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THB EXPERIMENTAL SQUADRON.—The experi- mental squadron of two-decked ships will not be paid off as announced some lime since, and so reported duiiiii; the past week. It is intended to distribute and station them at the out ports; and they will be placed as fol- lows: The Vanguard, 80, Captain Willea, will be sta cloned at Cove, taking theliag of Rear Admiral Sir Hugh Pigot, K.C.H., the commander in chief there his flag now flying on board the Crocodile, 29, Captain Maxwell. Thus she will be available for any emer- gency in such an advanced position. The Albion, 90, •Captain Lockyer, C.B., and the Cano us, 84, Captain* Fairfax Moresby, C.B., is to remain at ilevonport. where, with the Queen, 110, Hag tthipof Admiral Sir John Weat, the Port Admirat, & the Caledouia, 120, Capt. M.H. Dixon, with theflag of Rear Admiral Superintendent Sir S: Pym, they will form the main body of a powerful fleet. The lloduey, 9'>f Captain Collier, C.B., and the Superb, 80, Captain Cory, are ordered to Portsmouth, where they witi be stationed, with the St. Vincent, 120, Captain -Sir R. Grant, flag ship of the Admiral Sir Charles Ogel, ;Sart., the commander in chief. By the above distri- bution we shall have It) sail of the line at our home ports fcour of them three-deckers, with about 7000 men, viz:- -it Sheerness.—The Trafalgar, 120, Captain Nott, flag IíIJÍ Vice Admiral Sir D.D. Kin.9, the commander in cbief; the Ocean, 80, Captain »upe»int«ndent Arthur, C-fi. At Polt..moutb. -The lit, Viuceur, Rodney, 92; Superb, 80. At Devoll port. The Caledonia, 120; Queen, 110; Albion, 90; Caaophui, ii. At Cork.- V.uad, 1;9, MONEY MARKET, THURSDAY EVENING.—The disso- ,tion of the Cabinet has bad less influence on public ,cc'inties than could have been supposed a priori. Con- sols hive been done for money at 93J and 91', the latter VjVmg t'ie. latest quotation. For the Accounts thcy have cen done at 9:}. but are now 93i. Rvdaced Three per Cents, were last done at 93; the Three anil a Quarter New at 9 > and Exchequer Bill? 21 to 23pm. Bank Stock has b^en done at id 1. No change worth notice has occurred in the Railway Shares. SUPPLEMENT TO THE LONDON GAZETTE OF TUESDAY.— TnuR-nAY, D;:c. II.—At th > Court, at Osborne House, Isle of Wiifht, the loth day of December, 184.5, present t'te Queen's Most Excellent- Majesty in Council. It is this day ordered by her Majesty in Coun'J thit the Par- Iptmen*, which stands prorogued to Tu^ilay, the liSth December instant, be fnrth.'v prorogued to Tuesday, the 30th of December instant. TIlE FRENCH IN ALGERIA.—The National gives a frightful picture of Marshal Bu^eaud's doinirs in Africa. According to the accounts published by this paper, 50 prisoners were on one day shot in cold blood—13 villages burned, the Dahra massacre acted over again, for it seems that a por.ion of atriba having hid themselves in a cave, the same means were resorterl to, exactly as were employed by Colonel Pelissier, and all smoked and baked to death. J'he marshal himself is the author of all these horrors— his last triumph was a monster razzia—he has ordered the moststiict secrecy as to his barbarous proceedings; aud the writer of the accounts, of which we have just given a summary, calls him a second Attila, for he puts all to the sword and fire, sparing (I,dy women and infants. We leave to the French press the'duty of corntnentingupon such acts, and we cheerfully acknowledge that that duty will be fulfilled. We fancied that it required the dark phrenzy of the age of the Inquisition to throw up such a monster as this Bugeaud. TRIFLING CAUSE OF DEATH.—An inquest was held by J. B. Gnnclon, Esq., on Monday, at the Wheatsheaf, Bedminster, Bristol, on the body of Hannah Warburton, who came by her death from the following comparatively trival circumstance:—She was about six years of age, of a delicate constitution, but not ill, and was always much affected at the sight of blood. On Saturday she slipped from off IL. form on which she was sitting, and struck her elbow against a stool, which scarred the skin and caused it to bleed a little, which so frightened the poor little child that the fell into a fainting tit and died in a few minutes. A verdict in accorda ice with the evidence was returned by the jury. THE AMBRICAN PUESIDENT'S MESSAGE.-This impor- tant document, which will decide the question of peace or war, m:iy be expected to reach us by the 25th of the present mouth. Look out for a Christmas Box," as an American paper says. Punch has, of course, some allusion to the great topics of the day—the Whig and Conservative adhesions to Corn-law Repeal. In the cut belonging to the series of pencillings" is the parody of a picture (by Collins, if we remember rightly) called "Coming events cast their hadows before" Cobden, with tree" corn on his head, is the traveller whose approacii is indicated by the shadow on the path and Peel is the urchin slowly opening the five-barred gate of monoply," tc- let the forage pass. In another cut, Cobden is going right ahead, at a hard trot, on the good hackney ".Free Trade"; and John Russel, touching his cap, is the little vagabond street- lounger that runs after the gentlemen, haud possibtts equis, crying, May I hold your horse, Sir 1" -11 kind of "fixed duty" which the Manchester man betrays no sort of disposition to intrust to the suspicious-looking little fellow.