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COD LIVER OIL. A Natural remedy and certain cure for Gout, Rheu- matism, and Scrofula, Diseased Joints, Lumbago, Skin Diseases, Spinal and Glandular Affections, Scrofula Ulcers, Swelled Legs, and all Internal Diseases, arising from an impure state of the Bloorl, or fr.un Dome stic Accidents as Sprains, Bruises, Wounds, Scatd-, Bums, Chilblains, Chapped Hands, &c. &c. The following Testimonials, with authenticated cases of extraordinary cure, are from the highest and most respectable authority — coo LIVln Oil. in cases of GOUT & RHEUMATISM. The diseases in which the Cod Liver Oil is attended with the most extraordinary results are the Gout and Rheumatism. It is rather a curious fact, anC: one that fully establishes the truth of what we have already stated, that some years ago, Cod Liver Oil was introduced into Manchester, by a cehfbratsd German practitioner, then on a visit to Dr. Kay, Physician to the Manchester Infirm: -.who was the first medical man who prescribed this remedy ;• the cure of Gout and Rheumatism, in this country. Mr. L-.rby, House-Surgeou and Apothecary to the same institution, gave 'he following account of an ex- traordinary cure :—A 'voman, who laboured under the most excruciating rheumatism, being advised to rub her joints with the oil, after a few weeks was restored to the use of her limbs aad was cured." Encouraged by this extraordinary cure, Dr. ( Kay continued to prescribe it for other patients in similar case- and with the same succ ss. Dr. Bardsley, also, when treating of chronic rheumatism observes,' In instances, when every other means have failed Cod Liver Oil has operated in a manner so decidedly benefi- cial as to excite astonishment," The circumstances under which this specific remedy is found most advantageous, are the following:—1st. In the chronic rheumatism o: elderly persons, when the muscles aud tendons tave become rigid, and the joints nearly flexible, in consequence of the disease having bern brought on by exces- sive labour, hard fare, dampness, and cold. 2nd. In women whose constitutions have been worn out by repeated rheumatic attacks, especially in the decline of life; & patients who were Unable either to preserve the body in an erect position, or sup- port its weight on the lower extremities, have recovered en. tirety by rubbiug the oil 011 the affected parts. Dlt. HliKFIELD'S OPINION, WITH CASES OF CURtf. Another celebrated Physician, Ur. IJrefield, found the oil of the greatesi benefit in cases where the Gout or Khcumatism appear to have seized upon the whole system, and when, as the result of long suffering, the body is wasted, the process of nutrition very low, there is want of sleep, loss of vital powers, languid expression of the countenance, contraction of the mus- cles, &c. &c.; and mentions the following case of Mrs. .1\1earman,30 years old, wlôo had bei-n confined to her bed or room, and only in the warm summer months experienced a slight alleviation of her stifferihgs :—Nearly the whole body Was attacked, but principally the inferior extremities, back, aa<i shoulders. Walking was entiiely prevented by the unsup- BMfcruide pains, stiffness and swelling of the joints. This pa- tiem ws wasted, of a bleachy whiteness, and had lost all hope of relief, though originally of a strong and robust constitutioo, The use (if the Oil daily, was soon followedby a beneficial I ttah, and after some time she was restored to a tolerable stat-e of health. This person, after this, was three years from the time he first saw her, perfectly healthy, well nourished Moonwog, and of robust appearance. COD LIVEll OIL IN OLD AGE& RIGID