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SlDttCCg. I For the Public Good. DR. ROBEKTS'S CELEBRATED OINTMENT, called the POOI5- M AN'S Fli[E\'D, is confidently recommended to the public ns an liiifailinij rcmedv for v ounds of every description, a certain cure for ulcerated sote leas, if I of 20 years' standing cti'.s. burns, scalds, bru'fes, chilblains, scorbu'ic eruptions and pimples in th,. f?ce< sore and inflamed eyes, soreheads, cancerous humours, &e. and is a specific for all those alfficting eruptions sonn times following vacciu.i- »i .n. Sold in pots at Is. l.Jd. and '2s. 9.1. each. Also his PILUI.JE AN TISCKOPHUL/E, confirmed by more than 40 years'experience to be, without exception, one of the best alterative medicines ever compounded for purifying the blood, and as-istin;r na'ure in all her operations hence, thev are used in scrofula, scorbutic complaints, glandular swellings, particularly those of the neck, See. They form a mild and superior family aperient,! hat maybe taken at all times without confinement or change of diet. Sold in boxes at Is. IJd., 2s. 9d., 4<. Gi! lis., anu '2'2s. each. Extract of a letter from the It :v. C, Lyne, Rector of Roche, Cornwall There are many individuals within the sphere of my ac- quaintance who have derived benefit in the use of this invalu- able ointment; they desire not to have (heir names published, but I shall be happy to give particulars to any person who might wish to obtain them from n;e. I may add, that having studied the science of medicine for many years, I have ex perimentally proved the virtue of this ointment, in the cure of wounds and indolents ulcers. A parishioner of mine, called Richard Oliver, had a running wound in his leg for upwards of '20 years, and was completely cured by using the Poor Man's Friend, according to the directions. Indeed, I deem a pot of this ointment to be one of the most necessary ingredients in my medicine chest. I have the honourto be, gentlemen, yourobedient servant, CHAR) F.s LYNE, Itector of Roche. Roche Rectory, near St. Austle, Cornwall." By the late Dr. ltoberts's -will, Messrs. Beach and Barnicot, (who have been confidentially entrusted with the preparation of his medicine for muny years past) are leftjnint proprieiors of the Poor Man's Friend, Antiscrophulae, Larwell's Pills, Medicated Gingerbread Nuts, and Antiscorbutic Diops, with the exclusive right, power, and authority to prepare and end the same. OBSERVE.-No Medicine sold under the above name can possibly be genuine, unless" Beach and Barnicott, late Dr. Roberts, Bridport," is engraved and printed on the stamp affixed to each package. Sold wholesale by the Propiictors, BEACH and BARMCOTT, at their Dispensary, Bridport; by the London Houses; and retail by all the respectable Medicine Venders in the United Kingdom. Sydenham's Antibilious Aperient Family Pill of Health, For both Seres, entirely Vegetable, preparedfrom the Prescrip- tion of that eminent Physician, lJr. S Y D Jt: N H A Jf, who was 'c justly styled lite" Father of Modern Medicine." A MOST valuable remedy for Bilious and LLver Com- plaints, Indigestion, Head-Ache, Giddiness, Loss of Appetite, Flatulency, Gout, Rheumatism, Heartburn, Spasms, Lownessof Spirits, Costiveness, &c. These celebrated FAMILY PILLS have been faithfully dis- pensed by the present Proprietor for more than 30 years, and have obtained from all grades of the community a character and reputation which no medicine of a similar nature has hitherto acquired. Dr. SYDENHAM'S PILLS being a most happy combination of vegetable matter, and not contain- ing any mercurial preparation, require neither confinement nor alteration in diet during their use. Moderate exercise in- creases their good effects, 't'hey may be taken at any time when the bowels are costive and uneasy; and Sydenham's Pills shonld be taken by persons of all ages, as they assist digestion, correct excesses of the table, give a healthy action and tone to the stomach, remove all complaints to which the digestive organs are subject, and will lead to health and cheer- ful old age. Families and the Proprietors of Boarding Schoo's should never be without an adequate supply of this admirable Family Medicine, as SYDENHAM'S PiLLS maybe resorted to with the greatest safety and success, on the first appearance of indis- position, and by adopting this practice, many serious and too often fatal attacks will be entirely prevented. The following is the opinion of an eminent Physician practis- ing extensively in Bristol and Cliflon- I have examined the composition of Dr. Sydenham's Pills, and consider them a very valuable remedy in all com- plaints to which the Digestive Organs are subject, especially Bilious affections, and an innumerable variety of diseases which are the cousequetices of an irregular and imperfect tion of the organs of digestion." 