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EOTAL-EXCHANGS ASSURANCE CORPORATION, RO YA L'EXCHA NGE, LONDON, (ESTABLISHED BY ROYAL CHARTER, A.D.. 1720.) FIRE INSURANCES. NOTICE.—The usual Fifteen days allowed for pay- ment of Premiums falling due at Christmas, will expire on the 9th day of January next. LIFE INSURANCES. TWO THIRDS OF THE PROFIT on the Company's Life Business, since December, 1841, will be apportioned, periodically, among Policies for Life without involving the Assured in any risk of Partnership. The Company has returned to the position in the Royal Exchange which it had occupied in the former Building from 1720 till its destruction by fire in 1836. Branch Office,-29, PALL MALL. THOMAS TOOKE, Esq Governor. WILLIAM SAMPSON, Esq Sub-Governor. The Hon. J. T. LESLIE MELVILLE.. Deputy-Governor. DIRECTORS: Henry Bainbridge, Esq. I Chas. John Manning, Esq. Geo. Pearkes Barclay, Esq. Henry Nelson, Esq. Edmund S. P. Calvert, Esq. Edw. Howley Palmer, Esq. Alexander Colvin, Esq. John Henry Pelly, Esq. William Davidson, Esq. I Abraham u. Robarts, Esq. John Deacon, Esq. Charles Robinson, Esq. Riversdalc W. Grenfell, Esq Sir Samuel Scott, Bart. William T. Hibbert, Esq. William Soltau, Esq. Lancelot Holland, Esq. Robert Thorley, Esq. Sir George Larpent, Bart. Henry Warre, Esq. John Chr. Lochner, Esq. Octavius Wigram, Esq. Sir J. Wm. Lubbock, Bart. Chas. Baring Young, Esq. AGENTS: CRICKHOWELL MR. G. A. A. DAVIES. Swansea, Mr. T. A. Marten.—Cardie, Mr. Wm. Bird.- Brecon, Mr. Wm. Evans.—Carmarthen, Mr. David Evans Lewis.—Aberystwith, Mr. William Jones.—Carnarvon, Mr. John Morgan.—LJaneHy, Mr. E. E. D. Grove.— Bangor, Mr. J. Y. H. Williams.—Pwllheli, Mr. David Williams.—Wrexham, Mr. Richard Hughes.—Holywell, Mr. Meredith Vickers.—Monmouth, Mr. Thos. Farror. Newport, Messrs. Prothero and Towgood.—Hereford, Mr. John Gwillim, jun,; also Mr. Richard Underwood. —Bromyard, Mr. Thomas Watkins.—Kington and Pres- teign, Mr. Thomas Oliver.—Leominster, Mr. Edwin Lloyd. Ross, Mr. William Thomas.—Welshpool, Air. David Gwynne.—Milford, Mr. Thomas Williams. ALEX. GREEN, Secretary. TO MR. PROUT, 229, STRAND, LONDON, Doncaster, September 26th, 1844. SIR,—The following particulars have been handed to us with a request that they might be forwarded to you, with pei-* mission for their publication, if you should deem them worthy oi such. J. BKOOKE & Co., Doncaster. "ELIZABETH BREARLEY, residing in Duke-street, Doncas- ter, aged between 40 and 50, was severely afflicted with Rheumatism, and confined to her bed for a period of neartv two months, with scarcely the power to lift her arm she was signally benefitted after taking two doses of BI,A I HIS GOV'J AND KUL UIMATIC PILLS, and after finishing two boxes was quite recovered." The above recent testimoniai is a further proof of the great efficacy of this valuable medicine, which is the most effective remedy for Gout, Rheumatism, Sciatica, Lumbago, Tic Dolo- rous, Pains in the Head and Face often mistaken for tooth- che, and for all Gouty and Rheumatic Tendencies. It is also gratifying to have permission to refer to the fol- lowing gentlemen, selected from a multitude of others, whose station in society has contributed to advance this popular medicine in public esteem: J. R. Mandal), Esq, coroner, Doncaster the Rev. Dr. Bl.mberg; the Chevalier de Ja Garde; Mr. Miskin, brewer and maltster, Dartford; Mr. Jiichard > tone Luton; John J. Giles, Esq., Frimley Mr. Innwood, 1 erbnglit, Wm. Co«rtenay, Esq., Barton Stacey, near An o.e 1 a. way Stat.on, Hants..11 'of whom have received benefit by taking this medicine, and have allowed the proprietor the privilege of publishing the same for the benefit of the afflicted. Sold by Thomas J'rout, 229, Strand, London; and bv hi* appointment by Mr J bos. Stephens, druggist,uerlhyr'j.