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BANKRUPTS.—(From the London…






flotirres. MANY TIIOUSANDS OF POUNDS SiERi^uNo TO BE GIVEN TO THE SUBSCRIBERS to the PICTORIAL TIMES." For Particulars of this extraordinary undertaking apply immediately to any Bookseller or Newsvender in England. Ireland, or Scotland, or the Publiaher, Mr. C. Evans, 351, Strand, London, who will be happy to for. warda Prospectus. The Schooner CELERITY, J. WILLIAMS, MASTER, IS NOW LOADING AT COTTON'S WHARF, TOO LEY-STREET, L< >NDO V, FOR Cardiff, Newport, Merthyr, Dowlais, Aberdare, Abergavenny, Brecon, Monmouth, Pontypool, Cow- bridge, Bridgend, and places adjacent, and will positively sail OP. WEDNESDAY, the 10th of DECEMBER, 1845.' For Freight, &c., apply to the Master on Board Mr. J. Rowe, Modelator Wharf, Newport; Mr. Thomas Richards, Aberg.ivetiny; Messrs. Prosser and Co., Bre- con Messrs. J. H. and G. Scovell, the Wharfingers, London; or to Mr. W. Pritchard, Wharf, Cardiff. London, Nov. 21, 1845. m ti gs s JAMES MILLS, Piano-Forte Maker, Tuner, and Repairer, e-RoFj,T AND SDNIB, JKafetv* to «afejit2. 21, WILLIAM.STREEt, HAMPSTEAD ROAD, LONDON, BEGS most respectfully to return his grateful thanks to the Nobility, Gentry, and Inhabitants of Cardiff, Newport, Merthyr, Cowbridge, and their Vicinities, for the liberal patronage with which they have honoured him and to inform them that he is now making atour, and has brought with him a variety of his splendid-tone Patent 6t OCTAVE, CABINET, and COTTAGE PIANO- FOHTES, with wrought-iron bolts and metalic plates, all of which are manufactured upon the best principles, combining the modern improvements with elegant ap- pearance and substantial construction, and are confidently guaranteed to preserve the tone clear and action free, and stand well in tune in every climate, which he offers at such exceedingly low prices as to defy competition. N.B.—J. M. has also a large assortment of new and approved MUSIC, by the most eminent Composers. Merchants, Captains, and Exporters, advantageously supplied with new and sound second-hand Piano-Fortes, adapted to all climates. Instruments bought, sold, exchanged, or lent on hire. All orders addressed to J. Mills, Guardian-Office, Cardiff, will be carefully attended to, or at Mr. Davis's, Bush Inn, Merthyr, at both of which places the instru- ments may be seen. J. MILLS' usual visits to this County are in February and August. References to some of the most respectable families in the county can be given. L "THEATRE, CARDIFF.—[BY AUTHORITY.] MAMGETTEVT OF JIBS. MACHEADY, Lessee of the Theatres Royul, Batl. it Bristol. MRS. MACREA.DY begs most respectfully to inform the Nobility, Gentry, and Public generally, that she intends opening the Theatre on FRIDAY, Nov. 21st, MOST POSITIVELY FOR ONE MONTH ONLY, during which time the leading novelties of the London Season will be presented. On FRIDAY, Nov. 2lst, 1345, the performances will com. mence with a Dratna of interest, called the DUMB BOY OF MANCHESTER. Tom (the Dumb Roy of Manchester), Mr. R. Power. Mrs. Wilson (widow of a. rich Manufacturer), Mrs. Macnamara. A Comic Medley Dance, by Mrs. Anderson.—La Bleuette (Swis* Air), Cornopean, Mr. Eschrich.—The Royal Mazarka, Miss Angel and Miss E. Hardiman. AFTER WHICH, 2 2 lilz 24 To conclude with the new Farce of THE! JaCK.BY'S STRATA-GEM. On MONDAY, NOVEMBER 21th, the new Drama of THE (mPOMLS WEDDIVG. Sir Felix Mormolade, Mr. Chute, (his first appearance) Nancy Cobb, Miss Dawson, (her first appearance this Season). After which, the Ballet of SPOalE Principal characters by Mr. and Mrs. R. Power. Tobeaucceededby OF AGE TO MORROW. Frederick, Mr. Chute. To conclude with the new Burletta of the -Z it. Nights of Performiug- \Io!lday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Fridty. The Theatre has been thoroughly aired. Lessee, Mrs.Macready Stage Manager, Mr. Chute. Doors open at half-past 6, performance to commence