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FASHIONS FOR JANUARY. ( From theft London and Paris Ladies9 Magazine of Fashion.") The damas fesbionable this season is veloutes, the broad velvet stripe contrasting well with this rich description of silk. These dresses require no trimming, but are made extremely full and very long behind; on other materials Bounces of Alemjon, or point lace, are worn. Taffetas d'ltalie are fashionable for petites soirees, and are made with numerous narrow flouncea, alcyones, satins a !a Reine, taffetas Victoria, Pekines levsntines, ombrees in dark colours ;-papelines camayeux are all in favour for dinner or evening wear, and in richer materials velvets, damas, satins spotted with velvet, &c. All shades of grey are fashionable en neglige, particularly pearl grey, iron grey, and taupe. The make of dresses varies but little, always high bodies for the morning; evening corsages are still light and pointed. A pretty style of trimming is a plat of two shades of the colour ot the dress edging the reveas of both body and skirt; these little plats will also be used on dresses of thin materials for evening wear on white crape, or sky blue, or on crape lisse. The small collars and car- dinal cuffs suite well with the plain redingote; these collars stand erect, a little open ronnd the throat, embroidered and trimmed with narrow lace, put on a little full; the cuffs are the same style, turned back on the sleeve forming gauntlet, and closing with small gold buttons. Wreaths a la Ceres, a la Ninon, a l'lsabeau, with couronnes Rachel and Pamela, are the fashionable coiffures; they are all made with waxed leaves instead of velvet, being lighter. Pelisses la Valliere, Manteaux, Bayard, and Fouliere, are all in favour; theAndalouse is also pretty, a kindofdemi- montelet, generally made of black or deep blue velvet richly ornamented with gimp; the form is elegant and calculated to show the dress. A new form of bonnet, less open at the sides than the Pamela, are talked of. Velvet hoouets of the beaver co- lour are very fashionable, ornamented with feathers of the same colour, or with several small ones, sometimes mixed with the colour of the lining, pink or cerise. Lace is again being used on the edge of the bonnets; on white bonuets the lace is point d'Angleterre; on black, green, or ruby velvet, it is fine black lace; these are ornamented with an aigrette on ostrich feather on a lappet of black lace instead of ribbon. v

(Srnetiil Wacellang.