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ABERDARE. rpE M™ HALL, a. IU Recreation Grounds (Entrance, High-street) M AN"AGES. W. L;ANS. FIRST-CLASS AUTlSTES Admission, 6<1., Is., 2?. Half-price at S o'clock to i!) „ except jailer v. Thy POWELL ani > Son's Pure i lome-made Lrsaii and CAKE — Gadlys Shop (opposite Public Park;, Aberdare. Orders taken for HOMK-MAI>f. CAKK. r" Prompt delivery to any part of town. It is a tact that may cut be generally known that the "Hovis" Bread so much appreciated, and hig-hly recommended by the medical profession for persons of weak digestive powers may b# had of Vv. CArsT, Confectioner, who is appointed sol# agent for Abfr- dare. —The Taff Vide coaches between here and the :1ünetj(,n arc a (librae** to the Company. To travel in the thirds this severe weather is torture. If a deputation of influential townspeople waited on the oifieials. an,improvement raight be effected. --The Gas Company have made a reduction of two J*nce per thousand feet in their charges. This is not much, but better than nothing. Instead of 4s. we have only to pay 3s. lOd. —Great is the company of skaters who ourney Hirwain-ward. Rumour hath it, however, that they :,ri not all bo^ofdr skaters. Young men should oe careful. Love is more slippery than ice. •—The parable of the man falling amongst thieves 'has lately been reproduced in reality at Abtrdare. A certain voting man went from the '•snuare to a hostelry" close by, and fell amongst thieves, who divested him of sundry costly articles and apparel and departed, leaving him almost nude. A police ease is likely to be the result. Our reporter for Aberdare and district now is Mr. IN Gav, M, Cardiff-street, Aberdare, who will b. pleased to receive advertisements for the Tums, and notices of meetings, etc. LECTURE.—At the Constitutional Hall en Wednes- day night. Rev. W. E. Winks, of Card iff. delivered an :<1)1: lecture on Tennyson," to a good assembly,over w1n::h the Rev. R. n. Roberts presided. OsiTrAKV.—At the old cemetery on Friday, the remains of Mrs. Jacob Edwards, wid"w of the late Mr. Edwards, of the lihigos and Lord Raglan Inn", were consigned to their eternal rest. Deceased since her husband's death had been residing with her fiOn at Tony[iandv, where the aged lady died after a brief illness/ The Rev. Samuela officiated. "Tnn FLUTES or all ACES."—As will be seen from an advertisement elsewhere, Mr. John Radcliffe will give his popular lecture on Flutes of all ages "at the Constitutional Hall on Monday, the 25th. Mr. Radcliffe is uo novice to platform v. ork, and the subject which he takes in hand is one ■which has caused him many years of study. THE Emitrk.—The managers of this well-known place of amusement have certainly spared no expense in giving the playgoers their full money's worth. Mrs. Hamilton's troupe of minstrels are freehand wivfinal, iy-sides which there is one of the grandest of myriorama that could possibly lie exhibited "t South Wales. The whole population of the town *'1(1 country districts would do well to go there this eek. OOXCERT.—At the Temperance Hall on Thursday, Mr. J. Astor Broad's sacred cantata. Joseph Xv*s listened to by a large concourse of people. The following artistes took part in the performance -Soprano, Mi*s Maggie Mo-es, R. A.M. con- tralto, Miss Maggie Rowlands tenor, Mr. Herbert Einlyn, R.A.M. bass, Mr. R. Hopkins, A.C. Mr. -T. Minett presided over the orchestra; accompanist, Mr. T. Jones, A.L.C.M. harmonium, Mr. George -Tones conductor, Mr. R. R. Price. There was a ■well-trai ned choir of 100 voices from the Camel English Baptist Chapel. The whole proceedings were completed in a highly satisfactory manner. COMPLIMENTARY BANQUET TO MR. EMLYN JoNFi. —In the course of a month or so Aberdare will lose one of its most popular citixen-j, and genuine indeed be the regret feit at the departure of Mr. Emlyn ■Jones. He was well known and respected in all ■circles in