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BY THE WAY. Lord Aberdare, being a very influential member of of the (ourt, has been nominated Chancellor of the Welsh Cniversity. The names of five candi. dates will be submitted to the court's decision in the appointment of a registrar. It was at the Licensed Victuallers' dinner that Councillor Evan Lewis refused a plate, because, he said, a piece had been bitten off the edge. He was inclined to believe that the plate had been under a flower-pot, and was afraid of poisonous germs. The Aberdare School Board has been in existence for 24 years, and during that period has only had two chairmen. Mr. James Lewis, J.P., Plasdraw, pre- sided over the two Boards from 1871 to 1877, and since that date Mr. R. H. Rhys, J.P., has done so. A defendant in the Aberdare Police court on Friday when asked whether he was drunk or not, said "I am certain I was not drunk by what I had to drink" "Oh no" replied the stipendiary, "that's what you all say," and the usual fine was inflicted. A couple of young men who are to be seeu daily in a bank at Aberdare, were the other evening talking about the death of the poor Tom cat, when one asked, was it a Tom or a she" No," replied the man who had deprived poor pussy of her life, it was Jones." Loud laughter ensued. Overheard at an entrance to a public hall not far from New Tredegar: "I say, governor, what are your front seatsTicket seller Eighteen pence." What are the second' "Shilling." "The pro- gi-amine-. "One penny." "Oh, then I'll sit on a programme." The ticket seller collapsed. Why does an elephant resemble a wheel-narrow Because ueither can climb a tree." This is a sample of the home-made jokes heard at the performance of the Sitting Bull Minstrels at Dowlais last week. And it made the audience as angry as a bull that sitteth not. Alderman Forrest, who spoke at the Liberal meeting in Dowlais last week, knows how to make a speech interesting. Among t-fvemlgood "hits" was the following 1 am five foot ten in my stockinged feet, and if it had not been for those iniquitous Corn Laws, I should have been six foot four." The roof of the hall is now being repaired. Last Thursday a young lover from Aberdare pro- mised to come down and meet the girl of his heart at Cardiff by the 5.40 p.m. train. However, owing to unseen circumstances he lost the train and wired to his lady-love Miss Taff Vale Station Cardiff lost train come by next". The engagement is now off. Hera is something for the strict T. Ts. A young man from Hirwain was brought up at the last Police Court and in answer to a summons for being drunk said he had only drank one bottle of-hop bitters. A Reehabite in court at the time bad a. fit. A young woman was the other day engaged to do a day's work in a house in Aberdare. She was doing very little work, and her mistress t:aid to her, Well, indeed, I could do twice as much work as you, myself." Well," replied the maid. you work a great deal too hard mum." We are not going to publish any more pars about Unionist dogs, More than a dozen persons have called at our Dowlais office to Itsk if the par published a. fortnight ago, applied to their particular bow-wows. We have a. dog exactly like that," said a young lady confidentially, "only you know we have not tempted his powei-s cf mastication with a clothes-p.op yet." What is it that makes Dowlais, notwithstanding its forbidding appearance and its smoke-impregnated atmosphere, so dear to the hearts of those who have left it? It ie rumoured that no fewer than three clergy- men who formerly held curacie-s in the town are wish- ful to come back to succeed the Rev. Richard Jones, as curate-in-charge of the Welsh Church. Have the charms of The Five anything to do with this eagerness to return to the scenes of former joys ? One of the best known of the policemen who took part in the football match against Dowlais last Thursday, was asked a day or two previously what he thought of the match. "Oh:" said ho airily, we're going to take up a couple of sacks with us, so that we can carry home the pieces of the poor beggar", that is if there'll be any pieces to be found within reasonable distance of the ground." The result of the match was a terrible revelation to the boastful one, and according to the latest accounts he is now prac- tising Dafydd y gareg wen"^d .Silent O Movie on the tin whistle. The following ought really to appear in our advertising columns and be paid for A young lady who shall be nameless will thank a "Love Sick Swain," alias A.B.C., to keep away from Place and to discontinue his attentions to said lady, as they are distasteful to her; and in future restrve his tickets for the Theatre for someone who will appreciate them also his poetry, which is onlv a waste of time, ink, and paper, as nothing that he has done, or will do will induce the ufore-mentioned lady to think anything of him. No amount of gentle snubbing seems to have any effect, so will A.B.C. kindly do as he is bid by one who possesses such Puritanical views. For some time past Colonel Goldsmid, the popular and genial commandant of the Welsh Regimental District, has been engaged in planning out and com- pleting the preliminary arrangements for a "service" march of the 1st Welsh Regiment (the old 41.-t) through South Wales in July next. The march will partake somewhat of the character of the tour of tbe Royal Welsh Fusiliers through North Wales. The ¡ intended route is through Carmarthen, Swansea, Neath, Merthyr, and intermediate towns to Cardiff. The crack regimental band will accompany it, and evening concerts at the different towns where stoppages take place are, we understand, in contem- plation. The regimental goat, presented by the Queen, and the colours of the regiment, will also be in evidence. 4_










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