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MERTHYR SCHOOL BOARD. Friday. Present Messrs. W. T" Daniel (ill the chair), I). Davies, Joseph Owen, Henrv Da\ ies. Rev. R. S. Williams, W. M. Evans, A". A*. Wills, Isaac Edwards, Arthur Daniel, Father Pippct, Rev. LI. M. Williams, and E. Stephen (clerk). -,k eliecii-c for £ 43 lt)s. was ordered to be drawn in fannt. of Mr. J. Jones, Glanynant, in respect of re|»irs to tho Dowl;ii-» Rehoob.-The account of Mr. J. P. Lewis for 5,000 Welsh text boftks was ordered to be paid when all tho books were delivered. APPLICATIONS.—Several applications were received for the use of nchoets for various purposes. The Heolgerrig School was granted to Mr. U. Trice to hold a soiree and a distribution of prizes in connection with the evening classes on the 17th. Several mem- bers expressed their intention to be present.—The request of the Dowlais MaleA'oice Party for the use of the school was left in the hands of the clerk to arrange as to terms. -The Aberfan School was granted to tho Congregational Church for one week-night meeting on specially low terms. ITKMS.—Mr. W. L. Daniel and Mr. H. E. Gray were appointed to audit the accounts.—The Clerk was entrusted with the care of the Science and Art examination cards.—The reports of the various com- mittees were received and adopted. -The resignations of Miss Jenkins, Gellifaelog School, and Mif Parry, Abercanaid Infant, School, were accepted.—The appointment of Alits Walk-ins, Caedraw School, to succeed Miss Jenkins at the Centre Classes, recom- mended by tin* School Management Committee, was confirmed. Mis3 L. M. Knight, of Leeds, was appointed certificated a>sistant at the Caedraw Infant School. THE CLEANERS.—Tlic question of the extia charges made by the cleaners arose in ;onneetion with the letting of the schools to outsiders. The Chairman said the Board should see to it that the cleaners do not make excessive charges. t rè was afraid they were carrying their rights to an extreme in some cases, and exacting payments they had no claim to.- Mr. Arthur Daniel was of the same opinion, and characterised many of the charges as extortionate.— Mr. Joseph Owen urged that the cleaners had a lot of work to do at ftet, big mooting.-? and tea parlies, and the principle they should go by was "extra work extra pay." That seemed to him to he only fair.- Mr. WIll" was inclined to agree with the chairman. He never paid more than the shilling charged by the Board for the use of schools to hold his election meet- ings.—The Chairman said there were two classes of meetings held in the M-hools. First, there were the eisteddfodau, concerts, tea parties and so on, in respect of which the cleaners were undoubtedly entitled to extra pay. Then there were the prayer meetings and so on, he'd by the churches, and these, in his opinion, entailed no additional worlc for the cleaners. With all due respect to Mr. Wills' popu- larity, he (the speaker) should say that his election meetings came within the latter category.—Rev. 1.1. M. Williams: WhatMr. Wills' meetings classed with prayer meetings !And in the loud and pro- longed laughter which followed the discussion came to a close. THE TEACHERS En.OGLSEn.—Tho appointment of a new mistress for the Abercanaid Irfant School gave .rise to an interesting discussion, as well as to an im- portant declaration by the chairman.—Mr. Wills pro- posed that the vacancy be filled up fro n the Board's present staff.—Mr. Isaac Edwards seconded, and it was decided to issue a small bill, advertis'ng the vacancy, and post it up in all tho --chools.- The Chairman then rose and said that, nt the suggestion of the School Management Committee, when thirteen members were present, lie had pleasure in making public, with the kiud aid of tho gentlemen of tho press, tho course of policy resolved upon with regard to the filling of vacancies. The committee had had the privilege of going thrvugh the applications and testimonials sent in by candidates for the vacancy at the Centie Classes. They had IK en particularly struck by the high qualifications of three applicants, whose names he desired to make known to the public. They were Miss Harries, Penydarreu Miss Price, Higher Grade; and Miss Watkins, Caedraw. It was very gratifying to the Board to find tkit they had such highly-qualified assistants in their schools, and it was only right and just that these assistants should be given the fullest consideration by the Board in cases of future vacancies. There was no reason why the Board should go outside their own schools as long as they had a suitable supply of candidates, and this was the policy they intended following in future as far as practicable (applause). Mr. Wills hoped future appointments would bo received loyally by the members of the Board. There was a great outciy a.fter a recent appointment, and he was afiaid some of the members had something to do with it.