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MERTHYR POLICE COURT, Monday, Dec. 29th. [Before T. W. Hill, Esquire.] George Jenkins, landlord of the Wellington beer-house, was charged by John Davies, with assaulting him on the 26th ult. Complainant said—" On Friday last I called at the Wellington and asked for a pint of beer, and asked if they had seen the umbrella which I had lost there on the previous Saturday, and also fourteen shillings, when defendant told me to go from the house, and struck me down. Then he and his wife kicked me out. When I was on the road, I rose up and he knocked me down again, and kicked me twice-^he once kicked me on my mouth, by which two of my teeth are loosened."—A witness named John Davies corroborated complainant's evidence.—Defendant admitted that he had assaulted complainant, but not to the extent stated, nor before he (complainant) had assaulted him and wife; complainant had used very abusive language. Defendant was fined f5, or two months' imprisonment in Cardiff House of Correction in default of immediate payment. Morgan Nicholas and Edward Edwards, were charged by William Maun, with assaulting him on the 23th ult. Fined 5s. each and costs. Jeremiah Collins (who did not appear) was charged by John Jones, with assaulting him last Friday. Com- plainant, who is 67 years of age, said that Collins came to the house where he lodges—sat down and asked him if he would shake hands with him, which he (complainant) did. lie said he was very 'dry', and asked complainant for a share of a quart of beer.' Complainant said he had no money. He then asked the woman of the house, but she replied that she had not got any, whereupon he came towards complainant like a bull-dog, and struck him in the face. Fined jEt and costs, and in default of imme. diate payment to be imprisoned for three week3. Samuel Davies was charged by John Griffiths, his son- in-law, with non-payment of wages, amounting to £3 16s. Griffilhs said that he engaged to work for his father- in-law at 18s. a-week. worked five weeks—received only 14s., leaving £3 16s. due. He said that his wife died some time since, and that his father-in-law pulled' him to live with him, in order to keep the furniture and other property, none of which he could now get from his hands. Defendant said that he had a bill of £ 17 3s. against complainant. Griffiths said that they had been with an attorney, and it was settled that Davies should return his property, but he would not abide by his agree- ment, and besides he only owed him £3 14s., ,yhich con- sisted of funeral expenses, and the maintenance of him- self and wife for six weeks. It was finally agreed that Davies should relinguish his claim of £ 17 3s. and return a clock, part of the property, to Griffiths, and that he (Griffiths) should relinquish his claim of jM 16s. and both signed an agreement to that effect. David James, of Pontypridd, was charged on the in- formation of Superintendent Hemer, with being drunk and disorderly on the 27th ult., at Merthyr. Proved by P.C. Thomas. Fined 5s. and discharged. DOG STEALING.—Edward Jones, labourer, of Dowlais, was charged by John Russell, Esq., surgeon, of the same place, with stealing a spaniel bitch, his property, which he tried to sell at Tal-y-bont, a distance of 11 miles. Committed to Cardiff House of Correction for on e month only, this being his first offence. ♦ LLANTUISSENT PETTY SESSIONS.—[Held 26th Dec., 1845, before R. F. Rickards, Esq., Col. Smith, and E. M. Williams, Esq.]—Mary William, of Lantwitvardre, applied for an order of affiliation upon one John Martin, of Bridgcnd, whom she alleged to be the putative father of her female illegitimate child a summons had been duly served and proved upon the oath of the constable defendant neglected to appear the case was heard Oil the evidence of the mother, and corroborated by others to the satisfaction of the Justices present. Order granted to pay 2s. per week from the birth of the said child.— John Nicholas, of Cowbridge, appeared by virtue of a summons granted upon the application of Ann Arnott, of the parish of Llantrissent, for an order upon him to pay weekly towards the maintenance of his illegitimate child; the case was heard, and defendant acknowledged himself to be the father of the child. Order granted to pay 5s. per week for the first six weeks from the birth of the said child, and from thence 2s. 6d. per week costs paid same time.