at 7. Boxes, 31. Pit, 2s. Gallery, Is.: half-price a quarter before 9. Tickets and places for the Boxes to be had at the Post-office. BETTS'S PATENT BRANDY. DR. TURNER'S TESTIMONIAL. SIR,- I do not hesitate to express my conviction, that YOUR PATENT BRANDY is fully as free from every thing injurious tohealth, AND CONTAINS AS PURE A SPIRIT AS THE REST VARIETIES OF FOREIGN BUANDY. I remain, Sir, vour most obedient Servant, EDWARD TURNER, Professor of Chemistry in the University of London. This is the °nly Brandy in England protected by the Patent METALLIC CAPSULES, thus embos- sed with the S&Fft&Vy&J Address of the Firm, T C),? BBTTS'S PATENT BRANDY may be obtained, in the Capsuled Bottles, price, 3s. Gd., by way of sample, and at 18s. per Gallon in bulk, of the most respectable Wine and Spirit Merchants, in every locality. The DISTILLERY, 7, SMITHFIELD BAns, LONDON, is the only establishment of J, T. BKTTS, JUN. & CO. CAUTION. A LL Persons advertising Succedaneum for Stopping it Decayed Teeth, fraudulently attempt to imitate Mr. Clarke's original Succedaneum and if any Succe- daneum than Mr. Clarke's be purchased, it will be discovered useless. Mr. Clarke can say, without the slightest exaggeration, that he ha. sold 3.000 bottles of Succedaneum within 16 months; and 2,800 individuals have been able to use it successfully and most of the other purchasers have been to Mr. Clarke, at his residence 61, Lower Grosvenor Street, London, to have their teeth stopped, without any further charge than the original cost of the Succedaneum, price 5s. Sold wholesale to all the .chemists in town and country; and none is genuine unless had through Messrs. Barclay and Sons, wholesale Medicine Warehouse, 95, Farringdon Street; Edwards and Son, 67, St. Paul's Church Yard Hanney and Co., 63, Oxford Street; Colleck and Mosely, 139, Upper Thames Street, London; and other respectable wholesale Medicine Warehouses; or Mr. Clarke can send it by post to any part of the United Kingdom, on receiving a post-office order. FOR STOPPING DECAYED TEETH, however large the cavity.—Patronised by her Majesty the Queen Dowager, Her Royal Highness the Duchess of Gloucester, His Grace the Duke of Wellington, and the principal nobility. Mr. CLARKE'S SUCCEDANEUM for stopping decayed teeth, is far superior to anything ever used before, as it is placed in the tooth without any pressure or pain, becomes as hard as the enamel imme- diately after application, and remains firm in the tooth for life; uot only rendering extraction unnecessary, but also making them again useful for mastication. All persons can use Mr. CLARKE'S SUCCEDA- NEUM themselves with ease, as full directions are enclosed-—price 5s. —and sold by all respectable Medicine Vendors in Town and Country and can be sent by post on receiving a post-office order. Prepared only by Mr. Clarke, Surgeon-Dentist, 61, Grosvenor-street, Bond- street (removed from 53, Harley-street, Cavendish Square). LOSS OF TEISTH.—- Mr. Clarke still continues to supply the loss of teeth, from one to a complete set, upon his beautiful system of Self-adhesion; which has procured him such universal approbation in some thousands of cases, and recommended by Sir James Clark, Bart., M.D.; and Dr. Locock, Physicians to Her Majesty, and numerous other Members of the Medical Profession, as being the most ingenious syatem of supplying artificial teeth hitherto invented. They are so contrived as to adapt themselves over the most tender gums, or rem;iin- ing stumps, without causing the least pain, rendering the operation of extraction quite unnecessary; and in order that his' system may be within the reach of the most economical, he will continue the same moderate charges. Mr. Clarke, Surgeon-Dentist, No. 61, Grosvenor-street, Bontl-street7 London.