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&team &<ibt0<tt(0tt» THE C A R D I F F AND BRISTOL Steam &- pacftrtsf Fringe OF WALES MATTHEW JONES, Commander; L A D Y CHA RLOTTE HENRY JEFFERY, Commander; A HE INTBNDKD to SAIL during the week as follows ■il (from the BUTE SHIP DOCK) ^e< of Wales— Mondays, i Ladi/ Charlotte -Monday, Fridays.— Wednesdays, and Frida\s Charlotte —Tuesday», Prince of Wales—Tuesdays] Thursday*, and Saturdays, > Thursdays, and Saturdays, From CARDIFF. ( From BRISTOL. Jan., 1846. Jan., 184(5. H Monday 7J morn ( 19, Monday 9 morn 0, Tuesday 8 morn$20, Tuesday 9| morn Wednesday.. 9 morn j 21, Wednesday .10 morn ~A Thursday. 10 morn S 22, Thursday.ll £ morn ^.Friday, llimornj 23, Friday 1 after 4» Saturday. 1 after ) 24, Saturday after Carriages and horses to be alonggide One hour previous to Time of Sailing. REDUCED FARES :—After Cabin, 4s.; Fore Cabin, 2s. Children ullder Twelve years of age. Half-price; Dogs,Is.each. A Female Steward attends tin Board both Packets. Refreshments may be had on board 011 moderate terms. Four-wheel Carriage 21s.; ditto Phaeton or Gig, 10s. 6d. Two-wheel, drawn by one Itorse and driver, 15s.; Horse *"d Rider, After Cabin, 9s; Horse and Rider, Fore Cabin, '*• 6d.; Cattle and Horses, 6s. each; Sheep, Pies, and Calves, Is. each. Carriages, Horses, Cattle, and Goods, will be subject to Landing and Wharfages at the Bute Docks Not Accountable for any Good: without Shipping Nntes. Freighters are requested to osder all Goods intended for tb" PitLNCK OF WALKS, to be sent to N. 12, Quay-street, Itr to Robert Chaplin, Cumberland Basin Locks; and for 'he LADY CHARLOTTE, to Clare-street Hall, Marsh-street, *0d Bull Wharf, Redcliff-street, Bristol. Goods will be hauled from the Warehouses to the Packcts at the expense of the Companies. bl.rtl,yr, Newbridge, Ahcrdare, Cowbridge, Bridgend, luntriuent, and CaerphillyGoods forwarded to these "acts in Spring Waggons an.1 Lock-up Canal Boats im- mediately on arrival, unless ordered by any particular Conveyance, in which case they will be deposited in the Stearn Packet Warehouse till called for.—Freight to be paid On delivery. Gaod", Packages, Parcels, &c., forwarded to all parti of the Kingdom wltholtt delay, when sent to either of their Steatn Packet Offices in Cardiff or Bristol. Further information as to Freight, will be readily obtained applying to the Agents — Mr. Woodman, Agent at the jacket Olfice, en the Wharf, Cardiff; or to Mr. <S. C. *»LAS>SI»N, Agent, No. 12, Quay-street, Bristol, for the FRINGE OF WALES Packet- and of Mr. T.JOHN, at the racket Office, on the Wharf, Cardiff; or to Mr. W. B. OWEN. 29, Avon Crescent, Hotweiiit, Bristol, for the LADY charlotte Packet. NO TICE.—The Proprietors of above the Steam Packets give notice, that they will not be accountable for any Passenger's LUigalte, nor will they be auswerabie for any Goods, Packages, 8r Parcels (if lost or damaged by Fire, Leakage, or otherwise) Unless Booked at either of their Offices at Cardiff or Bristol, If above the value of 40s., unless entered at its value, and wrriage in proportiou paid for the same, at the time of booking.—(ieods consigned to erder, or not taken away Six o'clock in the evening of the day of landing, will warehoused at the risk and expense of the consignees, k to '>e coni>dered as lieus, not only for freight and charges due thereon, but also for all previously unsatisfied 'feight and Charges due by consignees to the Proprietors ef the said Packets. Disputed weights or measurement, claims for loss or damage, &c., cannot be allowed, linless a written laOtice of the same be sent ta the Office en the day of delivery TO OF 'VDfiES TEAS SOLD AT THE CARDIFF & MERTHYR GUARDIAN OFFICE. The Asam Tea Company's rare and peculiarly A FTHR once partaking of the highly exhilarating -fT. and aromatic Asam Tea, but few can persuade lhemselves to use any other, especially as it is found not to be injurious to the nerves; and as the Asam Tea has een proved to produce at least six, and in most cases **9ht good cups of Tea, where the same quantity of Chinese would produce only four cups of inferior flavour "•both luxury and economy combine to recommend the ■Asam Teas. s. d. NAHOOLEAH PEKOE. 5 0 CHERIDOR SOUCHONG 6 0 MAZENGA GREEN TEA 6 0 THOURA GREEN TEA 7 0 These Teas can only be obtained in one pound, half- Pound, quarter-pound and 2 ounce sealed packets, with the Company' Address and Arms on the Envelope. Many are selling spurious imitations of the Company's ■Teas, but none are genuine unless having their Seal ^nd Address, No. 11, CROOKED LANE, KING WILLIAM STREET, on them. SOI,E AUTHORISED AGENTS. or SWANSEA Miss Arnold, Confectioner,Cross-street. °r MERTHYR ..Mrs. Ann Williams, Confectioner, High-Street. 