MUSCLES. Men and women advanced in years, whose fibres may be •apposed to have acquired a degree of rigidity, find surprising effects from the use of this remedy. Some who have been CrippJes for maOy years, and not able to move from their seats have, after a few weeks use of it, been able to go with the assistance of a stick and by a long continuance have enjoyed the pleasing >atisfaction of being restored to the natural use of *heir limbs, which for a long time before had been a burthen to them. Dr. Percival, of the Manchester Infirmary, says: I have had the fullest evidence of the successful use of Cod '.¡vcr Oil, and have contrasted, by experiment, its value with ■other remedies these trials always terminate in favour of the 40il and patients who were under other treatment, by confer- ring with their felloe-sufferers, were so sensible of making a slower progress towards recovery, as to require a change of one 'eiueiiy for the other. The above is only a small portion of an immense number of Testimonials that have already been received in support of the Extraordinary properties of this truly wonderful N ATUlt A L «KA1EDY. Prospectuses containing additional evidence of the value of tod l,i vpr Oil in other diseases, with general remarks on its ^ataiial and commercial history, its Physical and Chemical Action on the Human Economy, &c. j also I Pa-riicular directions for its proper application, will be sent to .any -address on the receipt of two postage stamps. CAUTION.— Each Genuiue Bottle of the remedy has the ^nature of the only MERCANTILE \OHNlS, JOMlis, Co., 201, Strand: all other sorts are spurious. Sold ^■holesale by Messrs. Barclay and Sons Sutton aud Co., and and Co., London; and retail in bottles at 2s. 0d. s- 6d., and Hs, each, and by all respectable Medicine Vendors, 1 TO JUDGES J|jj|j|§| OF FINE TEAS. W 11.lD -IF r4 I vst ft O* SPICE AQjiNT FOR THE SALE OF THE ASAM TEA COMPANY'S RARE AM PECULIARLY FINE TEAS, REQUESTS the favour of an Order from Connoisseurs, and those desirous of obtaining a really exquisitely flavoured Tea. After once partaking of the highly exhilarating and aromatic Asam Tea, but few can persuade themselves to use any other, especially as it is found not to be injurious to the nerves; and as the Asam Tea has been proved to produce at least six, and in most cases eight flood cups of Tea, where the same quantity of Chinese would produce only four cups of inferior lfavour — both luxury and economy combine to recommend the Asatn Teas. NAHOOI.EAH PEKOE 5 0 MAZENGA GREEN TEA 6 0 CIIEIIIUOR SOUCHONG 6 0 | THOURA GREEN TEA 7 0 These Teas can only be obtained in one pound, half-pound, and quarter-pound sealed packets, with the Company' Address and Arms on the Envelope. Many are selling spurious imitations of the Company's Teas, but none are genuine unless having their Seal and Address, No. 11, CROOKED LANE, KING VILLI AM STREET, on them. SOLE AUTHORISED AGENTS. For SWANSEA Miss Arnold, Confectioner, Cross-Street. For MElil'HYll Mrs. Ann Williams, Confectioner, High-Street, For NE W'JPORT Mr. M. Evans, Bookseller, 36, High-Stieet. AGENTS WAN! ED FOR SOME OF THE LARGE TOWNS IN ENGLAND AND WALES. GREAT BKITAL4 STORKS, NKAR THE PO ST OFFICW, CARDIFF. V" i? W ¡o) TAILOR, W«8LLE\ SRim, HATTEU, & GENERAL OUTFITTER, (JOLICITS an inspection of his immense STOCK of NEW and FASHIONABLE READY-MADE WINTER O CLOTHING, iu every sty I. of make and size, suitable to the Gentleman, Farmer, Mechanic, or Seafaring Man, cut from the best materials in the most appropriate style, and all made on the premises with the strictest attention to soundness of workmanship, under the personal care of the proprietor. The