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It is more than Gold to me. It saved my life," THE MARVELLOUS REMEDY FOR P 1 L E A N l) G RAYB L And all the Disorders of the Bowels, Stomach, Liver and Kidneys G E O R G Vj S PILE AND GRAVEL PILLS. GEORGE'S PILE & GRAVEL PTLLS. SAD BUT TKrK.Three for b^th'fn^mi GEORGE'S PILE & GRAVEL PILLS. Jhmrouiitiy snfier m»ie kss tio.-i nes or i.ravil, both, Mine GEORGE'S PILE & GRAVEL PILLS. GLAD TIDINCS. NI^e-N out of cvc-ry twenty of these rases are j GEORGE'S PILE & GRAVEL PILLS. rcarlilv curo<l !>v the tijncl v use of the World-famed Medicine, SJBORGE'S PILE & GRAVEL PILLS. «c*we-* 1'(' cmrei rills." GEORGE'S PILE & GRAVEL PILLS. A aiAU.KM;K: The proprietor Challenges the world to produce so PTT V Xr PrRAVFT T'lTTS efHcacioes a rented v for the Cure of 1'ilosarid f<ravel,and the numerous rwnt> £ &« PTTV t rpn-vi pik Aches and Pains which accompany None can point out a case i>Tr r' V r< D V I r i)i n y that there I'ills will not cure or allev iate, or show a more effective VJJTVV/JTVVJXI O XJ.XI.FCI CV 1.JX\A V J\JJ r i*j: .+*>. REUIWLT' for these compla^'S. GEORGE'S PILE & GRAVEL PILLS, if vou «tiffer I'ain in the' Hack ami Kohis, or between the Shoulders, this GEORGE'S PILE & GRAVEL PILLS. remedv will effectually remove it. I GEORGE'S PILE & GRAVEL PILLS. If YOII are troubled with, irritation of Ih" bladder, Suppression and Re- GEORGE'S PILE & GRAVEL PILLS. tentien of the w>ur fc'toiie or ^«• flWiP/lVQ ptt Xt Hp urur T>TT T Kcnitrl v ci ofTcH*. G» tat. is '.»f or^e s IJC ana 1 »i». omtrSS PIT i? rSw'tr Pitts ,f the VC:U'r h:,r;h l'hrk- vJSiUjvvrXi o c& v'XiAVJbij ■* \\j\jn. no time to mwure a h«»\ of 1 icoi-c s LM\» 'and vou vill soori be ritfht GEORGE'S PILE & GRAVEL PIL LS. airain. I GEORGE'S PILE & GRAVEL PILLS. If vonr Kkleevs mid I,i -cr '1I'e sliv'visli and out of order, this remedy will I GEORGE'S PILE & GRAVEL PILLS. gwitl.v Simulate C.u-se ii^rtai.1 open, up their clog-zed GEORGE'S PILE & GRAVEL PILLS. pas^-e*. and promote the secretion of healthy bile and other ntal OEORGE'S PILE & GRAVEL PILLS. J" a n,artvr to 1ndizc»tion, JiiJiousness, and Constipation, you GEORGE'S PILE & GRAVEL PILLS. IfhVe a -.V remedv in' Ueoi-ge's Pills." GEORGE'S PILE & GRAVEL PILLS. If vou suffer fr..m any l'owei disorder, such as Piles, Constipation, GEORGE'S PILE & GRAVEL PILLS, Flatulence. t\ic, you have a remedy you can always rely upon in iSoBGE'l PILE I GRAVEL PILLI: HenuS1 •vour,M'arlisafTe,;lc<1' *vou G EORGE'S PILE & GRAVEL PILLS. suffer from Head-ache and Giddiness, George's I'ills'' will remov e GEORGE'S PILE & GRAVEL PILLS. these pains sooner than anv other loio.wn medicine. GEORGE'S PILE & GRAVEL PILLS. If TOU have a<er vafnvs. and feel <lrows> and Iwtlcs*, one do-c of GEORGE'S PILE & GRAVEL PILLS. "Georges rift." will art liu-.a- ha™. r'ffnprTr'S PTTI? Xr P,B WHT PTLLS If vour fouo turns »onr, and rises into the mouth, a few doses of this rSn^PF'l PILE & GR \VEL PILLS Remedy will make your trouble, a thing of the past. 2S2tK?&5 t nn»T/rT vtttS' If vou feel Nervom, Kx.-itablp. ai«l l.ow-Spirfted, a perfect antidote will GEORGE'S PILE & GRAVEL PILLS. {rtU|M,- GEORGE'S PILE & GRAVEL PILLS. If YOU ha'. '• ■■ <i-•■ t'- i-hit :■!