'or NEWPORT ..Mr. M. Evans, Bookseller, 35, High- Street. AGENTS WANTED for some of the large Towns in England and Wales. Perfect Freedom from Coughs in Ten Minutes after use, A1\n A RAPID CURE FOR ASTHMA &CONSUMITION And all Disorders of the Breath and Lungs, IS INSURED MY DR. LOCOCK'S PULMONIC WAFERS. rPlIE truly wonderful powers of this remedy have ,-L called forth testimonials from all ranks of society, 11 all quarters of the world. The following have just been deceived: — MORI! CURES IV TREDKGAR. r°i» Mr. J. P. Williams, Chemist, Chinch-street, Tredegar. Dec. '23, 1845. Gentlemen,-A number of my Friends have experienced «J"cat benefit through taking LOCOCK'S WAFERS. Please to Jj-'id me one dozen boxes, by post, as some are waiting tor « fWi. One friend, named Amy Calamore (subject to Asthma) a box last week, and has already received great benefit them, although she did not take the whole, as she divi- i the box among some of her neighbours. Every one speaks of them, and they are laken by sume of the first fami- Ie, in thc to\n.- Y onrS obediently, J. P. WILLIAMS, jj ANOTHER IMPORTANT TESTIMONIAL. r°fr. the Rev. Owen Thomas, Wesleyan Minister, Holyhead. October 9, IS45. l>'I!1r Sir,—Or. Locock's Wafers do a great deal of good to j*y voite. I got a bad cold front a damp bed about 35 years and my voice was very bad ever since beiug great pain ? me when pieaching or singing — and I 11m very fond of J^ging. I used many different medicines, and some of them Bood for a little time, but Dr. Locock's is the best of all — c'ears my voice and stops the coughing instantly. 1 have ^cr found any thing yet to compare with them. have been 33 jears a Wesleyan Preacher, and all the Csleyan Methodists in the Principality know me, (20 years 'fif \\>hich I have lived in Holyhead), and I am known person- Jy to all the first men of that body, many of whom have "•Hired the effects of the wafers in clearing the voice, and Jf°Pping the cough; they never got such a medicine before. V wife, ever since Christmas, has been very well, after >>ng two boxes. I am a witness of their power to stop a f|Shtful fit of coughing in an instant. 1, as a Wesleyan Preacher, call upon all preachers and jj^Kers of every denomination to take these wafers, for im- •ing the voice and curing coughs. Von may publish my testimonial for the excellent wafers, 3*0* wish.-I am, youis truly, OWEN THOMAS, Wesleyen Minister. Another Cure of 20 Years' Asthma. £ xteact of a letter from M. Grose, Esq., edruth. March 18.1845. w ^*«otlemen,—Please to send me an I Is. box of Dr. Locock's atfers by return of post, and also a few of your lists of cures, I may scad them to those of my fiiends who are similarly „ Hiicted «iit'h asthma. I thank God that I have found more '^efit from three 2s. 9d. boxes which 1 have taken, than from other medicines I ever took for the last 20 years, and I 1,1 in hopes that 1 shall soon be restored to my former health. Signed, MICHAEL GROSE. Rmearkalle Case of Improvement of the Voice. From celebrated Infant Thalia. t Jan. 15, 1845. I — I deem it to be o'ne of our social duties to acknowledge Ie benefits we derive front the skill and labours of each l| er and I have now such a duty to perform towards you. y little girl, known as the Infant Thalia, suffered lately very J^rely from a cough, and ie?**fd Uvula, so much so, that could not fulfil her professional duties. Varous remedies tried without success, until a friend recommended your ^•nonic Wafers th< ir beneficial effect was instantly appa- j and a cuie speedily effected. The continued «se of them | filid materially improve* the tone and power of the voice. f c»uld not let this very effectual cure pass over without in- f ''lung you of it, in the hope that you might make it known r 'he benefit of others similarly suffering. 1 shall be happy o snswfr any inquiries. '3. Great Queen-st., London. 8. SMITH. I'he pai ticu'ars of hundreds of cures may be had from anient throughout the kingdom. Locock's Wafers give inst;mt relief, and a rapid cure of ""as, consumption, coughs, colds, and all disorders of the 'Jsth and lungs. 0 Singers arid Public Speakers they are in valuable, as in hours they ren.o\eall hoarseness, and wonderfully in- t'Se 'he power a::d fl< xililiiy of the voice. k< 'lry have a pleasant taste. Piice Is. ljd,, 2s. Sd., and s- per b«.x. Caution.—To protect the public from spurious imitations, J,1" ^lajesty's Honourable Commissioners have caused to be |r'tiled on the stamp outside each box the wouis "DR. .