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GLAMORGANSHIRE AND MONMOUTH- SHIRE INFIRMARY. The Annual and General Meeting of the Subscrib- ers to this tiuly excellent and charitable Institution was held in the Committee-room of the Institution on Thursday afternoon [yesterday], the 8th of January, upon which occasion we observed present the following highly respectable and influential gen- tlemen :—The Right Honorable John Nicholl, D.C.L., M.P., president; Lord James Stuart, M.P., Walter Coffin, Esq., Henry Morgan, Esq E. P. Richards, Esq., C. C. Williams, Esq., vice-presidents; Rev. Thomas Stacey, Rev. W. L. Morgan. Rev. James Evans, Dr. Moore, Andrew Miller, Esq., David Evans, Esq., James Lewis, Esq,, Edward Evans, Esq., Evan David, Esq., J. Clark, Esq., Montague Grover, Esq., R. Daw, Esq., Mr. Hopkins, Mr. Woods, Mr. Phil- lips, Mr. George Bird, Mr. Lowder. Lord James Stuart, M.P., in the chair. After the meeting had been formally opened, the noble Chairman called upon the Rev. Thomas Stacey, honorary secretary of the Institution, to read the committee's an- nual report, from which document we gather the follow- ing interesting particulars:— After a few general introductory remarks, the report states—that although no year, since the institution 01 the Infirmary, has been less fruitful of incidents of a striking character, the quiet and effective routine-of duties imposed upon them has been conducted in the manner which they have considered best for the interests of the subscribers, and the benefit of the participators in the blessings of the institution. The committee rejoice to acknowledge the kind hand of a gracious providence, in the efficient maintenance in mens' minds of the sacred duty that is laid upon them to uphold this house of mercy. The fears which were expressed in the last year's report of injury to the funds,. from misconceptions which had gone abroad respecting the pecuniary means of the institution, are now considerably allayed. The public mind has been disabused of the notion that the interest of the funded property of the Infir- mary was altogether or nearly adequate to its support; and the effect has been a continuance of the public favour, and such a measure of aid as presents the Treasurer's accounts in the most satisfactory aspect that they have hitherto worn. The balance to the credit of the Institution on the settlement of this year's expendi- ture is 1:340 8s. 51! and this embraces no part of the balance due by the late House Surgeon, whose brother has undertaken to pay it, as no sum on that account has, up to this time, been placed in the hands of the Trea- surer. There is but a very inconsiderable variation in the number admitted to the benefits of the Infirmary and Dispensary in the past year from that of the immediately preceding period. The Surgeons' Register shows a diminution in the out-door cases of 21, and an increase in the in-door cases of 23—showing the small difference of two only of persons relieved in the Surgeons' depart- ment. The disproportion between the two periods in the medical returns is however greater in the in-door patients, which are as 17 to 30 while in the persons relieved at their own houses, the difference is scarcely worth noticing, amounting to no more than all increase of seven only, and exhibiting upon the whole, and including the cases denominated trivial, the ftnall number of 49 individuals admitted to the benefits of the Institution in the last year more than in the preceding year. A copy of the Report will, in the course of a few days, be sent to the subscribers and, therefore, for the pre- sent, the foregoing extracts may be sufficient. Mr. C. C. Williams then read a statement of the ac- counts, of which the following is an abstract:- zC s- d. £ s. d. To Balance in Treasurer's hands 162 5 (j Arrears due for 1844 128 12 0 Subscriptions for 1845. 378 17 6 Sum 507 9 6 Arrears now due JE132 t0 Not recoverable.. 9 9 141 19 0 ——— -————— 365 10 6 Collection in St. John's Church, Cardiff 13 5 2 » Bethany Chapel 4 16 3 Rent of houses in Union Street. 36 0 0 Charity Boxes at Town Hall, &c., &c.. 9 0 0 Interest on Stock 320 17 8 Total £ 911 15 1 By various charges. 421 5 8 Salaries. 149 o 0 Cash with Secretary 110 n Treasurer. 340 8 5 JE911 15 1 ine accounts were examined and found to be correct, )y Mr. E. P. Richards and Mr. C. C. Williams. STATE OF TIIE REGISTER.