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MERTHYR. ( Continued from pa ye 5). LXO.IL SUCCESS.—We l*-g to congratulate Mr. Kowley Griffiths, son uf Mr. W. T. Griffiths, iron- monger, on passing his final examination, he beinj? T;OW a fully qualified solicitor. Mr. Griffiths was articled to Lewis aud Jonp". CTMRU Frnu LEA<;CK.—The usual meeting of the above will be, held to-morrow (Friday) night, at 8 o'clock, at the anle-room of tho Temperanco Hall, when the Rev. D. Price, Tabernacle, will rend a paper on Home Rule for Wales." TRAIN ACCIDENT.—A train conveying 200 colliers to the Caetle Pit capized in Cyfarthfa Yard on Tues- day evening, but with the exception of DavidRoblin, ■whosustained some injury to nis side, no one was hurt. I'.S. Lewis and P.C. Gwiiyni Williams were quickly on the --pot. and rendered valuable ass Stance in clearing the debris. INQUEST.—Mr. R. J. Rhys, coroner, held an in- quiry at the Plymouth Arms- on Monday morning, touching the death of John Power, of 34, Riverside, who was killed by being crushed between the buffers of coal trucks, at Abereauaid Pit on the 10th in"t. The jury returned a verdict of "Accidental death." VACANCY IN THK Towx WARD.—Owing to Mr. Henry Lewis' death, there is a vacancy in the Town Ward representation on t.ho District Council. Several names are mentioned in connection therewith, but of course nothing will l>o done till after Mr. Lewis' funeral. MARKET S>IBARE SCHOOL.—Tho annual teacher* meeting was livid un Thursday, when tea was pro- vided, to which about 35 sat down. After tea tho pastor took the chair, and most of the officers belong- ing to the school, as well as to the branch, were re- elected. The treasurer's report showed a very pound financial position, and it was decided to hold a flower a5 DOWLAIS. UNDBFITAKIX'I and all kinds of Carpentering and Joinery Work done. Hearse and Mourning Coaehe« to order. GKO. J. O'Neill, Frederick's Court, North t!traet. and Pond Street. Dowlaifl. J. T. DOCTON, SANITARY ENGINEER, Plumber, Hot Wftber Fitter, Gas Fitter, Electric Bell Fitter, and General House Decorator, etc., 138, High-street, Merthyr. All orders will receive prompt attention. Distance no object. A staff of experienced workmen r^gnlarly employed. J.T.D. may he consulted on Sanitary matters, embracing drainage, ventilation, •fe. [2S1 C'HBfSTlANlTY axi» SocrAtim"—On Sunday afternoon (2.30', the Rev. E. Cornwall Jones will d&Iiver an addresa at the English Wesleyan Church on the above subject. j TrmrEp,iN(T. --On Monday evening a well at tended m««ting wan held at Horeb Chapel, Penydarren, when addresses were delivered by Mr*. Emma Williams Merthyr, the Rev. Morris Morgan, Swansea, and Mr W. L. Daniel, Merthyr. CEFN. —Many of the readers of theso not, I daresay, cau reetember the time when a vast amount of rottenness and bribery characterised our elections, especially those for Parliamentary honourc. The content con- tinned for week?, oven months, and the success of a particular candidate rested upon the fa", ours he showered upon the voters, and the number of public- houses he endowed with his misplaced wealth. When a lad, fitting cosily by a smiling fire, nothing deligh- toed me more than to listen to my old grandfather ex- patiatiug upon his chequered experiences in the towns and villages of South Wales when an election was on, itad to me, enraptured by his remarkable stories, it wemed a wonder how men could be found ready to make such enormous sacrifice.- of their worldly goods in order to secure a seat in Parliament. I do not mean to say that our Conservative Club, with its doubtful accompaniments, is a relic of a bad and nearly-ferjotten custom but it scorns to me a wonder still that politico, however elementary, should be inHilled into men by muddling thoir brains, and mak- ing them, to a large extent, irresponsible for their actions. Let u* educate the people, raise them to the highest standard of morality, appeal to their noblest instinct*, ask for their suffrages when they are in their sobcrc-3t selves, and then abide bv their verdict .• loyally and manfully. —I was present at the conference held in Carmel Chapel on Sunday night, which was convened in order to ascertain the amouut of distress which this arctic weather has brought in its train among the inhabitants of Cefn. We cannot close our eyes to tho (aet that the times are hard, but we have seen harder. The workmen, both in tho collieries and in the iron and steal works, are employed pretty regularly, and their wages, though small, are constant whereas I can go back to times when one or two turns a fort- night were the utmost that the poor collier couid hope for. As Mr. Rogers sensibly remarked at the meet- ing on Sunday, coal would be the greatest boon among the majority of our villagers just at present. The poor we havo always with It;" but, unfortunately, they will bo poor through good times and bad times, They are our improvident claw, loafing about half their time, keeping their family on the verge of star- ration, and then, when a season of unusual severity eetu in, they throw themselves on the mercy of the sober and the thrifty, and thanks to the generous im- pulses of the human heart, their wants are alleviated m a handsome manner. I was glad to notice such good feeling prevailing in the meeting, the members being bent upon doing their work well. —What a wild goose chase for lodgings It was in an evil hour I made up my mind to part with my old landlord, John Jones. Being au old bachelor, I am rather hard to please, and although John was some- times wayward in his manner, hie house was, never- theless, clean and healthy, which is saying u good. deal. When I packed up my" goods and chattels laet Saturday week in one of Hudson's dry eoap >>oxe?, b»nt upon bidding an eternal farewell to pig- fle^h, little I thought of the task I had feet to myself to find another roof to billet- under. I, however, shouldered my box, and