<r-(ot'K'S WAFLRS, in white letters on a led ground. If rchii-seis will attend to this caution llxy wilJ he sure to get Wholesale Agmts: EVANS, SON, and HODGSON, 'olesale Druggists, Exeter. Agtnt lor MEKIh YR Mr. 1|L I E, Bookseller, High-s'.riet. Sold by all jj-tleiiicine tfors. Published every Saturday, on a large sheet of 24 pages, price 4d., or stamped 5d., THE CRITIC, JOURNAL OF BRITISH AND FOREIGN LITERATURE, ART AND MUSIC, GUIDE TO THE LIBRARY AND BOOK CLUB, AND BOOKSELLERS' CIRCULAR. 'PHE CRITIC was established two years since, and has obtained its present popularity and extensive circulation |_ by its many original and attractive features. Its thorough independence has made it the adopted guide for most of the Libraries and members of Book Clubs in the Kingdom. The interest as well as instruction of the reader is studied in every department. It is strictly neutral as to sects and parties, but it opposes the sceptical philosophy of other Literary Journals. Its most novel arrangements are A Journal of English Literature. The Tourist (containing communications useful Notices of all New Books, Music, and Works of to Tourists at home and abroad). Art. Critic of Inventions, &c. Journal of German Literature. Journal of Mesmerism. Journal of French Literature. Bookselier's Circular. Journal of Italian Literature. Together with the usual Correspondence, Original Journal of Spanish and Portugese Literature. Papers, Literary Intelligence, &c., &c. A stamped copy, as a specimen, sent to any person forwarding his address and three penny postage stamps. N.B. A stamped copy for his own use supplied to any Bookseller or Circulating Library Keeper, at cost of sta and paper only, on transmission of half a year's subscription (4s. 4d.) in penny postage stamps. Orders, Advertisements, and Books, Music, and Works of Art for review, to be sent to the Office. CRITIC OFFICE, 29, ESSEX STREET, STRAND, AND OF ALL BOOKSELLERS. T AFF VALE RAILWAY. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, THAT a SPECIAL GENERAL MEETING of the PROPRIETORS of this CO.V1PANY will be held at the WHITE LION INN, Bristol, on WEDNESDAY, the 21st day of JANUARY, 1846, for the purpose of taking into consideration the expediency of making certain Extensions, Branch Railways, and other Works, in con- nection with the Tatt" Vale Railway; and to authorize the Directors, if so determined upon, to apply for an Act in the ensuing Session of Parliament, to empower the Company to make such Extensions, Branch Railways, and other Works, and to raise the Capital necessary to complete the same; and to take all such further steps as they shall deem necessary relative thereto. The Chair will be taken at half-past Twelve o'clock precisely. J. J- GUEST, Chairman. Railway Office, Cardiff, £ January 7, 1840. i SOLTfl WALLS RAILWAY. First Call of E2 10s. per Share, making, with the deposit of £ 2 10s., f5 paid. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, THAT, pursuant to & Resolution of the Board of Directors, the Proprietors of Shares in this Company are required to pay the second instalment of J:2 10s. per Share, on or before the 22d day of January next, to any of the undermentioned Bankers:— London—Messrs. Glyn, Hallifax, Mills, and Co. Liverpool-The Bank of Liverpool. Manchester—Messrs. Jones, Loyd, and Co. Bristol and Exeter—The West of England and South Wales Bank. Cardiff-The National Provincial Bank of England. Carmarthen—Messrs. David Morris and Sons. Swansea and Neath—The Glamorganshire Banking Company. All Calls not paid on or before the 22d January next, will be charged with interest at the rate of 5 per cent. per annum. By Order, N. ARMSTRONG, Secretary. South Wales Railway Office, 449, West Strand, London, Dec. <2.2, 1845. ABERDARE RAILWAY. SHAREHOLDERS in this Undertaking are hereby S informed that Certificates of Shares under the Seal of the Company will be ready for delivery, in exchange for the Scrip Certificates, on the 26th instant. It it requested that the words Fortvarded for Ex- change" may be written across the face of the Scrip. VAL. L. LEWES, Railway Office, Aberdare, Secretary. Jan. 10,1846. WANDERING JEW, Co)pipletefai- Two Shillings.' Just published, price 2s. in wrapper, or 2s. 6d. cloth extra, Part 79 of "The Novel Newspaper," contain- ing the only authentic translation of THE WANDERING JEW a Tale of the Jesuits. By EUGENE SUE. Translated from the French, by D. M. AIRD, author of The Student's French Gram- mar," &c. Lately published, in the Novel Newspaper, uniform with the above, THE SALAMANDER, a Naval Romance. By EUGENE SUE. Complete, Uti. THE JEW. A Romance