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MERTHYR AND NEIGHBOURHOOD. FATAL ACCIDENT.—A young Irishman, named Denis- ton Deneman, aged 18, was going up the Penydarran In line on Sunday morning, about half-past nine o'clock, when one of the trams overturned, and a cinder pig, weighing above 23 cwt., fell on him, and killed him on the spot. This town was visited on Friday evening by the most terrifi^ thunder storm that has been known for years. The lightning was most awful, and the vivid flashes con- tinued for many hours. The torrents of rain which fell during that time caused some damage in the lower part of the town, and especially at Aberdare. The electric fluid descended through a chimney at Abercar farm- house, Cwn Taff Vawr, and passed out through another chimney, damagiug only the mantel-pieces. About 200 itinerant hawkers have been found visiting this town by our active superintendent of the police, who have no licenses, and who are doing considerable injury to the tradesmen of the town who pay rates and taxes. Two of them have been convicted, viz. :—a Jew, of the name of Barnard Lyons, and a Gentile, named Daniel Calahan. It being the season for granting licenses, the rest have made applications at the Stamp-office but such was the number of applications, that they could not be served at once. EXCURSION.—The Cyfarthfa Firemen Society, held at the Lamb and Flag, enjoyed their Anniversary on Satur- day, at Cefnglas, about seven miles below this town, to which place they proceeded in three large boats, most conveniently fitted up, each being drawn by two horses. At about middle-day, accompanied by their kind patron, Robert Thompson Crawshay, Esq., and the Treforest and Cyfarthfa brass bands, ofl'they went from Parliament lock down the Glamorganshire Canal in high spirits. By the time they arrived at Cefnglks, they had a good appe- tite for dinner, which was eaten with considerable zest by all present; among whom we observed Francis Craw- shay, Esq., of Treforest. About five o'clock the boats were ready for their reception, and at seven they all arrived safely at Cyfarthfa, having been highly amused with the pleasures of the day. The benevolent patrons of the society were highly praised for giving the members such an excellent treat. RHYMNEY.—On Saturday, the 25th July, the Order of Ivorites, comprising the loilges numbering about 400 members, celebrated their anniversary. The brethren be- longing to the respective lodges having met, formed themselves into a procession, and headed by a most venerable looking goat, perambulated the neigh- bourhood, entering as is their custom, the lawns of A. Buchan, Esq., and W. Beddington, Esq., where they were most kindly receiveJ and liberally treated from thence they proceeded to Moriah Independent Chapel, where an impressive discourse was delivered by Mr. Stephen Edwards, baptist minister, founded upon 1st John, i. 7. The brethren then separated and retired to their several lodges, where an abundance of good things tending to strengthen and comfort the inner man, was provided and duly laid out. The greatest order and regularity characterised the proceedings of the day. Much credit is due to mine host of the Castle and his brother landlords for their excellent arrangements on the occasion. TUB" VICTORIA LODGE," celebrated their fifth Anni- versary on Monday, the 3rd inst. The morning being so very wet, but few of the sisters assembled at their ap- pointed hour; but between twelve and one o'clock, they had nearly all arrived at their Lodge-Room, anxious to enjoy the pleasure of a "Feast-day." At one o'clock they formed a procession, the officiating sisters leading, with their scarfs and rosettes belonging to their respective offices, and all the members in green shawls, with rib- bons, and being elegantly attired. They went through High-street to church, where the Rev. Mr. Griffiths delivered a very eloquent aud appropriate discourse from 2nd Cor., 1st chap. 17th verse; pointing out with great seriousness the duty of every member of all societies not to "use lightness" even on a Feast-day. After service was over, they again formed a procession, and walked up High-street, reaching the Morlais Castle about 3 o'clock, where a sumptuous dinner was waiting for them, provided by Mrs. Gay in her usual style and taste, comprising all the delicacies of the season ;_so that it was geuerallj observed by the members, that Mrs. Gay would have to excel in a Feast dinner, let it cost her what it might. After dinner they enjoyed the evening in harmony and good feeling, and separated at an early hour highly gratified.


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