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CARDIFF AND NEIGHBOURHOOD. 1 ¡n ■ LLANDAFF CATHEDRAL SERVICES. Aug. 2.—Ninth Sunday after Trinity. Morning Service at 11 o'Clock. Lessons—First, 18th ch I. Kings; Second, 21st ch. John. Venite: Tallis. Daily Psatms Kelway. Te Deum Sixth !■"> tone Jubilate; Battishill. Introit, 137. Hymn, 22. rt Afternoon Service at 81 o'Clock. Lessons—First, 19th <ch. I. Kings; Second, 6th ch. Heb. Daily Psalms; Hine. Magnificat; Arnold. Nunc iDImittis Aldrich. Anthem "Cllll to remembrance/ Warrant. Hymn; 170. Litany and Sermon at 7 o'Clock in the Evening. Hymns 169,197, and 11. BoYAL COLLEGE or SCRGEOKS OP EKGLAND.—Mr. R. P. LwJe having undergone the necessary examination, was adiMbtai a member of the College at a meeting of the Court of Examiners on Tuesday, the 28th inst. APOTHECARIES' SOCIETY.—At a Court of Examiners held on Thursday, the 23rd iust., Mr. R. P. Lisle having passed the necessary examination, was admitted a Licentiate of the Society of Apothecaries. At a meeting of the County Roads Board held at Bridgend ott Wednesday, Mr. James Vowles Spencer, of Lanishen, was elected County Roads Surveyor for the Western District, vice Mr. Wilmott, resigned; and Mr. Jenkins, of Newton Not- tage, was elected Surveyor for the Cowbridge District. ACCIDENT.—On Monday afternoon, about 3 o'clock, a little girl, about 5 years of age, was walking across Bute-road, nea- St. Mary's Church, when a cab came up, the horse knocked lier down, and one of the wheels passed over the child's leg. She ■was picked up and conveyed to the Bute-street Station, where •he was examined by a surgeon. Her leg was found very 'much bruised, but the bone was not broken. She was after- vwards conveyed to her parents in Sandon-place. We beg to draw attention to an advertisement in another <column respecting "The Patent File Company (limited), iformed to manufacture files by machinery instead of hand ilabour, whereby the cost of production will be greatly dimi- inished and the quality improved. The capital is to be .4J100,000, in 10,000 shares of £ 10 each. The Provisional Com- imittee contain the names of firms eminent in the manufac- turing districts of London, Gloucester, Shrewsbury, aud 1Birmingbam. CAUTIOIC to CAB DRIVERS.—On Sunday evening last between 8 and 9 o'clock a cab containing three gentlemen was tturning the corner of Angel-street into High-street very sharply when the horse slipped and fell with its head close to tike flags. Luckily no one was standing at the corner. The geatleatten jumped out and with the assistance of others succeeded in freeing the horse from the harness and getting Jiim up 4gunu The knees of the horse were cut and the .harness brokea, but no considerable damage. was done. JpDAN MACCABEUS.—On Tuesday evening last, a number Hit the Cardiff vocal choir, with a few friends, assembled at the Tabernacle Aapel; and after partaking of a strong cup of Souchong, with the oimal accompaniments—cake, bread and butter, Ac.—proceeded to the business of electing one or two gentlemen, from each church aud chapel in the town and neighbourhood, to form a committee to carry out the necessary arrangements in getting up this beautiful Oratorio, for the purpose of giving a concert for the benefit of the Infirmary. 'Two gentlemen were appointed to wait upon the Mayor, to irequest the use of one of the rooms of the Town-hall for '.rehearsals. To commence so soou after the performance of •" Israel in Egypt" looks like business. As a quiet hint to the •-conductors of this next concert, we would suggest that the }.piincipal vocalists be selected from local talent: such a course ^would, we think, give satisfaction, aud be for the benefit of the iluficmary. THB LATH OUTRAGE AND ROBBBRY AT ELY.