8 The mo;t delicate Females, the young and aged, prefe SYDENIIAt\) S PILLS to most other aperients, as they are beneficial to theii general health, improve their appearance, and being a VEGETABLE PREPARATION, they are at oace mild, safe, and effectual. The high opinion entertained of SYDENHAM'S FAMILY PILLS, by many of the most eminent of the Faculty, in pre- sent practice,(as well as the numberof gratifying Testimonials the Proprietor is constantly receiving from persons of the highest respectability and standing in society who have been mate ially benefitted by their use,) renders any eulogium 011 their merits superfluous, and must convince the most sceptical of the superior properties of this valuable established medi- cine acknowledged by thousands as the best, safest, and most effectual Family Medicine now before the Public. these Pills are sent abroad by the London exporting houses. Merchants and Captains of vessels will find them an almost indispensiblc acqni»ion to their Medicine Chests, they are so prepared as to retain their medicinal properties in any extreme of climate. Small Boxes, Is. 1 Jd. & "d. -Family Boxes, 4s. 6d. & 1 Is. On the Family Boxes there is a considerable savin?" Prepared by the sole Proprietor, J. REES, Bristol, And Sold Wholesale^ by the foltowing appointed Agents— Carclay and Sons, 9J. Fariingdon Street; Edwards 67, and Newbery, 45, St. Paul s Churchyard; Sutton and Co., 10, Bow Churchyard Butler, 4, Cheapside, (and 54, Sackville- Street. Dublin); Drew, Hayward, and Co., Bush Lane; Treacher, Osborn, and Co., 28, Wilson Street, Finsbury Square, London and may be had Retail of every respectable Druggist, Stationer, aud Mediciue Vender in the United Kingdom. CAUTION.—Purchasers should be especially particular in asking for "SYDENHAM S PILL OF HEALTH," and be sure that the signature of J. Rees, Bristol," is on the Go- vernment Stamp which surrounds each box, as without this mark of authenticity none are genuine. Ø) (, ¿ BOW'LAND'S ODOIITO BOWIiA^^ODOIITO, OR, PEARL DENTIFICE, PATRONIZED BY HER MAJESTY "THE QUEEN," And the Royal Family of Great Britain, As well as the several Sovereigns and Courts of Europe. THE importance of possessing A FINE SET OF TEETH is universally acknowledged by all who attach the due value to [usrsonal advantages and the blessings of health. A regular, firm, and pearly row of teeth ever insures favourable impressions, while the indispensable agen- cies which they fulfil in respect to the functions of health demand our utmost care and attention in their preservation. Disorders of the leeth, however slightly regarded, are in- evitably attended with evils which affect the whole system. Whatever renders mastication painful or imperfect, not only lessens our lelish and enjoyment of f6od, hilt also prevents that perfect comminution and mixture of it with the saliva, which is indispensable. to perfect digestion, and hence arise an endless train of diseases of the stomach, while at the same time the body is deprived of its wonted nourishment, and the whole system languishes in a state of discomfort and disease. Perhaps among all the disagreeable consequences that follow fast the decay of the teeth-an impure breath must be the most mortifying to its possessor, as it is the most generally offensive in society. The DECAY of the TEETH arises from various causes; hut principally, it may be attributed to early neglect, ill health, or the use of Tooth Powders containing mineral and other deleterious acids, which give a momentary whiteness to the teeth, while they corrode the enamel'.