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.¡" ABERDARE. EMWMS mresie HALL I Recreation fSmuttds (Entrance, Hieh-street). JU.\A«EP. MR. \Y. EVA,S»S. FIRST-CLASS- ARTISTES AdtnihbiciM, ód., Is., 2s. Half-price at 5 t'clock to all seats »-v«ept sallcrv. TRY PowELL AXil SOX'S Pare Hoaie-made BBEAD *nd CAKE — Gadlys Shop (opposite Public Park), ^berdare. Orders taken for HOME-HADK CAKE. delivery to any part of town. It is a fact tbat may not be generally known that the "Hovis Bread HO much appreciated, and bigphly r«eommended by tho medical profession for persons of weak digestive powers may be had of W. UAFKT, confectioner, who is appointed Hole agent for Aber- dare. 153-304. SAU; 0]' SAVES.—On Friday eveningr last, AI ^^vints auctioneer, &c., Eagle Inn, Awrdure. sold hy public auction in bis Auction ■Koom, High-street, thirteen brand new safes of the best quality and make. Owing to the inclemency of the weather there was a poor attendance, but never- theless Mr. Evans disposed of tbe Hafes at good prices. SCCCKSn.—The results of the examination held at -^ardiff in December last, in connection with the College of Preceptors, have been issued,and we notice the names of the following local candidates :—Misg A. C. Keed, 27, Cardiff-street, Aberdare, 3rd class, 2na division and Miss H. M. H. Hodges, Cardiff- Btreet, 3rd class, 3rd division. I F EISTEDDFODIC SUCCESS.—At the Fern dale Eistedd- fod held last Monday, the baritone eolo prizo was nivuled between Mr. Ebon Powell, Gadlyft-road, and another competitor, after an exceptionally keen con- test in which 15 participated, the solo being Merch y Oadben (R. 8. Hughes). The young Aberdarian was asked to aing the opening nolo", when be gave an excellent rendering of "True till death." EMPIRE THEATRE.—The stage of this theatre is occupied this week by Wilson Barrett's dramatized version of Hall Caine'fe Manxman," played by Mr. Bandmann e company. The piece is well staged, and the members of the company perform their duties in a most praiseworthy manner. As we gave a lengthy notice to the drama when played at Mertbyr a few weeka ago we need not now discuss the play or players at length. The attendance so far is very good, .'Hid Al>>rdarians are not slow to show their apprecia- t'onofarea!!ynnep!ay. THE GoTHEN-BURF, SYSTEM. "On Thuisdav evening pK t^le Constitutional Hall, Mr. E. Forbes fj '°i1Po0n' Ravo a very interesting lecture on rystom of Public-house Licensing." There was a large attendance and the lecture, which the more enjoyable by being illustrated 'tn.lime-light views, was greatly appreciated. Mr. anV2SOn' 'iap on'y lately returned from Norway Sweden, dealt with bis subject in a masterly anner, and pointed out how much good would be t»^n+ t,^ie 8>'3tem wa« adopted in England. He nH 1 present would do their utmost for the Jle cause of Temperance. — Votes of thanks rnJmated a succeseful meeting. COURT.—Tuesday, lief ore Messrs. W M. (stipendiary), Dr. 1). Davies, R. H. Rhys, J ? P* Davies.—BOOZET CROWD.—The following e endants were mulcted iu various sums for being TUUIli or c^runk and disorderly Elizabeth Row, erthyr Evan John and Thomas Davies. w fiWlSG HIS POXY TO STRAY. — Christmas Jonea Wa,<j fined 2a. 6d. and costs for allowing his pony to the load.—P.O. Hamlet proved the charge. \1 SNOWBALLS. — David Jones (16), p I^lan» ,vas Rl,nirooned for throwing snowballs in ardiff-road on the 25th wit., and was fined 2s. 6d J?™ SLIDING ON THK ROAI>.—David John was summoned for sliding in Cardiff-road, ^eraman, on the 28th ult.—Fined 2s. 6d. and coats. REFUSING TO QUIT LICENSED PREMISES. — A warrant was issued for the arrest of William Phillips •for not appearing to answer the above charge. tK RRA"VTa"—Warranta were issued for the arrest of J"6 undermentioned defendants who were summoned lor being drunk Christopher Howell Jenkins and •'ohn Morris. "ohn Morris. SOCIAL GATHERING.