—The three prisoners, James, Evans, and Chappell, the two former having been sentenced to penal servitude for lite, and Chappell for 20 years, law made some extraordinary disclosures respecting robberies committed about Cardiff and Merthyr. Some time ago a jewetterfs^feop was robbed in Merthyr, the robbery ac- cording to their <ewn confession, being made by the above prisoners. Sinee tb&iv conviction, the witness, John •Chappell, brother of the prisoner Joseph Chappell, was taken into custody on Satwday, charged with being concerned m the robbery of wafefe* at Merthyr. James stated that John • Chappell had one of (fee watches in his possession. When I taken into custody he toid the constable that James gave him 5the watch. He (ChappellJ was, however, taken before the I magistrates on Monday at Llandaff, and remanded for a few < days- It appears that James and Evans, being annoyed that tChappell had only twenty years, and they transportation for life, Maid repeatedly to the officials that Chappell knew all about ttbc burglary at Ely, and that a plan was laid a fortnight before Whit-Monday to murder Mr. and Mrs. Stanley. The dUfcolical net would no doubt have been committed bad it not been for old Stanley's son sleeping in the cottage on that 1 night (Whit-Sunday). He was not in the habit of doing *9, but it was providential he did so on that occasion. The prisoaers also confessed to tho robbery of Mr. Huckwell's .houseat Llandaff, and also to the robbery of plate, &e., at Rose Villa. The neighbourhood has evidently got rid of a iinost systematic gang of thieves. FATAL ACCIDENT PROM BATHING.—On Tuesday after- moon two young men, one of them a poiutsman on the Eastern Branch of the Taff Vale Railway, overcome a little by the heat of the weather, proposed to each other to bathe in the ireservoir of the Bute East Dock during the dinner hour. The deceased, Francu Griffiths, aud his friend undressed at the tOMCtn of the embankment among some rushes. The ground for ..rt didaDce sloped gently, but only on that part where the new embankment has been raised. The men were to some extent unacquainted with the nature of the place, and did not see danger. This part was formerly an old brickyard, and the bottom is full of holes, out of which clay has been taken for the purpose of making bricks. Those who know the place well, ,even though expert swimmers, never attempt to bathe there. The holes are now filled with mud and covered with weeds. I They had not been bathing long before Edward Tbeudnck saw ihis companion sink. He stretched out his hand to catch him i but could not reach him. Unnerved at the event he hastened f-oo shore and gave the alarm. Numbers of persons ran down \4veB?. the embankment on each side, but none dare proceed any furtlwsr. At length a negro sailor ventured in, his example was fallowed by two others who contented themselves with swimnuag about but afforded little assistance. The spot being pointed oat, the negro dived but he was quickly np again, as he could see nothing on account of the weeds. A pole was handed to him, then grappling irons, but the weeds grew so thick as to obstruct the action of each. A boat was procured from the Bute East Dock, and after grappling about for two hours they succeeded in picking up the body. Information was given to the police, and an inquest was held at the Town- hall, on Wednesday morning, before R. L. Reeee, Esq., coroner, when verdict of Accidentally drowned" was returned. Deceased is young man about 20 years of age, and had been for some time employed as a breaksman on the jailway. CONCERT AT "KKARTH.— On Wednesday evening last, a leonet-'vt a V?P excel! en f ch a rac t er was given nt the National ''Scba*room,.enartj1* e of the promoters was to i«s«atrio raising & *^ards the purchase of a new Har- ttnonium fof Penar 'hunch. The principal vocalists were MtoS&ck, Miss Gedrych, and Messrs. D. Howells, T. U. Davies Proctor, an^ ,X-' L'andaff Cathedral, Sndly'prSed wi* .h VvTt/^ Sieuor Paaai also afc*am gave "»s valuable assistance. The SamrofContained some very i>eautifu soag8, duets, and programme containeu Viliage Choristers," was verv Silv i by Mi £ Caddick and aid Relli a J Davies S.eet spirit bear my b, Mis, rijj-if if 7% II „„„^Vred, and most.deservedly encored. Caddick, was beautifully renaerea, Uowell8 and Davies fhe lauglnng'no by Messis. W HowflU3 cau8ed much' and Simon the Cellarer, by iylr'1 «< TI.« amusement and were louldly ble8s the pr^ „^0"K waTes a»d th J » <• The wreath," &c. of Wales, "To-morrow, Only fortnee, Vn„- 0fll,aii0^ were all well received by the audience. feigD°r £ rp, if not surpassed many of his former effort* the n Rev. C. Parsons, rector of Penarth, OIJ the part ot linns the audience, thanked the ladies and gentlemeu who had so kindly given their services on the occasion, and a very sant evening's entertainment was concluded by Miss Caddies singing the National the audience joining in the < chorus.



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