— Thomas Williams was summoned upon the complaint of James Hodge, for an assault; settled out of court; costs paid. — Thomas Sanders and others appeared by virtue of a summons, on the complaint of Hopkin Williams, sheriffs officer, for assaulting him whilst in the execution of his duty at Treforest, in the parish of Lantwitvardre. Thomas Sanders was found guilty, and fined £2 and costs; time allowed to pay: the others were liberated for want of evidence to substan- tiate the case on the grounds they were accused, except one William Bamfield, who did not appear; a warraut for his apprehension has been granted.—Also, on the complaint of Thomas Evans, of Treforest, the said Win. Bamfield was summoned to appear: parties settled out of court; case dismissed; costs paid by complaiuant.— Also, on the complaint of Lucretia Evans, of Treforest, James Williams and 'Thomas George were to appear by virtue of a summons issued against them for assaulting her; case was settled out of court previous to Petty Sessions costs paid by complainant.—Also, on the com- plaint of Sarah Griffiths, John Lewis was to appear by virtue of a summons, for an assault parties did not appear; case adjourned. — Mary John and Mary, her daughter, both of Eyelissa, in the parish of Lantwitvar- dre, appeared by virtue of a summons issued against them on the complaint of Frances Richards, of the same place; the case was heard, but complainant could not substantiate her case; ordered to pay costs.—John Morgan, of Pentyrch, also appeared by virtue of a summons on the complaint of Evan Jenkins, of the same place, fur having violently assaulted and beaten him defendant proved guilty, and ordered to pay 20s. fine and costs; time allowed to pay.—John Moore, of the parish of Lant- witvardre, also was apprehended by James Thomas, one of the policemen of the Newbridge district, for beipg drunk and disorderly; fined 2s. 6d. and costs; time allowed to pay. Morgan Davies, of Newbridge, carpenter, also appeared by virtue of a summons on the complaint of David Jones, carpenter, of the same place, for refusing to pay him wages for labour; defendant found guilty, and ordered to pay the amount and costs.-Also the said Morgan Davies appeared on the complaint of Evan Evans carpenter, for refusing to pay him wages for labour the case was allowed to be settled by reference out of court. [Omitted in our last of the proceedings on the 12th Dec. before R. F. Rickards and John Hewitt, Esqrs.]—Rees1 Hopkins, boatman on the Glamorganshire Canal, appeared on the complaint of Mr. William Fletcher, of the Bu*h Inn, Treforest, Lantwitvardre, for having maliciously damaged and injured the front door of the said Bush Inn defendant found guilty, and ordered to pay 5s. damage, and costs, and in default of payment was committed to the Common Gaol at Cardiff, and there to be imprisoned and to be kept to hard labour for the space of one calendar month. COWBRIDGE PETTY SESSIONS, DECEMBER '23, 1845.— [Present, It. C. Nicholl Carne, Richard Bassett, and Robert Boteler, Esqrs., and the Rev. A. Dene.]—The overseers of Landough applied for an order for the re- moval of Maria Williams from the parish of Landough to the parish of St. Hilary: after several witnesses were examined, the order was made accordingly.—[Dec 30, 1845, R. C. Nicholl Carne, Hugh Entwisle, and Robt. Boteler, Esqrs, ]-Llewellill Robert, one of the overseers of Lanblethian, applied for an order for the removal of Mary Jones from that parish to the Middle Hamlet of Langonoyd: order made accordingly. Last week, the Reverend Evan Morgan, Vicar of Lantwit Major, in this county, was instituted by com- mission from the Lord BishoD of Llandaff, to the Vicarage of Llantrissent, in this county. Patrons, the Dean and Chapter of Gloucester. BOWRINGTON SCHOOLS, MAESTEG.