynyahvyd-road. —In compliance with the instructions of the committee, I be? to report that the cost of levelling the strip of waste land in Ynyslwyd-road, between Curre-street and Henry-street, and hauling awav the surplus earth, will be £258. t Water Main Extension, Hirwain.—Application has been received for a supply of water to the new houses erected near the Old Foundry, off Brecon-road, Ilirwain. I beg to recom- mend that the 3-inch main in Brecon-road be extended up the road in front of the houses for a distance of 70 vards, at an estiniated cost of £1115::1. RainfaU.—The rainfall recorded at Nanthir Reservoir for the month of January was 2'09 inches, being a decrease on the previous month of 3-67 inches, and a decrease of 4'15 inches on the corresponding month of last year. Rain fell on 15 days, the greatest fall being on the 24th, viz., -46 cf an inch. Building Pians.-t have received the follow ins: buildinjj plans, and, being in accordance with the bye-laws, recommend that the same be approved, via. :—From the Glunovnon Build- mg Club, two dwelling-houses at Brook-street, Aberaman from Mr. David Thomas, 144a, Glanaman-road, Cwmaman, two dwcthntf-houaea at Kingsbury-place, Cwmaman from Mr. John Morgan, uuMdcr, Monk-street, shed in rear of No. 36, Penydarren-street from Mr. G. R. Protheroe, Xo. 7, Gadlys-street, washhouse in rear of No. 7, Gadlys-street, Aberdare; from Mr. John Jenkins, Xo. 16, Fforchaman-road, Cwmaman, additions in rear of Xo. 16, Fforchaman-road • from Mr. William K. Thomas, Wayne's Arm*, Aberdare addi- tiyns in rear of Wayne's Arms, Gadtys-road. Aberdare Drainage Plans.-I have received the following drainage plans, and recommend that the same be approved, viz.:— Two dwelling-houses at Brook-street; two dwelling-houses at Kingsbury-place, Cwmaman one dwelling-house at Brecon- road, Hirwain. Number of houses approved as above 5 11 previously approved 7138 Total number of houses approved 7143 -The report was adopted. TAXING GROUSD RENTS AM> VALUES.—The seal of the Council was affixed to a petition in favour of the above, on the proposition of Mr. George. NEW BUILDINGS.—A letter was received from the Cwmdare Vycban Building Club asking the Council to extend the water main to the new houses they had erected at the bottom of Jenki n-street. Six of the houses were now ready, and they asked the Council to inspect the same.—It was also suggested that the new houses should be called Glannant-street.- The Chairman said that lie had an objection to the new name. The houses were practically a continuation of Jenkin-street, and there was no occasion to have a new name. TONLLWVD-ROAM. —A letter was received from Mr. J. Cheap, Cardiff-road, resecting the state of Tonllwyd-road which was over shoes in mud—from six to eight inches deep."—Mr. J. Howell said that he knew the road, which was in a fearful -tate. He had known th^place sinco he had known Aberaman, and he had always known people to go over that way to Cwmaman. He did not know where the respon- sibility lay as to the condition of the road.—Chair- man The surveyor might look over the road and report. Mr. Hann: It would be a great con- venience for people going that way to have a proper road.-Chairman No doubt. So would hundreds of other roads. MEDICAL OFFICER'.S RKPOMT. -The Medical Officer reported two cases of diphtheria. Both had proved fatal. There had also been three fatal cases of croup. There was a. case of small-pox at 3, Dare-street. The patient had been removed to the hospital. RHYMNEY RAILWAY AND TAFF VALE RAILWAY BILLS.—Mr. George proposed that steps be taken to oppose tho Rhymney Railway Bill, 1896, and tho Taff Vale Railway Company's Bill, 1896.—The Clerk read a copy of a petition which it was proposed sending to the proper quarter in opposition to the Bills.—It was unanimously decided tooppose the Bills, and the Chair man said that a public meeting would be held at the conclusion of the Council meeting respecting the same matter. The public meeting was held at the Vestry Hall, Green-street, when Mr. R. H. Rhys, the chairman of the Council, presided. There was but a small atten- dance, and the proceedings were purely formal.-The Chairman proposed that the Merthyr and Aberdare Farm< Management Committee appointed by the Urban District Councils of Merthyr and Aberdare, should in the forthcoming Session of Parliament oppose the passing into law of the following Bills:- (1) A Bill to authorise the Rhymney Railway Com- pany to make a new railway in the county of Gla- morgan and for other purposes. (2) A Bill to empower the Taff Vale Railway Company to con- struct new railways and other works and acquire lands; to amend certain provisions contained in the Acts relating to the Barry Dock and Railway Com- pany, and to the Bute Docks and for other purposes. And that the costs and expenses of or in relation to the opposition of such Bill3 shall be charged on and defrayed out of such of the public funds or rates under the control of the said District Councils as they may at such meeting determine.—Mr. John Morgan seconded the proposition, which was carried unani- mously.