—The extreme preva. leoce of this last cause is too well known to need comment. lo this fact, indeed, is principally to be attributed the long Botanical Research, which has happily terminated by the most felicitous discovery evergnen to the world for the PRE. SERVATION of the TEETH, GuMS, and BKEATH, viz ROWLAND'S ODCXNTO. Or, PEARL DENTIFRICE, X WatFE POWDKR FOR THE TMETH. compounded of thechoteeet and most Recherche Ingredient* of the Oriental Herba, ( the leading requisites of cleanliness and efficacy being pi >f*ent ia the highest possihle degree. It extirpates all tartarous J^dhesiom to the Teeth, and ensures A PEARL-LlfcE Wil [TEN EsS* to the enamelled surface. Its ANTI-SEPTIC and A NTI-SCORB 0*1C PROPERTIES exercise a highly beneficial and salutary 1 tftueoee they arrest the further progress of decay of the i"eeth,mduce a healthy action of the GUMS, and cause them 1*0 assume the brightness and colour indica- tive of perfect sou \ldness while, by confirming their adhesitto to the TEETH, they givewnlimited enjoyment and fresh zest to appetite, by perp Huating effective and complete mastica- tion the BREATH a/so, from the salubrious and disinfecting qualities of the O DON TO, attains a sweetness and fragrance truly grateful to its poss essor. Jt speedily removes, th ose wbtcn children sustaiu in their TEETH, owing improper ose sweet and ac«d articles, which iinpercepti ^'y destroy t iem. The Proprietors of this ijentrifice pledge themselves, that its efficacy in preserving and embellishing the Teeth far sur- passes anything of the kind e ver offered to the Public. As the most efficient and f. -agrallt aromallC purifier of the BREATH, TSBTH, and GUMS known> ROWLANDS ODONTO has tor a h-n* seru* £ "S^Jl»,i1Sd distil- guished place at the TOILETS *>f 'he SOVfcuUGNS and the NOBILITY throughout Bill gpe while the general de- maud for it at once announces the favour in which it is uni- versally held. Price 2s. 9J. p" „ CAUTION.—To protect the Public^ from Fraud, the Hon. Commissioners of Stamps have directed e roprietor. N„me and Address to be engraved on the Gov ernment Stamp tbus- A. ROWLAND and SON, 20, Button Garden, Which is affixed on each JBox. Sold by them and by Chemists aie« 1 erfumer*. 83" All other OdONTOS' are FRAUDULENT IMITATIONS. 22ottc?0, MESSRS. K.&L. PERRY & Co., may be consulted at 19, Burners Street, Oxford Street, London, da,hj at 106, Duke Street, Liverpool, every Thursday, Friday and Saturday And at No, 10, St. John Street, Dennsyate, ytanchester, Oil Mondays, 1 uesdays, and H ednesdrti/s. THE S I LEN T F R I E N D," ON HUM-IN F/FAII.TY. j ric<!2s.Gd.,& sent Free to anv pan of the United Kingdom, in a Scaled Envelope, from either of the above Establish- ments, on receipt of 3s (id. in Postage Stamps, or a Post-Office Order. A MEDTCAL WORK, on the concealed cause that LI-i destroys physicaleneryy, and the ability of manhood, ere vigour has established her empire; with observations on the baneful effects of YOtJI'HKUL EXCESSES and INFECTION, with Means of Hestoration. The influence of mercury on the skin is pointed out and illustrated by Ten Coloured engravings on steel, followed by observations on MARRIAGE, with directions for the removal of dis- qualifications. By R. & L. PL fill Y & C >, CONSULTI ng Su RGEONS. Published by the AtJTHoRs, and sild by STRANGE 21, Paternoster-Row; HANNAY & Co., 63, Oxford-street; GORDON, 146, Leadenhall-street, London; NEWTON 16 & 19, Chnrch Street, and Mr. IlAWL, Church Street, Liverpool INGHAM, Market street, Manchester; D. CAMPBELL, 136. Argyle-street, Glasgow It. LINDSAY, 11, Kims How, gdin. bur^h PoWKLL, 10, Westmorland-Street, Dublin; PpRKINs Havcrford-west; JENKINS, Merthyr and Dowlais. and by all Booksellers and Patent Medicine Venders in Town and Country. OPINIONS OF THE PRESS. We regard the work before us, '• The Silent Friend," as a work embracing most clear and practical views of a series of complaints huhcrt) little nnderstood, and passed over by the majority ot the Medical profession, for what reason we are at a loss to kno v. We must, however, confess that a perusal of this work has left snch a favourab!e impres- sion on our mind that we not only recommend, but cordially wish every one who is the victim of past folly, or suffering from indiscretion, to profit by the advice contained in its pages."