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GtAitOKGAX PEDIGREES. BASSET OF BEAUPRB. XIV.—WILIIAM Basset of Beaupre, sheriff 1558, died II) March, 1586, at. 80, md. Catherine, d. of Sir Rice Man.-ell, by Ann Bridges. She died 10 March, 1593, at 80. lliey ap- pear to have been buried at Monkton-Cornbe Church, near Bath, where is the following inscriptiun upon their tomb :— Filia Kicei Mansell equitis Katherina Bassetti hie conjunx armigeri, o patria e". Bewperium domus est, et quo jacetille sepultus Hex Britonuin Morgan nasceris ipsa loco. Annus erat vitai decies octavus, et iste Te velut ante virum sustulit annus anum Quos ut junxit amor juvenes, sic junxit utrosquc Annorum numero mors violenta senes. Junior ilia fuit septeni cum nuberet annis, Septem annos vidua est facta coeva vim. Conjugium act at is magnum par tempus habebant, Vitas ambo et mortis par fuit ipsa dies. Which has been thus Englished Rice Mansel, Knight,—his daughter Kathcrine, From home thou art, the wife of Basset's Squire Bewper thy home, and where they did enshrine Morgan, the Briton's King, thou did'st a babe respire. Thy term of years was eight times ten; but time Thine age sustained, and his, who was thy care A youthful pair love joined—and here they join In death, who had of days and years an equal share. His junior seven years when they had wedded been That term of life, she a widow seven So that each had ot time an equal share And the same day unlocked to both the gate of heayen." William Basset died March 10, 1586, aged 80 years. Kathenne Basset di*d March 10,1593, aged 80 years." Of children they had—1, Richard. 2, Arnold, ancestor of BASSET of TREGUFF. 3, JoIld of Caer.vent, md. Ann, d. of William Prichard of Caerwent, aud had C,) Edward Basset of Caerwent, mi d. of Morgan Cradoe of Court-rhyd-liir (b) Harry (c) William; (d) Mary, md, Philip ap Morgan Cradoc of Cheriton; (p) Lettice. 4, Elizabeth, md. Robert Thomas of Brigan. 5, Ann, md. William Basset of St. Athans. 6, Man/, md. Doctor Thomas Lyson of Neath, M.D., Prebendary nf Handiitf. 7, jpri^iuith, md. Thomas ap William Hopkin, of CVrt-y-Bettws. XV. RICHARD Basset of Beaupre, sheriff 1596 and 1608. was 65 in 1600 when he built the porch at Beaupre. Men- tioned in 1610 in a Stradling deed as of Fishwear. He md.—1, Catherine, d. and h. ot Thomas Bowen of Flshwear, in St. Marychurch, by Anne, d. of Jo. Kemevs of Cefn Mably. He md,-2, Margaret, d. of Sir John Raglan of Carnllwyd. She had previously md.—1, John Cam of Nash. Sheriff, 1:61. 2, John Sheppard of Allston, Wilts. He md.—3, Catherine, widow of Thomas Vaughan of Dunraven, and d. of Sir Thomas Jones of Abermarlais. By either the 1st or 2nd, probably the 1st wife, he had—1, Edward. 2, Thomas ot Cogan, md. Mary, d. and h. of John ap John of Cogan; and 2nd, Elizabeth, d. of David Evans, and widow of Christopher Van by Mary, he had (a) Mart/, md. Morgan ap Lyson Price of Xeath (b) Susan, md. Edward Jones, Vicar of St. Brides Major. 3. Jvkn. 4, William. 5, Ann, md. 1, John [Thomas j Powell of Liandow. 2, Sir Richard Gamage, Kt. 6, Catherine, who in some pedigrees is placed a generation lower, md. Robert Thomas of Brigan, who md. and had issue by another wife, Catherine, widow of Thomas Vaughan. 7, a daughter, md. William Basset of St. Athans. XVI.—EDWARD Basset of Fish wear and Beaupre, md. Catherine, d. and co-heir of John Carne ot Nash. They had— 1, William. 2, Richard, A.M., L.L.B., Vicar of Llantrissant, Chancellor of Llandaffïn 1626. Rector of Llandow. Preben- dary of Hereford and Llandaff 1619, 161°. He md. May, d. of Francis Godwin, Bp. of Llandaff, and afterwards of Here- ford. He died January, 1641. Bd., and has a monument in the Porch at Llantrissant. They had (a) Francis Basset, vicar of Llantrissant, s.p.; (b) Godwin, b., s.p.; (c) Susan; (J) Margaret, md. Evan Thomas of Trebanog. 