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THE CARDIFF AAD MERTHYR GUARDIAN. -# FRIDAY, DECEMBER 19, 1845. r" The Marquess of Bute has, we understand, transmitted thirty-four pounds to Andrew Miller, Esq., treasurer of the Cardiff Infant School, as his Lordship's donation towards discharging the balance of thirty-four pounds due on the building account. His Lordship has also become an annual subscriber offive pounds. CHRISTMAS DAY.— In our weekly calendar we inad- vertently omitted to give the following notices respecting the Church service for this day—Morning I-essotis-Stli ch. Isaiah and 2nd ch. Luke; proper Psalms, the 19th, 45th, and 85th. Evening Lessons—7th ch. Isaiah and 3rd ch. Tit.; proper Psalms, the 89th, 110th, and 132nd. CAUTION TO HIGHWAY SURVEYORS By the 5 and 6 Win. IV., cap. 50, sec. 24, surveyors are directed to cause stones or posts to be erected where two or more ways meet, with inscription thereon, in large legible characters not less thau an inch in height, containing the name of the next market, town, village, or other place, to which the highway leads, as^ well as boundary stones of poats containing the name of the parish in which situate. By another section of the same Act, the surveyor is liable to a penalty of £5 for neglect of duty. As, however, very few officers have complied with the statute, in the above respects, it may be necessary to caution them that persons are on the look out to sue for penalties, and, therefore, the sooner they look after their duties the better. CARDIFF MARKET, DEC. 13.—Beef, Gid. to 7d.; beef, per quarter, 46s. to 48s. mutton, 6id. to 7d. veal, 7d. to 7|d. pork, 7d.; geese, 7d.; ducks, 3s. Gd. to 4s. Gd.; fowls, 2s. Ud.to3-i.; butter, fresh, Is. 2d.; do. salt, Is. Id.; eggs, Is. per doz.; potatoes, 10s. to 14s. per sack. Among the gentlemen who lately passed their examin- atiou at Apothecaries' Hall, was Edward Bates, son of Edward Bates, Esq., of Cow bridge. LLANDAFF SCHOOL CLOTHING CLUB: \Ve briefly noticed in our last week's paper the meeting of the ladies of LlandalF and its neighbourhood on the 10th instant- friends to this institution,—and which was the annual meeting for the distribution of the children's clothing. We learu that each child in the school contributes a penny per week, which sum is reserved for them; and at the end of the year is made up by subscription amongst the ladies and other kind contributors, to Gs. Gd. This sum is laid out with great care in the purchase of the most useful articles of clothing, put together, numbered and ticketed for each. The number of recipients this year amounted to fifty-five; and it was pleasing to see the smiling little ones receiving from the hands of their fair friends their treasures, which at this season of the year must prove so very comfortable to them. The bonus thus added, induces the parents of the children to contri- bute most willingly the weekly penny and too much praise cannot be given to the ladies who so kindly and generously assisted in this good work. We noticed at the distribution Mrs. George Thomas and family; Mrs. in F. Crawshay; Capt. Hill; Mrs. Parker Miss Homfray; Miss Beaumont; Miss Jones, Deanery; Miss J. Prichard. At SHAW HOUSE, MBI.KSHAM, the following young gentlemen received prizes on the lf;tli instant •.— For diligence and [food conduct — First class prizes J. Ball, Minctiinhampton; E. Bletchly, Hawkeshury, Upton; J. Bletchly, Hawkesbury, Upton; W. Btovvn, Monk- ton; It. Edwards, Bath; II. Hammau$, Garford; B. Hay ward, Trowbridge; J- Mullings, Devizes; S. Huddle, Bishop's Cannings; E. Vaciudl, Cardiff; R. Watson. St. Nicholas. Second class prizes: F. Fisher, Nailsworth; W. Grant, Erie, Stoke; J. IJaze- land, Shaw; J. Hughes, Trowbridge; A. Neate, Cher- hill; T. Ruddle, Bishop's Cannings; T. Tanner, Devizes; H. Watson, St. Nicholas. Third class prizes: W. Bird: South Fields; J. R. Evans, Mclksham; A. Gregory, Trowbridge; I. Little, Msrshfield R. Tarr, Trowbridge! For general improvement— W. Brown, Monkton; H. Hammans, Garford; J. Bletchly, Hawkesbury, Upton; R. Watson, St. Nicholas; M. Hazeland, Shaw. For the best Essays—J. Mullings, Devizes, first prize; W. Brown, Monkton, second prize; E. Vachell, Cardiff, third prize. Fur drawing—R. Edwards, Bath. For perspective- W. Brown, Monkton. ACCIDENT.—A lad, aged 14 years, named Geo. David, was conveyed to the Infirmary oil Monday evening, suf- fering from concussion of the brain, which injury he sustained by falling into the hold of a vessel. The Cap- tain, while at dinner, heard something fall heavily, and on going to see, found the boy insensible ill the hold. He is now progressing favourably. CARDIFF SAVINGS BANK.—Saturday, Dec. 13. Depo- sits received, t 142 13s. 8d.; paid, £ 136 6s. 6d. num- ber of depositors, 33. SCARCITY OF SEAMEN.—We understand that masters of vessels find much difficulty in procuring their full com- plement of seamen in this and the neighbouring port of Newport and an instance which, within these last few days, came under our notice, tends to show that such is actually the case, as a master of a coasting vessel, now lying at Newport, came to Cardiff on Saturday forenoon, with the view of engaging two men, having tailed to get them at Newport. He remained here until Tuesday evening, making the most diligent enquiries in his power, but was obliged to return to his vessel without accom- plishing the object which led him to Cardiff. It is also stated that freights are up" in this quarter. ROBBERY OF JLlaO IN BANK NOTEs.-At Bow-street Police Office, Loudon, on Tuesday last, Charles Bowen, Charles Wood, George Lake, John Bancock, George Bates, and Joseph Bailey, were placed at the bar on suspicion of stealing £ 150 in Bank of England notes, the property of the Rev. Mr. Lewis, of New House, near Cardiff, from the Trafalgar Hotel, Charing-cross, a few days since. Some of the prisoners are waiters at the Trafalgar, and the whole were apprehended by Inspector Otway, of the A division, 011 Sunday night and eaily 011 Monday morning. Evidence of the robbery having been given, the prisoners were remanded, with the exception of Bailey, who was discharged. Between £ <30 and £ 70 of the property has been traced.



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