•• in I he 'Mouth, a single dose of fleorue's SEORGE'S PILE & GRAVEL PILLS. Pilcanri I;; "II] PiJh" at btd-timv will char the tongue before the dawn GEORGE'S PILE & GRAVEL TILLS of anorh, d. f.. „ ORORGE'S PILE & GRzWEL PILLS If vou feci unfit for exertion, weak, ami limp, this Remedy will restore GEORGE'S PILE & GRAVEL PILLS. vo>,r c,f-vt :V« •1 v!" makc lahour an,J tl,e GEOJlGE'S PILE & GRAVEL PILLS. lfs"Ke trout >ic«i uiiii u^usfvt :>n;l xfUiitMi- at tiio thought of caiin^r, a GEORGE1 S PILE & GRAVEL PILLS. )iox of Geor-'e's Pills will make vour meal and drink both savon- and GEORGE'S PILE & GRAVEL PILLS. rua;.ae.t. GEORGE'S PILE & GRAVEL PILLS. If your ;>. <! >< impure, It wit keeI; o,,eM all t.ie m.portaut outlets of the ftlTrtftftlT'S PTT W Xr fp AWT. PTT T S4 l>od\, a:;a :1 i'e f i ee c\k to all humours, and no more blood GEORGE'S PILE & GRAVEL PILLS*. ^r boiu'SC' u,c sk,n 1,11,i,n,<,s' bI"u',U;a' GEORGE'S PILE & GRAVEL PILLS. In then'sandsof'c-e, i: I, rem-ned from the blood, root and branch, GEORGE'S PILE & GRAVEE PILLS. Kheunv.tie tji:oi .>u(.ic, Svrotulus tainte tluit ha\e defied all other GEORGE'S PILE & GRAVEL PILLS. remedio. GEORGE'S PILE & GRAVEL PILLS. If vou have a tendency to dropsical swellings, tins remedy, hy its action GEORGE'S PILE & GRAVEL PILLS. "P'1 the Kidneys and Skin, will soon bring relief. GEORGE'S PILE & GRAVEL PILLS. If you have L)i!ticu!ty o: Rreathing, this remedy will prove a friend to you GEORGE'S PILE & GRAVEL PILLS. ill the hour cf need. GEORGE'S PILE & GRAVEL PILLS. It is an aperient, and therefore removeb Constipat ion.- It is Antibilious, and GEORGE'S PILE & GRAVEL I'ILLS. will, then ear, correct all irregularities of the I.iver. It is Miuretic, and /fEWcr* 'P'St PTT V Xr (^PAWT T>fTT*< will, there on-. Keep open the Mater pa^axes. It tome, and will, ? xir»-.r^r "ir- therefore, v'ive Une and vigour to the l^ljje^-i v.- Organs. It U 1»1.kk1- GEORGES PILE & GRA\ EL I ILLS. purifying and JNcne-SJtrengthciiiug i! is, therefore, AM, Wli WANT. These World-renowned Pills are sold everywhere, in Boxes, 1/1 J, and 2/9 each. By Post, 13 and 3 PKOPJJIETOK — J. E. G !0J1GE, M.R.r.8., HIRV7AIN, GLAM. CAUTION When purchasing" PILE AND GRAVEL PILLS," see that you get GEORGE'S all others are Imitations. The Genuine PILE AND GRAVEL PILLS have the Maker's name, J. E. GEORGE," on the Government Stamp around each Box. ( EST A n L r I! E I' 1 066 i. GEORGE AND J.OJfBS, COMPLETE FUNERAL FURNISHERS, "\ND BEG to tkink ti'iu PaWlic of Alx-rdiiro and District for (!>:■ ^iippurt aecordc;! to them in past year-, and to state that they are now in a position to supply all UrfpnMtcs for Eunerak at a Lower I'iicc than any other Eirin in the- Valley. Proprietors of Funeral Cars, Hearses, Shellibeers, and Coaches of the latest designs. PRICE LISTS AND ESTIMATES FOR JiRICKKF) GI.'AVKS < )\ A PI'LTOATM >X. THE ONLY AODKESS — 24 & 25, SEYMOUR STREET, ABERDARE. THOMAS DAVIES, POSTING MASTER AND CAB PROPRIETOR, IN thanking the public for the liberal patronage received from them for many years past—be beinir in suc- cession to his father, the oluest established Cab Proprietor in Mcrthvr—begs to invite special attention to his large and complete facilities for Posting, and in particular to hisample arrangements for EuncrtLs He has recently added to his stock of hearyes a new handsome Glass Panelled Hearse, and is now prepared to supply hearses for funerals from 10y. upwards. 