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THE WEST RIDING ELECTION. TO THE FARMERS, THE OPERATIVES, AND THE FRIENDS OF NATIVE INDUSTRY IN THE WEST RIDING OF YOltX- SHIRE. Brother Yorkshiremen-At the last election the leaders of the Conservative party nobly did their duty. The country gentlemen, whose motto is Live and let live," and the old English manufacturers and merchants, whose maxim is a fair day's wages for a fair day's la- bour," entered into a solemn compact to rescue the Riding from Whig thraldom, and the country from Whig misrule. They hoisted the banner of "The altar, the throne, and the cottage," and called upon the friends of the Church, the supporters of the monarchy, and the pro- tectors of native industry, to rally beneath its shelter; nor did they call in vain. The cheers which announced our glorious victory have scarcely yet died away the handwriting on the wall," which told Lord Morpeth that Whiggery was defunct in the West Riding, is scarcely jet obliterated; and, behold, it is proclaimed to the world that Conservatism in West Yorkshire is as dead as Whiggery. Fellow-countrymen, this is glorious news! From this time forth let the thimblerigging" word Conservative" be struck out of the political vocabulary. It was coined to take in a nation—it has already destroyed a party. Let" Protection" or Free Trade" henceforth be the rallying cries. Let these two principles be again tested at the ensuing election. Rise up, then, men of York- shire —not a moment is to be lost. England expects and insists that you shall do your duty. If those who led you to victory in 1841 are now dead to patriotism, are now impervious to the calls of their country in the hour of peril, when anarchists and demo. crats are marshalling their forces to pull down the Church, to destroy the Monarchy, to upset the Peerage, to lay the aristocracy in the dust, and to plunder the working man of his hereditary property—"a fair day's wages for a fair day's labour if they have forgotten the principles which they avowed in 1841, and which induced ten thousand honest but humble electors to vote for the men of their choice, I thank God that those who on that occasion were induced to follow, are now prepared and determined to take the lead, although deserted by the men who ought to have been foremost in the coming fray. I have this day been called upon by the manufacturing operatives of the West Riding to do my duty, and to ap- pear upon the hustings at the ensuing election, to fight the battle of labour against capital." Since I became a public man I have never deserted their interests, either in the Senate or in the country; therefore, unless unforeseen circumstances occur on the day of nomination, I shall propose as a candidate for your choice a thorough Englishman-a man who has honesty written in his face, and who has a character of unble- mished integrity upon his back who is for— Protection for our Protestant religion against the insi- dious attacks and alarming encroachments of Popery, avowed Infidels, and Unitarian Dissenters— Protection for the Monarchy against a league of con- spirators, who dared, at a public meeting at Rochdale, to avow that they wanted no Royal Funily"- Protection for the Peerage against a league of conspi- rators who have openly declared that "they will not cease their labours until the Peerage is laid in the dust," and who were designated by Cobden, at Stockport, a set of noodles and doodles"- Protection for the aristocracy against a league of con- spirators, who have openly declared, that they will not cease their labours until the aristocracy is laid in the dust"- Protection for the landowners, be they great or small, against a conspiracy of cotton lords, who boasted at Manchester that their wealth would buy up the whole of the land in the kingdom— Protection for agriculture, as the source of all human provision- Protection for the farmer, who has multiplied his cattle, replenished the earth and subdued it, and converted bar- ren hills into fruitful fields- Protection for the manufacturers' securest and best market—"the home trade"— Protection for the manufacturing operatives' labour against a conspiracy to reduce it to the continental level" Protection for the manufacturing operatives against life-destroying labour, by an efficient Ten Hours Fac- tory Bill"- Protection against the truck system," and against abatement of wages— Protection for the poor against the tyranny and op- pression of the Poor Law Commissioners, who have waged a ceaseless, and desolating warfare against the poor man's cottage— In short, a man whose motto shall be—" Protection for all, destruction to none." This man is the Hon. Edwin Lascelles. From him we shall have, from him we will receive, no refusal; for public men doubly become public property in the hour of danger. Yorkshiremen!