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CARDIFF AND BRISTOL. JULY, 1869. HE CARDIFF and PORTISHEAD X STEAM-SHIP CO.'s STEAMERS, V8F31\F^ "TAFF," GEORGE DANDO, Master, •^JGGGGGGJS^ «WYE, JOHN LLOYD, Master, unless prevented by any unforeseen occurrence, are intended to SAIL during the Month of JULY, 1869. CARDIFF to BRISTOL (via Portishead). Steamer DAYS. from Bute Docks, Cardiff. — (mora. 5 30 §•§ • 23 Friday (after. 4 30 •S'- a c, (morn 5 30 '-g _-2 34 Saturday {after. 4 30 og% 26 Monday morn. 7 30 I 27 Tuesday morn. 7 30 "S'S'o 28 Wednesday g ||| » Thursday [S?" ? » JJ. 30 Friday morn. 9 80 ao 31 Saturday morn. 9 30 BRISTOL (via Portishead) to CARDIFF. Steamer DAYS from IJAYS- Portishead Pier. tt> -j S morn. 8 45 23 Friday J af ter 7 30 „ f morn. 8 45 24 Saturday |after. 7 30 26 Monday. after. 9 10 27 Tuesday after. 9 10 x\r ,j j morn. 10 50 28 Wednesday j aftep 9 JQ m. j f morn. 10 50 29 Thursday | after. 9 10 30 Friday morn 10 50 31 Saturday after. 1 30 To-and-fro from Cardiff, 23rd, 24th, 26th, 27th, 28th, 29th. To and-fro from Portishead, 23rd, 24th, 28th, 29th. FARES.—Between Cardiff and Portishead Best Cabin, Is. 6d.; Fore Cabin, lOd. Between Portishead and Clifton Bridge—First Class, Is. 6d.; Second Class, Is.; Third Class, 8d. Between Portishead and Bristol First Class, 2s.; Second Class Is. 6d.; Third Class, 11 id. Rates for Carriages, Horses Cattle, Sheep, &c., and Freights for Merchandise reduced to allow for cost of transit by Railway to and from Bristol, the total charges not exceeding those hitherto paid. TO and FROM BATHURST BASIN, Bristol, calling at the Landing Stage, Hotwells. CARDIFF to BRISTOL. 23 Friday after. 4 30 24 Saturday after. 4 30 26 Monday To-and-fro morn. 7 30 27 Tuesday To-and-fro mom.. 7 30 28 Wednesday To-and-fro. morn. 7 30 29 Thursday. morn. 730 30 Friday morn 9 30 31 Saturday morn. 9 30 BRISTOL (Bathurst Basin) to CARDIFF. 23 Friday after. 6 0 24 Saturday after. 6 0 26 Monday after. 730 27 Tuesday after. 730 28 Wednesday after. 730 29 Thursday morn. 9 30 30 Friday morn.. 9 30 31 Saturday. morn. 11 30 O" It being intended to sail punctually at the times stated, no Goods will be received for shipment at Bathurst Basin later than one hour previous. After Cabin, 2s. 6d.; Fore Cabin, Is. 6d. To-and-Fro same day or next (provided a To-and-Fro Ticket be taken), After Cabin, 3s. 6d.; Fore Cabin, 2s. To-and-Fro Tickets will also be issued on Saturday, available for the Return Trip on Monday. 21j Mr. JOHN ROWE, Manager. INCREASED STEAMSHIP COMMUNICA- TION BETWEEN CORK,CARDIFF, & NEWPORT. mHE CORK STEAMSHIP COM- PANY'S First-Class Powerful bteainers:- PELICAN, Capt. Nagle 800 Tons. 250 Horse Power DODO, Capt. Raynes. 1000 Tons. 300 Horse Power. Are intended to ply as underneath, unless prevented by any unforeseen occurrence, with or without a Pilot, with liberty to Tow Vessels, during the Moath of JULY, 1869. TO CORK. From Cardiff Saturday 3 11 morning From Newport Wednesday 7 3 £ afternoon From Cardiff Saturday 10 5^ morning FromNewport Wednes. 14 82 afternoon From Cardiff Saturday 17 114 morning From Newport Wednes. 21 31 afternoon From Cardiff Saturday 24 51 morning From Newport Wednesday 28 8 afternoon From Cardiff Saturday 31 10 morning FROM CORK. To Newport Monday 5 11 morning To Milford and Cardiff Wednesday 7 1 afternoon To Newport Monday 12 4 afternoon To Milford & Cardiff Wednes. 14 6l morning To Newport Monday 19 11 morning To Milford and Cardiff Wednesday 21 1 afternoon To Newport Monday 26 4 afternoon To Milford & Cardiff Wednes. 28 61 morning Passengers'Fares between Cardiff, Newport, and Cork :— To Cork and Back, in Best Cabin (Tickets available for One Month), .£1 7s. To Cork, Best Cabin (no Steward's Fee), 17s 6d. Deck, 7s. Horses, Carriages, Live Stock, and Goods intended tor Shipment, should be alongside Two Houis before the time of sailing from Newport, and Four Hours from Cardiff. The Company give Notice that they will not be accountable for any Passengers' Luggage, unless the value thereof be de- clared, and the Freight paid accordingly, at the time of ship- ment and that Passengers from CARDIFF or NJBWPOKT urist obtain their Tickets from the Offices before going on board. Koi Freight, &c., apply at the Company's OfficEs, Cork or to their Agents, ?.tr. E. C. DOWNING, Shipbroker, Bute Docks, Carditf; Mr. JAMES MADDOCKS Dock-street, Newport, Mon. 119 STEAM COMMUNICATION WITH