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THE COUNTY COUNCIL ELECTION. The following is a list showing the number of electors in the different local County Council Divisions for 1895, as compared with the number of voters in 1894 and 1892. Sinco last election several alterations have been made in the boundaries of dif- ferent wards, with the result that the number of elec- tions bad been either increased or decreased, one division receiving an addition at the expense of the other, or virt versa. These changes have led to considerable re-arrangement, especially in the Aberdare and Hirwain districts, and this will account for the great difloienca in the figures. In some instances divisions that existed in 1892 have been amalgamated with others, and on the other hand uew ones have been created. Number of Voters. IMvis^on. 1893. 1894. 1892. Plymouth 1,262 1,707 1,739 Merthyr Tpwn 2,051 1,484 1,507 Caeharris 1,137 1,107 1. M, Powlals! 1,037 1,059 1,044 Cyfarthfa 1,710 1,699 1,742 Gellifaelog 76S 760 790 PeD.ydarreo 1,564 1,301 1,592 Pontlottyo 1.128 1,109 1,037 Penrhiweeiber 1,356 1,487 1,462 Aberaman 1,332 1,775 1,758 Blaenjpvawr 1,550 —— -— Aberditre Town 1,396 1,654 1,651 Llvrrdceed 1,311 670 655 Gadi.vs 1,410 1.601 1,553 Ihiffrjn 1,615 1,598 1,211 Merthyr Vale 1,560 l,g58 1,226 Gelligacr 1,530 1,330 1,221 Hirwain —- 1,010 1'002 TREHARRIS. At last there M a move being made in the Merthyr Vale Ward as regards the forthcoming County Council election, Councillor Prosser, the pre- sent representative, having issued his address as a Liberal candidate. He promisee to give an account of his stewardship ehortly, and to secure the presence of prominent Liberal members of the Council to address the meeting. It is felt that Councillor Prosser would do much better by facing his consti- tuents single handed. It is not known yet whether Major Bell, Merthyr Vale, will come forward as an independent candidate or not. He ran pretty close at the last election, Councillor Prosser only beating him by 15 votes. On Tuesday «vening a meetiug of Mr. W. M. I Evans' supporters was held at Quakers' Yard. Several speeches were delivered, and a resolution was 1 passed pledging those present to support tho candi- dature of Mr. Evans. The same evening a meeting of Mr. Evans' committee was held at Treharris, when arrangements as to canvassing were made. The rumour is circulated that Mr. Henry Davies will probably retire from the contest. Mr. Prosser, the present member, is the only candi- date so far. A deputation has waited on Major Bell, asking him to stand, but ho has not yet given his reply. It is rumoured that another Liberal candidate may come out, but it is not likely, there is any truth in the rumour. NELSON. On Wednesday se'nnight a public meeting was held at Calvaria Baptist Chapel in support of the Candida- tute of (Captain Hill-Male, solicitor, Pontypridd, for the Caerphilly Electoral Division of the County Council. Mr. Williams, Ton Tilor, was voted to the chair, and after a few preliminary remarks, called npon Captain Hill-Male to address the meeting. The tindidate said be stood before theelectorsas a Liberal and Labour candidate, and intended at a future meet- ing to go into matters more fully than ho should that night. It was truo he was once a Conservative, but finding his way of thinking did not agree with the Tory Party, he had for a long time past thrown in hi-* lot with the Liberal Party. He had been in Wales for 20 years, and had invested his all on the top of one of our Welsh hills. He promised that if returned on the 4th of March next, the electors should have no cause to regret their choice. Councillor Morgan, Nel- son, then addressed the meeting, and advised his hearers not to abuse the other side, but to carry on the campaign in a perfectly fair manner. Councillor Prosser, Treharris, said he could bear testimony to Captain Hill-Male's worth on the County Council. He had always voted Liberal. Councillor Morgan, proposed, and Mr. T. Morgan seconded, a vote of confidence in Captain Hill-Male, which was unani- mously carried. A vote of thanks to Councillor Prosser for attending, and to the Chairman, concluded a very enthusiastic meeting. MERTHYR. For the Town Ward there are already two candi. dates in the field. Mr. Alfred Edmonds has issued his address, which is of a non-political colour. The other candidate is Mr. J. W. Lewis, solicitor to the Licensed Victualler*' Association. In the Cyfarthfa Ward, Mr. Thomas Thomas will be opposed by Mr. Watkin Moss, and it is not improbable that a Tory will also enter the lists. Alderman Thomas Williams, whose term of aldermanship expires, will again seek the suffrages of the Penvdarren electors. Up to the present he has no opponent.