of the Fifteenth Century. By C. SPINDLER, author of The Invalide," price is. Gd. THE INVALIDE or, Pictures of the French Revo- lution. By the Author of The Jew." Complete, price Is. 4d. THE ROSE OF THISTLE ISLE. By Mrs. CARLES. Complete, Is. 4d. The Novel Newspaper Series Is published in Parts, 8vo., each containing one or more complete works, without the slightest abridgment, and forms A STANDARD LIBRARY EDITION OF THE MOST POPULAR NOVELS, ROMANCES, AND TALES, By the most esteemed authors, giving for One Shilling works originally published at a GUINEA & A HALF; The series now extends to 79 parts, and includes the best productions of the most distinguished British, Ame- rican, and Continental writers. Amongst the former will be found the chefs-d'oeuvres of Scott, Goldsmith, Defoe, Smollett, Godwin, Mackenzie, Miss Porter, Mrs. Bruii- ton, Miss Lee, Mrs. Radcliffe, Mrs. Helme, Mrs. Charlotte Smith, &c. and amongst the latter, those of Cooper, Carlen, Bird, Dana, Brockden Brown, Clavers, Fay, Fouque, Hoffman, Kennedy, Longfellow, Mannontel, Neale, Paulding, Sedgwick, Simms, Spindler, Sue, Thompson, Tuckerman, Willis, &c. Each work is complete in a neat wrapper, at prices varying from Gd. to 2s. each. Parts 1 to 77, may also be had in 17 vols., handsomely bound in cloth, 5s. per volume. Catalogues forwarded, on receipt of a postage stamp, to any part of the kingdom. Cooper's Novels, Complete in One Volume, handsomely bound in cloth, price 8s. 6d., THE PILOT, LAST OF THE MOHICANS, RED ROVER, THE SPY, LIONEL LINCOLN, WATER WITCH, THE PIONEERS, THE PRAIRIE, IMAGINATION. Printed from the original text, and without the slightest abridgement. London: Bruce and Wyld, 84, Farringdon-Street; Watson, Edinburgh; Macleod, Glasgow; Le Messurier, Dublin; Philip, Liverpool; Heywood, Manchester; and Sold by all Booksellers Health more precious than Gold. DR. ROBERTS's CELEBRATED OINTMENT, called the POOR MAN'S FRIEND, is confidently recommended to the public as an unfailing remedy for wounds of every description, a certain cure for ulcerated sore legs, if of 20 years' standing cuts, burns, scalds, bruises, chilblains, scorbutic eruptions and pimples in the face, sore and inflamed eyes, sore heads, cancerous humours, &c., and is a specific for all those afflicting eruptions sometimes following vaccina- tion. Sold in pots at Is. HII. and 2s. 9d. each. Also his PILULES ANTISCROPIHJLÆ, confirmed by more than 40 years' experience to be, without exception, one of the best alterative medicines ever compounded for purifying the blood, and assisting nature in all her operations; hence, they arc used in scrotula, scorbutic complaints, glandular swellings, particularly those of the neck, &c. They form a mild and superior family aperient,that may be taken at all times without confinement or change of diet. Sold in boxes at Is. lid., 2s. yd., 4s. 6d., 1 Is., and 22s. each. Extract of a letter from the Rev. C. Lyne, Rector of Roche, Cornwall: There are many individuals within the sphere of my ac- quaintance who have derived benefit in the use of this invalu- able ointment; they desire not to have their names published, but I shall te happy to give particulars to any person who miuhl wish to obtain them from me. I may add, that having studied the science of medicine for many years, I have ex- perimentally proved the virtue of this ointment, in the cure of wountis and indolents ulcers. A parishioner of mine, callcd Richard Oliver, had a running wound in his leg for upwards of 20 years, and was completely cured by using the Poor Man's Friend, according to the directions. Indeed, I deem a pot of this ointment to be one of the most necessary ingredients in my medicine chest. "I have the honour to be, gentlemen, your obedient servant, •' CHARLES LYNK, Uector of Roche. "Roche Hectory. ncar SI. Austle, Cornwall." By the late Dr. Roberts's will, Messrs. B, ach and Barnicot, (who have been confidentially entrusted with the preparation of his meoicine for many years past) are (eft joint proprietors of the Poor Man's Friend, J'ilulæ Antiscrophulse, Larwell s Pills, Medicated Gingerbread Nuts, and Antiscorbutic Drops, with the exclusive right, power, and autlioi ity to prepare and Sl lid the same. OBSERVE.