—OU Tuesday evecing, in con- ation w't'1 'be Young Men's Society at St. Mary's H e.sh Church, a very enjoyable social gathering was held at the National Schools. The society has been formed for some time, and its endeavour is to promote education of young men in the Wehh language. I he social gathering wits the commencement of a now session, and the Rev. C. H. Green, president, was in the chair. There was a large company of young people pre&ent, and each one thoroughly enjoyed the splendid meat tea provided by Mr. Caunt, confec- tioner, Aberdare. The tables were all nieoly decorated and laden with dainties. After the cloth was removed sweets, &c., were distributed, and then games and dancing were indulged in for somo time. Afterwards an excellent programme wa* gone through, in which the following took part Messrs. J. David. Daniel -/one-?, J. Gabriel, Thomas Jenkins, D. Davies, Thog. Davip< and John Davies, Seymour-street. A very "^ecessful evening's entertainment, was brought to a n by the singing of Hen v.lad fy nhadnu," under 5e -eadership of Mr. J. Davies. Oxford-street. The l?ClRtary is Mr. Thomas Thomas, Park-street, and the success of the society is due in a great measure to pe services rendered by the vice-president, Rev. J. 1 • Griffiths. FCKERAL OF MRS. TREkiKLLEX,—Amid raauifeata- ions of much grief the mortal remains of the late P r8. Mar.a Tremellen were interred in the Aberdare ^emetery on Monday. The deceased lady was the jI;eo^,that much-respocted tradesman, the late Mr. ti? Enner Tremellen, who carried on business in ne town for many years. The funeral left 42, • K? tno'lr'Street, the residence of the deceased, at ■!nt 2.30 p.m., and waa couveyed to St. El van's Mi r as t^10 bell was tolling out its solemn news. blinds were drawn as the mouniful procession ♦ iTSST> an<^ the gates of the church ifc was met by .Rev, C. H. Green, vicar, who read the first portion of the burial service inside the sacred edifice. procession was afterwards re-formed, and moved ii° y through High-street to the cemetery. Among w0se_Present were Mr. C. Kensbole, Dr. Jones, AT MI Lloyd, Mr. Oxenham, Mr. Parry, Mr. D. llhams, Mr. W. Jones (Cardiff-street), Mr. R. \r'U'?p' ^ates, Mr. Shannon, Mr. Wiltshire, Vrr> Jongs (George Brewery), Mr. H. Thomas, j. illiams (Seymour-street), Mr. T. Hay, and; neady all the tradespeople of the town. The chief mourners were Measrs. J. E. and W. H. Tremellen •' u,:)t. Tborney, (Mprthyr), Mr. Clower. Swansea Tl ""r- and Air. W. Morris, (Coleford, Gloucester). bearers were as follows Messrs. Thomas R- Prance, B. Beynon, B. Thomas, u aURhan, — Wilcox, J. Davies. The coffin, m was of l>eautifully-polished oak with brass 1;°jnt'nSs, bore the inscription :—"Maria Tremellen, c "^nuary 30th, 1895, aged 61 years." It was c.^erc w'th handsome and costly wreaths and "posses sent by the many friends of the deceased. ■p burial service was concluded at the grave by the rpf.Vi- Croen. Great sympathy is felt with the ■Htives of the deceased iu their sad bereavement. ABERAMAN. SUITER.—The Gladstone-street Building Club Leld a supper at their meeting place, the Swan Hotel, on Monday se nnight to celebrate the completion of the erection of their cottages, when a splendid repast was supplied by the Host and Hostess Thomas Rees, and t!iorongh!y enjoyed by the assembled guests. OHITUARY.—We regret to have to record the death of Mr. William Vater, Cardiff-road, an old inhabitant of the place. Health had failed the deceased for the past few years, but his end was comparatively ^udden, coining as he was serving in the shop on the *\r c'?y prior to his decease on Thursday se'nnight. Mr. Vater was highly respected, and a quiet, unob- trusive citizen, and many will regret his departure ^nd evince their sympathy with the widow and family. lfl'MFN b, IL -We are pleased to record the wedding p V* William Jones, son of Mr. Mathew Jones, J^ardiff-road, and Miss Parry, modiste, Curry-street. A he ceremony took place at Merthyr, and Mr. T. J. <> 0110s, brother, acted as best man, and Miss J. Parry as bridesmaid while Mr. W. James and Miss Jones formed part of the company. The party returned to the home of the bride, where the festivities were kept ut%—Mr. William Lewis, Cynon-street, and Milia belway. Oddfellows' Arms, Aberdare, were also united in the bonds of mutrimony last Saturday at Aberdare. Mr. Dix's wedding coaches and livened coachmen were in attendance, and a sumptuous repast was accorded the bridal party at the bride's father's house. MOUNTAIN ASH. THOMAS DAVIES AND CO., BUILDERS, Cox- TKACTOKR, UNDERTAKERS, AND COMPLETE FUNERAL FURNISHERS. Hearse and Mourning Coaches, and every requisite supplied. Address—PRYCE-STBEKT ANI/DUFI-'UYN-STRKET, MOUNTAIN ASH. [2599 I.O.G.T. — On Thursday evening last, at the Mihkin Mixed Schools, a new lodge called The Pride of Miskin was opened by the District Chief Templar, Bro. C. Galii van, Mountam Ash, assisted !