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MANY THOUSANDS OF POUNDS STERLING TO BE GIVEN TO THE SUBSCRIBERS to the" PICTORIAL TIMES." 0 For Particulars of this extraordinary undertakin" apply immediately to any Bookseller or Newsvender in England, Ireland, or Scotland, or the Publisher, Mr. C. Evans, 351, Strand, London, who will be happy to for- ward a Prospectus. ROYAL FARMERS AND GENERAL Fire, L!fe, &. Kail Insurance Institution. Empowered by Special Act of Parliament. Capital, £500,OOO.-Offices, Strand, London. T" DIHECTORS. Chairman Joseph Rogerson, Esq. Managing Director—W. Shaw, Esq. J. Blackstone, Esq. R- M. Jaques, Esq. S. Boydell, Esq. Wm. Smeddle, Esq. Wm. Clutton, Esq. G. P. Tuxford, Esq. J. R. Cooper, Esq; J. Workman, Esq. John Hudson, Esq. W. Youatt, Esq. Medical Officers. J. Blackstone, Esq., and G. W. Blanch, Esq. Standing Counsel. C. W. Johnson Esq.; W. Shaw, Esq. Joint 8:Jlicitors. John Rogerson, Esq. C. Boydell, Esq. Assistant Managcr- W. Jenkinson, Esq. Secretary J. Hanson, Esq. Bankers—The London and Westminster Bank. rpHE Proprietaiy of this Company exceeds 1,900 in X number, of whom 195 are County Directors. The share of public favour this Institution has ob- tained proves the appreciation of its system by a numerous body of Insurers. Every kind of Life Insurance, of Deferred and Imme- diate Annuities, and of Endowments for Children, may be accomplished on terms as low as is consistent with security. A Dividend of Four per Cent. is now in the course of payment to the Shareholders in this Office. In the FIRE Department, Insurances effected at the lowest Rates. HAIL I NSURANCE. Premium Sixpence per Acre for Wheat, Barley, Turnips, and Peas Fourpenee per Acre for Oats, Beans, and Potatoes; Glass in Hothouses, Greenhouses, or Private Houses, 20s. per Cent. Prospectuses may be had at the Office, or will be for- warded, post free, upon application. —The usual Com- mission to Solicitors. Agents are appointed in the principal Towns in the Kingdom. W. SHAW, Managing Director. Agent at CARDIFF—Mr. B. MATTHEWS, Solicitor. n*. **V .-y. Rowland's Macassar Oil. HP HIS faithful assistant of nature has, from intrinsic X worth alone, dutmg the last half century, acquired the ESPECIAL PATR(»naGE of the several SOVEREIGNS and CorRTs throughout turopp, and with RANK, FASHION, and DISCERNMENT, supersedes all preparations of professedly .-irailar import. This Oil is prr-eminPrll'y successful in nourishing, improv- ing and beautifying the Hitman Hair, in all ciunaies, and in all stages of t xistence. ie following is a biiof notice of som" oi its PRINCIPAL VIRTUES, as a mild, stimulative, cor- rective, nn pre-ervoUve agei t tor the Hair. The subject is more fully treated a/rn,, °!,n!phlet which accompanies each lo'.tle of ELANDS MaCaSsau OIL, and wherein IID- portant hints and advice wnl he found on ii,e Culture of the Hair of Infancy, and on it* preservation and beauty through the several stages of human life. | INi'AXCY. lis balsamic properties nourish >he Hair in its embryo state, accelerate its growth, sustain it in maturity, and con- tinue the possession of healthy vigour, silky softness, and luxurious redundancy, to the iatist period of human life. I Gonial and purifying, il dispels ail scurf and impurity, and renders the use of the nue comb unnecessary. BALDNESS. Its re-productive powers are cors'.antly and surprisingly ) shown in cases of Baldness from whatsoever cause arising j (pro ed by nUf11erOUS testimonials opcu tor inspection at the i'ropi ictors,) III eliciting, ut.cri ingiy, from Ihe latent Stem thc active progression (f vitality, so that in ino, stauces w hrre oLhH specifics have been tried in vain, How- LAND's MACASSAR nIL hils .uprr.,edeJ Ihe ornaments ot art by rc-ins!a'H)^ 7n fuii plenitude of beauty ILe permanent graces and utilities of nature. G:ŒY ha in.. Its nourishing properties are eminently successful in th" ) PREVENTION