4 1 Arrangements can be made with parties at a distance either by letter or by personally waiting upon them Wedding Carriages kept. Breaks for pleasure parties upon the most reasonable terms, ° ADDRESSES:- CASTLE HOTEL LIVERY STABLES BUSH HOTEL LIVERY STABLES, MERTHYR. ■ HAYMAN'S BALSAM THE OLD WELSH REMEDV For Cough, Cold, Influenza., Bronchitis, &c, Ofton unable to lie clown, lmt h;id to sit in ckii^at^ni'.rht' 'n^Vy^ured y°UI' Bal"iUU four da>'s a«° 1 am already "GEO. JiEAGLEY, Shollcrmifl, n»*kmer< Dec, 3rd, 1894," SOLD EVERYWHERE. PRICE, is. 1^„ and 2. d. "GEO. JiEAGLEY, Shollcrmifl, Dec, 3rd, 1894," SOLD EVERYWHERE. PRICE. is. 1^„ and 2. d. Ipubltc Bnnouncemcnte. MOURNING CARDS' MOURNING CARDS! MOURNING CARDS NOTICE. "VTOL are respectfully solicited to call and make an inspection of our stock of the above cards which is a large and varied one, embracing the latest design*. The best and cheapest assortment in town. I ENVELOPES TO MATCH. EST1MAT10S FREE. GFVK THE Times Printing Company a trial, and you are sure to be pleased. FOR *;sn]Y HAIR. Pnoi'Essou BLANCHIvS Ai.Nt'TKNK is the greatest scientific invention of modern times, it having entirely surpassed the old- fashioned, dangerous, and useless so-c.dled dye. It stains Grey Hair in a few hours to any desired shade without staining the skin, and is totally devoid of the unnatural tints produced by common preparations advertised. WALNUTENE leaves the hair glossy, cannot wash off, and is clean, economical, absolutely harmless, no trouble, no dirty sediments, does not retard the growth, is in one liquid. Guaranteed to contain no lead or sulphur, and is not an injurious, transparent caustic dye. Read what our great Analyst says A nalytical Laboratory, 11 and 12, Great Tower-id l'ect, London, September 24th, 1894. 1 have submitted to a very careful chemical exami- nation a sample of Walnutene as prepared by Professor Blanche, and from the results obtained I can express a very favourable opinion as to its suit- ability fur the object intended. After tho application of carefully applied tests, I was unable to discover the presence of any undesirable admixture, and T am firmly of opinion that it is an effective and usefutpre-i pantion. Gii.wvii.u-: H. Sn.uii'K, F.C.S., Late Principal of the Liverpool College of Chemistry. Walnutene is sold in bottles at 2s. 6d. and 5s., and will be sent pest free, secretly packed, for 3d. extra. Post amount direct to Professor Blanche, 258, High Hoi born, Loudon. "Hints on Hair Dyes," post free. Chemists and Iiairdiessers.— Please write for terms and show cards. Over 5,000 Testimonials. Nine Highest Awards. Established 1872. [3141 THE GREAT REMEDY. CIOUT <E3 PILLS FOlt GO IT, RHEUMATISM, SCIATICA, LUMBAGO, Nf' "RALGIA The Kxcruciatin' Pain is quickly relieved, and cured in a few 'lays, by these celebrated Pills. SURK, .SAKE, ANT) EKKECTUAL. Sold by all Chemists at Is, 11'1. and 2s. 9d. jier 1.0\, 1171-% For Coughs SNLSAN 0 p A 1AD 1E m Aft POWELLS BALSAM or ANISEED For ASTHMA, BRONCHITIS, NICHT COUCH, INFLUENZA, HOARSENESS, AlfD ALL LUNG TROUBLES. SAFE AND RELIABLE. Established 70 Years. See Trade Mark on Wrappers. Beware of ImitatioDlo SOUD BY C'HEMISTS EVERYWHERE, In Bottles, l/H, 2/3, 4/6, and 11/. public announcements. BERRY & CO. S GREAT CLEARANCE SALE OK FURNITURE, CARPETS, BKDSTEADS, GLASS, CHINA, CUTLERY AND ELECTRO-PL AT K, I'KEVJOCS TO STOCKTAKIN* NOW I'liOiCKIHX'; VT 34, Queen-street, CARDIFF. BEDROOM SUITES from £ 3 10: DINING-ROOM SUITES from £3 10s. DRAWING-ROOM SUITES from z4 15s. Hundreds of BEDSTEA DS, all buught previous to the late advance, to be cleared at enormous reductions. COMBINATION BEDSTEAD, with spring wire mattress compile- 16s. 6d. BRASS HAIL FENDERS frllm 4s. 3d. SETS OF EIRE BRASSES from Is. lid SPLEXDJD BASE KOG'lv ING -CI IAIRS, with lirnssel Carpet Back & Seat 9" 1111. OIILDS PATENT TABLE CHAIR, Four Positions 9s. 6d. ALL BRASS KERBS, W Tiled Heafths, from g" 11.1. BERRY AND C().'S iMi'lLNSF STOCK SURl'K ISlvS ALL UK HOLDERS. BERRY AND CO.