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-0.- MERTHYR GUARDIANS. S.vrvRDAY.—Present Mr. D. r. Da vies, J.P. (chairman), Mrs. D. M. Richard", Mrs. Emma Williams, Mr-. 1 'otur AS'iiliaujs, Mrs. Margaret Williams, tho Revs. Canon Wade, Father O'Reilly, J. E. Jenkins, Aaron Da vies, and J. 1'. Williams, Muosru. R. H. Rhj-s, J.P., J. Rogers, J.P., M. Truran, J.P., Thomas Jenkins J.r., H. P. D. Phillips, J.P., David Davitvj, .T.r. (Aberdare), T. H. Bailey, J.P., V. Abraham, J. Edwards, Augustus Davits, J. E. Mills, E. D. Howell, G. Seaborne, V. A. Wills, David Davits (Merthyr), L.aao U. Jones, Joseph Owen, Thomas Harris, J. W. Morgan, T. Pyle, Dan Thomas, E. Lewis, Thomas Thomas, J. L" Smith, Edmund Lewis, Thomas Morri.-s II. W. Martin, J. Ree-s, John Lloyd, Thomas Williams (Gellifaelog), W. D. Powell, add F. Treharne Jatues (clerk). DTSTRK.-43AT <irxiU'.AiTv.- Mr. If. 1'. D. Phillips said there were six navvies residing at Gelligs/ r who had been out of work for six weeks III consequence of the severe weather and whoso wived and families were in very bad cirsumstances. He desired to know what they were to do in order to obtain relief.—Tbe Chair- mau said that Mr. Phillips had better give the neces- sary information to the relieving officer. OtT RELIKF.—The following were reported to have lyw,-ti disbursed as out-relief during the previous week —Aberdarre, £56 2s. 2d. Gelligaer, S30 7s. M. Merthyr Lower, £ 63 9s. 4d. Merthyr Upper. £72 18s. 3d.; non-settled, f3 total, £ 235 19s. 3d. lialance in pay clerk's hands, jE72 5s. A cheque was drawn for £2;55. EXTRA RELIEF FOK TUE POOR. -Rev. Canon Wade said that it was the usual custom for that Board to grant lp, extra. to the old people- III recoipt of relief over 60 year* of age, and 6d. to the children twice during the winter. They had already granted this extra relief twice during the pre- sent winter, and it was with some hesitation that herosoto propose that the extra amount be again given. He thought it would be advisable for them in future to decide that this extra relief should be given twice during the winter, and to allow the chairman to decide when it should be given. This t would prevent some of them from endeavouring to earn popularity by being first to propose that the extra sum be given. However, the weather they were having at present was almost unparalleled in its severity, ana the poor people required extra t'ood, tire, and clothing, aud ha would therefore, propose that the extra Is. !>e given to the out-paupers over 60 years of age, and 6d. to tho children.—Rev. Aaron 'Davies seconded, and it was agreed to. SWAN SKA HosPITAL.-It was decided to pay the Board's annual subscription to the Swansea Hospital amounting to live guineas. NOTICE OF MOTION.—Mr. J. Edwards gave notice that at the next meeting he would move that the Board consider the advisability of removing the station of the registrar of births and deaths from Beechgrove Cemetery lodge, Merthyr Vale, to a more central aud convenient place.—The Clerk said that he would see the registrar and make enquiries. ABKRDAKE TRAINING SCHOOL.—A meeting of the I Training School Committee was held ou February 7th, Mr. D. P. Davies, J.P., presiding. It was j decided to send a letter thaukiug Mr. F. Wiltshire, I Cardiff-street, Aberdare, for presenting the children at the school with a quautityof fruit. Mr. Bircham's report on tho fcchools was read and refertcd to an I adjourned meeting of tho committee to be held on February 20th. HOUSE VISITING COMMITTEE. — This committee reported that they had visited the workhouse and infirmary and found everything iu a very tatisfactory state. Fire guards were required for tho stoves in j the day-room occupied by the blind and epileptic ] paupers and in tho nursing room.—Mr. T. Morris I saia that these fire guards were very necessary aud | would only entail a very small outlay.—Tho recotn- mendation of the committee was agreed to. Ii KfLrEr 1.X KINP.— In accordance with the request of Mr. Dan Thomas the following statement was laid upon the tabic showing tho amount of relief in kiud gT-auted during the previous three months Merthyr Lower, £ 11 3s. Mwrthyr Upper, £ 24 14s.: Aber- dare, £ 9 13s. 9d. Gelligaer, £ 9 13s. 9d. Vaynor, Is. 6d. THE PRICE OF GAS. — On the suggestion of Mr. Thomas Thomas, the clerk was instnicted to write to the Aberdare Gas Company asking them to make a reduction in tho gas consumed at the Aberdare Train- ing School similar to that which had been made by tho Merthyr Ga3 Company in rcspect of the gas sup- plied to tho workhouse. TF.NDKUS.—Out of nille tenders, that of Mr. S. Sand brook, Merthyr, was accepted at £ 9 12s. 9d., for erecting a bath in the old women's ward in the work- house. I' THE GEI,I.I<;AI;R CuAnrrr.—A letter was read from Mr. Alfred Thomas, M.P., stating that he would present to Parliament tho petition signed by the ikwrd praying for the retention of Lewis's Charity iu the parsdl of Gelligaer. MASTER'S RETORT.—Mr. IV-ar-ey (oiastvr) icportcd that during the previous week 22 pauiK-rv had beyn admitted into tho workhouse, and 31 discharged, there bat nig been two deaths aud no births. The itotal uumlier in the workhouse was 3S6, agaiust 318 I in the corres-poudiug week of last year. --It was also reported that Mrs. (Rul.) J. G. James had sent n parcel of literature tu the workhouse for tho use of the inmates. I t w»-j decided to write Mrs. James thanking her for this kindness.





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