of Grty Hair, and in the RESTORATION to its original colour—iso proved bv testimonials. > WHISK AND •!Ol'ST\CHIOS. Its extraordinary fecundity is singularly displayed in ) cn atJlJg these or/laments of i/ianhood, and In Lhe production ) of strong and beautliul Hair. ) C U H.! AND FAlB' f USHM liNT. ) Its invigorating properties intiuce a strung tendency to ) curl: to Artificial fiasrii imparts a look of vitality and Ilght- j n«ss aHd su.stairs the Head Dress III all (bc beaulips d dn:orah.e fonnaliuu, ¡;;iossy curl, aad silky softness, u.iiujpaiiid bj the h-ated atmosphere of crowded ruotus, or damp weather. } .SEA-OATHING AND VIOLENT EXKRCISK. ) Afler Indulging in either of these, so ap> in their con«e quince (by opening the poies) to exhaust the nourishing matter secreted at the roots or buihs 01 the hair, the Macass.,r Oil will be iound most efficacious, both in preserving and in J immediately restoring the hair to iis usual appearance of ) health wi'h renovated brightness. ) "CLIMATE. ) 'I bis inestiini.ble Oil preserves its virtues unimpaired bv > change of Climate,' ai.d^pHlikc in use from the frigij to the rorrid zone. from the assemblies of St. Peiersburg to these of Calculta anu tue remote East, CAUTION! UNPRINCIPLED SHOP-KEEPERS, for thesak > of gaining a trifle more prout, vend the most spurivus trash under the lid, 01 "ii ACAS:AR 011. some unucr the implied sanction 01 "°lt"is^V.erefore imperative on Purchasers to see that the words ROWLAND'S M AC ASS A R OIL are in two lines on he \V rapper of each loule, and 00 theJllslde ef the Wrap- per nearly 1,500 times, containing 29,0'Jb letteis. Price 3s.6d.—7s.—i amily Bottles, (f qual toismail,) 10s. bd. auu double thai size. 21-. per Hottl«. Sold by the P.opiietors A ■ ilU IVl-1 SD if SUN, 20, Hatton- t*urden7 1 ottuou, ami by Chemists auu Pefumers. *»*A11 oti er "MACASSOK OILS'' are FRAUDULENT VO UNTuK F f, 1 T S, 1. A Uotit;#. THEATRE, CARDIFF.—[BY AUTHORITY.] LasiWeek but On-a of th3 Season- \B .aAM3EiiE« (sillKi MACiiEAM. i. uf lQ.il£.1.). ll!llvn, .1. V 1. TEIIS PRESENT FRIDAY, DEC. 5th, l'!ie \Vr-?ck Ashore —Shocking Events —and Turning the Tiibk-s. ON MONDAY, .Masters'* Rival—The Unwelcome Guest (last time) —and Don Csesar de Baz.ui, TUESDAY, for the BENEFI T of Mr. CJIUTE, A Cure for the Heart-ache Extract" from the "Love Spell"—and Two in the Morning. WEDNESDAY, A VARIETY OF PERFORMANCES. THURSDAY, under the Patronage of Capt. U. O. WHITE, and the Officers of the 6th Dragoons, Simpson & Co.—Young En ;l uid—and The Two P .p- pieti'i.s. Stage Manage: — Mr. CIILTE. r: () W N A & E-, K W ? .S H T. orp i-nj '■ f «•»> ««» a •kiia w .v.9 PROFESSOR OF MUSIC AND ORGANIST OF NEWPORT, HAS the honour to announce to the Nobility and Gentry of CARDIFF and Neighbourhood, that he will give a Grand MOMIM MD EYESIYS (IDICEUT, In the LARGE ROOM of the Towx-HALL, NEWPORT, on THURSDAY, 18th DECEMBER, 1845, under the Distin- guished Patronage of Sill CHARLES MORGAN, Bart. C. M. R. MORGAN, Esq., M.P., and Mrs. MORGAN, of Ruperra Castle; Lieut.-CoI. CHARLES KEMEYS TYNTE, and Mrs. KEM E YS TYNTE, of Cefn Mably; the Hon. Col. SPENCER, and the OFFICERS of the GARRISON for which he has engaged the following eminent Performers from the principal Concerts, London:- Contralto"—Madame LABLACHE, (of the Philhar- monic and Ancicut Concerts, London.) "Soprano"—Miss NESSENT, (of the Ancient Concerts, and Royal Academy of Music, London.) "Basso"—Signor F. LABLACHE, (of her Majesty's Italian Opera House.) "Violin Solo"—J. T. WILLY, (Leader and Solo Per- former at the principal London Concerts and of the Philharmonic), and who will perform, at each Concert, two of his most admired Solos. "Piano-Forte"—Mas. J. H. WILLY, who will accom- pany some of the vocal pieces. The Morning Concert will commence at One o'clock, and the Evening Concert at Eight. Tickets, 5s. each, to be had at Mr. Price's, 139, Com- mercial-street, and