—No Medicine sold under the above name can possibly be genuine, unless Beach and Bainicoit, late Dr. Itoberis, Bndport," is engraved and primed on the stamp affixed to each package. Sold wholesale by the Proprietors, BEACH and BARNICOTT, at their Dispensary, nddport; by the London Houses; and retail by all the respectable Medicine Venders in the United Kingdom. GLAMORGANSHIRE. VALUABLE LEASEHOLD PROPERTY TO BE SOLD BY PRIVATE CONTRACT, rnHE unexpired Term of 45 Years, of and in all that 1 Water Grist Mill, called RflDDRY MILL, together with the Dwelling-House, Stable, and other Offices be- longing thereto: and also about Six Acres of Land, with a Workman's Cottage adjoining. The whole are situate together in the parish of Ruddry, in the said county of Gla- morgan, and are now in the occupation of Mr. William Young. as tenant thereof. The Mill and Dwelling-House, with the other Offices, having these few years back been rebuilt, are in good repair. The Mill comprises two pairs of Stone, with sufficient water power to work the same, and the Ma- chinery have been constructed on the most modern and improved plans. The reserved rent is only JEI2 per annum. For further particulars, and to treat for the purchase thereof, apply to Mr. Wm. T. Rees, Laud Agent, Holly House, near Newport, Monmouthshire. Rowland's Macassar Oil. rrHIS faithful assistant of nature has, from intrinsic worth alone, duting the last half century, acquired tile ESPECUL PATRONAGE of Ihe several SOVEREIGNS and COURTS throughout Europe, and with RANK, FASHION, and DISCERNMENT, supersedes all preparations of professedly similar import. This Oil is pre-eminently successful in nourishing, improv- ing and beautifying the Human Hair, in all climates, anil in 11.11 stages of existence. The following is a brief notice of som< of its PRINCIPAL VIRTUES, as a mild, stimulative, cor- rective, and preservative agent for the Hair. The subject is more fully treated in a small Pamphlet which accompanies each boltleof ROWLAND'S MACASSAR OIL, and wherein im- portant hints and advice will be found on the Culture of the Hair of Infancy, and on its preservation and beauty through the several stages of human life. INFANCY. Its balsamic properties nourish the Hair in its embryo state, accelerate its growth, sustain it in maturity, and con- tinue the possession of healthy vigour, silky softness, and luxurious redundancy, to the latest period of humau life. Genial and purifying, it dispels all scurf and impurity, and renders the. use of the fine comb unnecessary. BALDNESS. Its re-productive powers are constantly and surprisingly shown in cases of Baldness from whatsoever cause arising (proved by numerous testimonials open for inspection at the Proprietors,) in eliciting, unerringly, from the latent stem the active progression of vitality, so that in numerous in- stances where other specifics have been tried in vain, ilow- LAND'S MACASSAR OIL has superseded the ornaments of art by re-instating in full plentitude of beauty tl:e permanent graces and utilities of nature. GREY HAIR. Its nourishing properties are eminently successful in the PREVENTION of Grey Hair, and in the RESTORATION to its original colour-also proved by leSlimonials. WHISKERS AND M0UST\CHI0S. Its extraordinary fecundity is singularly displayed in creating these ornaments of manhood, and in the production of strong and beautiful Hair. CURL AND EMBELLISHMENT. Its invigorating properties induce a strong tendency to curl: to Artificial Hair it imparts a look of vitality and light. ness and sustains the Head Dress in all [he beauties of decorative formation, glossy curl, aud silky softness, unimpaired by the heated atmosphere of crowded rooms, or damp" eather. SEA-BATHING AND VIOLENT EXERCISE. After indulging in either of these, so apt in their conse- quence (by opening the pores) to exhaust the nourishing matter secreted at the roots or bulbs of the hair, the Macassar Oil will be found most efficacious, both in preserving and in immediately restoring the hair to its usual appearance of health with renovated brightness. CH MATE. This inestimable Oil preserves its virtues {unimpaired by change of climate, and is alike in use from the frigid to the torrid zone, from the assemblies of St. Petersburg to those of Calcutta and the remote East. CA U TIO N! UNPRINCIPLED SHOP-KUEFERS, for the sake of gaining a trifle more profit, vend the most spurious trash under the title of M AC,kSSAk) OIL:" some unoer the implied sanction of Hoyalty. It is therefore imperative on Purchasers to see that the words ROWLAND'S MACASSAR OIL are in two lines on the Wrapper of each bottle, and on the inside of the Wrap- per nearly 1,500 times, containing 29,0*28 letters. Price 3s. 6d.—7s.