his native town, and his open and cheerful disposition won for him the esteem of all with whom catno in contact. IVIr. Joncfi c&rricti oil & l<ir £ 0 butchering business in Cardiff-street, and is leaving Aberdare to take up the proprietorship of the Spread Eagle Met Hereford, where we fed sure he wul '>e himself equally as popular. We wish lum all the success that can I>& wished. When Mr. Jones intimated his intention to leave, a numlier of Ins friends thought that he should not be allowed to go without receiving some token of their esteem. A committee was therefore formed to take the matter up, and well did each individual member vvorlc. In Sir. W. J. Merriman an excellent chairman was found. He soon made things hum and not only worked hard himself, but also saw that. the others did the same. A better secretary than Mr. 1). Williams. Canon-street, to work up a matter of this kind oouiu not be found. He laboured and deserves great praise. Subscriptions came flying in, *uid in the end it was decided to present Mr. Jones; with an illuminated addrc-ss at a complimentary bun- <(Uet. This alfair came off on Tuesday se'nmght at the Castle Hotel. The room and tables were nicely decorated, and the fifty present expressed their great delight with the splendid catering of Host and Hostess Jones. Captain W. D. Phillips occupied the fchair, while Mr. Tom Peck, Railway Bar, ably per- formed the duties of vice-chairman. Amongst fthose present were Messrs. Whitty Evans, J. II. James, D. Junes, Ernlyn -Tones, J. Pinner, Morgan Meredith, "\V j Merriman, D. Williams, D. P. Richards, D. Jvu'Rcv 1;. Evan*, &< An excellent toast list Wa's gone through, the following taking part: Captain W. l\ Phillips, Rev. B. Evans, Mcssr*. W. J. Me IT; en ail, J. W. Evans, J. H. James, D M. Angus, D. J&a)us D. Williams, Canon-street, fho toast of "OweGuest" was proposed in felicitous terms by the chairman, who also made the presentation or the beautifully illuminated address and gold pendan^. "y<$x. Einlyn Jones suitably return thanks, and expressed the great regret ho felt at leaving bweet Berdar." lie "felt very reluctant to say good-bye, but lie trusted they would all meet again in a very short time. Had he had his own way he would have pre- ferred Kfcaying with them, hut must" being" his master there was no alternati^ e. He thanked them *or their kindness in presenting him with such hand- some gifts, and for making him their guest. He would never forget their kindne-s (applause). During the evening songs were sung by Messrs. J. H. Howed, T). r. RichardH, D. Powell and T. Peek. A harp solo was given by Mr. D. DztN i". ABERAMAN. PKKSOXAf.. — MJ*. Morgan Evan Price, son of the late Mr. John Price, has successfully passed the Pharmaceutical Examination lately held at Caruiff. He was trained by Miss George, 'faff Vale Grammar «L-liool, AU'i'darc. <OVFEU SirrKi:The members of the Father Mathew Lifeboat" Lodge, l.O.G.T., were on th<? <?"< on Monday last, making their lodge room at the '■'Temperance- Institute pleasant to look upon by the aid of banners, mottoes, curtains, and evergreens, to inaugurate their initial festive uay. It wtis the ■occasion of their first coffee supper and entertain- tainment. The tabie« were laid out in a tasteful manner, and presided over by Sisters leriiins, Cnivers, Adams, White, Davies, Evans, larntt, and Misses Badiiam, Pariitt, and Llwwelyn. Mesdames Ivedward aud Valer ]>resided at the cutting depart- ment. while Bros. Strong, Sage, Price, Cook, liarpur, Griffith-, Parr, Reddick, and others assisted m other departments. The heing all that could be desired there was an ov erwhelming attendance, which taxed the presiding ladies and their assistants to their utim.Pt limits for about four hours, Attev tea Welsh Wosleyan Chapel was reported to, and in the unavoidable absence of Mr, W. J. lleppelI, Cwm- Htiiau, the chair was occupied by Mr. Charles rrainc, v, ho iva- aidv supported