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MERTHYR HOSPITAL. ANNUAL MEETING. The auuual gell(ral meeting of the Governors of the Merthyr General Hospital was held ou Thursday evening in the B6ardroom, under the presidency of Mr. J. Plews. barrister-at-law (chairman of the execu- tive). There was a large attendance of governors present.—The Secretary (Mr. R. R. Davit) read the following anuual report of the Executive Board GENTLEMEN,—In compliance with the rules of the institute, we beg to present our annual report for the year ending 31st December, 1895. The Merthyr General Hospital has now Ijecome so well known in the district that no accident, injury, or other afflic- tion requiring skilled surgical aid happens in the neighbourhood, but the hospital is promptly asked for its help and it has, and is progressively proving the great benefits a community derives from this and similar establishments in its midst. The number of patients admitted and discharged cured or relieved during the past year, and the nature of the cases dealt with tiitrgically and otherwise by the medical staff, are carefully and fully set forth in the elaborate and instructive report appended hereto. In the re- port for the year ending December, 1894, mention was made of the erection cf a new laundry and accom- modation for trained nurses and midwife. The laun- dry and nurse accommodation is now complete. The laundry has proved of great service, and was much needed a trained nitr-e and midwife were engaged some months ago, and their services have since been much sought after, and their time has been fully occu- pied, and the result has shown that an institution where the services of a trained nurse and skilled mid- wife can be promptly obtained is appreciated, testified by the calls that have already been made for their services and it may fairly be assumed that the account, to some extent, Tor tne mariceu cunerenee. It is gratifying to the managers to find generous indi- viduals do not forget that gifts of books, periodicals, fruit, flowers, and other things are highly appreciated by nurses and patients, and your Board have to thank 1 Messrs. E. P. Margin. D. H. Lewis, J\ T..Tames, Mr". H arrap, Mrs. Gunn, Mrs. Lipsett, Mrs. Michael, Mrs. Sarvis, Mrs. Thomas (Western Af"it Offices), Mrs. Davies (Aberfan), Mrp. Sibbering, Mrs. Davies (Windsor-place), Mrs. John Harpur (Cefn), Mrs. It. W. Martin and Mr", Cresswell (clothing), and Miss Smith (Aluia-street), for their gifts of the various articles mentioned. Mr. Whitehouse has also gratuitously given his services in the way of hair-cut- ting and shaving, und thereby saved the institution an annual expenditure of £5. The profits arising from the annual calico ball amounted to £ 76 6s. 9d., and tho amount has Ijeen paid over to the tieasurer. The steps then in progress mentioned in last year's report which had been "et on foot as to erecting an addi- tional ward, to be called The accident receiving ward," have been so far Carried out that a contract was entered into with a builder, and the building is was entered into with a builder, and the building is now fast approaching conclusion. It was hoped that ere this the completion could have been announced, but the contractor lias not made that progress he should have done, and provided for by his contract, but lie is now being pressed to use greater despatch, and it is hoped that in a few more weeks the ward will be ready for use. The retiring members of the Executive Board, in accordance with the rules, are Messrs. David Davies, Charles M. Davies, John Evans, John Rogers, and John Williams, and are eligible for re-election. The meeting will have to elect a president, vice-presidents, treasurer, auditors, and ladies' committee. Tho statement- of accounts showed the following in- come Balance last year, jgZflf lis. 3d. for the maintenance of beds, £ 983 Is. ladies' collections, JM21 16s. lid. ball surplus, JB76 6s. 9d. sundry col- lections, JS150 6*. 7d. Hospital Sundaj', £ 33" 13s. 101. artisans'collection boxes, £ 45 12s. byervices of nurses, B59 5s. 7d. interest on investments, j3222 18s. 2d. a total of £ 1,759 4s. 7d. After payment of expenses, including JE600 for the new ward, a balance was left of J358 18s. lOd. The endowment statement was the same as last year.- Dr. Ward then rearf the medical report. It stated that 186 cases were admit- ted during 1895, bringing the total number treated, since tho commencement of the hospital, to 1,162. Of the 186, 125 were discharged cured, 25 relieved, two from other causes, 17 died, and 16 remained.—The Chairman moved the adoption of the reports, and pointed out that although the institution had paid its way, the balance in then' favour was small and thoy were far from rolling in wealth," as some people seemed to imagine. The medical report was a gratify- ing one, and gave them a good idea of the amount of relief given to cases of accident and otherwise (applause). Mr. T. Williams, J.P., seconded, remarking that in face of the depression in trade the financial position was satisfactory. The report of the medical officers showed what all intense blessing the hospital had been to many homes and families. The motion being carried, the Marquis of Bute, K.T., was re-elected president on tin- motion of Mr. T. Williams, seconded by Me. Rhys Davies. -The v ice- presidents were also re-elected, with the exception of three gentlemen lately deceased.On tho motion of Mr. David Davies, seconded by Mr. T. Thomas, (V- farthfa, the treasurer (Mr. Thomas Williams, J.P.) was re-elected.—The five retiring governors mentioned in the report were also re-appointed, on the motion of Mr. T. 1'. Williams, and on the motion of Mr. D. Davies, seconded by Mr. J. vans, the auditors (Mr. J. Plews, Mr'Rhys Davies; and Mr. A. W. Iloulsm) were again appointed.-On the proposition of Dr. Cresswell, it was agreed that th" following should form the Ladies' Committee -Mrs. T, H. Hailey, Mrs. W. Beddoe, Mrs. (J. Biddlc, Mrs. J. L. Cocker, 'I" Mrs. Colclougb, Mrs. P. R. Cresswell, Mrs. Francis Davies, Miss Mary Da\ is, Mrs. W. Edwanb, Mrs. J. H. Evans, Mrs. Timothv Evans, Miss Goodfellow, Mrs. T. F. Haney, Mrs. W. Harris, Mrs. G. C. James, Mrs. F. T. James, Mrs. L. P.Jones, M rs.Thomas Jones, Miss Jenny Jones, Mrs. E. Lawnoicc, M's. Lipsett, Mrs. N. W. Mai tin, Mrs. T. B. Mount joy, Mrs. Pearce, Mi's. T. Rees, and Mis. LI. M. Williams. —A hearty vote of thanks to Sir W. T. Lewis, Bart., for his generous gift of £ 1,000 towards tho erection of the accident ward was proposed by Di. Cresswell, who stated that the waid was built and aaranged in the latest and most approved manner. Votes of thanks wer± also accorded to the Ladies' Committee, the treasurer, and auditors. The medical staff were also cordially thanked, the speakers refer- ring to them in the highest terms. The minister- of religion were also thanked for the services they ren- dered, and the meeting concluded with a In arty vote of titanks in recognition of the of the chair- lUan and secretary. _a