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MERTHYR SCHOOL BOARD. THREE YEARS' WORK. The School Board election is drawing near,an event in which an exceptional degree of interest is taken by the voters and the general public. A brief review of the work done by the present Board during its tenure of office will not be out of place. Wo can only men- tion some of the more important items. The reader who is anxious for fuller information should secure a copy of the Eighth Triennial Report, recently issued by the Board. SCHOOL ACCOMMODATION*. — At Aberfan a new infant's school was opened to accomodate 200 children. Classrooms at Abermorlais have been enlarged, cloakroom and lavatory fitted up, and ventilators put in the roof. Infant department at Abercanaid enlarged, and additional accommodation provided in the mixed department. Additional room erected at Clwydyfagwyr by chapel trustees. Addi- tional office accommodation at Caedraw. The sum of JB580 spent on office accommodation at Dowlais, demanded by the Department many other improve- ments effected. New set of offices and fuel house at Gellifaelog. Alterations in the lights, ventilation, and office arransrement at Georgetown, these also demanded by the department, carried out by Messrs. Crawshay, who own the property increase of annual rent, f20. New cloakroom, &c., at rfeolgerrig. In 1891 a large classroom to each department put up at Trehirris, at a cost of £ 456; pressure still continuing, a contract for a separate girls' department has been given for £1,475. Plans for new cloakroom, &c., at Troedyrhiw submitted. TRUANT SCHOOL.— The Board are interested in this institution to the extent of one-fifth, and a loan of £1,500 has been raised. The land cost JE500. and the contract price for the building was £ 6,279. Up to the present the school has cost £ 10,054. NEW SCHOOL.-The new Board will have to erect a new school at Grawen, where a site has been acquired, 99 years lease at a rental of £ 10 7s. 6d. accommoda- tion, 300 children. ACCOM MODATIOX.—The schools managed by the Board have accommodation for 9,907 children on register, '92, 8734; '93, 9162: '94, 9252; average attendance, '92, 6827; '93, 7032; '94, 7402. The voluntary schools accommodate 2414 on register at present, 1908 average attendance last year, 1481. In the Board Schools the percentage of attendance is 73*3; Dowlais Catholic, 64'6; Merthyr Catholic, 68'8; St. David's National, 65'2; Pentrebach National, 67'8. Total number of teachers of all grades, 325. GRANTS.—In '92, 17 schools out of 18 earned full grant; in '93, 18 out of 21 in '94, 19 out of 21. Spe- cific subjects: '92, j328 8s. '93, JB66 15s. '94, £ 58 17s. ATTENDANCE.—Special efforts are made to secure attendance. In '92, 867 notices were served on paren s; in '93, 788, and in '94, 874. The numbtr of summons issued during the three years were 479, 398, and 515 respectively. In '92, 251 persons were fined 5s. in '93, 220; and in '94, 221. Fifty-eight lad" were sent by the Merthyr magistrates to the truant school; out of these, only six were sent there a second time, the remainder doirg better in school than ever before." AGE OF CHILDREN.—This subject is exhaustively dealt with in an address delivered by Mr. C. H. James, J.P., a report of which will be found in another column. FINANCE.—In '70 the rateable value of Merthyr Parish was jB151,798 now it is £207,916. In '72 the Board received Ll,265 from the rates, or 2id. in the E. Last year it received £11,600, or a rate of 18. 2'2d in tbeJB. On the whole the increase has been steady, though there are exceptions. One of them is the year '92, when the sum was B6,500, or a rate of 7'77d., the sum for the previous year being £ 8,250, or a rate of 10"47d. The rate has exceeded a shilling only three times, namely in '88 (Is. 0'71d), '93 (Is. 0"46d.), and '94 (Is. 2'20d.). The average rate since the formation of the Board in '71 is a little over 7d. in the j3. The poor rate has been practically the same since '68, when it was 3s. It has been 2s. nine years 2s. 3d. two years 2s. 6d. three years and 3s. twelve years. Last year it was 4s., owing to arrears having accumu- lated. The expenditure for the three years amounts to £ 66,390 out of this £ 2,193, or 3"31 per cent., was paid as salaries to officer*; the whole expense of administration was £ 3,305, or 4'99 per cent. £39,258, or 59'13 per cent. was paid to teachers. In '92 the expenditure was Lll,441 '93, £16,629; '94, £ 16,666. COST TER HEAD.—In '92, the expenditure per head was £ 2 7s. 4d. (omitting decimals); '93, £ 2 7s. 5d. '94, £ 2 5s. 3d.. Note that the cost per head in '94 was less by 2s. 2d. than it was in '93, and less by 2s. Id. than '92. The average expenditure pet head in all board schools in England was B2 7s. lid. in '92, and £ 2 8s. 4Jd. in '93 in Wales, £ 2 Is. 4d., and £2 2s. 6jd. respectively. GRANT PER HEAD.-The Government grant per head was as follows :—19s. lO^d. in '92 £1 Os. 4'07d. in '93; and £1 Os. 1'28 in '94. The average grant in board schools in England was 18s. 9^d. in 92, and 18s. lid. in '93; in Wales, 18s. 7jd. in '92; figures for '93 and '94 not published. ATTENDANCE OF MEMBERS.—The members have attended as follows :—Mr. D. Davies, 190, out of a possible 204; Rev. D. C. Edwards, 60 out of 155; Mr. Isaac Edwards, 122 out of 185; Mr. H. E. Gray, 79 out of 141; Mr. C. H. James, J.P., 121 out of 190 Mr. T. Jenkins, J.P., 87 out of 190; Mr. Joseph Owen, 107, out of 185; Father Pippett, 65 out of 152 Mr. Rees Price, 190, out of 190; Mr. T. Williams, J.P., 135, out of 219 Rev. James Williams, 108, out of 152 Rev. R. S. Williams, 104, out of 152 Mr. V. Wills, 116, out of 190. For the first time, no change has taken place in the membership of the Board, either by removal or death during the entire term.