— Family Bottles, (equal to4small,) 10s. 6d. and double that size. 21s. per Bottle. Sold by the Proprietors A. ROWLAND § SON, 20, Hatton- Garden, London, and by Chemists and Perfumers, *AlI other "MACASSOR OILS" are FRAUDULENT COUNTERFEITS. Sydenham's Antibilious Aperient Family Pill of Health For both Sexes, entirely Vegetable, prepared from the Prescrip- tion of that eminent Physician, Dr. SYI)ENHA M, who was justly styled the" Father of Modern Medicine." A MOST valuable remedy for Bilious and Liver Com- plaints, Indigestion, Head-Ache, Giddiness, Loss of Appetite, Flatulency, Gout, Rheumatism, Heartburn, Spasms, Lowness of Spiiits, Costiveness, &c. These celebrated FAMILY t!LLS have been faithfully dis- pensed by the present Proprietor for more than 30 years, and have obtained from all grades of the community a character and reputation which no medicine of a similar nature has hitherto acquired. Dr. SYDENHAM'S PILLS being a most happy combination of vegetable matter, and not contain- ing any mercurial pieparation, require neither confinement nor alteration in diet during Iheir use. Moderate exercise in- creases their good effects. They may be taken at any time e when the bowels are costive and uneasy; and Sydenham's Pills shonld be taken by persons of all ages, as they assist digestion, correct excesses of the table, give a healthy action and tone to the stomach, remove all complaints to which the digestive organs are subject, and will lead to health and cheer- ful old age. Families and the Proprietors of Boarding Schoo's should never be without an adequate supply of this admirable Family Medicine, as SYDENHAM'S PILLS may be resorted to with the greatest safely and success, on the first appearance of indis- position, and by adopting this practice, many serious and too often fatal attacks will be entirely prevented. I he following is the opinion of an eminent Physician practis- illg extensively in Bristol and Clifton- I have examined the composition of Dr. Sydenham's Pills, and consider them a very valuable remedy in all com- plaints to which the Digestive Organs are subject, especially Bilious affections, and an innumerable variety of diseases which are the consequences of an iiregular and imperfect tion of the organs of digestion." < w < The most delicate Females, the young and aged, prcfe SYDENHAM'S PILLS to most other aperients, as they are benelicial to their general health, improve their appearance, and being a VEGETABLE PREPARATION, they are at once mud, safe, and effectual. The high opinion entertained of SYDENHAM'S FAMM.Y PII.LS, by many fit the most eminent of the Faculty, in pre- sent practice, (as well as the number of gratifying Testimonials I !e, i'rolJ1"ie,or is constantly receiving from persons of the ughest respectability and standing in society who have been materially benefitted by their use,) renders any eulogium on their merits superfluous, and must convince the most sceptical of the superior properties of this valuable established medi- cinc acknowledged by thousands as the best, safest, and most effectual Family Medicine now before the Public. These Pills are sent abroad by the London exporting nouses. Merchants and Captains of vessels will find them an almost indispensible acquision to their Medicine Chests, they are so prepared as to retain their medicinal properties in any extreme of climate. Small Boxes, is. 1 id. & 2s. 9d.—Family Boxes, 4s. 6d. & I Is On the Family Boxes there is a considerable saving' Ptepared by the sole Proprietor, J. REES, Bristol, And Sold Wholesale by the following appointed Agents- Care ay and bons, 95, Farringdon Street; Edwards 07, and Newbery, 45, St. Paul's Churchyard; Sutton and Co., 10, B .w Chuichyard Butler, 4. CheapSldc. (and 54, Sackville- htreel, Dubim); Drew, Hayward, and Co., Bush Lane; Treacher, Osborn, and Co., 28, Wilson Street, Finsbury Square, London; and may be had Retail of every respectable Druggist, Stationer, and Medicine Vender in the United Kmguoui. CAUTION. Purchasers should be especially particular in asking for '• S Y DEN H A M'S I'ILI. OF HEALTH," and be sure that the signature of J. REES, Bristol," is on the Go- vernment Stamp which surrounds each box, as without this mark of authentieit jnone are genuine. Slotted CAUTION.