3, Margaret. 4, Ann, md. Richard Mason of Croston. 5, Mar/ md. John Basset of Tregaff. 6, Catherine, md. 3 June, 1601, William Thomas of Brychton, Barrister-at-Law. 7, Elizabeth, md. Francis Wyndham, of co. Sam. XVII.—William Basset of Beaupre, sheriff 1621, md. Cecil, dau. of Thomas Vaughan, of Dunraven, by Catherine Jones, of Abermarlais. They had—1, Richard. 2, Bussy. 3, Edward. 4, Thomas, 5, John, md. Ann, ù. of William Prichard, of Caerwent. She remarried Morgan Cradoc, of Cheriton. They had—(a) Edtvard Basset, md. a dau. of Morgan Cradoc, by his 1st wife. (b) Henry, (c) William. (d) Mary, md. Philip, son of Mot-ran Cradoc, of Court-rhyd- hir. 6, Jenkin. 7, William. 8, Mary, md. Lyson Williams, of Aberpergwm. 9, Elinor, md. Edward Matthew, ot Llyn- Rvddyd. 10, Cecil, md. Randal Harper, of Machen. XVIII.—Sir RICHABD Basset of Beaupre, had £ the manor of St. Hilary, wherein standeth Beaupre, his chief dwelling- house and very goodly and fair demesnes thereunto belong- ing He had also a moiety of Marcross, and goodly demesne lands there. He had also Viswere^Fisliwear], wherein standeth a fair house, and goodly demesnc, lands thereunto belonging." When sheriff in 1641, he is described as Sir Richard Basset, of Aberaman; no doubt the dower house of the 2d wife. He was buried at St. Hilary, Friday, 21 Februaiy, 1664, a fact entered iu the Register of St. Mary-Church. He married 1. Mary, d. of Edmund Thomas, of Wenvoe, and widow of George Kemeys of Kemeys. She died between Dec. 1632 and Dec. 1636. He married—2. Elizabeth, d. of Edward Van of Marcross, and widow of Win. Mathew of Roos and Aber- aman. By Mary he had—1, William. 2, Edmund, baptd. St. Mary-Church, 1 Feb. 1629, before his father was knighted. 3, Catherine, d. of Richard Basset, Esq. and Mary Thomas, bap. St. M.-C. 14 Dec. 1624. 4, Mary, bap. St. M.-C. 4 Dec. 1632. Md.—1, William Games of Aberbran Junes Bree I. 1691. 2, James Corey, or Corry, Parson of Leckwich, Llan- dough, Cogan, Penarth, and Lavernock. By Elizabeth Van he had-5, Richard. 6, John, married Hannah, d. of Edward Stradling, of Roath. 7, Edward. 8, Jane, d. of Richard B. and Elizabeth Van. Baptd. St. M.-C. 28 Dec. 1636. She md, Anthony Jones, A.M., vicar of Llan- trissant, archdeacon of St. David's, and prebendary of Llandaff. 9, Elizabeth, bap. St. M.-C. 9 Jan. 1637. She married Win. Andrews of Cadoxton. XIX.—Sir William Basset, Kt., md. Martha, 3rd d. and coli. of Sir Hugh Wyndham of Pilsden, co. Dorset, and widow of Edward Carne of Ewenny. They died either childless, or without male heir. XIX.—2. RICHARD Basset of Beaupre, appears in a list of gentry in 1673, and was living 1678. Was surety for Sir Edward Stradling for £21,000, which he was called upon to pay and thus reduced his family. He md. 1 Philippa, d. of James Campbell of Woodford heiress of Cumberland, and of kin to the House of Argyle. 2, Priscilla, d. of Colonel Philip Jones of Fonmon, md. 1678. Died, 1691. By Priscilla he had 1, Philip Basset of Beaupre, living 1709. Ob. s.p. 2, JLichard. 3, Jane, living 1678, md. Charles Gibbs. 4, Elizabeth, living 1673, md. Thomas Powell of Llandow. 5, Ann. 6, Priscilla, md. Thomas Cross. XX.—RICHAED Basset of Beaupre, Major in the army. Bap. 12 Nov., 1690. Md. 1, Barbara, d. of William Bain- brigge of Lockington, co. Derby, neice to Sir Nicholas Wilmot, Bt. 2, Catherine Apreece of co. Derby, niece to the Earl of Clarendon, and of kin to Queen Anne. By Barbara he had— XXI.—HARRY Basset of Beaupre.* Born 1730. Colonel in the 52d Regiment. He md. his cousin Catherine, d. of Thomas Bainbrigge of Woodseat, co. Derby, and had-I, Capt. James Basset, Inspector of Emigrants. 