—Although late in the field, we have nothing to fear. The constituency amounts to 36,000 voters, and after all the exertions of the League, not one quarter are yet pledged to vote for Cobden's man." Landowners !-Cobden tells you that you are a set of muttons," who are going to be fleeced without a bleat. Farmers'.—Cobden tells you that you are a set of Chawbacons," and are unfit to till the soil and so you will be, if you don't rise as one man and drive" the League candidate" out of the Riding. On the day of nomination, I shall exercise my privilege as an elector, and call upon Lord Morpeth to answer the following questions :— 1. Upon what country do you propose that England shall become dependent for her supply of cornl 2. What guarantee do you propose to give that any country will provide us with a constant supply of corn in all seasons, in peace and in war, and that the people will never rise up under a dread of scarcity, and prevent it; exportation 1 3. What security will the country have that corn spe- culators will not raise the price of corn far above the value it has ever been sold for in England after they shall have monopolised the supply ? 4. In what way do you propose to remunerate the landowners for the loss which they will sustain in the reduction of the value of land 1 5. In what way do you propose to remunerate the farmers for the reduction in the value of their capital by the introduction of foreign corn 6. How do you propose to employ the agricultural labourers thrown out of employment by the introduction of foreign corn ? 7. Will not a large increase of bands in the manufac- turing labour market reduce the price of labour 1 S. Would not a Free Trade in manufactures reduce wages to the continental level! 9. Have not the wages of the manufacturing operatives greatly decreased during these last few years, whilst the supply of manufactured goods has greatly increased < 10. Dare the Anti-Corn Law League meet the opera- tives in any manufacturing town, and publicly discuss the question of Free Trade! If they dare, be so good as to name the town. 11. Name one single foreign country which is prepared to enter into a Free Trade treaty with England. 12. Are not all foreign governments encouraging and nursing their manufactures by protective and prohibitory duties, and have they not increased their Tariffs since we reduced our Tariff2? 13. If no foreign country will enter into a treaty of I1 ree Trade, how do you propose to carry out the princi- ples of Free Trade in manufactures 1 14. The Poor Law Commissioners, in the year 1836 and 1837, delivered into the hands of some Anti-Corn Law League cotton-spinners a great many thousands of agricultural labourers, for the purpose of enabling them to "absorb" the "surplus population" of the south, in reducing the wages of the manufacturing operatives- Will you be so good, now that you are a member of the Anti-Corn Law League, as to inform the operatives now present, whether they are alive, or whether they have been absorbed" and used up." Operatives !-I shall call upon you to adopt the follow- ing resolutions:- We, the operatives of the West Riding of Yorkshire, do hereby resolve, that the delivering a large body of agricultural labourers into the hands of the Anti-Corn Law League cotton-spinners by the Poor Law Commis- sioners, for the purpose of I absorbing' the surplus popu- lation' of the south in < equalising our wages to the con- tinental level,' was a secret conspiracy to rob us of our property, a direct invasion of the rights of labour, an act of monstrous cruelty and oppression, and a violation of the British Constitution." That Messrs. Ashworth and Gregg, who originated this secret conspiracy with the Poor Law Commissioners, to rob us of our fair day's wages for a fair day's labour, are members of the Anti-Corn Law League." That the introduction of the « surplus population' of the south into the manufacturing districts not only I lowered wages to the continental level,' but reduced the manufacturing operatives to such a state of misery and want as to compel them to feed upon the refuse of dunghills." That one of the chief objects which the Anti-Corn Law League has in view is to reduce wages to the con- tinental level, and thus to increase the profit of capital, by screwing down the price of labour." Operatives !-Be at Wakefield on the day of nomina- tion in your countless thousands; pass these resolutions, and give the League its death-blow in Yorkshire. I am, ever yours faithfully, Paris, Jan. 16, 1846. W. B. FERRAND. 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