—Total Physician's, IN and JUT cases 702; total Surgeons', do, 230: trivial cases, )05—making in all 1237. tThe statement for the week ippears in our first page in its usual place.] Mr. Nicholl then rose to move the first resolution, lamely—" That the proceedings of the committee for :he past year be confirmed and that the report just read, with the statement of the accounts, and an abstract of :he number of In and Out door patients, and a list of subscribers, be printed, and a copy sent to each subscri- jer." Having read the resolution, the right honourable gentleman proceeded to congratulate the meeting 011 the very satisfactory nature of the report, more particularly is it affected the question of the funds of the Institution, which seemed to him to have been raised by the exertions jf the committee, & by good management of the institu- tion's different officers, from a very indifferent state to an efficient and satisfactory state. (Hear.) This seemed to Mr. Nicholl to be a matter of the utmost importance—a matter upon which the meeting might justly be congratu- lated for knowing, as they all did, the skill, ability, and seal of their medical officeis, he Was quite sure that there could be nothing but the want of funds that could fail to make this Institution what it was described as being—the house of mercy. Allusion had been made in the report to increased demands on their funds, and on the exertions of their medical offi- cers, which were likely to arise from the forma- tion of the South Wales Railway, as it passed through this country. He hoped the completion of that under- taking would bring increased support to their funds, as well as increased demands for lie could conceive no body of individuals who were more called upon by duty to contribute to institutions of this nature than a company of individuals who were about, partly for their own ad- vantage, and partly for the advantage of the public gene- I rally, to commence an undertaking likely to bring to the Infirmary a considerable number of what are termed casualties. (Hear.) He trusted, therefore, that the in- fluential members of that company would remember at an early stage of their pioceeaings the claims which this Institution had upon them. and contribute largely to- wards its funds. After a few further remarks Mr. Nicholl resumed his seat; and the resolution having been seconded by Andrew Miller, Esq., was carried unani- mously. Mr. Evan David m<»ved the second resolution—" That the committee for the present year consist of the following ::enttemen" :— Rev. Thomas stacey Mr- Thomas Hopkins Rev. W. L. Morgan Mr. J. B. Woods Rev. James Evans Mr< jol) jameg Dr. Vachell Mr. Robert Daw Mr. David Evai«Jp. Mr. Montague Grover Mr. George Bird Mr. Griffith Phillips Mr. David said tie nan great pleasure in taking part in the proceedings of the meeting; and could bear his hum- ble testimony that no institution had such strong claims upon the public for support as the Infirmary. The proposition was seconded by Mr. David Evans, and unanimously carried. The Rev. Thomas Stacey then rose to move the third resolution, and had great pleasure in doing so, being assured that it would meet with a hearty reception from the meeting. The resolution was as follows:—" That the best thanks of this meeting be given t J John Moore, Esq., M.D., physician Richard Reece, Esq., consulting surgeon; James Lewis. Esq., and Edward Evans, Esq., surgeons in ordinary, for their past and valuable services and that they be requested to continue them." Mr. Stacey had so repeatedly had the honour of proposing re- solutions containing votes of thanks to the medical officers of the institution, and had had so many opportu- nities of witnessing the admirable manner in which those gentlemen discharged their very onerous duties, that he had particular satisfaction in moving the resolution, which he was sure would meet with the hearty concurrence of the gentlemen present. (Hear.) Mr. C. C. Williams seconded the resolution. It was, he said, quite unnecessary for him to say one word in addition to what had been so ably spoken by Mr. Stacey, and he should, therefore, do no more than simply second the proposition. Carried unanimously. Dr. Moore, Mr. Lewis, and Mr. Evans, severally re- turned thanks, and expressed the gratification experienced by them in being of service tQ the institution, Moved by Mr. J. Clark, seconded by Mr, T Hopkins, and resolved unanimously,—" That the thanks of this meeting be given to the Rev. W. Leigh Morgan, incum- bent of St. Mary's, for the sermon preached by him in aid of the institution in St. John's Church and also to the minister of Bethany chapel, Cardiff, for a similar service." The Rev. W. Leigh Morgan briefly returned thanks, expiessing his readiness at all times to do anything in t his power to promote the prosperity of the institution. Moved by Dr. Moore, seconded by the Rev. James Evans, and unanimously resolved,—" That the thanks of this meeting be given to William To wgood, Esq., treasurer, and the gentlemen of the committee, for their attention to the interests