Stock of WOOLLEN CLOTHS, DOESKINS, BEAVERS,and W AISTCOATING8 cannot be excelled by any House in Wales for variety of pattern. Gentlemen wishing to combine Elegance with Cheapness, by giving their measure at this Establishment will not only find a saviug of one quarter of the usual price, but ensure a good fit, without the risk of having a useless or uncomfortable garment, as no article need be taken unless fully approved of when finished. L. W. earnestly solicits the attention of those persons who have not yet favored him with a trial, confident that he result must prove that no gentleman need to order from Bristol or London but those who are obliged to pay for long credit. Observe I—Xiist of Prices for Gentlemen's Clothing, made to measure. £ S. d. 9 s. d. £ S. d. Shooting Jackets from 0 10 6 j Best quality manufactured .2 5 0 Albert and Polished Mixed Doe 0 14 0 Ditto, seven pockets. 0 18 0 Superfine Frock Coats. 1 10 0 Black or Drab Kerseymere 0 15 0 Tweed Coat 0 12 0 Saxony, with silk facings•». 2 0 0 Best quality manufactured. 13 0 Office Coats, handsomely made 0 16 0 Best quality manufactured 2 10 0 WAISTCOATS. Gent, 's Tweed Wrappers 0 17 (;J CHILDREN'S DRESSES. Best Moleskin Vests 040 Caehmerette, (all shades) 1 1 0 Tunic, Vest, and Trousers. 14 0 Ditto, with sleeves 0 5 0 Codringtoii and Taglioni Coats. 1 2 0 Jacket, Vvet, and Trousers 16 0 Handsome Valentia Vests.. 0 6 0 Plaid Polka, (most fashionable) I 4 0 BlueJacket, ..from 0 10 0 Elegant Tibert Shawl pattern. 0 10 0 Brown&.MixedHeaverChesterHeU 1 10 0 ———— Splendid Black Satin 0 14 0 Frock Jacket, (particularly Cotton Cora Breeches 0 8 0 Figured Satin.inetegatitstyle.. 0 12 0 adapted for Farmers .from 018 0 Kerseymere. 0 lo 0 Black Kerseymere. from 0 7 6 Fine Dress Coats. 1 8 0 Best Moleskin Trousers 0 6 6 Saxony ditto. 1 18 0 Fashionable Woollen Trousers.. 0 10 0 Suit of Black, complete. 2 10 0 Men's Suits of Best Moitskin, ready made, 18s.; to measure, 20s. This being the only Establishment in the Town solely devoted to Men's and Boys' Clothing, the Public can be suited most advantageously from an unrivalled Selection of PARIO eg LOONDDIN DEAVER IHl^TS, MhWhL < £ YMIW HOSIERY, STOCKS, CRAVATS SUPERIOR WHITE & COLOURED SHIRTS, SILK HANDKERCHIEFS, UNDER SHIRTS, DRAWERS FLANNELS, &c. &c. Hoticea. m JAMES MILLS, Piano-Forte Maker, Tuner, and Repairer, 00 M 1R0ADW0QID AND CONS, ftlakcvs to fflajestii. 21, WrILLIAM-STREET, HAMPSTEAD ROAD, LONDON, BEGS most respectfully to return his grateful thanks to the Nobility, Gentry, and Inhabitants of Cardiff, Newport, Merthyr, Cowbridge, ard their Vicinities, for the liberal patronage with which they have honoured him and to inform them that he is now making a tour, and has brought with him a variety of his splendid-tone Patent 61 OCTAVE, CABINET, and COTTAGE PIANO- FORTES, with wrought-irou bolts and nictalic plates, all of which are manufactured upon the best principles, combining the modern improvements with elegant ap- pearance and substantial construction, and are confidently guaranteed to preserve the tone clear and action free, and stand well in tune in every climate, which he offers at such exceedingly low prices as to defy competition. N.B.—J. M. has also a large assortment of new and appro\ed MUSIC, by the most eminent Composers. Merchants, Captains, and Exporters, advantageously supplied with new and sound second-hand Piano-Fortes, adapted to all climates. Instruments bought, sold, exchanged, or lent on hire. All orders addressed to J. Mills, Guardian-Office, Cardiff, will be carefully attended to, or at Mr. Davis's, Bush Inn, Merthyr, at both of which places the instru- ments may be seen. J. MILLS' usual visits to this County are in February and August. References to some of the most respectable families iu the county can be given. CAUTION.