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Tiii. TREASURERS IN ACCOUNT Willi T;i; COUNTY OF BRECON, FROM 311 (v I i A E! j.MAS SESSIONS, 184.4, TO MICHAELMAS SESSIONS, IS45. Dr. f. s. d. f. s. d. '1'" arrears due fiom the Chief Constables after Michaelmas Sessions, 1S41 36 2 0]- Deduct arrear vet due from the Chief Con- stable of the 1st division llf the Hundred of Devyn:iock 0 4 4 Do. due hy the Borough (If Brecon, or.iered to be clisoh.trgoU at Midsummer Sessions 12 If, 3 12 17 s 2:5 4 4,1 To Ilate from Ili^h Constables at Epiphany Sessions, 181"), at if.! 1 OiiO IV H To do. do. at La,ter St'ssions, at 2.Í, U:2iJ 3 G To do. from Clerks of Unions, ordered at Easter Sessions to be paid J une 17th, at 1 3d. 10G9 11 k Deduct fractional parts of pence not received 0 0 1<H 1069 10 9 1 o do. do. ordered at Midsummer Sessions to bo paid P t C!' September 30th, sit Id 713 1 1 To do. (U). ordered at Miciiaelur's Sessions to be paid Decern bcr 2 'th, at i 1069 11 £ 53 fc> 3 I Deduct— Arroar due by Rhayader Union. 1) 0 10 Fractional parts of pen ve not re- ceived 0 o 101, 1 11 4 Si ——— oS-IG IS 41 To received fn.m the Keeper of the Gaol for the support of >oidieis } there eon!i:u'd 94)? r. To Fines 50 17 I To received from the Pas master of Civil Service, benzene moiety °f 'he expenses of prosecuting Felons and conveying Prisoners to Gaol, and thrt whole of the expense of the removal of Convicts 552 18 0 To received for use of Judge's Lodgings during the Shrievalties of II. D. G ui;h, W. IT. Ib-van, II. ,J. Williams, and W. Maybery, Esquires 80 0 0 To received of the Clerk of the Peace, being the amount received bv hiin from tiie Sale of Lists of Voters, in pursuance of the 0 Vic., c. 18 0 5 0 E6157 15 4 Cr. £ s. d. By balance due to the Treasurers after Michaelmas Sessions, 1S41 178 2 X I5y ]> lid for repairing and rebuilding County Bridges, repairing lvoads adjoiuitnr, and Surveyor'? Salary • • ••• 3-2 1/ 7 By paid for subsistence of Prison-rs, and Salaries to Gaoler, Matron, 'Turnkeys, Chaplain, Surgeon, &e. 881 17 I B, paid I Salarv. and for articles furnished and work done at "the Shire-Hall F4 1 8 By paid Coroners • • S By paid instalments of principal, and interest on new Shire-IIall Deben- tures, deducting Income-'lax from the Interest 12o7 li 3 By paid half year's Income-Tax, in respect of same, for the half year ending April, 18-15 (j.1 0 I Gv paid the Clerk of the Peace 2-7 16 10 B'y paid do. expenses incident to the Registration of oters 10 10 By paid to the Keeper, and his disbursements and other expenses in respect of the Judge's Lodgings '5 I .) Kv paid for Printing and Advertising 4o J 10 By paid Salary to Inspector of Weights and Measures, (ms receipts being de(lucte(i) ;2;1 14 By paid Salaries to Superintendent, Police Con-.tao.es, and oMier expenses connected with the. Police and Police Station-1 looses 3. ,8 9 2 By paid Keeper of the Queen's Prison, in London, for thc relief ot poor prisoners there con tined 4 0 0 By Miscellaneous Payments i' By paid for prosecuting Felons and conveyance of I risoncrs to Gnol 814 1G 4 i By paid Salary U1 selves and Po tages and Parcels 40 5 0 Balance due by the Treasurers 136j 14 5 1.5 4 1845. Dec. 30tb. Examined and found correct. PARRY DE WTXTON, Y.M., HUGH BOLD, V.M., THOS. JNO. POWELL, V.M. I' I




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