«dvi). Mr, Phillips, Cardiff; Mr. Thomas, CowbriOge, Mr. Farro.. Monmouth; Mr. Williams. Brecon; Mr. Williams and Mr' Pbilhgs, Newport; and all respectable Medicine Vemitis throughout the United Kingdom,—Price 2s. 9d. per box. Ask for BLAift'S GOUT AND RHEUMATIC PILLS, and observe the name and address of "Thomas Prout, 2*29, Strand, London," impressed upon the Government Stamp affixed to each box of the Genuine Medicine. iloncce. I B R ITDG END. SOLTH WALir RAILWAY. AT a PUBLIC MEETING of the Inhabitants of the Town of Bridgend and its Neighbourhood, in the County of GLAMORGAN, held in the Town Hall, at BRIDGEND, on MONDAY, the Joih day of DEOEMHER, 1845, for the purpose of taking into cousideiation the expediency of Memorialising the Directors of the South Wales Railway Company in favour of the original line of Railway to the south of Bridgend, and against the re- cently-proposed line of deviation intended to pass to the noith of Bridgend. Yiscouut ADAUK, M.P., in the Chair. It was proposed by W. Lewis. Esq., seconded by Mr. W. Edwards, and unanimously resolved, That this Meeting has learnt with great regret and apprehension that it is in the contemplation of the South Wales Railway Company to apply to Parliament for an Act to enable them to abandon that part of their line of Railway which lies to the South of Bridgend, and to substitute in lieu thereof a line to the north of the Town. Proposed by the Rev. H. L. Blosse, seconded by A. Verity, Esq., and unanimously resolved, That in the opinion of this Meeting the proposed de- viation would not only be highly prejudicial to the Agricultural, Mining, and Commercial interests of this part of the County, and particularly of Bridgend and its Neighbourhood, but would not furnish that accommoda- tion to the public at large which the original Coast line as Beleeted by Mr. Brunei and sanctioned by the Legisla- ture would have afforded, and which it is one great object of a grand arterial Railway intended to connect the Metropolis with the Southern Conuties of the Princi- pality and Ireland to supply. Proposed by W. Lewellin, Esq., seconded by S. Cox, Esq., and unanimously resolved, That a Memorial to the Directors of the South Wales Railway Company be prepared and forwarded froi,t this Meeting, directing their attention to the great superiority of the line originally determined upon over the line of deviation now proposed, and urging the Directors to carry out their original Plan, and to abandon the proposed line of deviation. Proposed by the Rev. Robert Knight, seconded by R. C. N. Carrie, Esq., and unanimously resolved, That the Memorial now read be adopted by the Meeting, and that Viscount Adare be requested to sign the same on behalf of the Meeting, and to forward it to the Directors of the South Wales Railway Company A DARE, Chairman. Moved by Mr. Phillip Price, seconded by S. Cox, Esq., and carried by acclamation, That the thanks of the Meeting be given to Viscount Adare, for his attendance here this day as Chairman of the Meeting, and for his conduct in the Chair. THE MEMORIAL, To the Directors of the South Wales Railway Company. The Memorial of the Landowners, Gentrv Tradesmen, Farmers, and others, inhabitants of the Town of Bridgend and its neighbour- hood, in the County of Glamorgan,0 unani- mously agreed to at a Public Meeting held pursuant to public advertisement at the Town Hall, at Bridgend, on Monday, the 15th day of December, 1845, Sheiveth, That your Memorialists have learnt with great regret and apprehension that it is in the contemplation of the South Wales Railway Company to apply to Parliament in the ensuing Session for an Act to authorize them, amongst other things, to abandon that part of their Railway (for which they obtained an Act in the last Session) which extends from or from near to a place called Bryn y Gwynnon, through or near to Pencoed, Treose, Ewenny, Merthyrmawr, Nottage, Cornelly, and Kenfig, (passing to the South of the Town of Bridgend) to Margam Moors, and to substitute in lieu thereof a line intended to pass near Trebryn, Coity, and Aber- kenfig, to the North of the said Town of Bridgend. That the line originally proposed by Mr. Brunei, and now sanctioned by the legislature, would pass through or immediately border upon a rich and important agricul- tural district, extending from the present mail-coach road to the coast, and would afford the means of transit for