THE SOUTH OF IRELAND. Via New Milford, Milford Haven, and Waterford. DAILY SERVICE (SUNDAYS EXCEPTED). « n MILFOKO HAVEN aud WATER- X FORD STEAMSHIP COMPANY'S yj^f^ROYAL MAIL STEAMERS will sail (weather permitting) From New Milford at I From Waterford at 40 1.40 a.m., on arrival of the p.m., on arrival of the Train 4.50 p.m. Train, so as to from Cork, Limerick, &c., «nable passengers to pro- so as to enable passengers ceed by the 10.20 a.m. Train to proceed by the 2.0 a.m. to Limerick, Cork, &c. Train reaching London at I 11.15 a.m. For further particulars apply at any of the Railway Stations, or to Messrs. JACKSON and CO., 1802] New Milford, South Wales. CHEAPEST ROUTE for GOODS to and from NORTH of IRELAND, and all parts of SCOTLAND. STEAM BETWEEN CARDIFF, BELFAST, GREENOCK, AND GLASGOW. EVERY SATURDAY, -Carrying Goods for Newport, Merthyr Tydvil, Rhymney, Pontypool, Aberdare, Brecon, Kington, Bridgend, Ross, Monmouth, Hereford, Shrewsbury, &c. 1 ""kxk Screw Steam Ships ANTONA, Laptain Lancey CLUTHA, Captain VTCNiiilv^ ry [ VhcAR, Captain Huckman JURA, Captain Mills or other vessels, are (intended to Sail, with Goods and Passengers, from the East Bute Dock (unless prevented by circumstances), as follows:— CARDIFF TO GLASGOW, GLASGOW TO CARDIFF, Via Bristol. Viâ Belfast, x j JULoY' n Wednes., June 30.. 4 p.m. Saturday, 3 11p.m. JULY. Saturday, 10 6 p.m. Wednes., 7 1 p m_ Saturday, 17 10 a.m. Wednes., 14 4 11TT1' Saturday, 24 6 p.m. Wednes., 21 1 p m' Saturday, 31 9 a.m. Wednes., 28 4 p|m! BELFAST TO CARDIFF.—JULY. Thursday, 1 2 p.m. I Thursday, 22 6 p.m. Thursday, 8 12 noon Thursday, 29 2 p.m. Thursday, 15 2 p.m. L With liberty to tow and assist Vessels. Fares Belfast, Cabin, 17s. 6d.; Deck, 10s. Greenock Or Glasgow, Cabin, 20s.; Deck, 12s. 6d. Goods require to be alongside in time for shipment Three Hours before advertised time of sailing. Apply in Glasgow to William Sloan and Co., 34, Both well-street; in Belfast, to Robert Henderson and Son; in Bristol, to Mark Whitwill and Son; in Greenock, to William Lindsay and Co.; and in Cardiff to WEBB, MILSOM, and CO., Post Office, Mount Stuart-square. Cardiff, July, 1869. [3937 Kitsinm ^ddrcisafii. TRADESMEN'S ADDRESSES are inserted in the GUARDIAN, which has the most influential circu- lation in Wales, at Is. an inch per week, if ordered for three months. P. THOMAS, NEW AND SECOND-HAND BOOKSELLER, 14, CHURCH-STREET, CARDIFF. (Next Door but One to the General Post Office.) OLD and scarce Books supplied.—Libraries and parcels of Books bought or exchanged Weekly and Monthly Periodicals supplied as soon as published. Books bound in any style at moderate prices. Henry's Commentary, unabridged edition, 3 vols., 4to., cloth, £ 2. Scott's Commentary, 3 vols., 4to., calf, gilt, 18s. 6d. Scott's Commentary, 6 vols., 4to., cloth, best edition, Bl 10s. Clarke's (Dr. A.), Commentary, 6 vols., imp. 8vo., £ 2 12s 6d. Faiths of the World, 2 vols., imp. 8vo., half calf, gilt, 22. Webster's Dictionary, 4to., cloth, £ 1 Is. Walters's English and Welsh Dictionary, 2 vols., imp. 8vo., cloth, m. Critical Commentary by Jameeson, Brown, &c., 4 vols, cloth, 14s. 6d. Cruden's Concordance, 4to., boards, 7s. 6d. [3960 WILLIAM E. VAUGHAN'S STEAM DYEING AND SCOURING WORKS, 248, BUTE-STREET, AND 77, CROCKHERB- TOWN, CARDIFF. 52, COMMERCIAL-STREET, NEWPORT. AND 87, HIGH-STREET, MERIHYR. BED and Window Curtains, ShawK Mantles, Dresses, Table Covers, Feathers, Gentlemen's Clotheb, &c., Cleaned or Dyed. AGENTS: Aberdare-Mrs. Dance, confectioner, Commercial-street Bridgend-Mrs. Thomas, grocer, Nolton-street. Cow bridge-Mrs. Stibbs, confectioner, Ivor House. l36 BY HER MAJESTY'S ROYAL LETTERS PATENT GEORGE MORETON, WHOLESALE BOOT AND SHOE MANUFACTURER, 74, ST. MARY-STREET, CARDIFF, PATENTEE OF THE LACING BOOT WITH THE TONGUE OUTSIDE. THE TRADE, DEALERS, and others, supplied on the shortest notice. ALL KINDS OF UPPERS MADE TO ORDER FOR THE TRADE. AGENT FOR ME BRISTOL & WEST OF ENGLAND SEWING MACHINE COMPANY. EVERY KIND OF MACHINES MADE TO ORDER AND REPAIRED Cheaper than any House in the Kingdom. THE DORCAS MACHINE, FOR DRESS AND MANTLE-MAKERS, 24 4s. [3506 WILLIAMS, THOMAS, & CO., PUBLIC AND PRIVATE ACCOUNTANTS AUCTIONEERS AND ESTATE AGENTS, SURVEYORS AND VALUERS. Agents to the Alliance Life and Fire Assurance Company, Established 1824 Capital £ 5,000,000. Also the Norwich and London Accident and Casualty Insurance