\S WONDERFUL PRICES ABE CERTAIN TC) STARTLE YOt". BERRY AND CO. ARE THE OLDEST ESTAI'.LISHEI> HUl-SE FURNISHERS IX CARDIFF. BERRY AND CO.'S ANNUAL SALES ARE WELL KNOWN THROUGHOUT WALES BERRY AND CO.'S FAIR AND HONEST SYSTEM OF BUSINESS IS THE SOLE REASON OF THEIR WONDERFUL SUCCESS. BERRY ANI) CO. HAVE RECENTLY PURCHASED A MAXU FACTURER'S STOCK, Consisting of several Tons of China and Earthenware Much below actual cost, and av«' now oJTuring the. same at prices which must astound everybody. TEA SETS from 2s. llid. TOILET-WARE from 3s. 6..1, DINNER SETS from 7S, iid. THOUSANDS OF ART FLOWERPOTS from 5:d. A LARGE CONSIGNMENT OF JAPANESE WARE Also included in this Sale, equally cheap and most effective. BERRY AND CO., THE ONLY HOUSE WHEHE YOU CAN OBTAIN EVERY ARTICLE REQUIRED IN THE FURNISHING OF A COTTAGE OR MANSION, AND SAVE FROM 20 TO 40 PER CENT. NOTK OM.Y Annicss:; 34. Queen-street, Cardiff. 04.. t RUPTURE TRLISSES.-Refei-i-ii)- lo the ii.iiiy nmd" by a corrpatxmdent recently in our columns, "the fcllowing extract from the Lnw.ri, August 4, 1894, will be interesting:—"The Link Shell Truss Co., 171, Wardour-street, London, W., have a new truss. It is claimed that by this method of manufacture a truss is provided whidl will be more comfortable than the one in urdinary use, and better able to adapt tself to the various movements of the body, especially if those are of a sudden character. Ttetru-?. is fitted with a hip-joint regulator, by means of which the Pressure is increased or diminished as required, and with a soft shell pad perforated for ventilation. The truss as thus completed is an efficient one. Full par ticulars are sent free by the Link Shell Trt'^s Co.— ('lasf/o-c Ertniwj Newe August 7. 1 £ 94.' 173-P24 _4- A FAIR, BBATIFUT, SKIX. — Sulpholine Soap gives tn natural tint and peach-like bloom ef a perfect Complexion makes the Skin smooth, supple, healthy, comfortable. 6d. Tablets everywhere. Advt. To OVERCOME WKAKXK.SS.— L'epper's (Juinin and Iron Tonic jrives New Life, Health, Strength, and Energy Insist ou having Pepper's Quinine Advt. SECRETARIES of Churches cannot do better than ire 0 their Printing done at the TIMES PRINTING WORKS, .loux STREET. MKRTUYR. Newest tvne—best workmanship. JOHN MORGAN AND SONS, ESTABLISHED 1863 llUlLDEltS A-NJ) FUNERAL CONTIL\.CT()HS, FURNISHERS. John Morgan and Sons' Latest Glass-Panelled Hearse. DEFY COMPETITION IN QUALITY AND PRICK. Proprietors of Hearses and Mourning Coaches to suit all classes. A large selecUoii of Shrouds and Trimmings kept. Estimates given for Bricked Graves. Note ti, Addresic i 53, MONK STREET, ABERDARE. D. THOMAS, MONUMENTAL SCULPTOR, &c., Biius to draw attention to his Establishment, where he executes all manner of HEADSTONES, TOMBS, CROSSES, &o., in Marble, Granite, Blue Forest Stone, &c. Estimates given for all kinds of Builders' Architectural and Ornamental Stone Work, Shop Fittings in Marble, &c. TERMS MODERATE. ADDRESS:- [3090 Monumental Yard, Commercial Street, Mountain Ash. J. H. WILTSHIRE, CAB PROPRIETOR, FUNERAL FURNISHER & GENERAL POSTING MASTER, WHILST thanking liis numerous patrons