>y several of the district officers. There was a good muster of membet-s present from tho sister lodges in the town. The after part of the evening was spent in i\n enjoyable manner with songs and recitations. D THE RECENT FATAL ACCIDENT.It will be interest- ing to the numerous friends and well-wishers of the Ute Mr. John P. Reynish, who was so much respected in the place, to hear that he was insured in the well- kuown Ocean Accident and Guarantee Corporation, Limited, for £ 250, which amount has been handed oxer by the local agent, Mr. Gcorgo Harland, G.W.R., Mountain Ash, to the widow with the com- pany's usual promptitude. PEESONAL.—General sympathy ih felt amongst tho numerous friend-- of Dr. Kent Jones, tho respected assistant of Dr. E. 1'. Evans,TJ.l\, Mountain Ash, in his present bereavement on the death of his father, which took place at Strathnairn-street, Cardiff, on Wednesday afternoon last. The deceased gentleman Was the last surviving son of the late Colonel William Jones, 17th Bengal Native Infantry, of Llanbenno and Tedhelin, Carnarvonshire, and was bom in Alle- jurah, India. He was a late hon. secretary and pre- sident of the North AV ales Branch of the British Medical Association, deputy-coroner for tho County of Anglesey, Admiralty surgeon and inspector of sea- men. On leav ing North Wales some years ago ho was appointed district surgeon of the Dowlais Iron Company, and the Bargoed Coal Company. The interment took place un Monday last. DISTRICT COUNCIL.—At tho Coffee Tavern on Fri- day evening last a meeting of tho workmen employed at the various collieries took place, for the purpose of considering the advisability of bringing out a labour candidate to contest the scat now vacant in the West Ward, caused by the death of Mr. J. W. -Jones, Mr, [ Evan Jones, Glyn-gwyn-street, Miskin, was voted to the ehair, and the attendanca was fairly good. It | transpired that the nominations took place en Tues- ) day, February Sth, and it was generally understood i that the Penroiwceibsr people wets brmjinj* out a | candidate, viz., Mr. W. Jam«, manager. Aitw a t lengthy deliberation amongst those present, it was resolved, in order to prevent the expenses ot a eon- t«st, not to bring out a labour representative. This act on the part of the workmen in Baving the rate- f payers the expenses of an election is generally com- j mcoded, but it ia hoped that at some future time when the occasion arises that a labour candidate is in the i field it wiU not be forgotten. HIRWAIN. CUiRe FtDt).—A meeting under the auspices of the Cymru Fydd Society of this place was held on Friday night under the presidency of Mr. Simon Picton. An interesting address was given by Mr. T. E. Davies, Trefecca College, on The Essential Elements of a Successful Cymru Fydd." COOKERY CLASSES.—On Thursday evening the first annual supper in connection with the cookery classes, started in connection with the technical instruction committee of the County Council, was held at the Town Schools. The elass, which numbers 46, and are being taught by Mirs Laurcnson, one of the instructresses in cookery in the county, had presided an excellent dinner, which was presided over by Mr. J. W. Morgan, Brynheulog, the chairman of the local committee, the vice-chairman being the Rev. W. Rbydderch, the vicar of the parish. There were also present all the memheri of the local committee, to- gether with Alderman D. P. Davies, J.P., one of the member3 of the county committee, and chairman of the technical instruction committee at Aberdare, who, at the close of the supper, briefly addressed the pupils. i CWMDARE. I, GOBAITH, CWMDAEE.—On Thursday, January 31st, the cantata, entitled Charles o'r Bala," was per- formed at the above plaoe of worship by the chapel choir, under the conductorship of Mr. Thomas Williams. The impersonation of Charles o'r Bala by Mr. Eben Powell was a masterly one, and the part of Mary Jones was splendidly taken by Miss May Jones, Cwmdare. The accompanists were Miss Da vies and Mrs. Edwards, Cwmdare. The chapel was crowded, and the performance was a giand suc- cess. The chairman was Mr. Llewellyn, manager. TREDEGAR. ^TEMPERANCE.