Association. Compensation for Personal Injury, Railway Accident, Plate Glass Insurance, &c., &c. ^OFFICES 2, PEARSON-PLACE, BUTE DOCK, CARDIFF. ALL Sales receive every attention and care. Public and Private Accountant's Business got through with all possible speed, and all unnecessary delay spared their clients in all matters relating to Bankruptcies, Winding up of Estates, &c., &c. In all matters of Valuation great care and attention are paid to the interest of clients. Several good Properties for Sale. Several Good Businesses, Hotels, and Double and Single Public Houses to be disposed of. Sale Rooms for the Storage of Furniture and Merchan- dise, intended for the weekly or immediate Sale. Auctioneers and Appraisers to the County Court. NOTICE OF REMOVAL. William Williams and Co., Auctioneers and Estate Agents, Accountants and Appraisers, now at 17, St. John-street, Cardiff, will remove on the 1st of June next to their suite of Offices, No. 2, Pearson's Buildings, Bute Docks, where for the present the whole business of the firm will be conducted. Communications after this date to be addressed thereto. Dated this 20th May, 1869. [3228 DINNEFORD'S FLUID MAGNESIA. FOR Thirty Years the Medical Profession have ap- proved of this pure solution as the best remedy for ACIDITY OF THE STOMACH, HEARTBURN, HEADACHE, GOUT, and INDIGESTION and as a mild aperient for delicate constitutions, espe- cially adapted for Ladies, Children, and Infants. When combined with the ACCIDULATED LEMON SYRUP, it forms a most agreeable effervescing draught, in which its aperient and cooling qualities are much increased. In warm seasons and warm climates this simple pre- paration, when taken REGULARLY, has been found highly beneficial. DINNEFORD AND CO., CHEMISTS, &c., 172, NEW BOND-STREET, LONDON. Sold by all respectable Chemists throughout the World. CAUTION.- See that Dinneford and Co." is on each bottle, and red label over the cork. [3309 GALVANISM v. NERVOUS EXHAUSTION Is most successfully and painlessly self applied by means of PULVERMACHER'S Patent Improved VOLTA-ELECTRIC CHAIN-BANDS, BELTS AND POCKET BATTERIES In Rheumatic, Neuralgic, and Gouty Pains, Nervous Debility, Sleeplessness, Paralysis, Epilepsy, Indigestion Cramp, Asthma, Nervous Deafness, Functional Disorders' &c. THE strong guarantee of their truly marvellous efficacy, furnished in the numerous authenticated Medical Reports and Testimonials of Cures, in a recent pamphlet sent post free, are enhanced by a Test sent on Loan, if required, for discerning the above genuine from the spurious electric appliances advertised by quackish inaposters under various aliases. Price List of Pulvermacher's Chain-Bands and Batteries. Pulvermacher's VOLTA ELECTRIC N. CHAIN- BANDS for Sciatica, Rheumatic, Neuralgic, and Gouty Pains, Local Paralysis, Cramp in the Extremities, 18s., 22s., and 40s. Pulvermacher's VOLTA ELECTRIC B. CHAIN- BANDS for Lumbago, Indigestion, Liver, Chest, and Functional Disorders, &c., to be worn as a Belt, 22s. to 40s. and 55s. Pulvermacher's VOLTA ELECTRIC B. CHAIN- BANDS for Nervous Deafness, Head, Tooth, and Face Ache, and Noises in the Head, 10s. 6d. to 21s. Pulvermacher's VOLTA ELECTRIC B. CHAIN- BANDS for Loss of Voice and affections of the Throat 10s. 6d. to 21s. Pulvermacher's VOLTA ELECTRIC B. CHAIN- BANDS for Writers' Cramp, Trembling, Nervousness, &c., 22s. to 30s. and 40s. Pulvermacher's VOLTA ELECTRIC B. COMBINED DITTO for Central Paralysis, Epilepsy, General Debility, Functional Disorders, &c., 30s. to 50s. Pulvermacher's VOLTA ELECTRIC CHAIN BAT- TERIES for extreme Nervous Debility, Paralysis, and for restoring exhausted Vital Energy (to be used in con- junction with Combined Bands), 3 to 4 guineas. Pulvermacher's VOLTA ELECTRIC BATH BAT- TERIES for treatment by Electric Baths in the Patient's own bedroom in many cases, and for eliminating poisonous substances from the system, Paralysis, &c., R,3 to e6. Caution.