the population and produce of that district (a great por- tion of which produce is now shipped coastwise) to the various towns and iron and other works on or near to the line of railway while the deviation now contemplated would, if adopted, afford no such accommodation to the distiict iu question. That the original line which your Memorialists believe received the sanction of all the owners of lands through which it was intended to pass, would traverse for several miles a tract of limestone highly valuable for agricultural, commercial, and building purposes, which the proposed line of deviation leaves almost if not altogether un- touched. That the latter line, although passing through a por- tion of the Mineral Basin of South Wales, will not, in the opinion of practical men experienced in mining ope- rations, on that account afford any additional advantages to the owners and lessees of minerals in the neighbour- hood, inasmuch as it will necessarily pass through or near Aberkenfig, three miles to the North of Bridgend, where the Valleys of the Ogmores, the Garw, and the Llynvi, which extend Northwards into the very heart of the Mineral Basin of South Wales, converge at so high a level that the several railways intended to be made down those Valleys (the surveys for which have already been completed and deposited preparatory to application to Parliament) can only be brought to form ajunction with such new line, either by a steep ascending gradient, or by forming them at a considerable height above the level of the several streams throughout their whole length, thereby causing a serious additional and lasting expense to all who may engage in developing the vast resources of that part of the Mineral Basin intersected by those Valleys—a district comprising upwards of fifty square miles. That the forming a main line of railway through a mineral district is unsafe, on account of the old workings which are always to be found therein, and which abound in this locality, and is also highly prejudicial to the les- sees of the minerals under the lands over which it passes, inasmuch as it forms a barrier to the prosecution of the workings beneath, and either altogether prevents the minerals on one side from being rendered available, or involves the necessity of a great increased expense to obtain them. That your Memorialists are informed and believe that the gradients and curves of the proposed line of deviation are such as to be highly objectionable in a main trunk railway, which is intended to form the direct medium of communication between the Metropolis, the Southern Counties of the Principality, and Ireland. That the Coast line, though nearly two miles longer in point of distance, is preferable to that now proposed for the following additional reasons, viz :—because it passes through a country almost perfectly level, and the expense of making it would be comparatively low, be- cause there would be no considerable curves upon it;- because it could be worked at a much less cost, and tra. versed at a much more rapid rate, and notwithstanding its greater length, in less time than the proposed line and because it would afford that medium of communica- tion between the Metropolis and the Coast, which is un- derstood to have been one great object in its original selection. That in the opinion of your Memorialists the affording a ready means of communication between populous and important towns, is an object most desirable to be attained in the formation of any railway, and second only to that of supplying to the public at large the shortest connecting line between the two termini; and that Bridgend from its rapidly increasing population and from its position in the immediate neighbourhood of the largest mineral basin in the United Kingdom and near the centre of the county, bids fair to become one of its most flourishing and important towns, and is there- fore not undeserving of your attention and of the esta- blishment of a station within as short a distance as is com- patible with the other public objects of so great an undertaking. ° That if the coast line