—Unprincipled individuals prepare the most spurious compounds under the same na nes; they copy the labels, bills, advertisements, and testimonials of the original Thomas's Succedaneum. It is therefore highly necessary to see that the words "Thomas and Howard" are on the wrapper of each article. All others are fraudulent imitations. For Stopping Decayed Teeth. Price 2s. 6d. PATRONIZED BY HER MAJESTY THE QUEEN HIS ROYAL HIGHNESS PlthCE ALBERT, HER ROYAL HIGHNESS THE DUCH ESS OF KEVT, HIS MAJESTY THE KING OF THE BELGIANS, HIS MAJESTY THE KING OF PRUSSIA. HIS GRACE THE AKCHBISHOP 011 CANTERBURY, And nearly all the Nobility, the Bishops, and the Clergy Mr. Thomas's Sucbedaneum, FOR tilling Decayed Teeth, however large the cavity. It is superior to any thing ever before used, as it is placed in the tooth in a soft state, without any pressure or pain, and in a short time becomes as hard as the enamel, and will remaiu firm in the tooth m'lny years, rendering extraction unnecessary, It arrests all further progress of decay, and renders them again usefu) in mastication. All persons can use Mr. THOMAS'S SUCCEDANEUM THEMSELVES WITH EASE, as full directions are enclosed. Prepared only by Messrs. THOMAS and HOWARD, Sur- geon-Dentists, 6t, Beruers-Strset, Oxford-Street, London. Price 2s. 6d. Sold by their appointment by the following Agents:— Mr. Thomas Stephens, drugist, Merthyr Tydvilj Mr. Phillips, Cardiff; ilr. Farror, Monmouth; Mr. Williams, Brecon; Mr. Wi liams and Mr. Phillips, Newport; Ballard and Son, chemists aud ironmongers, Cowbridge; and by the Venders of Medicine generally throughout the kingdom. and by all Chemists anil Medicine Vendors or the Proprie- tors will send the Succedaneum free BY POST to any part of the Kingdom LOSS OF TEETH. Messrs.THOMAS&. HOW A RD continue to supply the Loss of Teeth without springs or wires upon their new system of SELF-ADHESION, which has secured them uni versal appro- bation, and it is recommended by numerous Physicians and Surgeons as being the most iugen ou system of supplying artificia teeth hitherto invented. They adapt themselves over the most tender gums, or remaining slumps, without causing the least pain, rendering the operation of extracting quite unnecessary. They are so fixed as to fasten any loose teeth where the gums have shrunk from the use of calomel or other causes. They also beg to invite those not liking to un- dergo any painful operation, as practised by most members of the profession, to inspect their painless yet effective system and in order that their improvements may be within reach of the most economical, they will continue the same moderate charges. Messrs. THOMAS and HOWARD. SuRGEoN-DENTisT, 64 Berners-Street, Oxford-Street, Loudon. At heme from JO till 4. Those INTERESTED IN THE SUBJECT will find THIS STATEMENT OF THEIR SUPERIORITY OYER ALL OTHERS TO BE ENTIRELY AND SCRUPULOUSLY COliRECT. Their new method of fixing Artificial Teeth has obtained the approbation and recommendation of the following emi nent Physicians and Surgeons :— Sir James Clark. Bart., Physician to her Majesty Dr. Locock, Physician Accoucheur to her Majesty Dr. Ferguson, Physician Accoucheur to her Majesty Dr. Bright, l'hjsician Extraordinary to her Majesty Sir B. C. Brodie, Bart., Sergeant Surgeon to her Majesty The late Sir A Cooper., Bart., Serg. Surgeon to her Majesty H. Keate, Esq., Sergeant Surgeon to her Majesty Dr. Mcrriman, Physician to her R. H. the Duchess of Kent Sir C. M. Clark, Bart., M.D. Dr. Paris Sir M. Tierney, Bart., M.D. Dr. James Johnson Dr. Chambers, Dr. Conquest And numerous other Members of the Medical Profession. MESSRS. 11. & L. PERRY & Co., may be consulted at 19, Berners Street, Oxford Street, London, daily; at 106, Duke Street, Liverpool, every Thursday, Friday and Saturday And at No. 10, St. John Street, Deans gate, Manchester, on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays. "THE SILENT FRIEN D," ON HUMAN FRAILTY. Price 2s. 6,1., & sent Free to any part of the United Kingdom, in a Sealed Envelope, from either of the above Establish- ments, on receipt of 3sibd. in Postage Stamps, or a Post-Office Order. A MEDICAL M ORK, on the concealed cause that A destroys physical energy, and the ability of manhood, ere vigour has established lier enipire; witll observations on the baneful effects of *Orj*|'HKUL EXCESSES and INFECTION, with Means of ttestoraiion. The inHucnce of mercury Oil tht skin is pointed out and illustrated by Ten Coloured engravings on steel, followed by observations on MARIO AGE, with irectious for the removal of dis- qualifications, BY R.