— £ 10,000 Damages (by judgment bearing date, London, 30th Nov., 1856) were awarded to the Inventor of the above against Mr. Meinig for infringing his patent rights. This, however, has not prevented obscure individuals, under the disguise of ever-changing aliases, practising their quackish extortions at the expense of the unsuspecting patient by their advertising most delusively, merely as a catch, articles of similar description, which are in reality nothing else but a sham and a dupery, as are all their ostentatious assertions, without any proof to rely on. Thus cautioned, the public will know how to guard Thus cautioned, the public will know how to guard against the trickeries of these pseudo-electricians. For full particulars apply to J. L. Pulvermacher, Gal- vanic Establishment, 200, Regent-street, London. Pamph- lets post free. P. O. Orders payable at (Foubert's-place), t Regent-street, W. [3875 IMPROVED APPLICATION OF WATER POWER. THE TURBINE. MAC ADAM BROTHERS and CO., Engineers, Soho Foundry, Belfast, after twenty years of expe- rience, have brought their improved Turbine to great perfection. It is applicable to all practicable heights of Fall, giving much greater power from the water than any other kind of Water Wheel. On Low Falls it has the great advantage of not being impeded by floods or backwater. It is particularly well adapted for situations where the quantity of water is variable, and where all other Wheels fail. Its motion is extremely regular, and, when desired, a Governor can be applied effectively. This Wheel is at work in a great many places, to which reference will be given. I 3931 PARDOE BROTHERS, EARTHENWARE AND TOBACCO PIPE MANUFACTURERS, NANTGARW POTTERIES, (NEAR CARDIFF), GLAMORGANSHIRE. The Cheapest place known for Garden and Chimney Pots. List of Prices on application. 13804 GARNOCK, BIBBY, AND CO., MANUFACTURERS OF IMPROVED PATENT CORDAGE, MANILLA, COIR and WIRE ROPE, LIVERPOOL. [3351 TO COLLIERY PROPRIETORS, CONTRACTORS, &c. JAMES LODGE, MOIRA-PLACE, SPLOTTLANDS, HAS ALWAYS ON SALE a Large Quantity of Selected SECOND-HAND DOUBLE AND SINGLE T. COLLIERY AND BRIDGE RAILS, FIT TO RELAY. Also a QUANTITY of COLLIERY and other SLEEPERS [3460 A Large quantity of Sound DEVONSHIRE CIDER, adapted for Harvest purposes Sixpence per Gallon. Apply to John Bowden and Company, West Bute Dock Warehouses, Cardiff. Their usual prime qualities of Sweet Draught and Pale Champagne Bottling Cider are now in high perfection and will be supplied at very moderate prices. [3896 WILLIAM GAUNT, ONION, POTATO, AND CUCUMBER GROWER, BEGS to inform the Gentry and Tradespeople of the neighbourhood of Cardiff that he has on View for Sale, a Hundred Thousand Savoy Plants at 6d. per hundred, Twenty Thousand Cucumber Plants at Id. each. Any quantity of Wheeler's Imperial and Nonpariel Cabbages and young Onions, now fit for use, at the Lowest Price for Cash. The Trade supplied. Orders to be left at Mr. Herbert Reece's, Golden Lion Inn, Cardiff, where samples may be seen or at Mr. Gaunt's Residence, Wauntreoda Farm, Whitchurch. L3334 UNION ROAD NURSERY, CARDIFF. W. TRESEDER BEGS to inform his Customers and the Public that he has now ready 10,000 BEDDING and other PLANTS, comprising Zonale Geraniums, Verbenas, Calceolarias, Heliotropium, Fuchsias, &c., &c. ORDERS BOOKED IN ROTATION. An early call requisite to secure strong Plants. A choice selection of TENDER and HARDY ANNUAL FLOWER SEEDS. Fourteen selected Packets of Hardy Annual's sent free per post for Is. A choice selection of Show, French, and Fancy PELARGONIUMS, now blooming, and for Sale. All the new Double Geraniums of 1868 in Stock. Madame Lemoine, the best of the Batch, price 3s. 6d. each. A choice collection of New Tricoloured and Bronze- leaved Geraniums. Well-established Plants of Mr. Pollock, at 6s. per dozen. Wedding and other Bouquets cut to order. 124 IMPORTANT NOTICE. PRIZE MEDALS AWARDED TO GREEN'S PATENT LAWN MOWERS. International Exhibition, London, 1862. International Exhibition, Dublin, 1865. and numerous other places. GREEN'S Patent Lawn Mowers have proved to be the best and have carried off every prize that has been given in all cases of competition, and as evidence of their superiority, upwards of 46,600 have been sold since the year 1856. Sold by all respectable Ironmongers, Seeds- men, &c., in the Kingdom. Delivered to all the principal Railway Stations and Shipping Ports in England. Thomas Green and Son, Smithfield Iron Works, Leeds and 54 & 55. Blackfriars-road, London, S. [3693 LAWES' MANURES WERE the first Chemical Manures manufactured and introduced, and have been in use for 28 years with great success. The supply for the present season is now ready for delivery, at the Factories, all in first-rate condition. LAWES' PATENT TURNIP MANURE. DISSOLVED BONES. LAWES' SUPERPHOSPHATE OF LIME. LAWES' WHEAT BARLEY, GRASS, AND MAN- GEL