at the principal Inns in Newport. WEST0MUPER-3IAKS PIER. mHB Committee of this Company have much satisfac- I tion in informing the Shareholders that the Plans and Books of Reference have been duly deposited with the Clerk of the Peace, according to the standing orders of Parliament, which they were anxious to do before closing the Share List. And they hereby give Notice, that no further Applications for Shares will be received aiter Thursday, the 18th instant, soon after wh'ch time the allotment will take place. But in consequence of the numerous Applications for Shares, the Committee would call; public attention to the statement in their original Prospectus, that not more than 50 Shares can be allotted to any one individual. JOHN BROOKS, Eated 4th Dec., 1845. Secretary. [DUTY FHEE. WHEREAS a Petition of GEORGE WATSON, of the Three Horse Shoes, High Street, Cardiff, in the County of Glamorgan, Assistant to a Publican, previously of the same place, Publican, Farmer, and Ilallier, pre- viously lodging at Mrs. Ward's, Fishmonger, in High Street, Cardiff, aforesaid Farmer and Ilallier, and pre- viously of the Three Horse Shoes, in High Street, Car- diff, aforesaid, Publican, Farmer, and Hallier, an Insol- vent Debtor having been filed in the Bristol District Court of Bankruptcy, and an Interim Order for Protec- tion from Process having been yiven to the said George Watson, under the provisions of the Statutes in that case made and provided, the said George Watson is hereby required to appear in Court before RICHARD STEVEr-óSON, Esq., the Commissioner acting in the matter of the said Petition, on the 30th day of DECEMBER instant, at half- past Eleven o'Cloek in the Forenoon precisely, at the Bristol District Court of Bankruptcy, at Bristol", for his first examination touching his Debts, Estate, and Eifects, and to be further dealt with according to the provisions of the said Statutes and Notice is hereby given that the choice of Assignees is to take place at the time so appointed. All Persons indebted to the said George Watson, or who have any of his eifeets, are not to pay or deliver the same but to ALFRED JOHN ACKAMAN, Esq., 19, St. Augustine's Place, Bristol, the Odicial Assignee, nomi- nated in that behalf by the Commissioner acting in the matter of the said Petition. NOTICE is hereby gives, rjpiIAT A PUBLIC MKHTING of the Inhabitants JL of Bridgend and its Neighbourhood, and of all other Persons interested in the proposed COAST LINE of the SOUTH WALES RAILWAY, as now sanctioned by the Legislature, will be held at the TOWN-HALL, BRIDGEND, on MONDAY the 15th day of DECEMBEK instant, at 12 o'clock at Noon, for the purpose of taking into consideration the expediency of Memorializing the Directors in favour of the original Plan, and against the recently Proposed Line of Deviation intended to pass to the North of the Town of Bridgend. Dated the 1st day of December, 1845. HENRY LYNCH BLOSSE, W. LEWIS, THOS.EWIS, W. LEWELLlX, SAMUEL COX, P. PRICE, W. EDWARDS, JAMES WATT, REES JENKINS, WALTER HIBBERT, WILLM. BETTERTON, WM. MO ROAN, ACM. VERITY, W. II. MORGAN. BIBXi ADBUBHiBIS FISHER, YN QY.URAEG A SAESNEG. k RG RAFF I AD Newydd, mewn tua Hanner Canto il. Ranau, pris Swllt a phob Rhan i gynnwys Dar- lun Hardd, wedi eigerlio ar ddur, yn benaf allan o waiih yr Hen Feistriaid, a'r Golygteydd o luniau a dynwyd ar y fan gan Gclnddwyr enwocaf yr oes. Y BIBL BWYIjEITUAWG, Yn cynnwys yr Ysgrythyrau Smctaidd, yn Gymraeg a S::esneg, pob Dospunh o'r naill laith ar gyferyllall; gyda Nodiadau Eglurhaol, a Darlleniadau a Chyfeitiadau Y'tnylenol. Wedi ei drefnu gan y diweddar Barch. JOSEPH HARRIS, Golygydd Seien Gomer. A New Edition, in about 50 Parts, price One Shilling, each and every Part embellished with a highly-finished steel Engraving, from Paintings chiefly by the Old Masters; and Landscapes, from drawings on the spot, by eminent Artists. THE M'OGLOIT BIBLE, Comprising