—The Rev. J. Tertius Phillips, of the Forward Movement, Cardiff, gave an interesting address on "Temperance" at the Temperance Hall, on Sunday night to a large audience. EISTEDDFODIC.—At the Brynmawr Eisteddfod held on Monday, Siloh Juvenile Choir, Mr. George Lewis, conductor, carried off the first prize in the competi- tion, Peace be still." SPECIAL SERVICES.—Special services were held on Sunday at the Temperance Hall, and are to be con- tinued every evening throughout the week. Mr. J. Protheroe ("Little Johnny") officiated to large audiences morning, afternoon, and evening. Good collections were realised towards the funds of the United Brethren. ST. JAMES1 CHCBCH.—Mr. Illtyd J. David, the organist and choirmaster of the above church, left Tredegar on Thursday morning for Liverpool, several of the officials of the Tredegar Iron and Coal Com- pany seeing him off. On Sunday, Mr. G. J. Tuck. field, manager of the Metropolitan Bank, presided at the organ, and has kindly consented to fill the vacancy until a successor to Mr. David ItAl been appointed. RECHABITISU.—The Rechabites have just published their annual statements of account, one for the Hope of Tredegar" Tent, and one for the" Future of Tredegar Tent. In the Hope Tent the sum of JB124 was given out in sick pay during 1894. There are over 200 members, there being an increase in the finances of close upon £ 100 during the year. There are 280 members in the Juvenile lent, which is in a very prosperous condition. LECTURE.—Under the auspices of the Tredegar Literary and Scientific Association, Mr. Edward Whymper, F.R.G.S., London (the great moun- taineer), gave his popular lecture, Twenty thousand feet above the sea, at the Temperance Hall on Thursday last, on which occasion the hall was well filled. The lecture was a. thrilling story of mountain climbing, illustrated by the oxy-hydrogen lantern. Mr. Why no per was to have given this lecture on the 29th November last, but through an accident was prevented from doing so untilla-st Thursday. TEA.—The annual tea and entertainment in con- nection with Park Place Presbyterian Church, was held on Monday last (Mabon'a Day), and under most successful circumstances. About 300 sat around the festive board, and supplied the wants of the inner man. The following ladies and gentlemen rendered valuable services in attending to the visitors and membersMiss S. A. Tulley and Miss 8. L. Taylor, Mrs. Bowen and Miss Morgan, airs. Reynolds and Miss I*ewi3, Mrs. Jones and Miss Pegram, Mrs. Hale and Mrs. btokevMiss E. Thomas and Miss W. Thomas, Mrs. Kvans and Mrs. W. Morgan, Mrs. Morgan, Miss M. A. Price Mr. Turner, Mr. Ku*h- ton, and Mr. R. Powell, Mr. J. Nichols, Mr. J. Ilu-be.A, and Mr. R. Morgan. The arrangements were admirably carried out by Messrs. David Turner and S. Rushton. In the evening a high-class enter- tainment was hold in the chapel, which was tolerably well filled. Councillor B. Williams presided in the unavoidable absence of Mr. J. Reynolds. The follow- ing contributed to the programme :—Pianoforte eolo, Mr. W. Gabriel: solo, Miss Millie Taylor; recitation, Master Willie Clothier; solo, Mr. James Morgan; solo, Miss Eleanor Williams; concertina solo, Mr. Henry Taylor, Treharris, a marvellous manipu- lation, and was repeated encored; glee party, chorus, conductor, Mr. J. Taylor; solo, Miss YV. M. Francis recitation, Miss M. Stokes; pianoforte eolo, Miss Sibelia Lewis; quartette, Mr. J. Taylor, Miss Davies, Mrs. Kirk, and Mr. Llewellyn recitation,^Misa Hill eolo. Mr. J. Nichols; duet and ihorus, Miss Davies, Miss Thomas, and party solo, Mr. T. Llewellyn recitation, Miss Annie Darby; pianoforte solo, Miss Millie Taylor solo, Master E. Walters solo, Mre. Kirk dialogue, Mr. Edwards, aliss Morgan, Miss Jones and Miss Williams. At the conclusion Councillor Williams proposed a vote of t-hanks to Mr. Taylor, for having compiled such au excellent programme, and a similar vote of thanks to the artistes and the Chairman. The Rev. D. M. Rees then pronounced the Benediction. NEW TREDEGAR. Rooy.V SACRED CANTATA "BETHLEHEM."