— Unprincipled individ' :is prepare the most spurious compounds under the s unfi names ih COpy labels, bill <, advertisements, and testimonials 11 orignt.il Thomas's Suece.iantiiun. It is therefore h'^1 isaty to see that the words "Thomas and Howard are jn the wrapp of each article. All others are fraudulent imitation. For Stopping Decayed Teeth. Price 2s. 6d. PATRONIZED BY HER MAJESTY THE QUEEN HIS ROYAL HIGHNESS PLUNCK A LB E UP HKR IWYAI. HIGUNKSS TUB DUCH liSS OF KENT HIS MAJESTY THE KIMG OF THE BKLGIANS HIS MAJESTY THE KING OF PRUSSIA, HIS GRACE THE AKCHBISHOP OF CANTERBURY, And nearly all the Nobility, the Bishops, and the Clergy Mr. Thomas's Succedaneum, FOR filling Decayed Teeth, however large the cavity. It is superior to any thing ever before used, as it is placed in the tooth in a soft state, without any pressure or pain, and in a short time becomes as hard as the enamel, and will remain linn III the tooth in > ny years, rendering extraction unnecessary. It arrest* all further progress of decay, and renders (h<*in avjain useful in mastication. All persons can use Mr. THOM AS'S SUCCEDANEUM THEMSELVES WITH EASE, as full directions are enclosed. Prepared only by Messrs. t HOMAS and HO\VARD, Snr- geon-Dentists, 6t, Beruer-i-Slreet, Oxiord-Sireet, London. Price 2s. 6d. Sold by their appointment by the following Agents: — Mr. Thomas Stephens, drugist, Merthyr Tydvilj Mr. Phillips, Cardiff; Mr. Farror, Monmouth j Mr. Williams, Brecon; Mr. Wi Hams and Mr. Phillips, Newport; Ballard I and Son, chemists and ironmongers, Cowbridge; and by the Venders of Medicinc generally throughout the kingdom, and by all Chemists and Medicine Vendors or the Proprie- tors will scud the Succedaneum free BY POST to any part of the Kingdom LOSS OF TEETH. M essr«. T H O VI AS & HOW A RD continue to supply the Loss of Teeth without springs or wires upon their new system of StiLF-.iOlI ESION, whit h has secured them universal appro- bation, and it is rn .ended by numerous Physicians and Surgeons as being the nosi ingenious system of supplying artificial teeth hitherto invented. They adapt themselves over the most tender gums, or remaining stumps, without causing the least pain, rendering the operation of extracting quite unnecessary. They are so fixed as to fasten any loose, teeth where the gums have shrunk from the use of calomel or other causes. They also beg to invite those uo liking to un- dergo any painful operation, as pritctised bym members of the profession, to inspect their painless yet eif- Live system; and in order that their improvements may be •• ithin reach of the most economical, they will continue the same moderate charges. jHL Messrs. THOM AS and HOWAltD, 8I)RGBWM)Ent'sT» Berners-Street, Oxford-Street, London. At tiome from 10 till 4. Those INTERESTED IN THE SUBJECT will find THIS STATEMENT OF THEIR SUPBRIORITY OVER ALL OTH ERS, TO BE ENTIRELY AND SCRUPULOUSLY CORRECT. Their new method of fixing Arlificial Teeth has obtained the approbation and recommendation of the following emi nent I'hysiciaus and Surgeons: — Sir James Clark, Bart., Physician to her Majesty Dr. Locock, Physician Accoucheur to her Majesty Dr. Ferguson, Physician Accoucheur to her Majesty Dr. Bright, Physician (extraordinary to her Majesty Sir B. C. Brodie, liart., Serjeant Surgeon to her Majesty The !ate Sir A Cooper., Bart., Serg. Surgeon to her Majesty H. Keate. Esq, Sergeant Surgeon to her Majesty Dr. Merriman, Physician to her It. H. ilie Duchess of Kent Sir C. :\1. Clark, Bart., M.D. Dr. Paris Sir :\1. Tierney, Bart., M.D. Dr. Jamcl Johnson Dr. Chambers, Dr. Conquest Aud numerous other Membersof the Medical Profession. j flottcos. GUANO (Genuine PERUVIAN and BOLIVIAN) CONSTANTLY ON SALE. A Cargo, of prime quality, just landed. Apply to the Importers, GIBBS, BRIGHT, & Co., 28, Orchard-street; or at GEORGE & JAMES BUSH's Warehouse, Baldwin-street, Bristol, where it may be seen. Frampton's Pill of Health. TF1HE manifold advantages to the Heads of Families JL from the possession of a Medicine of known efficacy, that may be resorted to with confidence, and used with suc- cess in cases of temporary sickness, occurring in families more or less every day, are so obvious to all, that no question edti be raised of its importance to every householder in the king- dom. From among numerous testimonials, the following is respectfully submitted :— To Mr. Thomas Prout, 229, Strand, London. "5, Cooper-street, Manchester, March 12, 1842. till, SIR,-L have much satisfaction in communicating to you the result of my experience after repeated trials of F RAM PTO N'S PILL OF HEALTH, and I feel it but justice to state, that in the course of many years'trial of various Aperient Mcdicines I have never found results at once so salutary and efficient in the relief of the system from redundant bil, &c., &c. with so little inconvenience; I am, therefore, warranted in declann" that they supply to me a means long wanting of being able to recommend to Families, Schools, and especially Mercantile Men, whether at the desk or oil the road, a most valuable resource in an occasional medicine. And I shall take credit to myself if, in giving this testimony, ) am the means of making FRAMI'TON'S PIllS more generally known and ap- prtcia:ed. I am, Sir, respectfully yours, "WILLIAM SMITH." The unprecedented sale of these Pills, arising from the earnest recommendations of the many thousands who have derived benefit from their use, render any lengthened common- unnecessary; they are not put forth as a cure for all diseaset to which mankind is liable, but for Bilious and Liver Corns plaints, with their many well-known attendants, Bilious and Sick Head ache. Pain and Oppression after Meals, Giddiness. Dizziness, Singing Noise in Head and Ears, Drowsiness' Heartburn, Loss of Appetite, Wind, Spasms, &c. Two or three doses will convince the afflicted of their salu- tary effects. The stomach "ill speedily regain its strength a healthy action of the Liver, Bowels, and Kidneys, will rapidly take place; and instead of listlessness, heat, pain, and jaun- diced appearance, strength, activity, and renewed health extending to 400'' 'd age. will be the result of taking this medicine, accord" the diiections accompanying each box Sold by T. i> 229, Strand, London. Pric#Jb, lid. and 2s. 9.1. per K iso by Mr. Thomas Stephens, druggist. Merthyr Tydvi, t'hillips, Cardiff; Mr. Thomas, Cow- bridge; Mr. i'r. ionm >uth; Mr. William*, 'irecon- Mr. Williams all PLÎilips, Newport; ',aJ y the Venders of Medicme -rally throughout the Kin^uom. Ask for FJ-i, )N'S PILL OF HEA LTH, and observe the Name at. '0: ;s of "Thomas Prout, 229, Strand, London," ou tin- i > eminent Stamp. CAUTION. ALL Persons advertising Succedaneum for Stopping Decayed Teeth, fraudulently attempt to imitate Mr. Clarke's original Succedaneum and if any Succe- daneum than Mr. Clarke's be purchased, it will be discovered useless. Mr. Clarke can say, without the slightest exaggeration, that he has sold 3,000 bottles of Succedaneum within 16 months; and 2,800 individuals have been able to use it successfully; and most of the other purchasers have been to Mr. Clarke, at his residence 61, Lower Grosvenor Street, London, to