MANURES. CONCENTRATED CORN AND GRASS MANURES. AGENTS: Mr. J. M. Hall, Cardiff Messrs. Tucker Bros., Aber- gaveuny; Messrs. N. and F. Wilmott, Pontypool; Mr. John Holehouse, Gaer Hill, Chepstow Mr, John Phill- potts, Skenfrith Mills, Skenfrith Mr. Thomas Hallen Raglan Mr. Joseph Morris, Longhope. near Ross Mr: William Morgan, Magor, near Newport; Mr. A. Tem- pleton, Glasbury Mr. Jno. E. Young, Hursley Court, Letton, near Hereford Mr. Matthews, Poole Cottage, White Cross-road, Hereford Mr. James Jenkins, Llan- gadock; Mr. J. P. Edwards, Kenfig Hill, Pyle, and Aberavon. Orders for Genuine Peruvian Guano, Nitrate of Soda, Sulphate of Ammonia, &c., &c., should be sent direct to John Bennet Lawes. Offices: London, 59, Mark. lane, E.C.; Dublin, 22, Eden-quay Shrewsbury, Market-street. 13693 ESTABLISHED 1842. J. AND T. ROBINSON CONTINUE TO MANUFACTURE BONE MANURE, FOR GRAIN AND ROOT CROPS, THE GRASSES, AND CLOVER; ALSO SUPERPHOSPHATE OF LIME, Rich in phosphate chiefly rendered soluble, and in a state of great perfection for maturing, as well as starting the Crop. These Manures are offered with every confidence, after years of practical experience by the Manufacturers. ALSO LINSEED AND COTTONSEED CAKE, Made from Seed as imported, without admixture. Apply to J. and T. ROBINSON, ST. PHILLIP'S MARSH, BRISTOL At the DOCKS, GLOUCESTER or to their AGENTS. f3447 COMPENSATION IN CASE OF INJURY, AND A FIXED SUM IN CASE OF DEATH, CAUSED BY ACCIDENT OF ANY KIND, May be secured by a Policy of the RAILWAY PASSENGERS ASSURANCE JLt COMPANY. An Annual Payment of £ 3 to 96 5s. insures £1000 at Death, and an Allowance at the rate of iC6 per Week for Injury. RAILWAY ACCIDENTS ALONE MAY BE PROVIDED AGAINST BY INSURANCE TICKETS FOR SINGLE OR DOUBLE JOURNEYS. For particulars apply to the Clerks at the Railway Stations, to the Local Agents; or at the Offices, 64, CORNHILL, AND 10. REGENT-STREET, LONDON. WILLIAM J. VIAN, Secretary. Agent for Cardiff-Mr. J. WILLANS, 14, Loudoun- square. Merthyr—Mr. H. W. HARRIS, 140, High-street. Neath—Mr. W. H. REES. [3283 Ijitsiitffsa gulditssoss. PATRONISED BY THE MOST NOBLE THE MARQUIS OF BUTE. II. SWEETING, HAIRDRESSER AND PERFUMER, 6, ANGEL-STREET, CARDIFF, MANUFACTURER of Wigs, Scalps, Fronts, Chig- nons, &c., See., on the best and most approved principles. Ladies' and Gentlemen's Hair Cutting Saloons fitted with every convenience after the London and Paris principle. Private Saloons also for Dyeing. Hair Brushing by Machinery, and Shampooing. H. S. and first-class Assistants always in attendance. Schools and Families attended in Town and Country. A large Stock of Toilet Brushes, Combs, Sponges, and Perfumery from the Principal Paris and London Houses. Fancy Bags, Dressing Cases, Work Boxes, &c. 13530 CHAPELLERIE FRANCAISE. S. WEICHERT, FRENCH HAT & CAP MANUFACTURER, 39, BUTE-STREET, CARDIFF Established 1858. SW. has in his possession ALLIE AINE'S PATENT • CONFORMATEUR, for taking the exact size of the Head. COUNTRY ORDERS PUNCTUALLY ATTENDED TO. r28 GROOKES AND EDMUNDS, TAILORS, 10, SMITH-STREET, CROCKHERBTOWN, CARDIFF. [25 THE MISSES PEDLER, MILLINERS. DRESS & STRAW BONNET MAKERS BEG to thank the Ladies of Cardiff and neighbour- hood for their kind Patronage since their com- mencement in Business, and trust, by personal and strict attention to all orders entrusted to them, to merit a con. tinuance of their support. Machine Stitching and Pouncing done. Bonnets Cleaned, Dyed, and Altered. Note the Address-18, ST. JOHN-STREET, Cardiff. An Apprentice Wanted. 121 U T E-S T R E E 2. MRS. E. S. MILES TAKES this opportunity on behalf of herself and children of thanking the inhabitants of Cardiff and its vicinity for the patronage bestowed upon her late husband during the twenty-nine years he was in business, and to inform them that she still carries on the same, hoping by strict attention to merit a continuance of their favours, which she earnestly solicits. Her STOCK is now complete with a large assortment of GOODS SUITABLE FOR THE SPRING, consisting of the best makes of PRINTS, Fancy DRESSES, SHAWLS, a great variety of STRAW HATS, MILLINERY, HOSIERY, READY-MADE CLOTHING, &c., &c. E. S. M. would beg to call particular attention to her Stock of WHITE and GREY CALICOES, bought pre- vious to the late heavy advances. Note the Address :-2, BUTE-STREET, (Near the Hayes Bridge.) [3827 ELLS AND NEAL, THE GENERAL DRAPERY ESTABLISHMENT, No. 20 AND 