the Holy Scriptures, in the Welsh and English Languages, every column of each version cor- responding with the other; with Explanatory Notes, Marginal Readings and References, arranged by the late Rev. JOSEPH HARRIS, Editor of the Seren Gomer. Part 1. Now Ready and may be had of all Booksellers, FisnEK, SON, & Co., Angel Steeet, St. Martin'S-le- Grand, London. i—< PORT TALBOT, GLAMORGANSHIRE. ¿{j:? The Hull, Spars, lligglug, & Materials OF THE DUTCH GALLIOT "BOO p," From Surinam, 200 Tons burthen, Which will be Gold. by Auction, On THURSDAY, the 11th of DECEMBER, 1845, BY \YHITTING!ON & STROLL), THE Ship where she may lay 011 Baglan Sands, and -L the Spars, Rigging, Materials, Furniture, Wood, &c., at Mr. W. L. Powell's Stores, Taibach. Saie of the Hull to commence at Ten o'clock precisely, and at Twelve o'clock on the Stoie. It is intended to Sell the whole in one day. Catalogues may be had on Monday, the 8th inst, at t..c Office of Mr. G. T. Stroud, Swansea.; elshmMi Oifict, Carmarthen; Pos,t-Office, Neath; and of Mr, W. L. Lloyd'* Agent, Taibagfa, flotires. ,1A £ O I S A N D W I J. L C O X li STOCK AND SHAPiE BROKRHS, No. 4, A GOO!) COOK, who understands h ?r business in all j\ its branches; and who must have an unexception- able character from her last situation. Application to be made to A. li, Post-Office, Merthyr Tydvil. For Sals by Ti Contrast, ANEW FOTJR.-IIOR.SE POWER PORTABLE Til RESIIING MACHINE, Makers: GARIUTT AND SONS. For further particulars, apply to Mr. Henry Webber, Pioprietor of the Cardiff an,i Gn truian News- paper, Duke-street, Cttrdiit, (if by letter, post-paid.) December 1st, 1815. WOOB'3 BAKSMjPTCT. THE CliMFF BiSI. Ii. PPLIGATIONS for Dividends under this Estate must be made to Mr. C. W. BRAGG E, (acting for iiiiist be I GEORGE MORGAN, Esquire, the Official Assignee,) at Albion Chambers, Bristol, oil SATURDAYS ONLY, from Eleven lo Twelve at Noon. All Securities for Debts proved, with Administrations or Probates of Wills, necessary to establish the right of the partv claiming- to receive, must be produced, or the Dividend will not be paid. Biistol, Nov. 29, IS45. G L A M () R GANSHIRE. TO BE LET, And Entered upon on the 2nd of FE3«CARY, 184G, r MOLTON FARM, Situate in the parishes of Lancarvan and Wenvoe CONTAINING about Acres of Meidow, Arable and Pasture Laud, intended to be let in two sepa- rate Farms — the upper one to contain about 48 Acres, with the present Dwelling• iiouse and Out-buildings; and the lower one will consist of about 180 Acres, with a new Dwelling-House antI complete set of commodious Farm Buildings. These Farms are conveniently situated within two miles of Barry Harbour, a:id at an easy dis- tance from the market towns of Covvbridge and Cardiff. The Woodward residing at Moiton w; point out the division of the Farms and for further particulars apply to Mr. George Halket, Wainskill, Bridgend, Glamor- ganshire. FnoM 2nd ov FEB.IU.VRY, 1816, YiGWYDBGWfH UCI2 A, In the Parish of Gellygare, CONTAINING about 240 Acres, with a good right of Common capable of keeping 50J Slieep. Buildings in good order, and plenty of Water. For tcrtns.&c., enquire of the Proprietor, C. Bailey, E q., Nantyglo Iron Works. TO cotiiB&t CONTRACTORS. mw 9 ''TIIIE AVorking and delivering iuio I'arges on the X Canal, or into Waggons on the Aberdare Railway, as may be required, the Coals from Duffryn Colliery, in the parish of Aberdare. For further particulars, and for viewing the Colliery, apply to Llewelliu Elias, at the Office of the Works. iV.B.—No person need apply but those who have had experience in working similar Veins of Coal to those in this neighbouraood, and who thoroughly understand airing or ventilating Collieries generally. Tenders to be delivered at the Duffryn Colliery Office, by 12 o'clock at noon, on or before the lGth instant. Dated 4th December, 1 '!■">. -=-

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