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ABERDARE. THE EMPIRE MUSIC H ALJ.lJ BeorCati»n Grounds (Entrance, High-street}. MA-SABBK MR. W. EVANS. FIRST-CLASS ARTISTES Admission, 6d., Is., 2s. Half-price at 9 o'clock to all seata except pallerv. TBT reWP.LL AND 80s's Pure Home-made BREAB and ellE Gadlye Shop (opposite Public Park), Aberdare. Orders taken for HOME-MADE CAM. Prompt delivery t. any part of town. It i8 a tact that may not be generally known that the "Horie Bread 80 much appreciated, and highly recommended by the medical profession for persons of weak digestive powers may be hod of W. CACNT, Confectioner, who is appointed sole agent for Aber- iare. 155-204. TBINITT CHAPEL. — The singing of sacred solos is a feature in the services at the above chapel. On Sunday last Mr. Eben Powell (Gadlys) rendered that beautiful composition by Stephen Adams, The Star of Bethlehem," to the excellent organ accom- paniment of Mr. J. A. Phillips. ABEKDABB LITERARY DEBATING SOCIITT. — The weekly meeting of the above society was held at Trinity Chapel Vestry on Tuesday evening, when the Rev. R. R. Roberts (pastor), the president, was in the chair. The subject for discussion was, "Should women promise to obey their husbands?' The nega- tive was taken by Mrs, D. M. Richards. Mr. Bates, Pentrebach, took the affirmative. An animated dis- cussion followed, in which Messrs. D. James, W. Thomas, R. H. Mile9, Harries, David Reea (for); Mrs. Miles, Miss Bella Lloyd, Mr. E. Hall, and Mrs. Harries (against) took part. A vote was taken, the result being that 27 voted for and seven against. CANTATA AT ST. PAGAN'S CHCRCH.—On Sunday evening, at St. Fagan's Church, Trecynon, the can. tata, "Night of Wonders," was performed by the choir of St. Winifred's Church, numbering about one hundred voices. The following took the solo" :—Mrs. Berry, Miss Williams, Miss Shattock, Misses Morgan, Miss Davies, Mr. W. T. Griffiths, and Mr. Leyehon Rees. The choir sang the choruses admirably, and reflected the highest praise upon the leader, Mr. Evan Morgan. The music was supplied by a string band, consisting of nine members. Mr. W. Jolliffe Harris, the organist, presided at the organ for the last time, for he is now going to Culham College, near Oxford, to quahfy himself for a schoolmaster. j SALE.—On Tuesday evening, at the Queen's Hotel, Mr. J. H. James, auctioneer, offered for sale the following loti of property -.—Lot 1, Nos. 20,21,22, 25, 24, and 25, High-street, Mountain Ash, now in the occupation of Mr. Benjamin Griffiths and others, at about JB10 per annum each. The houses were sold fOJ JB117 10a., £ 112 10* £115, £112108., JB117 10s., £ 180. Lot 2, Nos. 18, 19, 20, Bankes-street, Aber- dare, rented at £9 2s. each house. The lot was knocked down for f267 10:i. There was a good atten- dance. Messrs. Linton and C. and W. Kenshole were the solicitors for the vendors. LADIES CHOIR AT TRECYNON.-—On Tuesday evening, at Brynseion Chanel Vestry, a meeting was held to consider the advisability of forming a ladies choir at Trecynon. There was a large attendance, and it was decided to form a society. Mr. E. S. Jones, Clive- street, was appointed chairman Mr. Thomas Hughes, 3, Primrose Villas, treasurer and Mr. W. Jones, 21, Church-row, secretary. Mrs. Davies, of the Royal Exchange, was unanimously appointed conductress, and Mr. Jenkin Murris (leader of the Trecynon United Choir) accompanist. The choir, which will consist of 30 voices, will compete< at the National Eisteddfod at Llanelly. The society will consist of about 100 members and Mrs. Davies is to be allowed to pick her thirty from amongst them. CONCERT.