21, DUKE-STREET, CARDIFF. SHOW ROOMS for MANTLES, MILLINERY, and J-/ivCiOo.Lb, LADIES' OUTFITS and BABY LINEN. LINENS and SHEETING. GENTLEMEN'S HOSIERY, &c. LINCOLN and BENNET'S HATS. [3S95 SAMUEL HALL, DRAPER AND SILK MERCER, CARDIFF, BEGS to invite an INSPECTION of his STOCK, comprising a LARGE AND VARIED COLLECTION of all that is choice and good of their respective kinds and qualities. The principle he adopts in his business is the simple and straightforward one, viz., to SELL ALL GOODS AT A LOW FIXED RATE OF PROFIT. Black and Coloured SILKS, of every description, from 35s. the dress. MANTLES AND SHAWLS. FANCY DRESSES. CAMBRICS AND MUSLINS. LINENS AND LONGCLOTHS. LACE AND EMBROIDERIES. PARASOLS AND UMBRELLAS. HOSIERY AND GLOVES. RIBBONS AND TRIMMINGS. MILLINERY, MANTLE, AND DRESS SHOWROOMS. [3681 THE JJELGRAVIA SEWING MACHINE This year, 1869, has achieved another triumph at the Accnngton Agricultural Show, and was AWARDED THE ONLY PRIZE, showing conclusively that there is no other Family Sewing Machine in the World that can compete T s"ccessfully against it. The Eminent Judges of the Manchester and Liverpool Great Centenary Agricultural Society, in their award at the Show of 1867, GAVE IT A SILVER MEDAL SPECIALLY FOR ITS VALUABLE IMPROVEMENTS, and since that time it has TAKEN THE HIGHEST PRIZES, and received the most flattering Enconiums of the Press, and the most cheering Testimonials of the Public Send for Illustrated Circular to HENRY THOMAS, DRAPER, SOLE AGENT FOR CARDIFF, Where the BELGRAVIA can alwavs be seen at work, and also the "LITTLE. WANZER" HAND SEWING MACHINE. BELGRAVIA from 7 Guineas, LITTLE WANZEB from 4 Guineas. A Vacancy for a respectable Youth as an Appren- tioe. [34 §U8iit^SB JuldresscB. JOHN & CHARLES SANKEY TEA DEALERS AND FAMILY GROCERS, FRUIT AND ITALIAN WAREHOUSEMEN, TALLOW CHANDLERS. AGENTS FOR W. AND A. GILBEY, WINE IMPORTERS AND DISTILLERS, LONDON. 18, ANGEL-STREET, CARDIFF, AND DUNRAVEN-PLACE, BRIDGEND. [3187 FOB SUPERIOR TEAS, AND RICH-FLAVOURED COFFEE, AT LOW PRICES, GO TO MITCHELL'S, THE GOLDEN CANISTER TEA WAREHOUSE, JL 40, ST. MARY-STREET, CARDIFF, Opposite Temperance-town. HOME-CURED BACON, OF BEST QUALITY. [3913 THE "CITY TEA" CARDIFF DEPOT. JOHN THOMAS, ARCADE WINE AND SPIRIT VAULTS, CHURCH.STREET, CARDIFF, BEGS to return his sincere thanks to the Inhabi- tants of Carditf and its Neighbourhood for the libe- ral support they have bestowed upon him since he com- menced business in the Tea Trade, and tiusts that by still offering those fine blended TEAS at such LOW PRICES to merit their patronage and support. AGENT for JOHN THOMPSON and SON, India Pale and Stronsr Ac Brewers, Burton-on-Trent; and Sir JOHN ARNOTT and CO., Brewers, Cork. T3186 SCHWEPPE'S SODA WATER, POTASH WATER, LITHIA WATER, SELTZER WATER, LEMONADE, GERMAN SELTZER AND VICHY WATER. F. W. JOY, CHEMIST, CARDIFF. [3545 ~*GRE NEE A B IN G. W., HERN, GENERAL CARRIER, &c., 7, WORKING-STREET, CARDIFF, BEGS to inform Gentlemen, Merchants, Tradesmen, and the Public generally, that he continues the CARRYING BUSINESS formerly conducted by the late J. Bennet. SPRING VANS FOR THE REMOVAL OF FURNITURE To any part on the shortest notice. f3310 JOHN COLLINS, PLAIN AND ORNAMENTAL WIRE WORKER. WIRE WEAVER, & WINDOW BLIND MAKER, MASONS' SCREENS, Sieres, and Riddles. Flower M Stands of every description made to order.—All Orders punctually attended to. No. 17, WOMANBY-STREET, OPPOSITE THE SLAUGHTER-HOUSE, CARDIFF [3914 COUNTY PRINTING OFFICE, ST. JOHN-STREET, CARDIFF. THE CARDIFF AND MERTHYR GUARDIAN NEWS- PAPER and PRINTING COMPANY (Limited). Every Description of LETTER-PRESS PRINTING, including CIRCULARS, CARDS, BILL-HEADS, POSTING BILLS, CATALOGUES, REPORTS, PAMPHLETS, &c. &c., is now executed with Neatness, Accuracy, and Despatch, and upon the most reasonable terms, at the CARDIFF AND MERTHYR GUARDIAN OFFICE, St. JOHN-STREET, CARDIFF. Orders from the Country punctually attended to and Goods delivered, within 12 Miles of Cardiff, free of charge. BY ROYAL APPOINTMENT To Her MAJESTY, by To the PRINCE OF Special Warrant, WALES, by Special dated 27th Decern- Warrant, dated 10th ber, 1865. February, 1866. T)AY, SON, AND HEWITT, Original and Sole Proprietors of the STOCK-BREEDERS' MEDICINE CHEST, For Disorders in Horses, Cattle, Calves, Sheep, and Lambs. Patronised by upwards of Seventy Thousand of the principal Stock-breeders, Horse Proprietors, and Agri- culturists of England, Ireland, Scotland, and Wales. CAUTION.