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BRISTOL RAILWAY SHARE LIST. Stock Exchange, Wednesday, January 28, 1846. SHARE. RAILWAYS. PAID. CLOSG. TRICES jelOO Bristol and Exeter 70 85 334 Do. New 5 6! pm 100 Birmingham and Gloucester 100 131 25 Do. I Shares (issd. 7 £ dis.) 17333.. 25 Bristol & South Wales Junction 2 1 k 15 Do. Extension to Monmouth 2 50 Bristol and Gloucester. 30 37 50 Do. Coal Pit Heath 50 80 50 Bristol and Liverpool Junction. 24 par Bridgwater and Minehead. 20 Cambrian Grand Junction. 2.2 I Chepstow and Dean Forest. 50 Exeter, Dorchester, and Yeovil 03 100 Great Western. 854 82 50 Do. 4 Shares. 50 43.. 25 Do. J Shares. 2 A 15 20 Do. Fifths. 20 Ii" Stock. London and Birmingham 100 22:i 32 Do. Thirds. 10 36 25 Do. Quarters 2 26 pm 50 London&South Western, .aver. 41.6.10 79 40 Do. Consolidated Eighths. 28 16 50 Do. New. 74 m 40 Do. New 6 9 1 Loudon.Chelt.Oxf.Glstr.&Heret. i| 50 Newport, Heref.,&Abergavenny 2} 25 North Devon. 2 4 dis. 25 North Wales. 34 50 Portbury Pier & Railway Co. 2 4 par 35 Severn and Wye avg.35 20 Shrewsbury and Herefordshire 1 20 Shrewsbury&TrentVaIleyUnion 1.2 Somersetshire Midland. L- g- 5080uthDevon. 35 3 25 Do. Midland 2.2 11 50 Do. Staffordshire 24 1 £ 50 South Wales 2^ IJ PJA 100 Taff Vale i >6 14 of 25 Do. i Shares 25 30 Stock. Do. 10 par to 2 p.eent, 20 Vale of Neath. 2 50 Wilts Somerset and Weymouth 2.10.0 fi" 50 Welsh Midland 24 | dis. W. H. LAND, SHARK BROKER, 17, Small Street, Bristol. MR. WILSON'S ENTERTAINMENTS.—Mr. Wilsou, in commencing, for the season, the Entertainments of the Songs of Scotland, has chosen Crosby Hall for his lo- cality and appeared, on Monday Evening, for the first time, (we believe), before a city audience. Notwith- standing the state of the weather, this fine old hall was crowded to the doors, and Mr. Wilson was received, and listened to, with even more than the usual enthusiasm which he never fails to excite. In a building so happily fitted for musical purposes, that it is now employed for many of the best and most classical concerts of the season, the rich and mellow tones of his beautiful tenor voice sounded to peculiar advantage; and the company were alternately delighted, affected, and exhilarated by the sweetness of his melodies, the pathos of his expression, and the richness and nationality of his humour. The songs which produced the greatest impressions were, ••Saw ye my wee thing, « Auld Robin Gray," "The Laird o' Cockpen, and «' Mary Morison," which were encored with mos ve lemerit demonstrations of plea- surel4. • r*«f lS creator of this species of entertainment, and no\y as many imitators, but none of 1 femi*ufioa v He presents a combination ? n2 £ Z' 18 found alone. He is in- ,f Ional. Scotch to the core. He gives the 1. 0 es wild" of his country in their primitive Simplicity, spurning the slightest semblance of exotic ornament, so that his version of a scottish ballad is not ? J. °eautiful but perfectly authentic and the anecdotes, traditions, and sketches of Scottish habits and manners, With which he illustrates them, are so animated and graphic, that they have almost as much interest as the ballads themselves. He is singularly happy, too, by his easy and rapid commentaries and explanations, in enabling an English audience to understand and enter into the meaning and spirit even of the most ultra Scotch of his lays; and has thus entirely surmounted what would, a priori, have appeared the greatest obstacle to the succesa of his performances.Daily News, 21st of January.