—Age and Argus. The Authors of The Silent Friend" seem to be tho- roughly conversant with the treatment of a class of corn plaints which are we fear, too prevalent in the pre-ent day. The perspicuous style in which this book is written and the valuable hints it conveys to those who are apprehensive of entering the marriage state, cannot fail to re<-ouimend it to a careful pertisal.Ei-a. "This work should be read by all who value health and wish to enjoy life, for the truisms therein contained defy all doubt."— Farmers' Journal. THE CORDIAL BALM OF SYRIACUH, is intended to relieve those persons who, by an immo- derate iudulgence of their passions, have ruined their consti- tutions, or in their way to the consummation of that deplo- rable state, are affected with any of those previous symptoms that betray its approach, as the various affections of the ner- vous system, obstinate fleets, excesses, irregularity, obstruc- tions of certain evacuations, weaknesses, total iinpoteucv barrenness, &c. This medicine is particularly recommended to be taken before persons enter into the matrimonial state, lest in the event of procreation occuriug, the innocent offspring should bear enstamped upon it the physical characters deiivable from parental debility. Price Its, or the quantity of 4 at lis. in one Bottle for 33s., by which lis, is savi-d-tlie £5 cases may be bad as usual, which is a saving of Xi 12s. THE CONCENTRATED DETERSIVE ESSENCE An Anti-Syphiliiic Remedy for purifying the diseased humours of the blood, and certain cure for Scurvy Scrofula, and all cutaneous eruptions, conveying its active principles throughout the body, even penetrating the minutest vessels, rein iving all corruptions, contaminations, and impu- rities from the vital stream,—eradicating the morbid virus; and radically expelling it through the skin.-Price t ts. or four Bottles in one for 33s. by which lis. is saved, also in C5 cases, which saves E 1 12s. PERRY'S PURIFYING SPECIFIC PILLS Price 2s. 9d., 4s. (id., and I Is. per box, With explicit directions, rendered perfectly intelligible to every capacity, are well known throughout Europe to be the most certain and effectual remedy ever discovered for Gonorrhoea, both in its mild and aggravated forms by imme- diately allaying inflammation and arresting further progress. Gleets, Strictures, Irritation of the bladder, pains of the lduie and kidneys, gravel, aud other disorders of the Urinary pas- sages, in either sex, are permanently cured in a short space of time, without confinement or the last exposure. Sold by all Druggists, Mediciue Vendors and Book- sellers in Town and Country. Messrs. Perry expect, when consulted by letter, the usual fee of One Pound, to be addressed to the London Estab- lishment, where aU communications and orders are requested to be forwarded. 1 atients are requested to be as minute as possible in the detail of their cases, as to the duration of the complaint, the symptoms, age, habits of living, and general occupation. Medicines can be forwarded to any part of the world: no difficulty can occur, as they will be securely packed, and care- fully protected from observation. Messrs. It. & L. Perry & Co., Surgeons, may be consulted as usual, at 19, Berner's Street, Oxford Street, London, daily, and at 106, Duke Street, Liverpool, every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, and at 10, St. John Street, Deansgate) Manchester,on Mondays, luesdays,& Wednesdays,punctuully, from it till 2, and frolD a hll b. On Sundays from 10 till 12. Only one personal visit is required from a country patient, to enable Vlessrt Perry and Co. to give such advice as will be the means ofeffectmg a permanent and effectual cure, after all other means have proved ineffectual. N.B. Country Druggists, Booksellers, Patent Medicine Venders, and every other Shopkeeper can be supplied with any quantity of the Cordial Balm of Syriacum, the Concen- trated Detersive Essence, and Perry's Purifying Specific Pills, with the usual allowance to the Trade, by most of the principal Wholesale Patent Medicine Houses in London. SOLD AT THE "GUAKDIAN" OFFICE, CARDIFF, Where may be had the Silent Friend."

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