have their teeth stopped, without any further charge than the original cost of the Succedaneum, price 5s. Sold wholesale to all the chemists in town and country; and none is genuine unless had through Messrs. Barclay and Sons, wholesale Medicine Warehouse, 95, Farringdon Street; Edwards and Son, 67, St. haul's Church Yard Hanney and Co., 63, Oxford Street; Colleck and Mosely, 139, Upper Thames Street, London; and other respectable wholesale Medicine Warehouses; or Mr. Clarke can send it by post to any part of the United Kingdom, on receiving a post-office order. FOR STOPPING DECAYED TEETH, however large the cavity.—Patronised by her Majesty ttte Queen Dowager, Her Royal Highness the Duchess of Gloucester, His Grace the Duke of Wellington, and the principal nobility. Mr. CLARKE'S SUCCEDANEUM for stopping decayed teeth, iaAr superior to anything ever used befor as it is placedm ;he tooth without any pressure or pain, becomes as hard as the enamel imme- diately after application, and remains firm in the tooth for life; not only rendering extraction unnecessary, but also making them again useful for mastication. All persons can use Mr. CLARKE'S SUCCEDA- NEUM themselves with ease, as full directions are enclosed—price 5s. —and sold by all respectable Medicine Vendors in Town and Country; and can be sent by post on receiving a post-office order. Prepared only by Mr. Clarke, Surgeon-Dentist, 61, Grosvenor-street, Bond- street (removed from 53, Harlev-street, Cavendish Square). J LOSS OF TERTH.—Mr. Clarke still continues to supply the loss of teeth, from one to a complete set, upon his beautiful system of Self-adhesion; which has procured hlln such universal approbation in some thousands of: cases, and recommended by Sir James Clark, Bart., A .D.; and Dr. Locock, Physicians to Her Majesty, and: numerous other Members of the Medical Profession, as being the most ingenious system of supplying artificial' .ef 1 *Ulert? 'nTenl-ed. They are so contrived as to a ap emselye8 over the most tender gums, or remain- ing stumps, without causing the least pain, rendering the operation of extraction quite unnecessary; and in order that his system may be within the reach of the most economical, he will continue the same moderate charges. Mr. Clarke, Surgeon-Dentist, No. 61, Grosvenor-street, Bond-street, Loudon,—At home from eleven till four. Hot 1 erg. Britannia Life Assurance Company, No. 1, PRINCE S S'PREKT, BM VK.'LOSOON Empowered by Special Act of Parliament IV. Vict, cap IX. DIRECTORS William KarJgett, E«q I Robert -Oglintoo. Esq. Samuel Beviogtoo, Bsq Erasmus Robr. 'os'.ei, .liq Win. F'-cbney Black, Ksq Peter Morrison, Ksq George Cohen, Ksq Henry Lewis finale, Esq Millis Coventry. Ksq John Drewett, Ksq ADDITORS. ADDITORS. J. B. Beviagton,H<q.—F I*. Cockerilf, Esq.—J. O. OON, Kiq. MEDICAL OFFICER. John Clendioning.M.D., F. R S., 16, Wimpols St., Cavendish Square. STANDING CO(IJTSBL. The Hon. John Ashley, New Sour«, Lincoln's Inn.—>Mr. Serjeant .Murphy, >Ep., Temple. SOLICITOR. William Be van, Eaq., Otd Jewry. BANKERS- Messrs. Drewett and Fowler, Princes Street, Bank. This Institution is empowered by s Act of Parlia- I ment, and is so constituted as to afford the benefits of Life Assurance in their fullest extent to Policy-Holders, and to present greater facilities and accommodation than are usually offered hy any other Companies. Among others, the following, Important Adoantaaei may be numerated: — Increasing Rates of Premium, on a new and remarkable plan for securing Loans or Debts e ten immediate payment being required on a policy for the whole term of life than in any other office v CitiiDiT TABLE.