—On Wednesday week, the 24th ult., the examination of the pupils in these schools took place, in the presence of a large body of gentlemen and other residents. It was made in the upper or boys' school, which, besides being beautifully painted for the occasion, was most tastefully decorated by the female pupils with garlands, festoons, &c. The visitors upon their first entrance were much struck by the well- dressed, cleanly, and healthy appearance of the 160 boys and girls, who welcomed them on their entrance. After several appropriate hymns had been sung, about twenty recitations were delivered by the children, some of whum were not more than four years of age, and it was admitted they all acquitted themselves in a most able manner. The master's son, who came over expressly for the occa- sion from his school at Yniseedwyn Works, inspected their progress in grammar, history, mental arithmetic, and general knowledge. When upon progress in the scriptures and moral conduct, they were strictly inspected by the Rev. Thos. Hughes Jones, the officiating minister of our Chapel of Ease, who gave a benediction. The head- master of the school then addressed them, returning the children thanks for the great approbation they had ob- tained for their teachers and themselves. He then de- manded three cheers for the Llynvi Iron Company, which were heartily given. The resident director then addressed them in a neat speech, recommending a continuance of their present attention to their kind teachers, and applica- tion to their school discipline, thanking them for the progress they had made [the schools have not yet been opened five months], and concluded by demanding three cheers for the governor and governess. After marching and singing two or three songs and choruses appertaining to the circulating system, the children departed, thus con- cluding an examination reflecting great credit on the parties concerned. FREEMASONRY.—CAVBRIAN LODGE, No. 472. NEATH. -The members of this Lodge celebrated the Festival of St. John on Saturday last, according to the annual custom of the craft, in their handsome new room, at the Castle Hotel, and afterwards dined together, under the able presidency of the newly installed Master of the Lodge, Frederick Fredricks, Esq., of Duffryn. As the dinner itself was merely an accidental circumstance of the meet- ing, it would be hardly worth while to notice it; but injustice to Mrs. Savours, we feel bound-to observe, that a handsomer or better repast of the kind, with superior wines, could not have been served up at any hotel in the principality. The real pleasure of the evening consisted iu that combination of benevolent and charitable feeling- of that mutual desire to oblige and to be obliged—and of that disposition for cheerful and rational enjoyment which FREEMASONRY is so well calculated to promote and encou- rage. By the laws of the Order every disputed religious and political topic is forbidden; and thus a neutral ground is provided, on which men of the most opposite opinions on those subjects are in the habit of meeting in the most friendly spirit, and without any risk of offence to their peculiar views, be they what they may. We are glad to find that the Cambrian Lodge has been increasing in number and respectability ever since its revival about two years and a half ago; and that its beneficial effects are felt and acknowledged. On the occasion now noticed, the Brethren separated at about ten o'clock, congratulating each othero n having attended a meeting which could not fail to promote that kindly and friendly disposition which should ever prevail amongst neighbours. SWANSEA DOCK COMPANY.—With the rapid increase of the produce and population of the South Wales iron and coal district, which, half a century since, was almost un- known and unappreciated, the accommodation for the vast increase of trade has not kept pace the harbour of Swansea, from its situation at the mouth of the Bristol Channel, convenient for the great mineral district of South Wales, is at present totally inadequate to give the neces- sary shipping accommodation, and hence it is that the supply of all the great necessaries of life to the iron districts have been enjoyed by Bristol-while, had Swan- sea a proper extent of docks, from the large amount of capital invested in shipping in that port, whose vessels trade with Cuba, America, &c., the greatest portion of this trade