as originally proposed be adopted the station which would be required for the accomoda- tion of Bridgend and ita neighbourhood, would neces- sarily be made at the distance of about a mile to the south of the town but your Memorialists are apprehen- sive that if the proposed alteration be carried out, no station would be made nearer than Aberkenfig, a distance of three miles to the north of the town. Your Memorialists therefore respectfully request youi attentive consideration of the foregoing facts, and earnestly hope that in the carrying out a great National undertak- ing like the South Wales Railway, in which so man) momentous interests are involved—those connected with the agricultural and mineral resources of the first count) in the P/lncipality, will meet with that attention which their importance merits. ficiirr.s. RED PL\K"toB SALK RNO BE SOLD, on or before MONDAY next, by PIU- J YATE CONTRACT, about 40 LOADS of ST. JOHN'S RED PINE, now lying in the BCTE DOCKS, C.\untn. Application to be made to Mr. TREGASKIS, at the AlIg'cl Inn. Dated Cardiff, ]8th Dec., 1845. mm OF CARDIFF. rpo RE LET, with immediate possession, an excellent I SHOP aud PREMISES, situate in H IGH-ST..LL:T. one of the very best situations in the Town. Apply to Messrs. D. Evans & Son, Wine Merchants, C a rd i if. TO BE X/FJT, And Entered upon at CANDLEMAS next, rf^lIE MORLONGA FARM, situate in the Parish of JL Peterstonc-super-Ely, containing 04 a. 3 r. 27 p. of good MEADOW, PASTURE, and ARAiJLE LAND. For further particulars apply at Mr. BRADLEY'S Office, Cowbridge. Cowbridge, 1 Gth December, 1815. EAGLE ACADEMY, COWBRIDGE. Wa HEWuS BEGS to thank his Friends for the very liberal sup- port he has hitherto received, and trusts that by perseverance and attention to the duties of his Establish- ment, still to merit a continuance thereof. The SCHOOL will be RE-OPENED on MONDAY, the 12TH JANUARY. Application for Terms addressed as above will meet due attention. Cowbridge, IGth December, 1845. RAILWAY SURVfiYIM TALSHT. A N EXPERIENCED SURVEYOR, having con- Jl\_ eluded his engagement on a Railway Survey, pro- poses (previous to commencing operations for the season) to devote his next Fortnight to giving PRACTICAL INSTRUCTION (in the Field) in SURVEYING, PLOTTING, &c., at HALF-A-GLINEA PEH LESSON. From Ten to Twelve Lessons will enable a tolerably well educated person to obtain an engagement at Eight to Twelve Guineas a week. None need apply who are not disposed to work in the Field and Office ten hours a day. The Advertiser proposes to engage two of his Pupils when competent, having several miles of Rail to complete the ensuing season. —Address (immediately) A.Z., Post- Office, Cardiff. BUSH HOTEL, MERTHYR-TYDVIL. RESPECTFULLY begs leave to inform his Friends that brs¿ 5P W dID a IL Is fixed to take place at his ASSEMBLY ROOM, on WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 31st, 1845. STEWARDS. CAPTAIN LAYARD, M. P., DAVID EVANS, ESQ., JAMES RUSSELL, ESQ EDWARD DAVIES, ESQ. Tickets to be had at the Bar of the Hotel. Ladies, 6s.; Gentlemen, 8s. Dancing to commence at 8 o'clock. A BALI WILL TAKE PLACE AT THE Cyznreigyddion Hall, Aberg-avenny, On Tuesday, December 23rd, 1815. STEWARDS. JOHN JONES, Jun., Esq., of Llanarth, JOHN ROLLS, Esq., of the Hendre. BRIDUEND & COWMIDliE UNION. PERSONS desirous of contracting with the Board of P Guardians for supplying the whole or any of the under-mentioned Articles, to be delivered at the Union Workhouse, Bridgend, at such times and in such quan.. tities as the Board shall direct, are requested to send to he Union Workhouse (free of expense) SealedjTenders, numbered, and without the name of the person tendering, addressed to The Clerk of the Bridgend and Cowbridge Union," before 10 o'clock in the morning of SATURDAY, the 27th day of DECEMBER instant, viz. Bread, made of one-way Flour, at per Loaf of 4lbs., (average weekly consumption during the last quarter 60 loaves.) Mutton, at per lb. Beef, in rounds, clods, and sticking pieces, at per lb. (The contractor to supply, for the use of the master's table, such joints as he may select, at