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The list of su;r;eri;)Li0 ls f0r the testimonial ,Sll. Charles Morgan, Hart., is Idling rapidly. W u hear that it is intended to erect, a statue in the new market-place.. Our market on Wedues lay last was well attended. \VC noticed, four very line bullocks (Hercfords), belonging Mr. Reece Reeve, for which the owner asked £ I3j, There was a large quantity of sheep aud pigs, most of which changed ban.is. ) NEWPORT POLICE. — MONDAY.—Charles Morgan WAS fully committed tor trial, charged with obtaining goods under L lse pretences from All,. of the Heathcock Inn. Another charge wiil also be preferred against hi;n at the assizes.—Several disorderlies and a case of tion were disposed of. — Thomas James was full.N .('->1 milted for trial, charge-l with having robbed his employer. Mr. Henry Sheppard, grocer, Commercial-eet. — 0;i Thursday several trilling cases were disposed or. CONSCIENCE. — An incident which has just occurred at Pontypool shows in so remarkable a manner the value of the. plea of conscience in the resistance of paymcat of that it deserves an especial record. Several persons in that town having decliJhd to meet the Lg;1! demand, warrants of distress upon their good3 were ne- cessarily issued. Mr. Conway, a tradesman, was one of the recusants, and the Superintendent of Police, entering his shop for toe purpose of making a levy, considerately offered to lake any article which it would be most con- venient to part with. Cigar-boxes were agreed upon, and Mr. Conway poinred him to one which he said wis worth twenty-eight shillings. The Superintendent accordingly took the box, but 011 afterwards opening it, found that it was filled with saw-dust! Thus, then, it appears that a person can resist as contrary lo the laws of God, a le^al demand with which every good subject is buuud lo com- ply until it be abolished by parliament, and yet without hesitation tell an untruth! Read Proverbs, chapter 6th, from tlie IGtii to tho ID th verses inclusive. The whole passage is instructive. PONTYPOOL TOWN-SCHOOL. — On the 10th instant an interesting examination of a portion of the children of this establishment (the total number instructed in which, taking the day and Sunday schools, amounts to no fewer thauolQ), took plaec in the presence of Joha liarloy, L>q., >\no presided, and several odier friends. Thepro- ceedings were also vaiiud by the singing oi .sacred music at inteivais. After prayer, examinations took place iu Scripture, in natural philosophy, the air pump, diving bell, cte. secular history sacred geography; the geo- graphy of Europe; natural history; mensuration, &?., in all of which the proficiency of the pupils was as re- markable as gratifying. The whole concluded with the National Anthem, not less than oue thousand persons ùeill; present o 1 the occasion. — Hereford Joitniai. l.s-QfiiST. An inquest was held at the Kiug of Prussia Inn, ill the parish of Ciiristchurch, Monmouthshire, 011 the 13111 inst., before Wm. Brewer, Esq., coroner, all view of the body of Mary Ann Lemon, aged one yeai and eleven months, dau- liter of William Lemon. It appears that the father was at work on the Ihii inst.. Mid- that the mother had left the house 011 business, leaving toe eniid in the hjus" with another child only tive jeais o.d; 1:k;t the point of a pair of bellows which was led hot ae i- dentally came in contact with the chilu a < l.nhiug and s.t fire to it. Her cries brought an old mail who lived in another part 6f the Jiouse to her assistance and he, hav- ing put. the tiie out sent fo. a suigeon, woo arrived in a short time, but the child did on ujst. Verdict «• accidentally burnt to ileaUi." NEW-TOUT.—ACCIDENT. — As Mr.'Joseph Josies's ser vant was proceeding into to wn from his master's residence on Tuesday last, riding a spotted pony, the anim: took fright, and the poor lad was thrown with much violenc-3 against the wall. He was taken up quite i.isensibie, but 110 bones were broken. IMPORTANT IMPROVIDENT IX MAR;;I;SKI«V.—Vicror. .1 IRON WORKS. — It. having been found requisite to sink a pit which had formerly been employed in working some of the top measures of iron stone fo a lower depth so as to command the bottom mines at the above works, and a spare steam-engine not being disposable for the purpose, ie balance maehhrery by wlii -'i it ha I formerly bec:t worked was taken down and re -.loved. A .leave wheel wa; iirmly iixe., on ton of the framir. over which a rope Mat commanded the bottom of the pit, passed, being attached at the outside, or land end, to a ir«ia niled with iron, &e. This tram ran \11)0:1 :in inclined nlane of about I in 8 fall, so (!ut when the water or spoil required to be raised trom the bottom o:'the pit a horse was attached to the tram, aud with liaie exertion draws the sitae dow.t the phne, tne pst-bucket ascending. Whe.i the same is discharged on the top the horse retains Wi.h the tram up the plane ready to start again, That so simple and cneetual :111 application of power should so long have bce;1 overlooked is matter of surprise to every one who has seen this admirable invention.

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