2, Brigadier General Sir Richard Basset, died single, 1806. Colonel of the 6th W. I. Regiment. 3, Thomas. 4, William, Major in the army. 5, Richard, Lieut.-Col. R.A. 5, Henry. 6, Catherine, md. William King, of the Minories in London. XXII.—Lieut.-Colonel THOMAS Basset, Governor of the Military Knights of Windsor. Died 7 Jan., 1842. He md. 1 March, 1790, Elizabeth, d. of Alexander Cruikshanhs of co. Aberdeen. Both are buried in the Deans Cloisters, Windsor. They had—1, Richard. 2, William Alexander Basset; b. 1 June, 1810. 3, Catherine, md. Capt. Brookes of Appledore, co. Devon. 4, Hannah Augusta, õ, Isabella, md. Lieut..Col. William Bruce, K.H. 6, Georgianna Anne Mansel. XXIII.—RICHARD Bassett of Beaupre, Captain R.A Born 6 Dec., 1797. Ob. s.p. NOTE UPON (XII) JOHN BASSET. The following is a translation of an Inquisition preserved a Fonmon, written upon an indented parchment, carrying upon 3 parchment labels 13 seals III red wax. The seals are rnde: and not all legible. One has the Carne pelican vulning her- self, and another, what appears to be the stump of a tree couped and eradicated, with a motto of three short words in a Gothic character. "INQUISITION taken at Cardiff 11th July, 7 Henry 7 (1492), before Ralph Bampton, escheator of the county of Glamorgan and Morgan, by virtue of a brief oj 'Diem clansit extremum' to him addressed, and the other part of this inquisition is upon the oath of John Butler, Richard Turbervil, Richard ap Howel ap Thomas, Thomas lurbervil, Lewis ap Richard, Richard Loughor, Llewelyn ap John Gwyn, Thomas ap Howell ap Thomas, William ap Jenkin Havard, William Cogan of Wrinston, William ap Howell ap Llewelyn, and Jevan IW Jankyn ap Adam. Who declare upon their oath that John Bassett on the day on which he died, was seized of two parts of the moiety of a knight's fee in Llanrithed, and of half apart of a tee in Mar- cross, worth on the whole, by the last [computation] £1688.4<1. and held of the lord by military service. Further they de- clare that the said John Basset at his death was seized of cer- tain lands and tenements in Eglwys-Brewis held in free socage of Castleton, by a red rose annually, and worth per annum by the last [computation] £40. And they also declare that the aforesaid John Basset was not seized, at his death, of any other lands or tenements in the said county of Glamorgan and Morgan. And that the same John Basset died 24 May last present. And that James Basset is his son and heir, and was 26 years and more in age on the day on which the said John Basset died. In testimony of which thing to this inquisition these aforesaid are witnesses [and as jurors aforesaid] have affixed their seals. Given on the day and year and at the place aforesaid." NOTE UPON [XIV] WILLIAM BASSET. Willyim Bassett of Bewper, in the countye of Glamorgan Esquire, sendyth greeting in our Loid God everlesting. Know you, me, the sayd Willyim, hereby to have constituted nominated and appointed Roger Seys of Bolston, in the countye of Glam- aforsaid, to be my Steward of my Lordships and Manors of Saynt Hillary, Tregove, Llantrytbid, and Penon in the countye aforesaid, to have hold and exercise the same office only during my pleasure. In witness whereof I have hereto sett my sele, the date of the 26 day of October in the fifteenth year of the raygn of our Lad* Elizabeth, by the i?race ot God Queen of England3 Franc* and Ireland, defender of the faith [1«>73J. Willm Basbett. LSeal gone]. Penon and Treguff were held under the chapter ol Gloucester by lease. There is some obscurity about theManot of Llantrithyd, which seems to have been acquired by thotua: Basset by marriage, and was certainly, as it still is, in thi possession of his decendents.

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