alone might be calculated to be taken up by them, and a vast increase of the general trade of the port arise when railway accommodation shall have enabled the manufactures of Manchester, Staffordshire, &c., to be shipped as cheaply at Swansea as at Liverpool. Under these circumstances, the present company has been formed, for the construction of capacious and competent wet docks, with all necessary accessories and conveniences; a site for such purposes has been chosen of the most eligible nature; but few proprietors occupy the land re- quired, aud the interference with buildings or other 's valuable property (generally a heavy outlay in populous towns) will be but small. The construction of such works will materially improve the interest of the proprietors of the railways centering in Swansea, and which must also add to the remunerative character of the Swansea Docks, which, from the vastly increasing commerce of the port and neighbourhood, will most probably prove a highly profitable speculation. From the statistics of the port, it appears that, although the first cargo of foreign ore arrived so recently as 1827, the quantity in the past year exceeded 45,000 tons. The increase in the number of ships trading to foreign ports has been as follows—viz: 1814,4; 1834, 46; 1840, 328; and in 1844, 605—viz., 168 inwards, and 437 outwards, with cargoes-while the increase in the number of vessels frequenting the port, exclusive of the above, was as follows-viz: Years. Vessels. Register Tonnage, I 1843 4001 953,1 Id 1844 4017 261,698 1845 4132 268,243 thus showing a highly satisfactory and increasing trade, and proving almost to a certaiuty that the establishment of the docks in question will return an ample per centage for investment. The capital is £ 200,000, in 10,000 shares of JE20. SWANSEA SAVINGS BANK.—Dec, 27th, 1845. Deposits received, £253 9s. 3d,; repaid, f498 18s. 8d. Notices to withdraw, JE213 13s. 9. Manager—Mr. Martin Bevan. SWANSEA.—The attention of Dissenters as well as of members of the Establishment is much attracted by the continued zeal of the inew Vicar, the Rev. Robert S. Bunbury, in advocating the doctrine of our blessed Saviour's Diviuity, so that the Unitarian Minister seems to have thought it his duty to notice it by a printed remonstrance addressed to the vicar, who, on Christmas evening last in his sermon at church acknowledged a copy, declaring it to have been written iti courteous language, at the same time expressing his surprise at the forbearance of Christian Ministers in general, in allowing the Unitarian doctrine so long to be professed and advocated in Swansea without censure. The Unitarian remonstrance is in high request, and to which it is rumoured the vicar will reply from the pulpit on Sunday next. Many highly applaud the Vicar's zeal, while others consider it a s,p-ecies of persecution, tending only to disturb the peace at present existing among all denominations at Swansea, i- COPPER ORES SOLD AT SWANSEA, DECEMBER 31st, 1845. Mines. 21 C wts. Purchasers, Price. E. S. d. Cobre 99 Vivian and Sons 9 17 0 87 Williams, Foster, & Co. 9 17 6 Do. 94 VivianandSons. 9 17 0 Do. 91 Williams, Foster, & Co. 9 13 6 Do. 90 Sims, Willyams, Nevill, Druce, and Co. 16 0 0 j^°" 66 English Copper Company.. 15 18 0 };0 123 Williams, Foster, & Co.17 7 0 109 Do 17 1 6 J:0* 96 English Copper Company.. 9 10 6 t?°- 92 Do 16 0 0 Do. 48 Do 15 16 0 Do 40 Do. and Vivian and Sons..9150 jz° 105 Vivian and Sons Q 7 o 100 Do. 9 7 0 98 Do. 9 12 0 t^0- 95 Do 9 14 0 "°* 78 Do 9 10 0 Santiago. 100 Pascoe Grenfell and Sons. 11 7 6 Do. 96 Do 113 6 Do. 92 Do. 11 1 6 "o. 80 Williams, Foster, & Co. 11 11 6 Do. 62 Sims, Willyams, Nevill, Dmce,andCo. 16 7 0 Do. 37 Do 16 7 0 I Chili. 95 English Copper Company.. 15 2 6 1^° 91 Williams, Foster, & Co. 15 12 6 1^° 86 English Copper Company.. 15 5 6 80 Pascoe Grenfell & Sons ..15 14 6 S"cotaT!?| W0 William., Foster, S Co.. ■ #15 0 D° 96 Vivian and Sons •••••■" Bearhaven 96 Williams, Foster, « Co. 7 12 6 Do 87 Do. 7 10 6 Cronebane 75 Pascoe Grenfell & Sons 3 18 6 Do. l Sims, Willyams, Nevill, Druce, and Co. 40 Q Q Tigrony 1 Do 40 0 0 Mollcmd 9 Viywaftu4Son§ 710 0 -_no n_ on

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