— Ry this Table, the Premiums may remain unpaid for five years, upon satisfactory security being given or the liquidation of the same, at the expiration of that period. HALF CREDIT RATES OF PREMIUM. tersous assured according to these rules, are allowed credii (without security) for half the amount of the first teoen Annual Premiums, paying interest thereon, at the rate of Five pei Cent, per Annum, with the option of paying off the Principal at any tnur, or having the amount deducted from the sum assured when the Policy becomes a claim. Policies iniv thus be effected at lower rates than are gene- rally required for tb<* term of seven years only; whilst the holders hav." tne smie security for the payment o; their claims, whenever death may happen, as if they paid double the amount of premiums, which would be charged lor assurance effected in the same way. Policies revived without the exaction of a fine, at any time within twelve months. Extract from Increasing Rates of Premium, for an Assu- rance of £100. for Whole Term of Life. Age of the Assured in every case admitted ill the Policy. Medical Attendants remunerated in all cases for their reports. A Board of Birecters in attendance daily at 2 o'clock. Annual Premiums payable during First Second Third Fourth Remain Five Five Five Five der of Years. Years. Years. Years. Life. £ s. d. £ s. d. £ s. d. £ s. d.| £ g. d. 1 1 4 1 5 10 1 10 11 I 16 9 2 3 8 1 6 4 1 12 2 1 19 1 2 7 4 2 17 6 1 16 12442 14 6373434 2 16 73 944 5 55 6 36 13 7 Kxtraot from the Half Credit Hates of Preutium- Annual Premium required for an Assurance of £100. for the. whole Term of Life. Age. Half Premium for Whole Premium g seven years. after seven years £ '• d- £ • s, d. '11 9 2 8 6 14 11 2 9 10 40 9 2 2 18 4 45 1 14 10 3 9 tt 50 2 2 6 4 5 0 55 2 12 9 5 5 6 60 I 3 a 8 6 13 4 n PETEI1 MORRISON, Rende", Director. t fu P^pectuses. and every requisite information as tothe mode of effecting Assurauces, may be obtained upon application to the following AGENTS- NEWPORT Mr. R. Jenkins, merchant. CHEPSTOW Mr. J. L. Baldwyn, solicitor. BKISTOL Mr. John Moxham, Bank-court, Corn-street. CARDIFF Mr. W. D. Horwood. MESSRS. R. & L. PERRY & Co., may be consulted at \JerZe? %treet' °xford SLREET< London, daily; at I Ob, Duke Street, Liverpool, every Thursday, Friday and Saturday And at No. 10, St. John Street, Deansgate, Manchester, on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays. "THE SILENT FRIEND" OV HUMAN FRAILTY. Price 2s. 6d. & sent Free to any part of the Unhe<1 R. in a Sealed hnvelop., from eitj,er of ,he above E » ments, on receipt of 3s bd. jn Postage Stamp#t 0f a ua rost«Oni(*g Order MEDICAL WORK, on the emnahd can that /i. destroys physical energy, an(J thg abUlf f ere vigour h*s established her enlplre; wit £ observ^o^ on the baneful effects of VOfJ riiprrr EXOh'SIl, 1 INTKOnO».^»«..of iX„o'f mercury on the skin is po,u,ed otU mn<J iliu8trated of Coloured engravings on steel followed h. rJUEr"' "i,h Xtr:rr rr" 19, Church Street, and Mr. UA' '6,& INGHAM, Market-street, Manchester" D Argyle-street, (ilasgow R LINDSAY li' PlJ^a ir 'C J bur.h, POWELL, 10,WestmorUnd « P*' 'N* Haverford.west, JENKINS. Uer, !'u 1 PERKINS» Booksellers and Patent ™ by Country. Venders iu Town aud oPtNiONS OP THI, PRRSS '« We regard the work b«for.» <. T^T* C»I „ as a work embracing most clear and nrarii™! nenfd'" series of complaints hitherto little ^demwd anT* a over bv the majority of th* ;ie understood, and passed reason we are at a loss to know ^lcal Pr(^ess«on, for what ha a perusal of this work ha?lef7* ri C°nfe" sion on our mind that we 00"ill f»*ou«bie .mpres- l l.°uly recommend, but cordial I» wish every one who is the victiu, of fnt]u co™»y from indiscretion, to profit bv th» i sut3fering pages."