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BRECOXSHIRE. BRECON INFIRMARY.—Nov. 18, 1845. ————— IN. OUT. Patients remaining last Week 2 44 Admitted since 1 8 352 Cured and Relieved 0 6 Dead. 0 0 Remaining. 3 40 Physician for the ensuing week Dr. Lucas Surgeon,&c. Mr. Batt. BRFCON'.—MUNICIPAL ELECTION.—Monday, the 10th instant, Howell Jones Williams, Esq.,was elected mayor of the borough of Brecon, for the year ending 9th November, 1846. BR ECON NOVEMBER FAIR.—This fair was held on I Monday, the mh,_ and Tuesday, the 18th November instant; and we were g-lad to observe, that notwithstanding; the unfavourable weather of Sunday, an unusual number of people flocked into town. The pleasure-seekers, it may be presumed, were somewhat disappointed; but men of business experienced an unexpected demand for all sorts of animals-horses, cattle, sheep, and pigs selling at unprecedented high prices. The harmony of the fair was, however, much disturbed by reports of the depreda- tions, upon no small scale, of the light-fingered gentry. One man we heard was robbed of a note for the sum of 1100 but we cannot vouch for the correctness of the statement. Another correspondent writes-CO There was a great demand for store cattle. Fat beasts and sheep (of which there were comparatively few) averaged six- pence per pound. There was a brisk demand for good cart horses for the various iron works, where matters are very lively. Hill ponies sold freely; indeed there was ) not a sufficient supply to meet the demand. The pig fair was fully supplied and fat hogs fetched 9s. per ¡ score. However, prices averaged from 5 to 10 per cent. lower than at last fair. Skim cheese fetched from E2 to 92 6s. per cwt.; salt butter sold at from I I id. to Is. per lb. (in tubs). In the hop market, the prices of Worces- J ter's and Hereford's ranged from 9d to Is. 6d. per lb.- according to age, quality, &c. Upon the whole this fair may tafely be pronounced more satisfactory to the farmer than any one which has been held for a long period. There were a great many male and female servants for hire. Men's wages have advanced considerably." Mary Williams, Elizabeth Harding, and William Rogers were convicted, opon the oath of Mr. Samuel Hudson and others, and committed by the Rev. James Richard Brown, justice of the peace for the county uf Radnor, for twenty-eight days, accompanied with hard labour, to Presteign house of correction, for insubordi- nation and refractory conduct committed by them in the Knighton union workhouse, on the 11th and 13th days of November instant.

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