-The first Animal Medicines known to the world as DAY'S," and in such universal repute under that title, are those only manufactured by us. as a bill in Chancery, we recently filed, has established, and no one, as was there shown, knows anything of our discovery, or our mode of compounding. The Chest contains the following matchless prepa- rations Half-a-Dozen CHEMICAL EXTRACT, at 30s. per dozen. One Dozen GASEOUS FLUID, at 20s. per dozen. One Dozen RED DRENCHES, at 13s. per dozen'. One Dozen RED PASTE BALLS, at 7s. 6d. per dozen. Adapted for all ailments among Stock during the present season. Price of Chest complete, with Shilling Book on Farriery, £ 2 16s. 6d. carriage paid. Either preparation may be had separately in boxes. TESTIMONIALS. "Day,Son,andHewitt's "The Gaseous Fluid' is Six Guinea biock-breeders' the best corrective of Scour Medicine Chest1 is the han- in Sheep I have ever diest and cempletest we tried."—T. Rigby, Lecture know of in fact, it lets a on Summer Grazing of Farmer see a whole Phar- Sheep. know of-in fact, it lets a on Summer Grazing of Farmer see a whole Phar- Sheep. macy—not exactly in a nut- i(-r. c shell, but in a neat little ^ay' ?' box.Mark Lane Ex- most excellent re- press. 16th Dec., 18G7. memes for Scour, Gripes, -T. Bowick, author of the cess" ~Sj,0rtUlQ GaMte- Prize Essay on Calves. We have found the My' Shepherd declares i Colic Drinks' (Gaseous the Chemical Extract' to Fluid) prepared by Day, be. worth a guinea a bottle." Son, and Hewitt, act as — H. Woods, Lecture on an invaluable remedy."— Breeding and Management Mark Lane Express, of Sheep. Orders sent by Post will be promptly attended to, if addressed: DAY, SON, AND HEWITT, 22, DORSET-STREET, BAKER-STREET, LONDONW, BRANCH DEPOT AT WANTAGE, BERKS PUBLICATIONS. The Shilling Key to Farriery, free by post for Thirteen Stamps. The Rearing of Calves, free by post for Three Stamps. The Breeding and Management of Sheep, by H. Woods (Lord Walsingham's Agent), free by post for Fira Stamps. [3038 Hitshtcss gidrcsspa. MR. J. H. RIGHTON, TEACHER OF THE PIANOFORTE, &c, 73, CROCKHERBTOWN, CARDIFF. A NEW STOCK of PIANOFORTES, Walnut Tri- XjL chord Pianos, with check-action, Twenty-fiTO Guineas each. Alexandre s Harmoniums, in oak, maho- gany, and Walnut. Music Folios, Rolls, &c. Violins Musical Toy Boxes. Music at half-price, sent post-free to all parts. Tuning promptly attended to. [44. MR. PETER PRICE BEGS to remind his friends and the public that he continues to receive Orders for INSURANCE AGAINST FIRE in the SUN FIRE OFFICE. Having been Cardiff Agent for this Office during the last ten years, his experience of the promptitude and liberality with which the Office has always met claims upon it, enables him to recommend it with confidence. Out of 50,000 claims for damage by fire, during the last half-century, they have never had occasion to dis- pute more than 15 claims. Office-No.3, Crockherbtown. [ 3343 THOMAS JONES, (Late Messrs. JAMES and PRICE,) BUILDER AND MONUMENTAL MASON, PENARTH ROAD ENTRANCE, (Near Mr. Lisle's Foundry), CARDIFF. TJ., in taking this old-established Business, trusts that, having held a responsible position in the late Firm for 20 ye^rs, it will be a sufficient guarantee that all Orders entrusted to him will be executed with care and promptness, and hopes by strict attention aud moderate charges to merit favours so liberally accorded to his predecessors. Restorations and Repairs attended to by experienced workmen. A Variety of TOMBS and HEADSTONES in Stock. Also, Doors, Sashes, Forest and Bath Stone, Plaster Cement, Chimney Tops, &c., &c. Paths and Yards prepared and laid with Marble Tar. Agent for the Sale of Roofing and Sheathing Felt, Drain Pipes and Sanitary Ware. DESIGNS and ESTIMATES prepared, and sent to Order. [3504 EDWIN BAUGH, TILER, PLASTERER, WHITEWASHER, AND COLOURER. All Repairing neatly executed at Moderate Charges. RESIDENCE—ATLAS-TERRACE, CANTON. [3720 THATCHER BROTHERS, WATCHMAKERS OPTICIANS, &c., MUSICSELLERS, 1, .'PEARSON-PLACE, pBUTE-ROAD, CARDIFF^ Good Lever Watches from P-4. PIANOFORTES for SALE or HIRE. A < a o, .t\, J:lo1 U'- V SURGEON, STOWE VILLA, WORDSWORTH-STREET, ROATH. [3633 MR. RICHARD B. BOULTON, SURGEON DENTIST, 1, CHARLES-STREET, CARDIFF. TEETH, the best that can be obtained, from 4 £ to 25 Guineas the complete set Twenty-two