the contract price.) Raw Sugar, Pepper, Starch, and good Congou Tea, at per lb. Best Mottled Soap, at per cwt. Candles (dips) at per dozen lbs. Salt, at per cwt. Milk, to be delivered daily, at per quart. Good household Cheese, at per cwt. Fresh Butter, at per lb. East India Rice, at per cwt. 300 Yards of Striped Flannel 100 „ White do. 200 „ Grey Calico 10 White do. 6 Cambric 100 „ Blue Print 50 Canvas Women's Shoes, at per pair Two dozen Suits of Youths' Clothes Samples of Bread, Sugar, Pepper, Starch, Tea, Soap, Candles, Cheese, Rice, Flannel, Calico, Cambric, Blue Print, Canvas, Shoes, and Youths' Clothes, will be re- quired, and any Articles supplied not corresponding with, and equal to, the Samples, will be returned. The Contracts to commence on the 27th day of Decem- ber instant, and to continue to the 21st day of March next. N.B.-No Tender will be accepted that does not con- tain the name of, at least one. responsible person, who will give Security for the due performance of the Con- tracts. By order of the Board, WILLIAM EDMONDES, Clerk. Union Workhouse, Bridgend, 13th December, 1845. NEATH UNION. WANTED, a MASTER and MATRON, to super- intend the management and care of the Union Workhouse, and to perform the duties prescribed by the Rules, Orders, and Regulations of the Poor Law Com- missioners. The Master must be a good penman and well versed in accounts, and conversant with the Welsh language; and will be required to give security for the due and faithful performance of his duties. A Man and Wife without incumbrance will be preferred. The Master's salary f40 per annum, and the Matron's JE20 per annum, with the accustomed rations. Sealed Tenders with Testimonials inclosed to be deli- vered or sent to the Clerk's Office, on or before Saturday, the 10th day of January next; and Applicants are re- quested to attend the Committee at the Workhouse, at 12 o'Clock at noon, on the day preceding the Election, which will take place on the 13th of January next. The present officers will not be candidates for re- election. ALEXR. CUTHBERTSON, Clerk to the Guardians. Board Room, Neath, 16th December, 1845. WE, the undersigned, being Five of the PROPRI- ETORS of the DUFFRYN LLYNVI and PORTH CAWL RAILWAY COMPANY, possessed of or entitled to Five Shares or Subscriptions of One Hundred Pounds each, or upwards, at least in the said undertaking, hereby require you to CALL a SPECIAL GENERAL MEETING of the said COMPANY of PROPRIETORS, to be held on rJ CUESDAY, the 30th day I of DECEMBER instant, at the WYNDHAM AIIMS INN, BRIDGEND, in the County of Glamorgan, at 12 o'clock at Noon, for the purpose of considering a Proposition made, or to be made by the Committee of Management of the Glamorgan Central Mineral Railway Company, for the conversion of the Shares of the Duffryn Llynvi and Porth Cawl Railway Company, into the Shares of the Glamor- gan Central Mineral Railway Company, and for finally agreeing to terms for such conversion and also to au- thorise certain parties to subscribe for Shares in the Glamorgan Central Mineral Railway Company, on behalf of the Duffryn Llynvi and Porth Cawl Railway Company. -Dated this 12th day of December, 1845. DIGBY MACKWORTH, ROBERT PRICK. WILLIAM JONES, JOHN HALCOMB, M. P. SMITH. To Mr. W. S. BRADLEY, Clerk of the Duffryn Llynvi and Porth Cawl Railway Company. THE DUFFRYN LLYNVI AND PORTH CAWL RAILWAY COMPANY. Notice is hereby given, That in obedience to the fore- going Requisition, a SPECIAL GENERAL MEETING of the PROPRIETORS of the said COMPANY will be held at the WYNDHAM ARMS INN, Bridgend, on TUESDAY, the 30th day of DECEMBER inst., at 12 o'clock, for .the purposes specified therein. W. S. BRADLEY, Clerk. Porth CawJ, December 16th, IL43. -q jiotinø. Just Published, Price Is., the Fourth Edition (Transla- ted from the Nineteenth French Edition), CONSTIPATION DESTROYED; or, Exposition of C Natural Simple, Agreeable, and Infallible nua h, not only of overcoming, but also of completely destroying habitual Constipation, without using either purgatives < r any artificial means whatever (discovery recently mad;1 in France