—On Monday evening, at the Temperance Hall, a grand evening concert was given in aid of Mr. W. Thomas, a young man who lately had the misfortune of losing one of his arms by an accident which befell him while working at the Gadlys Brick Works. Mr. D. Williams (High Constable) ably presided over a large and enthusiastic audience. The local corps of volunteers, under the command of Colonel T. Phillips, Captain W. D. Phillips, and Lieut. Gregor were present. The Ysguborwen Brass Band (the volunteer band) played some splendid selec- tions of music, and were loudly applauded. The following ladies and gentlemen took part:—Mrs. Rees (Llinos Rhondda), Wni. Thomas (Eos Wenallt), W. T. Griffiths (Llew Boston), Miss Jessie Coleman (Mountain Ash), Mr. Ebcn Powell, and Mr. Collette. Mr. Arthur Howellsmade an admirable accompanist. POLICK COCRT.—Tuesday, before Messrs. W. M. North (stipendiary), R. It Rhys, D. P. Davies, Dr. Davies. DRUNKS.-The undermentioned defendants were fined various amounts for being drunk or drunk aDd disorderly or sent to prison :—Thomas Mack, John Driscoll, Trevor Griffiths, David Morgan (Hirwain), Thomas Foley, Henry Richards, and W m. Jones (Hirwain).—MAINTENANCE.—James and Joseph Boyle were summoned for disobeying a mainten- ance order. James was £1 7s. 6d. in arrears and had lIent 10s. The cases were adjourned for a fortnight, and if the arrears were not paid then an order for commitment would he issued. ——- AEKIUATION.— Willie Davies was summoned to show cause etc., by Sarah Anne Evans, Albert-street, Aberaman. The case was adjourned for a week. SocIAL GATHERING AT ST. FAGAN'S.—In connec- tion with St. Winifred's Church a most enjoyable social gathering was held on Thursday evening at St. Fagan's School. The vicar (Rev. J. Bevan) was in the chair. Mr. W. T. Griffiths (Llew Boston) who ^l°n the bass solo competition at Risca Eisteddfod out °'17 competitors, sang the "Wolf." His deep rich ^oiC6 Was heard to advantage, and he was loudly i*pplauded. Mr. Drew sang a comic song, and Mr. Rees also obliged the company. A grand supper had been prepared, and the tables were presided over hy Mrs. Williams, Park-lane; Miss Williams, Miss Williams, Manchester House; Miss Morgan, and Miss Shattock, who were assisted by a few friends. Dancing commenced at nine o'clock, and was con- tinued until tho morning. Amongst those who took an active part in the affair were Mrs. Williams, Mr. Joliffe. Mr. Harris, schoolmaster, and the Rev. H. R. Roberts, curate. Mr. Willie Harries made an excellent accompanist, and when dancing commenced he was assisted by Mr. Karl Areskog (leader of the Empire Band), Mr. D. Thomas, and Mr. W. Chew. All thoroughly enjoyed themselves, and are longing for a similar occasion. SALE OF LEASEHOLD PROPERTT. — On the evening ef the 16th inst., Mr. T. Whitty Evans, auctioneer, etc., Aberdare, offered for sale by public auction cer- tain leasehold property situated in Alierdare and Trecynon. There was a large attendance, notwith- standing the inclemency of the weather, and the bidding was spirited. The first lot brought under the hammer was the dwelling house, No. 29, Glan- road, which i., now in the occupation of Mr. David Hughea, at an annual rental of £9 15". The honse is held for a term of 99 years computed from January, 1856, and the ground rent is 14s. lid. The bidding started at j390 and the house was eventually sold for £125 to Mr. Evan Williams, grocer, Canon-street. I<ot 2.—The dwelling house situated at No. 30, Glan- toad, in the occupation of Mr. H. Lewis, and pro- ducing an annual rental of £ 9 2s. It is held under the same terms as lot 1 and the ground rental is 15s. This was started at JB80 and knocked down to Mr. E. Williams at JS100. Lot 3 consisted of the leasehold premiies situated at Nos. 42 and 41a, Bell-street, and No. 20, St. John-street, Trecynon, with bakehouse in the roar, now in the occupation of Mr. Goronwy and others, and producing an annual rent of J323 Is. 6d.— The houses are held for three lives and 99 years com- puted from July, 1854, with a ground rent of JB1 11s. 6d. Started at JB150, and withdrawn at JB195. Mr. Evans also put up three jBlO fully paid shares in the Aberdare Steam Laundry Co., Ltd., and four shares iu the Aberdare Star Bowkett Building Society. The former were bought by Mr. Flooks for £26, and the latter by Mr. T. Harris, St. Fagan's Schools, Trecy- non, for JB45 1!h1. Messrs. Linton atd C. and W. Kenshole were the solicitors for the vendors. YARIETT ENTERTAINMENT.