years' experience. Established 1852. Recommended by the principal Physicians and Surgeons in Cardiff and neighbourhood. No charge for consulta- tion. Attendance daily, from Ten till Four. L37 GREAVES'S CANADIAN SPEEDY RELIEF A CERTAIN and safe remedy for Coughs, Colds, Bronchitis, Sore Throat, Headache, Rheumatism. Neuralgia, Sick Headache, Cramps and Pains in the Stomach, Diarrhoea, Dysentry, Cholera Morbus Chil- blains, Ringworms, Whitlows and Boils, Sprains and Bruises, Toothache, Pains in the Back. and Loins, Lumbago. The Proprietor has been urged to introduce this truly valuable medicine to the public by many friends who have experienced much benefit from its use. He feels certain that it only requires publicity to ensure immense success. This preparation, as a remedy for local pains, stands unequalled amidst the many pain-destroying medicines of the present day. Its action is simple and powerful. When externally applied its effects upon the capil- laries is salutary, while it gives life and energy to the whole circulation, expelling the pain, and giving vigour and health to the entire constitution. It is safe and simple, and may be taken internally in most cases, as it materially assists its operation externally. The Canadian Speedy Relief only needs to be used by one person in a neighbourhood to make it a general favourite with all, and its result will be the means of working its own way throughout the civilised world. It can be recommended to shipmasters and emigrants visiting tropical climates, where they are exposed to miasmatic influences. No person going anywhere to the south should be without it. Full Directions accompany each Bottle. Put up in Bottles at Is. ljd., 2s. 9d., and 4s. 6d. Sold by most respectable Chemists and Druggists throughout Great Britain. Sole Proprietor and Manufacturer, EDWIN T. GREAVES, CHEMIST AND DRUGGIST, BUTE DOCKS, CARDIFF, AGENTS IN CARDIFF. Messrs. KERNICK and BOWRING, Duke-street Mr. T. WILLIAMS, Bute-street. Mr. T. Y. YORATH, Canton. TESTIMONIALS. 27, Hanover-street, Swansea, Feb. 28, 1868 Mr. E. T. Greaves, Dear Sir,-I can recommend your Canadian Speedy Relief as a very valuable medicine. I found it of great service in relieving me in cases of colds and acute pains in the back.—Yours truly, W. WALLACE. Cardiff, March, 1868. Dear Sir,—I can recommend your Canadian Speedy Relief. It has been of great service to me in curing a very severe headache I was suffering from. I should advise every one to give it a trial. Yours truly, CHARLES HIBBERT, Master of the Barque Prowess, of Yarmouth, N.S. Cae Delwn House, Town Hill, Swansea, March, 20, 1868. Dear Sir,—I am happy to add to the list of testi- monials, a proof, of the efficacy of your valuable medicine. Having suffered myself from a painful attack of rheumatism in my left leg for some time, was induced to try your Canadian Speedy Relief, and found the first application to give instant relief. It has entirely removed the rheumatic pains.—CHARLES WILLIAMS. 53, James-street, Cardiff, March, 1868. Mr. E. T. Greaves. Dear Sir,—Your Canadian Speedy Relief was the means of curing me from a severe attack of rheumatism I was suffering from, and can recommend it as a good and valuable medicine.—JOSEPH MILNER. To Mr. E. T. Greaves. Cardiff, Dec; 10,1867. Dear Sir, I can recommend your Canadian Speedy Relief as a very valuable medicine; it rendered me great service by curing a very bad cold I was suffering from. I should advise every one to give it a trial.- (Signed) JAMES HERBERT, Master of the Barque J. and R. Walsh, of Cork. Mr. E. T. Greaves. Cardiff, Dec., 1867. Dear Sir,—It is with pleasure I can bear testimony to the efficacy of your Canadian Speedy Relief. I have tried it for rheumatism, and the result has been most satisfactory. I have also recommended it to several members of my household, and in every case your Canadian Speedy Relief has been successful in com- pleting a cure.-I remain, yours truly, F. PRIMAVESI. St. John's, New Brunswick, Nov. 1, 1867. Mr. E. T. Greaves. Dear Sir,- It is with pleasure I can give you my testi- monial as to the efficacy of your Canadian Speedy Relief. I have been in the habit of using it for years past as a universal medicine, both for external and in- ternal purposes. I invariably keep it by me, as I think the medicine invaluable and should recommend every one to give it a trial.-I remain, yours &c., HENRY VAUOHAN. 13292