by the Rev, n. P, Jenl;ms (Saron), Wli Lt very interesting programme was gone through. It was announced that the ope.ning o. a ju\-«nile temple will take place this (Thun-iday) co;en- i5i-, at P p.m., and that a series of sacred concerts will be commenced on Sunday evening next at 8.0 p.m., when all are invited to a free hours entertainment. TREDEGAR. -What is tho mrlttef with the town clock V Has that also freezed Mark Lewis, un old Tredegar rcsitlent, is now on a visit to the town. Mr. Lew is is n director of a well-known insurance society ut Liverpool. lie W.'k? well and hearty. — St. Valentine's Day is as good as^ uead 10 this -?i'ji3hbourbood. I noticed a few hideous-Iwking valeutiiieb for sale in a few sundl and obscure shops at Uredegar, but barriug these repulsive-looking articles hero was nothing else to recall to mind the presence ■of the dying institution. There was a tune. 1 am -told hy an old resident of the town, when St. Yaiuii- tiue's iKty wis a popular institution, but Micro is •-quite a cljaH^'e of late years. Tt is to be feared that "s^'hen once a saiufc has fallen tiuui his pedestal iu pub- lie estimation, the task of reinstating him is hopwles*. His vot-aries sho*.vcd but a doubtful tast« in their methods of celebration, and the makers of valentines would he well advised to seek some better occasion for the employment of their skill. o —The outskirts of the railway station are very liadly lighted. At night the locality resembles a coal-cellar. Let there be more light." -The scheme for a public recreation ground bids fair to prove a success. The company have offered a suitable tract of ground at Park-row for the purpose at a moderate figure. The recreation ground will be a 1 won to the town. FBKE LANCK. THEATRICAL-Rose My net's Company occupied the boards at the Temperance Hall on Wednesday and Thursday nights la,si week with "A Woman's Love." ACCIDKXT.—A young collier living at Whitworth- terrace was injured last week whilst following his occupation. A large piece of coal fell on his back injuring his spine. PENCEL CHAPKX,.—On Monday Mr. R. C. Evans, Dolgellcy, lectured at the above chapel on Some Welsh Methodiit Ministers'' and also described a Visit to Khasia Hills his* remarlcs being illustrated with views from an oxy-hydrogen lantern. CONTINUATION' SCHOOL.—The continuation school held at Earl-strec-t Schools is much appreciated. Youths and adults are, alike, free to participate in the benefits of the school. The subjects taught include writing, arithmetic, mensuration, Welsh, &e. BAND OF HOPE TRBAT.—On Tuesday night, the Band of Hope connected with the English congrega- tional Church had a treat. Oranges, sweets, and biscuits were distributed amongst the members. There was also a nice Christmas tree with fome very useful toys and other articles. A most pleasant time was spent, NEW TREDEGAR. TRATE.There ia no improvement in the rafe of prices from the various -sections of coal, and in some parts of the district the depression ie severely felt. Only a portion ot he week is being worked, but in the larger establishments the demand is greater and the men work full time. BEAUFORT. SKATING.-—The large pond on the outskirts of Beaufort has been patronised by crowds of ekatera lately. PERSONAL.—We regret to hear of the iilness of the Kev. Mr. Tovey, Baptist minister, and wish him a tn*;edy recovery. SWOOR. BOARn ELECTION.—The chief topic of con- vers*tj011 in this place is the forthcoming School Boar<j flection. Beaufort forms part of tho Llan- gattoti^ School Board District, and of seven members who compose the Board four are elected from the Beaufort district. The remaining three belong to Llangatiiock village, and that part of Brynmavyrtown which iSin Llangattock Parish. The following are expected stand for the four Beaufort seats Mr. o R. Morgf^, Mr. E. Harriea, Mr. James James, and the Rev. A. G. Llewellyn, vicar, old members the Rev. D. ft Jone.