of the institution during the past year." Mr. Coffin moved the next resolution—"That the best thanks of the meeting be given to the Rev. Thomas Stacey, for the very kind aud efficient manner in which he has performed the duties of hqnorary chaplain, for the past year," Having moved the resolution, Mr, Coffin said It gives me great pleasure to move this resolution. I have known Mr. Stacey ever since he has been in Cardiff, and that is not a short period, and I am sure I can bear testimony to his great zeal and readiness at all times in promoting every charitable institution connected with this town and neighbourhood. (Hear.) I have known Mr. Stacey as chaplain to the county gaol for many years; and I have no doubt that his services are as efficient and as truly valuable here as they are there and I hope his life may be long continued. (Cheers.) The resolution was seconded by Mr. Daw, and carried unanimously. The Rev. Thomas Stacey briefly acknowledged the compliment. I The Rev.W.Leigh Morgan moved the next resolution —" That the meeting continue their unanimous and en- tire approbation of the conduct of Mr. Russell, as house surgeon." As one of the visitors, Mr. Morgan could bear testimony to the zeal manifested by Mr. Russell in the discharge of his duties as house surgeon. His atten- tion and readiness to minister to the wants of the poor were conspicuous; and he (Mr. Morgan) had much plea- sure in moving the resolution. (Hear.) This was seconded by Mr. Montague Grover and car- ried unanimously. Mr. Russell returned thanks in a neat speech, expres- sive of the gratification it afforded him to find that his endeavours to secure the approbation of the subscribers ha I been successful. Mr. Henry Morgan rose, and had much pleasure in moving the thanks of the meeting to a gentleman to whom the institution was under the greatest obligation. Year after year were they benefitted by his invaluable services—by his extreme clear-headedness and persever- ing industry. He referred to Charles Crofts Williams, Esq., and begged to move—"That the best thanks of the meeting be given to Mr. C. C. Williams, for his kind assistance in settling the accounts for the past year, and for his valuable exertions in, at all times, furthering the interests of the institution." (Cheers.) This was seconded by Mr. Lewis, and carried unani- mously. Mr. Williams returned thanks, and said he was always willing to do anything calculated to promote the interests of an institution which was productive of so much public benefit. Mr. E. P. Richards said, that in consequence of a sug- gestion which he had received relative to the projected South Wales Railway, it had occurred to him that it would be very advisable to make an application to that company at once to become subscribers to this Institution. The gentlemen present were all aware that the company had obtained their act during the last session: they had now advertised for contracts to perform certain portions of the work in Swansea and Newport. Now there was no Infirmary at or near the projected lines, except at Gloucester, Bristol, and Swansea, with the exception of Cardiff Infirmary. He would therefore move—" That application be forwarded to the Directors of the South Wales Railroad to become subscribers to the Glamorgan and Monmouth Infirmary and Dispensary, as there exists no other Infirmary for the admission of casualties between Bristol on the one hand, and Gloucester 011 the other, and the Town of Swansea." This was seconded by the Rev. Thomas Stacey, and carried unanimously. Moved by Mr. C. C. Williams, seconded by Mr. Woods, and unanimously resolved—" That JE300 be invested in the 3,t per cents, reduced, being part of the uninvested capital of the Institution, arising from donations and legacies." The Chairman having left the chair, it was taken by Walter Collin, Esq. Moved by the Right Hon. John Nicholl, M.P., seconded by Mr. James Lewis, and carried by acclamation —" That the best thanks of the meeting be given to Lord James Stuart, for his kindness in taking the chair, and for his able conduct therein. His Lordship in returning thanks, referred to several points connected with the general management of the Infirmary; and expressed the particular gratification which he felt in promoting its interests, inasmuch as it was peculiarly adapted to prove of benefit to the lower classes of society, whose welfare ought at all times to be considered and promoted. The meeting then separated. [We regret that an unexpected influx of correspon- dence, from several parts of this county, by the last mail on Thursday evening, compels us to abridge our report of the interesting proceedings of this meeting.]


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