—The large number that attended the variety entertainment at the Tem- perance Hall on Thursday evening last, could not have failed to enjoy themselves, as the performance was bright and entertaining throughout. It is a credit to Aberdare that it possesses young men who can turn out such a first class "Rhow." The enter- tainment was got up by the Alierdare Churchmen's ¡ Club, and the proceeds are to be devoted towards furnishing the club. Among the patrons were Lord and Lady Aberdare, Lord Tredegar, Sir W. T. and Lady Lewis, Mr. and Mrs. D. A. Thomas, M.P., Mr. and Mrs. James Lewis, J.P., PIasdraw: Mr. and Mrs. W. T. Rees, Maesynynon Mr. and Mrs. W. Thomas, J.P., Brynawel; M). and Mrs. W. Thomas, Oakhill; Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Thomas, Ysguborwen Mr. and Mrs. Acomb, Mr. and Mrs. D. J. Gwyn, Misses Joseph, the Rev. H. Green (vicar), Dr. E. Jones, Dr. Seale, and Mr. W. W. Joseph. The pro- gramme opened with an oveiture played by the Quadrille Band in good style. Mr. Joe Jones sang the comic song It makes me feel I'm getting young again" splendidly, and caused roars of laughter. Afterwards be gave a step dance, which was loudly applauded. He was encored but did not respond. Mr. Dunn recited "Christmas Day in the Work- house" very effectively, Mr. Tudor Rhys in his comic song in character entitled I can't change it," was very good and received hearty applause. "The last watch was rendered in good style by Mr. A. J. Evans. The comic sketch by the Brothers McGinty was laughable in the extreme. Mr. D. P. Richards rendered a song in an admirable manner. Mr. Joe Jones, in the second half, well-deserved the encores he received for his singing of I'm the nigger that's always laughing." He rendered it 111 fine style, and Was "side-splitting." Those who took part in the first half again acquitted themselves splendidly in the fpcond. EMPIRE THEATRE.—By way of a cnange, the stage of the Empire is occupied by a variety performance. The manager has been able to engage a company which any theatre might be proud of, and when one considers the difficulty there is in procuring good variety artistes during the "panto" season he deserves great praise. The attractive programme drew a crowded house on Monday night, and judg- ing from the hearty applause which greeted each per- former, the whole of the company have made them- selves jxipular. The programme is opened by Miss Eva Maynard, a serio-comic of no mean older. She sings well, and concludes an excellent turn with a graceful dance. The Oliuar trio, who do a double turn, are very clever acrobatic and triple bar per- formers. The acrobatic performance is very good, being marked by its rapidity. The charming Sisters Cunningham are one of the liest pair of sistets who hare visited Aberdare. They are vivacious singers, and canqot fail to please any audience. Their danc- ing is pretty in the extreme and entirely absent from anything approaching vulgarity. The trio. Daltrey, Seaforth, and Higgon, do a very comical sketch, entitled, "Fisto," or "The nval maidens." They keep the house in roars of laughter, especially in the Mene where the rival maidens (Miss Seaforth and Miss Higgon) ha\e a duel, and afterwards a boxing match. Miss Seaforth, for a. lady, boxes splendidly. Miss Rosie Wynne is a pleasing serio-comic singer, and does a really good turn. Her snugs are the best, and the parody on Oh Mr. Porter is excellent. She is a big favourite. Decidedly the big "draw" is Mr- Arthur Carney, the celebrated London comic singer of the "Gently does the trick" fame. He has some splendid songs, including "It's warm, very warm." He was loudly applauded at the end of the turn. OBITCAIIT.