for their liberal support for many years past, begs to invite the attention of the inhabitants of Mountain Ash and district to his large and COMPLETE STOCK OF CABS, HANSOMS, And general facilities for Posting. J. H. WILTSHIRE has very recently added to his Stock SIX CLASSES of HEARSES and FUNERAL CARS, and is prepared at moderate chargcs to give every satisfaction to all parties. A good supply of MOURNING COACHES and WEDDING CARRIAGES kept. Plea3uro Pjii'ties, either large or small, provided upon the most reasonable terms. Distance 110 object. Orders by post punctually attended to 2KR7 X STOP ONE MOMENT; V "OH! DEAR DOCTOR MUST MY I DARLING DIE!" THERE IS VERY LITTLE HOPE, BUT TRY JL UDOR AVILLIAMS' LATENT BALSAM OF HONEY. THERE IS AN ENORMOUS INCREASING DEMAND FOR TrnOlt "WILLIAMS' PATENT BALSAM OF HONEY. HAVE YOU TRIED IT IF NOT, THEN TRY IT NOW, AT ONCE. IT IS INVALUABLE For weak-cheated men, delicate women and children. It cures when all other remedies fail. It cures Coughs, Colds, Bronchitis, Asthma, Tight- ness of the Cbest. It cures Thousands of Children of Bronchitis and Whooping Coughs. It cures for One Shilling when Pounds have been spent in vain. No mother should neglect to keep the Infallible Remedy in the house ready for an emergency. Remember that it is wiser to check a slight Cotifjh at the commencement than to allow it to develope into a lingering complaint. READ OX, I COMMENDED BY PHYSICIANS AND SURGEONS. When you are distressed with a miserable cold, nose bunged up, throat sore, limbs aching with a general feeling of -mothering, a few doses of the Balsam of Honey will clear the wretched symptoms away, almost before you know it. There is nothing like it on the market it is thoroughly up to date it trickles into all the system. A true friend, prompt and reliable in its action. RETURNED INCURABLE FROM THE HOSPITA L. I think it right to inform you of the great benefit I have derived from using your grand Balsam of Honey. I write these lines, as matter of fact and experience, that there is no Cough Cure under the canopy of heaven like it. I have suffered from affec- tions of the chest and lungs, also asthma. I have been to London and Liverttoot Hospitals, but found more relief by four bottles of Tudor Williams' Balsam of Honey than all medicines that I have taken for years previous.—Yours faithfully, ROBERT M'MUKFIK, King-street, Blackburn." IT IS MORE THAN GOLD TO ME. MJ- wife desires m; to convey her ltest wishes for the success of your Balsam of Honey. It has been of great benefit to our little ones, who suffered from Bronchitis and Coughs during the last two most inclement winters. It gives thelll instant relief. Further, our medical attendant, Dr. JonM. quite concurs in the frequent use of the Balsam when occa- sions requires.—Yours faithfully, JOHN* WALTER MORGAX, Esq., Brynheulog House, llirwain. TIlE JGRITISH ARMY GPEAKS inricHLY OF JT. During the two years that our Regiment were in Pembroke Dock I tised your Tudor Williams' Balsam of Honey, and found that there was not another Co.igh and Lung Cure on the British market equal to it. Send me oil a case for tny friends at ONCE.—Band- sergt. W. HARDS, lstBn. The Conn. Rangers, Anglesea Barracks, Portsea, Portsmouth. Sold by all Chemists and Stores all over the World in Is., 2s. 9d., and 4s. 6d. bottles. Sample Bottles sent post paid for Is. 3d., or 3s. from the Patentee. Do TUDOR W I J. L I A M S, MEDICAL HALL, ABERDARE.