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MISS YAl"-ji'AYS SCHOOL WII. r. RE-OPEN ON THURSDAY, THE 29m INST. Cardiff, January 12, 181(3. COLLEGE SCHOOL, «L01TESTE!1. THIS SCHOOL will RE-OPEN on MONDAY, EEB. 2, 184fi. — Those Geutlemen who wish to make enquiries respecting the School are requested t( appiv to the Rev. Dr. EVANS, College Gardens, Glou- cester. GLAMORGANSHIRE, FOURTEEN MILES FROM CARDIFF. TO BE LET OS LEASE, THREE Seams of Superior COAL, lyin^ under 800 Acres of Land, through the middle of which the TatF Yale Railway passes. There is also a Cunal Com- munication, by which this Coal could be delivered at the Port of Cauliff for Six Shilliiigs per Ton, aU charges included. It is presumed this situation is not to be surpassed in eligibility when the flat position, extent, and pure Coking quality of the Coal are considered. Enquire of Messrs. Crowder & Maynard, 45, Coleman Street, London; or to view the Premises, of Mr. David Davies, Gellywhyon, Newbridge, Glamorgan. TO BE LET, And Entered upon the 2nd February, 1846, THE several Farms of COED-Y-LAI and TYNY- JL COED, in the Parish of LLANTKISSENT, in the County of Ubmor!.{an. For Particulars npply to Rev. Jas. Cozens, Newbridge, or to Mr. Daltcn, Cardiff. Jan. 8th, 184(>. FA MIS TO LET. G W AIN Y B A TvR A ]0:; Acres GLANYDEWIi ;$« Acres CAEit PONT 20 Acres Either together or separate, within One Mile of Caer- philly, Eight of Cardiff and Newport. Apply at House. Flat Holmes Island, Bristol Channel. 0>0 £ D 13 IhlB {J*o And Entered upon on the 2d February next, either by the Year or for a term of 7, 14, or 21 Years, ALL that MESSUAGE or DWELLING-HOUSE, with Out-buildings attached, and Forty-five Acres or Meadow and Pasture Laud, now in the occupation of Mr. William Yeatman. Forth" particulars may be obtained at the Office of Mr. E. P. RICHARDS, Cardiff. TOWN OF CARDIFF. TO B2 LET OR SOLD, Under a Lea»e of Twenty Years, unexpired, A GOOD MALTHOCSE and BREWERY, called 1\ the SilIP BUEWERY, situate in Alillicent-btreet, in the abovt* Town. The M; i'it!u>u*u is callable of wetting Sixty Bushels, and the Brewery of mashing Three Quarters of Malt, at a ti-.iie. Also, TO BE LET, with immediate Possession, A Public-House, known hy the name of the BREWER'S A R.MS, in Lewis-street, in the town of Cardiff aforesaid. Comins-in moderate. Application to be made (if by letter, postage paid) to M: Richard Thomas, at the Brewer's Arms, who will show the Premises. Cardiff, 22d Jan., 184(5. GLAMORGANSHIRE. a-' d m m & ts w 9 FROM CANDLEMAS, 1840, TREDUCCAN FARM, Containing about 243 Acres, in the Parish of I'T.N MAL'.K. Apply at tT;c Office of Mr. C. REDWOOD, Cowbridge. TO Grocers, Provision Dealer, & Others. TO BE LET, A IIOUSE and SHOP, situate in TIioh-STREHT, (three doors above the Bush Inn). The present Slock, which is small, to be taken at a Valuation. For Païlicuhrs apply on the I'rt>mises. Merthvv Tjdfil, January 2Ut, 1840. TO IiBT. A MOST DESIRA Bf.H RESIDENCE for a Small Genteel Family, midway between NEWPORT and CARDIFF, adjoining the Turnpike Road, called SUNNY BANK, with a neat Lawn and Shrubbeiy, and Five Acres of some of the richest Meadow Land in the neigh- bourhood, Tire House is Modern, and contains Entrance Hall, 2 good square Parlours, Kitchen, Dairy, and other Necessary Offices on the Ground Floor; 3 guod Beùrooms awl Servants' Apartments over. There is also a good Stable, Cow-house, Gig-house, &e., attached. Five more Acres of Land anù a Woikruan's Cottage mr.y lJe had "ith it, if required. For Terms, apply (if by letter) prepaid, to the Rev. Morgan Powell, Marshfteld; or to Mr. H. M. Partridge, Auctioneer, House and Estate Agent, HI, Commercial Street, Newport. TO FA HEATS & GUAHDIAXS. W ,i XTTT? I\ TWO APPRENTICES to ±\ IN 1 CiiJ, the DRAPERY BOSI- NESS—Youths 11 years of age, well educated and re- spectably connected. PREMIUM EXPECTED. Also, TWO YOUNG MEN. Apply to J. E. Price, Draper, &c., Merthyr. ISHB.THVR-T'SrD Pit. WANTED, a middle-aged, steady WOMAN, of sober and industrious habits, to supenutendthe manage- ment of a small Shop, carrying on the Grocery and Pro- vision Business. A YOUNG MAN is also required as an ASSISTANT in another Establishment, the property of the same person. Personal application to be made to Mr. J. H. Davies, High-street, Merthyr-Tydfil. GLAMORGANSHIRE. Lanharan Tithe Commutation. PERSONS desirous of Commuting the Tithes of the JL said Parish, are requested to forward to the Office of Mr. CUTUBERTSON, Solicitor, Neath, on or before the Eleventh of FEBRUARY next, Tenders for the same, or otherwise attend therewith, at the High Corner House, in the Village of Lauharan, on Friday, the 13th of the same Month. Neath, January 22nd, 1846. A'otice is hereby given, THAT on the Gth Day of APRIL next, application will JL be made to her Majesty's Justices of the Peace assembled at Quarter Sessions, in and for the County of Glamorgan, at COWBKIDGE, for an order for turning, diverting, and stopping up such portion of the present path-way, passing through a part of the demesne of Llan- dough Castle, as is situated between the gate on entering the said demesne, and adjacent to the Church of Llan- dough, and the stile on entering the field called "The Paik," and adjacent to certain fishponds about 50 yards distant;—and that the Certificate of two Justices having viewed the same, &c., with the plan of the old and pro- posed new path-way, will be lodged with the Clerk of the Peace, for the said Count;, on the Third day of MARCH next. JOHN SANDS, Surveyor of the Parish of Llandough. M0M01TII & GLAMORGAN BAM, NEWPORT, JANUARY 13, 1846. Notice is hereby Given, rpIIAT the HALF-YEARLY GENERAL MEET- _|_ ING of this Company, will be held on Monday, the 9th of February next, at the King's Head Inn, in the town of Newport, at one o'clock in the afternoon pre- cisely, to receive from the Directors an announcement of the Dividend for the half year ending 31st December last, and for other special affairs. Signed by order of the Board, II. WYBORNE JONES, Chairman BLAMOBCA^SHIRR "XTOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that at the next _LM General Quarter Sessions of the Peace, to be holden at Cowbridge, in and for the said County, on Monday the Sixth day of April next, the Justices of the said County then and there assembled, intend to appoint a Committee of Justices to superintend the erecting or providing of an Asylum for the Pauper Lunatics of this County alone. By Order of Court, WOOD, Clerk of Peace. Cardiff, January 19, 1840, J



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