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DOWLAIS. Our Dewlais correspondent is Mr. W. Harris Evans, 26, Pantscallog, who will be glad to be notified of meetings, and to forward advertisements and orders for printing. E. TBNNYBON-SMITH, renowned Temperance Orator (seooud J. B. Gough), Oddfellows' Hall, April 18th to 23rd, ^896. [3684 UNDERTAKING and all kinds of Carpentering and Joinery Work done. Hearse and Mourning Coashss to order. GKO. J. O'Neill, Frederick's Court, North Street, and Pond Street. Dowlais. SANITARY PLUMBING AND HOT WATER ENGIN- EERING.—W. AUSTIN AND SoN have added the above to their old-established House Decorating BHNnese. Beer Engines, Baths, etc., fitted and repaired. Good workmanship and mederate oharges. The largeat, cheapest, and best selection of Paperhangings in ille district. New patterns fer 1S95. Paints, Tarnishes, Glass, ete. —26 U nion-street, and 91, Caeharrit Dowlais. J. JEREMIAH, Plumber and Decorator, 36, High- street, Merthyr, and 8, Nerth-street, Dowlais. J.J. 1MM erected New Showroom at the rear of 36, High- street, Merthyr, where a ekoice selection of paper- hanaings, kc., oan be inspected. Site entrance, 25, Hign-street, Merthyr. All paperhangings. gas flttings, bar fittings, paints aad varnishes at lowest prices in town. Visit my showroom if you want to save money. ALDERMAN EVAN LEWIS.—From enquiries we learn that Alderman Evan Lewis continues to make satisfactory progress towarde recovery. His medical attendant has now pronounced him out of danger. His many friends will wish him a speedy return to his usual state of health. GWERNLLWIN ANNIVERSARY SERVICES. — The annual preaching services of Gwernllwyn Welsh Congregational Chapel were held on Saturday, Sun- day, and Monday last. The officiating ministers were the Revs. H. M. Hughes, B.A.. Cardiff, and W. Parri Huws, B.D., Dolgelly. I.rge congressr-"nns attended at each service, and substantial rn'L^XIS were realised towards liquidating the <»" v" ■ ..LlIt. ST Jour's PARISH CHURCH.—On SUN !iy evening last the Rev. A J. Fryer, district organising secretary of the Home Missions of the Church of England, delivered a moit eloquent sermon at the above place of worship. A collection was made at the close to augment the funds of the Additional Curates' Society. On the same evening the rector, Rev. L1. M. Williams, officiated at Pant Mission Church. DOWLAIS PHILHARMONIC SOCIETT.—The visit of this society to the popular concerts held in the Tredegar Hall, Newport, is being looked forward to with an extraordinary amount of interest in that town. The brilliant manner in which the choir acquitted themselves at the Cardiff Saturday Pops" no doubt accounts for this. The choristers will leave for Newport on Saturday by special train, Brecon and Merthyr Railway, at 3.15 p.m. SPIRITUALISM.—On Tuesday evening last a well- attended meeting of Spiritualists was held at the Committee-room, Oddfellows' Hall. Two excellent papers were read by Mr. Charles Hemmingson The Belief of Different Nations," and by Mr. Thomas Jones(CymroBach)on "The Theology of the Ancient Britons." Both papers were well received by those Eresent, and a cordial vote of thanks was extended to oth gentlemen. Several others spoke during the meeting. The chair was occupied by Mr. Lewis Morgan, Merthyr. LECTURE AT BETHANIA CHAPEL.—On Thursday evening last, the above spacious edifice was well filled by a highly appreciative audience, to hear the Rev. H. Elwyn Tnomas, Newport, deliver his popular lecture, Deng mlynedd yn Llundain." The lecturer vividly described his varied experience in the great city. Mr. John Evans, C.C., Iscoed, occupied the chair, and was accorded a hearty vote of tbtnks at the close. The proceeds were in aid of Mr. David Williams, collier, Lower-row, Penywern, who has been unable to follow his employment for some time past. ACCIDENT AT VOCHRIW PIT.-On Friday morning last a peculiar accident happened to a man named Edward Woodman, who was employed at No. 1 Pit, Vochriw, as a roadman. It appears that Woodman was walking along the bridge which crosses the rail- way sidings underneath, and which is used to convey timber, etc., to the pit's mouth, when suddenly one of the cross timbers broke, and Woodman fell through the hole and on to the railway underneath, a depth of about 20 feet. Happily he alighted on his feet, and sustained nothing more serious than a severe shock to his system. He was at once conveyed to his residence near Pantscallog, and medical aid was sum- moned. Woodman continues to make satisfactory progress. Swiss Cnoin. — Mr Arthur Brogden and his famous Swiss Choir paid their annual visit to the town on Friday and Saturday last. The choir, which numbers 15 Scotch, Welsh, Irish, and Swiss singers attired in their national costumes, sang choruses, duet*, and solos in excellent style, and the plaudits of the audience were vociferous. The greatest attrac- tion, however, is Miss Ada Le Butt in her role of clairvoyant and medium, and her appearance created an extraordinary amount of interest. Each night she answered with wonderful accuracy about 30questions. She does this while under the hypnotist influence of Dr. West. Some cf the queries put to her were most amusing, eliciting roars of laughter. The selection by the band of mandolines was very much enjoyed, whilst the farce or sketch was gone through admir- ably. On Sunday evening a sacred concert was held, when a programme of solos, &c., was pone through in capital style. Special mention must bo made of the young ladies who sang "The Better Land," The Holy City," and He was Despised." The hall eacli night was uncomfortably filled, scores fail- ing to obtain admission. TRADE.—We quote the following from the Western Mail:—For some time after it had actually set in, there was but slight indication of the improved state of trade in the Dowlais Works, and for some time the belief was almost general that the old state of depres- sion would speedily darken down once more upon the staple industry of Ironopolis. The unfortunate strike of the mechanics just at the moment when good orders were in the market kept many of those orders from finding their way to Dowlais, but the prolongation of that dispute brought out some of the resourses which the management had not until then called to its aid, and it may now be taken for granted that on the masters' side there is complete and absolute indiffer- ence as to the course the strikers may take. This fact was emphasised a few days ago, when another depu- tation from the men waited upon Mr. E. P. Marrin, and were told that he had no offer to make them. It is now evident that the men will have to return to work unconditionally before any furtner action regard- ing them can be taken. But while the mechanical departments of the works are, more or less, inactive, most unmistakable evidence of the revival of trade was afforded last week in another department, and one, moreover, which employs a much larger number of men. The great No. 19 Blast Furnace in the Upper Works was re-started. No. 19 was the largest of what may be called the pre-end-of-the-century fur- naces, and was always regarded as being oue of the finest in the whole of the ironworks district. It was blown out at a time when the iron and steel trades were seemingly on the verge of extinction, namely, during the sensational coal strike in August, 1893, I and for many months no attention was given to it. Nor is the re-starting of No. 19 the only event of the week which can be regarded with satisfaction. Mr. Martin has given orders that the re-building of No. 11 Blast Furnace in the lower works is to be proceeded with at once. No. 11 is to be built with all the latest improvements, and, according to one of the agents of the company, it will be larger and more productive than even the Dowlais Furnaces at Cardiff. The ljelief is gaining ground that substantial orders for rails will ere long bo secured from the Far East and from South Africa, whilst the present friendliness of tho Colonies to the Mother Country is attested by the placing with the Dowlais Company of an order for steel plates by Canada. This order is now being worked off. In all branches of the works full time is being worked, and great activity prevails.




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