by M. Wartca) followed by numerous certifi- cates from eminent Physicians and ether persons of dis- tinction. Free by post, Is. Gd. Sold by James Youens and Co., Tea Dealers, 4;), Ludgate-hill, London, and by all Booksellers in the United Kingdom. CARDIFF (IAOL. ALL PERSONS desiring to CONTRACT for the following PROVISIONS for th-j next Three Months, are requested to send Sealed Tenders to the Gaol, addressed to the Committee of Magis- trates," at Twelve o'clock, on SATURDAY, the -Olli DECEMBER, 1815; the Contract to comaicnce on SUNDAY, the 4th JANUARY, 18 10, and to continue in force until. the Saturday immediately preceding the Easter General Quarter Sessions for the County. Bread, per loaf of I ilb each, best seconds Oatmeal, at per cwt. Coals, at per ton Soap, at per cwt. Candles, at per lb., best dips Rushlights, at per lh. Rice, at per cwt. Barley, at per do. Salt, at per do. Potatoes, at per cwt. Terms of payment at the end of the Quarter. [DUTY FREE.] WHEREAS a Petition of DAVID EVANS, formerly keeping the Grawen Arms, in the Brecon Road, Merthyr-Tydfil, in the County of Glamorgan, Licensed Victualler, but now of Bryant's Field, at Merthyr-Tydfil aforesaid, in Lodgings, out of Business, part of the same time engaged as Traveller for Mrs. Mary Cornelius of Merthyr-Tydfil aforesaid, Brewer, and now and for 10 months past engaged as Traveller for Mr. Walter Morgan, of Merthyr-Tydfil aforesaid, Brewer, an Insolvent Debtor, having been filed in the Bristol District Court of Bank- ruptcy.andan Interim Order for Protection from Process having been given to the said David Evans, under the provi- sions of the statutes in that case made and provided, the said David Evans is hereby required to appear in Court before Henry John Stephen, Serjeant-at-Law, the Commis- sioner acting in the matter of the said Petition, on the 8th day of January next, at 11 o'olock in the forenoon precisely, at the Bristol District Court of Bankruptcy, at Bristol, for his first examination touching his Debts, Estate, and Effects, and to be furthei dealt with accord- ing to the Provisions of the said Statutes and Notice is hereby given that the choice of Assignees is to take place at the time so appointed. All persons indebted to the said David Evans, or who have any of his Effects, are not to pay or deliver the same but to EDWARD MANT MILLEK, Esq., 19, St. Augustine's Place, Bristol, the Official Assignee, nomi- nated in that behalf by the Comissioner acting in the matter of the said Petition. FOR THE BENEFIT OF THE UNDERWRITERS. To be Sold by Auction, AT BREAIvSEA POINT, ON MONDAY NEXT, the 22ud Dec, 1845, THE HULL and part of the MATERIALS of the A. 1 Brig « MANFRED.' of Whitby, 303 Tons per Register, and probably about 20 Tons of COAL. Also, at the clitIN CABLE WHARF, OLD CANAL, CARDIFF, on FRIDAY following. 26th Dec., the whole of the remaining part of the MATERIALS and STORES of the said Vessel, consisting of Anchors, Cables, Warps, Lines, Sails, Yards, Masts, Standing and Running Rigging, Cabin Stores, &c., &c. The whole will be Sold without reserve. Sale to commence each day at 11 o'clock in the forenoon. For further particulars apply to II. II. Parry & Brother, Ship Agents, Cardiff- Cardttr, 18 December, 1845. Glamorganshire. TOWN OF COWBRIDGE. WD BY MIL WM. MORRIS, Ou TUESDAY, 30TH DECIOlllKR, 1845, on the Premises, ill a Field opposite PWLL Y BUTTS, in the said Town, T^HE undermentioned VALUABLE LIVE STOCK, IMPLEMENTS of HUSBANDRY, late the pro- perty of MAJOR EDMONDES, deceased, viz. five remarka- bly handsome Milch Cows in Calf, expected to calve early, and are most excellent milkers, one of which is of the Guernsey, one of the Durham, two of the Glamorgan- shire, the other a cross between the Durham aud Glamor- ganshire breeds; an active Bay Mare, a good toadster and quiet in harness. The Implements comprise a useful Cart; one Iron Plough; one pair of Drags one pair of Harrows; set of Cainbrens. itc. The Sale will commence precisely ftt Twelve o'Clock at Noon, and the whole will be sold without reserve.

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