* (Baptist minister), and Mr. W. Herbert, nftv candidates. The Rev. D. S. Jones, one of the new candidates, has been requisitioned to stand by several ot the electors, and there ia no doubt hut that he woulj make a good fight. The candidate nominated I)Yttio electors of the Brynmawr Ward is Mr. James Mvgan> of the Brynmawr Boot Factory. $BBW VALE. —A witness \'ho gave evidence at the last Police- court at Ebbwyaie admitted that ho was tight but not drunk." I lnny, is it not ? —Mr. Horace Lyne, of Newport, who prosecuted in the County IIltel Cape, is one of the most gentle- manly lawyers vv. have ever had the pleasure of listening to. By he way, Mr. Lyne is an old foot- baller, having lx*ena prominent figure in the redoubt- able Newport team —Local arausenie.t-goers have had quite a round of good things." Lat week Peppers Ghost Company were at the Institute ttnd Mr. Bandmann's Company occupied the Marke jja]i with li The Manxman. The Vaudeville Com (any with the burlesque "Moon- shine were also in t%n. —The Ebbw Valian are fully determined to have a School Board of tlity own. Their enthnsiasm is unbounded. —The authorities to ba congratulated for putting up notices wartng ia{]8 not to slide in the streets on pain of a pen^y. The result is that the Ebbw Vale streets ht 0 not been rendered so dangerous as tho-e of nethbouring towns where the authorities did not trou"tt to put up similar notices. POLIO: COI.:RT.-Thuraav Before Dr. Williams, Alderman Goldsworthy^mi Mr. E. Phillips. NI-'GLKCTING TO SEND C[LDRKN xo SCHOOL.—John Meyrick was charged widnot sending hi 4 children to school.—Case dismissed.—.(jniMNKroNFiRt.—Jacob Medlicott, Bethcar-teiTace^vas charged with allowing his chimney to he on lii'—p.C. Price proved the case.—Defendant wasordenj to pay costs. EJECT- MENT -An ejectment ordet\a-s granted against Mary Williams, Garden-street, B'lwellty.ÐlBORDElu.r CONDUCT.—John Jones, Abtcarn( WR3 charged with disorderly conduct and refnijji/ to quit the Rising Sun licensed and costs. TOPEKS.—The following niulft^d in various sums for heiug drunk or drunk and disr(3eriy -Foe Smith, Joseph Smith, Joseph Taylo. p^nnis Mahoney, Llewelyn Jones (ordered to Py c0,t of summons), John Lewis, Michael McLeoiL^ Samuel James, It and Jemima Gulliver. I^ITIMACY. — Martha Density, Victoria. summoned Nonius Evan's to j show cause etc.—Complainant ¡.;a, that she was 18 j'ears of age and had l>een in theeii,i0y-of defendant's mother as a servant.—Defendant Pvnised marriage, and had even gone so far as to put to banns out on January 3rd, 1894, and they v.era married in the following February. After J^ting her into trouble he left her and "\ried another girl.—Mr. T. G. Powell, Brynmawr, Speared for the girl.—Defendant did not deny the Pa^njty and said that hs had offered 2s. 6d. per v.'eek^ that was not considered sufficient.—Defendant «s ordered to pay 3s. 6d. per week and all costs uijj the child attoins 15 vears of age. BRYNMAWR. VISITORS; to Brynmawr should not failto call at the TKMPTCRANCE HOTEL, Beaufort-street, pinnen Teas, Temperauce Drinlcs, Cigars, Bill^ A". Moderate charges. For best value in General Drapery and I^Hpery, Jackets, Mantles, C;q>ed, &c- go to Jones anj Mor- gan, 5, Beaufort-street. gan, 5, Beaufort-street. 290 i WATKIN'S DININO ROOMSS are situated a LEV minutes walk from the station. Excellent acco^m1* dation for commercials, dinners, teas, &c. [2&98 —Reporters arc pretty thick round the table at the Brynmawr Police-court. The authorities will have to find extra sitting accommodation. Owing to the great frost, the householders of Bryn- I mawr cannot obtain a proper supply of water. I he taps are mostly all frozen. P.C. Price, who lately came to be stationed at Brynmawr, is an old footballer. A tew seasons bac<* he was goal keeper with the Rhayader Football Club, that time one of the finest association clubs in South Wales. —Despite the cold weather, some people can