—It is with deep regret we have this week to record the death of Mrs. Gwenllian Thomas, of 58, Monk-street, Aberdare, the widow of the late Mr. Stephen Thomas, and the mother of Mr. Tom I Stephens, the able conductor of the famous Rhondda Glee Soeiety. The sad event took place on Sunday last. The deceased, who was 67 years of age a few months ago, met with an accident while on o visit to her son at Trelierbert, from the effects of which she has never recovered. Deep sympathy is felt with the bereaved relatives and friends. The funeral will take place to-day (Thursday) at Aberdare Cemetery. SOCIAL GATHERING AT TABERNACLE CHAPEL.—On Tuesday evening a social gathering was held in con- nection with the aliove chapel, to commemorate the advent of the pastor (the Rev. T. C. Evans) into their midst twelve months ago. Tea was prepared at six o'clock, and a large number sat down to a splendid spread. The tables were presided over by Miss Naomi Jones, Miss Davies, Trecynon, Mrs. Williams, Cwmaman, Miss Lottie Morris, Miss Maggie Farr, Miss James, and Mrs. and Miss Price, Seymour- etreet. The whole of the arrangements were super- intended by Mrs. D. M. Richards. Tea being over, an adjournment was made from the Sunday School- room to the chapel, where the social meeting was held. Mr. J. Morris occupied the chair. Amongst those who took part in the programme were Miss Bessie Richards, Miss H. Davies, Miss Walters, and Mr. Hopkins. Several influential members of the congregation spoke of the grand work Mr. Evans had done during his stay at Aberdare. They all wished he would continue to do good, and hoped he would prosper. ABERAMAN. EISTEDDFODIC.—A grand eisteddfod is to be held at Aberdare in February, 1895, to raise funds to erect a memorial over the grave of the late Mr. Christopher Morris whoso untimely death cut short an expected brilliant career. A strong committee has issued a splendid programme of events which will doubtless prove attractive. There is an abundance of entries. MOUNTAIN ASH. THOMAS DA VIES AND CO., BUILDERS, Cox. TRACTORS, UNDERTAKERS, AND COMPLETE FCNERAL FCRNISHERS. Hearse and Mourning Coaches, and every requisite supplied. Address—PRYCE-STREET AND DUFFRTN-STREET, MOCNTAIN ASH. [2599 HEARTS OF OAK.—Annual meeting of the Mountain Ash branch of the Country Members Representative Association, will beheld on Tuesday, February 5th, 1895, at the Coffee-tavern, Mountain Ash. Business to appoint members for the Delegation Board. All members are earnestly invited to attend. [2830 WEDDING.—On Tuesday morning, at Llanwonno Church, the marriage of Mr. Griffiths Davies, Pen- rhiweeiber Farm, to Mrs. C. Thomas, the widow of the late Mr. W. E. Thomas, Allen's Arms Hotel, Mountain Ash, took place. The interesting ceremony was performed by the vicar of Llanwonno. Dr. Thomas, Penrhiwceiber, acted in the capacity of best man, whilst the part of bridesmaid was carried out by Miss Dalla Morgan, sister to the bride. ■ •» PRESENTATION AT MOUNTAIN ASH. At the Aliens Arms Hotel, on Monday evening list, a meeting of the members belonging to the Lletty Ivor Lodge of Ivorites took place, Dr. E. P. Evans, J.P., presiding. During the evening an interesting presentation was made to Mr. Evan Davies, Penrhiwceilwr, as an acknowledgement for his faithful services and his praiseworthy efforts in bring- ing members into the Lodge. The presenta- tion took the form of a beautiful silver albert, and was presented to Mr. Davies by the Chairman in fitting terms. The recipient thanked Dr. Evans for the kmd things said about him, and also the members. He would promise in the future, as in the past, to dc his utmost for the success of Lletty Ivor Lodge. The meeting was further addressed by Messrs. Thomas Phillips, D. P. Davies, William Griffiths, and David Davies, officials of the lodge. It may be stated that Lletty Ivor is one of the oldest and moit successful lodges in the district, it having been established over 40 years.