—Age and Argus. > the adv,ce contained in it. '• The Authors of u The SiUnf roughly conversant with the treatment Jf l° r* plaints which are we fear, too u~„ ?T■ L aSS of com- Tiie perspicuous style in whicli 1, Pres<>nt da>* the valuable hints it conveys to Kthis b°ok 18 written, and of entering the marriage state, cannot fS? af>PreheJn?ive a careful perusal.Era. C#Im<K fai1 10 recommend it to "This work should be read h« .11 1. 1 t.. wish to enjoy life, for the tr„is^ *L h!*hh and doubt."—Farmers' Journal. lhere,n defy all THE CORDIAL BALM OF SYRI\.CITW is intended to relieve thoSe cerate indulgence of their passion# ° # w ,°' ,mmo" tutions, or in their way to U^ co" baVC •U,°ed, ^eirco»«i- rable state, are affected with a^TSTjL. d*P'°- that betray approach as the y,rio„# .Ltion, oYReT lions •r.sff ^r<vriotrty'ob"=- barrenness, &c. Weakne""> total •mpotency, This medicine is particularly recommended to be taken before persons enter into the matrimonial state, lest in the event of procreation occur.ng, thf! innocent offaprinV should bear enstampect upon it the Physical characters deiivable from parental debitity. de<tvabte 'i,r ufttial, which is a saving ot" j £ lo* may be had as THE CONCENTRATED DETERSIVE ESSENCE An Anti-Syphilitic Itemed* f„, -r ^,S»5'NCE humours of the blood and r Pu" y,ng di»eased Scrofula, and all cutaneous enioMon,1" 8curv*» principles throughout "e bod. 7 COav.ey'a £ «t.ve vessels, removmg all Co,ruS pea,Mr*Un& th* minutest rities from the viul *I0M. am.nations, and impu- and radically exuellin^ IK* er* ,cau,? morbid virus Bottle, in one 33* Is. or foul cases, which saves £ 1 lb. y 18 saved, *l»o in £ 5 PERRY'S PURIFYING SPECIFIC PILIs vv .k I- • 2s* 9d-» bJ*» *nd P«r box every capacity ^e'011' r5ndercd Per^ect'y intelligible to the most ce ta'.n an/ i kn°7n lhT^ho^ Europe to be Gonorrhoea both £ *?.! dCovered for diatelv aTl.vinl V m',d and a«Sravate«l forms by imme- <41 mflammation and arresting further nroercss M.I1C;,» gravel, and other disorders OT »H* FT-: sages, either sex, are permanently e«„d ° sTtt K 1 or the last exposure Sold by al1-Druggists, Medicine Vendors and Book- eellers in Town and Country. Messrs. Perry exppct, when iX1,,6ulted 61/ letter, tla- usual ^aV6rt8. are r'-q"ested to be as minute a8 possible in the detail of their cases, as to the duration of the comnlaint the symptoms, age, habits of living, and general occupation. Meaicines can be forwarded to any part of the world • no difficulty can occur, as they will be securely packed and care- fully protected from observation. asAi,su8a?' ft' foU fe"y,&aCo" Sarf\eT' may be consulted as usual, at 19, Berner's Street, Oxford Street London rtaily, and at 106, Duke Street, Liveipool, eyerv Thursday' Friday, and Saturday, and at 10, Sr. John Street^ Deanseaw' Manchester,on Monuays,Tuesdays,& Wednesdays nanctuallv' Irom II till 2, and from 5 till b. On Sunday. froi^ (0 till |X' Only one personal visit is required from a country natient' to enable wessr* Perry and Co. to give such advice as will be' the means ofeffecting a permanent and effectual cure, after all other means have proved ineffectual. N B. Country Druggists, Booksellers, Patent Medicine Venders, and every other Shopkeeper can be supplied with any quantity o' the Cordial Balm of Syriacmn, the Concen "at,ed t'eteraive Essence, and Perry's Purifying Specific rills, with (he usual allowance to the Trade, by most of :Jte principal Wholesale Patent Medicine Mouses in London. iSOLD AT THE GUARDIAN" OFFICE, CARDIFF Where may be had the Silent Frieod."



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