anoro to be witty. I went up King-street the other day, saidanianwithn, red nose, but 1 saw no bicycles or tricycles, but plenty of icicles," whereat our re' j sorter laughed immoderately. The, other wit, who swore that he had" cold duck," really meant that he had got immersed in the Big Pond whilst skating. Talking about the weather, scientific peri-ions assure us that there is no such thing as cold what is vul- garly known as such is only an absence of caloric. That so, there must have been a very measure- able amount of caloric on furlough from liraemsr the other day, when the record of 43 degrees of frost was registered. Perhapan few scientists planted out of doors theieabouts would have come to the unscientific conclusion that caloric is a thing that can act very powerfully where it is not. Unscientific people have had to learn that bitter truth. —I am glad to hear that Mr. Dan Jenkins has obtained a second engineer's certificate. Mr. Jenkins will thusbea-ble to command a good berth on board one of the large steamships. Mr. Jenkins was for- merly c-aptain of the Brynmawr Football Club, and was an adept at the game. I wish him every success. —It is high time we should get an additional con- stable here. Btvnmawr ia the largest, and by far the busiest town in lireconshire. Notwithstanding those important circumstances, there is a large staff in sleepy Brecon with its smaller jwpulation. The Brecon police staff should he reduced, and one of the constables transferred to Brynmawr. It would only be justice. j --Some interesting figures were submitted at the Inst meeting of the School Board, relative to the in- crease in the number of pupils in the local elementary day schools. The number of pupils on the books was | given as 2,050. A few years ago the number was 1,271. The accommodation at tho Brynmawr Board Schools has been sorely taxed, and the Board have had to proceed with the erection of additional pre- mise- in order to acconi nodate the whole of the pupils, —There has not been nuidi skating lately on the Big Pond owing to the ice, to the general belief, heing | coated with snow. Large numbers of townspeople I have, however, frequented the canal at Giiwern, where some splendid skating can be obtained. This canal runs all the .wa-y to Brecon, and some skaters have broken local records into very small bits. GWION BACII. I.O.G.T.—There was a large attendance at the' Good Templars Lodge on Friday night. Bro. Neat presided. An interesting programme was gone through. OBITUARY.—The death took place last week of Mrs. Gething, Barley Sheaf, widow of the late Mr. B. Gething. Great sorrow was evinced amongst the townspeople at the sad intelligence. Deceased is sur- vived by four young childreu, who are thus left orphans, and for whom the keenest sympathy is felt. Deceased was a fa-ithful mcmber of Tabor Baptist Chapel. The funeral took place on Wednesday (yesterday). Tun GENERAL MISSJON.—Mr. Gerald Coultas, ftom London, has commenced a mission in thp. town. which he ilitend- keeping on until March 4th. Meetings were held at the Primitive Methodist Chapel on Mon- day and Tuesday. Meetings have also been held on Saturdays and Sundays at Neat's Assembly-room, and there have also been noonday prayer meetings at the Wesleyan aud Queen-street Chapels. Conaider- ing the inclement state of the weather, there have been fairly good congregations. SCHOOL BOARD ELECTION.—The School Board elec- tion has been fixed for March 9th. The present members are ;—Messrs. John Watkins, C.C. (chair- man), W. Roberts, J.P. (viee-chairman), Rev. J. Williams, W. Rosser, W. Evans (Labour member), and W. Da vies (Labour member). Mr. Roberts and Mr. Da vies have announced their intention of not seeking re-election. The other members are expected to stand, as well as the Vicar of Brynmawr. Mr. .TomW'Parry is also mentioned M a probable candi- date.

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