commenced my peregrina- lions by the Cefn Bridge, having, somehow, a greater liking to High-street than to the romantic Cefn Isaf or the busy Field-street. To my surprise I found that the first houses, almost, which I directed my inquiries, had no entrances at fie back, and the privies, if there were any at all, were down the cellar, with the air of tho roonss above not properly die- connected with the unsavoury air below. Feeling xure that this would not suit me, I proceeded on my journey. Higher up the street T found that several families had formed a limited liability company, inventing their health and their comfort in the bless- ing which one common privy couid give. —Nothing daunted, I struggled on, trusting there were better times coming. While passing the Imrljcr's establishment I heard a most stentorian laugh, and thinking it war- at tho expense of myself and the box. I plodded on most pluckilv, until completely out of breath. I paused to rest by a Bight of stairs, leading to some houses built »omev, h?re in mid-air. I ques- tioned an urchin, who had been attracted to the snot by my pitiable plight, who lived in the house: lll" told m Have the hon".e? any back entrances 0 yes, through the windows." Are there any gardens attached to Y, Where are they On Kilsanws mountain." How far is that About half a mile." Near where the pigs are V "Ye- I gave up the chase in despair. Iu sackcloth and ashes T w ended my weary way back to old John's house again, and after u short breathing time I assured him that, rather than bridge the "lippery reads through the biting frost, I was willing to put up with overything, even the Conservative Club hilarities, if he took me again under hi? thelter- in-, care. And he did. -1 have just heard of the death of Councillor Thomas Jonee. I doff my cap in humble but devout recognition of the many noble dualities of a good man. Ho camo from an ancient stock of sturdy farmers he was worthy of them, a thorough gentle- man, u good citizen, an honest servant. May hii mantle descend upon others who shall be worthy of Thomas Jones of Hafod !—HEN LANC. —Mr." Thomas Morgan, 6, New Church-street, CefD, writes — "Sir,— Shall I trouble you for a little spice to correct a rumour current in Cefn to the effect that I am the author of 'Cefu Notes,' signed by Hen Lane.' I hereby take this opportunity of giving it a total denial, and I have neither the time nor taa ino'.in IT ion to write. Let me add that if I person or persons at law. I am t^ure, sir, you will sul/stantiate my disclaimer of the authorship of the Not", at the foot of this letter." [WH beg to certify that Mr. Morgans IJ not "Hen Lane."—Eo.j DEATH or Mas. W. JONR*.—We deeply regret to announce the death of Mrs. Jones, wife of Mr. W. Jones, J.P., formerly cashier of the Cyfarthfa Works, who expired on Tuesday afternoon. i ABERCANAID. SOIREE.—On Thursday evening last a soiree was held at the Fontrebach Schoola. The ohoir, Sunday school teachers, and a few friends of the Pentrebacn Cnurch had been invited by the officials of the church to partake of ten. and refreshments, while the rest of tho evening was spent in singing, playing, and speech making. The Vicar was present, and apoke to the choir and teachers, thanking them for their help. The Rev. J. Jones-Lewis, B.A., is to be complimented on the success of the undertaking, as well as those officials who supported him. TREHARRIS. RKNT AU)IT.-The rent audit for the Pantanas Estate was held at tho Perrot Inn on Thursday last. The whole of this estate, with the exception of a few acres, has now been built upon. DKHATINC; SOCIKTY.—We are porry to hear that this excellent society has been adjourned nine die through inditferent attendance. We hope the local orators will not allow it to lapse altogether, and that wo shall again next winter havo the pleasure of hearing them holding forth." WORKMEN'S INDUSTRIAL Co-orEBATivE SOCIKTV, LTMITEp. The eighteenth quarterly meeting of the shareholders of the alwe society was held on Satur- day evening last in their committee room, Co-opera- tive Buildings, Williajms-terraoe, Mr. D. F. Jones presiding. The capital is £1,102 17s. 9Jfd., the trade for tho past quarter bei*» £ 1,80110s. 9d., and the pro- fit £ 14-5 5s. lUd., which permitted of ft dividend of Is. 6d. in the £ wing declared. We congratulate the shareholders upon their improved position. NELSON HEARTS ov OAK ASSOCIATION.—On Thurs- day se nnight P, meeting of the members of the above association was held at the Bank-room of the Public Hall, Treharris. Mr. H, P. Evans, schoolmaster, v/aa voted to the chair. Mr. E. Charles, Llancaiach, fully explained the objects of the association, which was only to secure country member representation on the board of delegation and the board of management Their business that night was to nominate a candidate for that position. Mr. E. Charles was then:nomi- uatcd, and Mr. Kees Davies, Llancaiach, was elected secretary. NELSON. NATIONAL SCHOOL*.—On Thursday ^nnight a public meeting was held at the National School*, under the presidency of Mr. George Osborne, Wellington Hotol, to take into consideration the recent overtures that had been made to the Rev. Daniel Leigh, vicar of Llanfabon, with the view of improving the management and position of the schools here under the supervision of the rev. gentleman and his cr mmittee. There was a fair attendance. Several gentlemen address?d the meeting, and it was announced that the A icar was in sympathy with the object of the inhabitants, and had agreed to allow that meeting to appoint two gentlemen to further strengthen his committee. It was then decided that Couneilior 1). Morgan and Mr. E. Thomas should be the additional committeemen. TRELEWIS. EBUNEZER INDEPENDENT CHAPEL. A. series of revival meetings has been arranged at the above place of worship, and on Sundty last Miss Da vies, r-'angelist, Trehcrbt-tt, preached threo {jowecful tet- nons to crowded congregations.