—A grand performance of the above sacred cantato was given by the English Wesleyan Choir, at the Workman's Hall, on Monday last, at 2.30 and 7.30 p.m. Tho following artistes took part: -Soprano, Miss M. Williams (Royal Welsh Ladies' Cboir), Pontlottyn contralto, Miss M. A. Gulliver, New Tredegar; tenor, Mr. J. L. Thomas, Rhymney; basso, Mr. D. R. Davies (Dewi ap Rees), New Tredegar leader of orchestra, Mr. George Harding, New Tredegar; piano, Mr. S. Price, A.V.C.M., Beaufort; organ, Messrs. W. J. Extence and James; conductor, Mr. J. Gulliver, Now Tredegar. Mr. C. Tillott occupied the chair. Before the rendering of the cantata, Miss Williams sang (by desire) The Holy City." Mr. D. R. Davies also bang- Honour and Arms." The rendering of the cantata was then proceeded with. The singing of the solos allotted to Miss Wiliiama, Miss Gulliver, Me^ars. D. R. Davies and J. L. Thomas, was very well done, and the choruses by tho choir were sung with telling effect. We cannot allow this opportunity to pass without a word of praiee to the veteran conductor, Mr. J. Gulliver, for the efficient manner in which he has trained the choir under his charge. After the performance, the Rev. C. W. Haydon, circuit minister, informed the audi- ence that the proceeds were to reduce the debt still owing by them on their place of worship, also that their respected chaiiman had promised £ 25 if they succeeded in collecting the remaining £100. After the usual vote of thanks to the Chairman, and all those whohad contributed towards the success of the performance, the meeting closed. TIRPHIL. ST. MICHAEL'S CHURCH.—The annual tea and sale of work was held at the above Mission Room on Mon' day last. A large number of peeple partook of the social cup. and every want was attended to at the tablea by Mrs. Dr. Maunsell, Miss Edith Evans, Mrs. J. Jones, and Miaa White being assisted by the Rev. J. Edwards, curate in charge, Mr. Moore, Messrs. J. Jones and Smith. The several articles put up for sale were chiefly tho work of Mrs. Dr. Maunsell, whose efforts for the progress of the church are untiring. TREDEGAR COUNCIL. Friday Present, Messrs. J. Reynolds, J.P. (pre. Kiding), Daniel Davies, H. Bowen, A. Barrett, T. Lewis, Benjamin Williams, W. H. Routledge, B. Phillips, N. W. Phillips, W. North, Arthur Williams, J. A. Sbepard (clerk), H. Baker (deputy clerk), W. C. Widdo-wson (surveyor), H. T. Wells (gas manager). SunvEton's REronT.-Tho Surveyor reported as follows :—1 beg to lay before you plans showing an application from Mr. James 'Davies, butcher, Com- mercial-road, for proposed extension of premises. The scavenging carts are in a bad state of repair and are not fit for any future repair, and would recommend that new carts be obtained. I have received applica- tion for a new lamp at the back of Elim Chapel also for a lamp at Old Quarry, Georgetown. Plans and sections havo been deposited for proposed alterations at 60, Commercial-road, Tredegar, for Mr. David Watkius, Church-street also for addition to bake- house at Glyn bakery for Mr. H. Hughes. I see no objections to either of these plans and recommend the seal of the Board be affixed thereto. ACTION ON SURVEYOR'S REPORT.—Mr. J. Davies' plans were passed. Tenders wcr" ordered to be invited for new scavenging catts. The question of the erection of the lamps at Elim Chapel and Quarry Villas was referred to a committee. The plans for alterations by Mr. D. Watkins, and "at 60, Com- mercial-street, were ordered to have the seal of the Board affixed. MISCELLANEOUS.—The Medical Officer's report was read, and a vote of thanks was passed for so able a report.Alderman B. Phillips, who was one of the deputation appointed to wait upon the Educa- tion Department to oppose the matter which has been set 011 foot by the Ebbw Vale public, submitted a report of the proceedings of tho deputation. They were courteously received by Mr. W. Tucker at the Education Department, and Mr. Dauncey, elerk to the School Board, had interviews with several of the heads of the department, and was favourably received. They met Sir Henry Packson at Paddington Station, and that gentleman promised to do all in his power to help the Boains in their opposition.—A reply from the deputation was read, and after bome discussion it was decided that the Clerk write the Clerk of Rbymney and Bedwellty Councils and draw up a reply. NEW ROAD TO ARGOED.—Mr. W. Phillips said that it was now full time that the road should be com- pleted, and he would move that Mr. Lundie, the engineer, be allied to furnish the Board with a fintti certi ficatt,. --This was seconded by Mr. A. Williams, and the Clerk was instructed accordingly.