& L. PERR^ &Co., CONSULTING SURGEONS. Published by .he ^THoRs, and so)d fay Stran 21, Paternoster-Row, HANNAY & Co., 63, Oxford-street* GORDON, 146, LeadenhaH-street, London; NEWTON 16 & 19, Church Street, and Mr KAwL> Church INGHAM, Market street. Manchester; J} CAMPBELL, 136 Argyle-street, Glasgow, R. LINDSAY, M, Elms Row, Edin^ bur.h POWELL,10 We.tmorU, d.slreet^ Dublin P„RKJNs Haverford-west, JtN KINS,, \| erthyr and Dovvlais. and by all Uooksellers and latent Medicine Venders in Town aud Country. OPINIONS OF THE PRESS. '• We regard the work before „s, The Silent Friend as a work em racing] "J1015 c ear aud practical views of a series of complaints hitherto little understood, and passed over by the majority of the Me.Jica| profession, for what reason we are at a loss to know YVe must, however, confess that a perusal of this work has loft Such a fav0llrable impres_ sion on our mind that we not only recommend, but cordially wish every one who is the victim of part folly, or suffering from indiscretion, to profit by the ajvi contained in its pa"es. A ge and A rgtis. The Authors of 'he Silent Fricnd" seem to be tho- roughly conversant with the treatment of a class of COtn. plaints which are we fear, too prevalent in the present day. The perspicuous style in which tins book is written, and the valuable hints i con\ ys to those who are apprehensive of entering the marriage state, catmot. fai| ,Q reCoinmend it to a careful perusal. —ata. "This work should be read hy all who value health and wish to enjoy life, for the^ truiSms therein contained defy all doubt ."—Farmers' Journal. y a" THE CORDIAL BALM OF SYRIACUM, is intended to relieve those persons who, by an immo- derate indulgence of their passions, have ruined theircousti- tutions, or in their way to the consummation of that deplo- rable state, are affected with any of those previous symptoms that betray iu approach, as the various affections of the ner- vous system, obstinate gleets, excesses, irregularity, obstruc- tions of certain evacuations, weaknesses, total impotency, barrenness, &c. J' This medicine is particularly recommended to be taken before persons enter into the matrimonial state, lest in the event of procreation occurmg, the innocent offspring should bear enstamped upon it the physical characters deiivable from parental debility. Price lIs., or the quantity of 4 at lis. in one Bottle for 33s., by which Us. is saved-the zC5 cases may be had as tistiai, which is a savitig of Xi 12s.. THE CONCENTRATED DETERSIVE ESSENCE An Anti-Syphilitic Itemedy for purify,„g the diseased humours of the blood, and certain cure for Scurvy, Scrotula, and all cutaneous eruptions, conveying its active principles throughout the body, even penetrating the minutest vessels, removing all corruption, contaminations, and impu- rities from the vita stream,-eradicating the motbid virus; and radically expelling u through the skin.-Price I Is. or four Bottles in one for J3s. by which Us. is saved, also in £ 5 cases, winch saves £ l 12s. PERRY'S PURIFYING SPECIFIC PILLS I)rice 2,1. 9(t., 4s. ö.1., and I Is. per box, With explicit directions, rendered perfectly intelligible to every capacity, are well known throughout Europe to be the most certain and effectual remedy ever discovered for Gonorrhoea, bath ini its mild and aggravated forms by imwe- diately laying inflammation and arresting further progress. Gleets, Strictures, Irriiation of the bladder, pains of the loins aud kidneys, gravel, and other disotders of the Uriuary pas- sages, in either sex. are permanently cured in a short space of time, without confinement or the last exposure. Sold by all Druggists, Medicine Vendors and Book- sellers in Town aud Country, Messrs. Perry expect, when consulted by letter, the usual fee of One Pound, to be addressed to the London Estab- lishment, where all communications and orders are requested to be forwarded. Patients are requested to be as minute as possible in the detail of their cases, as to the duration of the complaint, the symptoms, age. habits of living, and general occupation. Medicines can be forwarded to any part of the world: no difficulty can occur, as they will be securely packed, and care- fully protected from observation. Mcssis. R. & L. Perry & Co., Surgeons, may be consulted as usual, at 19, Berner's Street, Oxford Street, London, •laity, and at 106, Duke Street, Liverpool, every Thursday, r nilay, and Saturday, and at 10, St. John Street, Deans«ate Manchester,on Mon lays,Tuesdays,& Wednesdays,punctually' from 11 till 2, and from 5 till b. On Sundays from 10 till 12.' Only one personal visit is required from a country patient, to enable \lessr» Perry and Co. to give such advice as will be the meansofeffecting a permanent and effectual cure, after all other means have proved ineffectual. N.B. Country Druggists, Booksellers, Patent Medicine Venders, and every other Shopkeeper can be supplied with any quantity of the Cordial Balm of Syriacum, the Concen- trated Detersive Essence, and Perry's Purifying Specific Pills, with the usual allowance to the Trade, by most of he principal Wholesale Patent Medicine Houses in London. SOLD AT THE "GUARDIAN" OFFICE, CARDIFF, ,v be, mav hp h i t the Silent Friend



dFijrrign Jntelltgntce.

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