-A.t home frcm floven till four. Hottcrg. TO MR. PROUT, 229, STRAND, LONPO* Doncaster, September 26th, I8*f Sm,—The following particulars U. eu handed to ¡- with a request that they mi«ht lie r>rwarded ift vf>«. mission for their tihlicaiion, if v.m should drrn them .0" of Mcb..1. BROOKE & Co., Doneatf* R "FLLZABETH BRF.ARI.F.Y, residing in Duke-Mreot, DO#«?S U ter, aged between 40 and 50, Wall severrly affltetrd Ivit Rheamxtism, and conii'itd to her bed for a period of •'f1" two months, with scarcely the po'ver to lift her arm; signallv h^n^fiited aftrrtaking t«o dose* of BLAIR'S AND KI1KUMXTIC PILLS, aud after finishing was quite ri covered." The above reeent testimonial is a further preof of tb*folj efficacy of this valuable medicine, hich is the mo*t elkrjoP R I remedy for (iont Rheumatism, Sciatica, Lumbago, Tif roux, i'mns in the Mead and f-'ace often mistaken for*? j^] ehe, and for all (louty and Hhea na;ic Tende'irieit. i, It is also gratifying to h*ve permission to refer to «^jf L A V) lowing gentlemen, selected from a multitude of others, *5 station iu society has contributed to advance thi« t medicine in puldi; esteem: J. R..VandalI, B»q « Bl-, Doncaster the Rev Dr. Ble.nbrrg; the Chevalie'* A E IN1 Garde; Mr. Vfiskin, brewer and maltster, Dartfordij {from Hie hard *^ti>ne, Lutou; John J. Giles, Esq., Priml^'j ce of Innwood, Perbright Wm. Courtenay, Egq., Barton near Andover Railway Station, Hants; all of who«! *>"d.y Charlu received benefit by takine this medicine, and hav«alIo' 'l lnirsdav proprietor the privilege of publishing the same for of the afflicted. jj from Sold by Thomas Prout, 229. Strand, London; and M ic'j appointment by Mr Thos. Stephens, druggist, M^rthy*^ ,lo»da Mr. Phillips, Cardiff; Mr. Thomas, Cowbridge Mr. ^Uesda Monmouth Mr. Williams Brecon Mr. Williams • 3« ^'edne Phillips, Newport; and all respectable Medicine V* 4> Thtirsd throughout tha United Kingdom,—i'rice 2s 9d. i.er b«J* ,i 5, Ask for BLAIR'S GOUT AN!) RHKIMl ATIC P'!j 6,$atUrd and observe the name aud address of "Thomas Pto«V p.. Strand, London," impressed upon the Government arriages affixed to each box of the Genuine M-dicitic. CUPISS'S Children u CONSTITUTION HORSE Bit* C"! TO Sportsmen, Agriculturists, Postmaster?, a»J "wo-w^ee Proprietors of Horses, these Balls are partic^ fe Rider recommended in all ea»«s of swelled lei?*, eracked heel'»' V. It/, of appetite, ami vital energy i for Co«?hs, Collin, Cal»es, I luflammation, they are the best Medicine that can be P Carria- bited. moreoircr their operation, though effectual.0.] Uuuin^ that they rcqnir;; no alteration of diet, and if jivrn ° brau mash ot* Saturday night, wiil not interfere vritb tuiog week's regular work. Freight Die p NEAT CATTLE. j-r.iL n.e Cnmtitmion B.ll. a.fo.tgl, r' ''nm.n.l.d highly respectable Gt-ntlem. n, (see" Tes im >nialt) for V a Bull and Oxen as a inost valuable m ;;diciii' incases of 14 t Goods Blown, Scouring, on turniii'f out t,, or from b-,i the e* Gargate. Hide Bound Loss ot Appetite, Staring Ooa', "j temper, Epidemic, or Influenza. B illnck* fat much f»*,e rV occasionally giving a Hall. PREFARED ONLT RY FRANCIS CUP1SS, M. R. V. C. ^a And Author of the" Prize Kssav on th^ Disease of th* 'j leain 1 of the Horse/)is«, Norfolk; and sold by all «,esp<Jfc °u l'eli Medicine Venders in Town and Country, iu Packets, >•* .^g Good each, 3s. dd. per packet, wi h a wrapper giving Hons for the use of thp BJIIS, and treatment of the j biea;n whilst taking them. Also a Pamphlet of Testimonial* |( p many Gentlemen who have used the Balls in various ™ Jjv rl P,aints- ,« r#ek'>'|, Any Gentleman usiiiB the Balls may consult the GlAsV gratuitously, cither personally, or by letter, post-paid. ■ m »tKet NO MORE SUFFERING FROM CORNS °3 BUNIONS. 1 'UH I IV Q T Jones' Philosophical Remedy X /j|r Immediately enables the greatest sufferer to walk M" or pdl most perfect ean rand comfort. V'ess Before mankind were doom'd to use j If abo The Chinese cramps-called hoots and shots, ) Carri, How free were they to '"point the toe" BOOki Wherever Fancy bid them go! Wfure But ah what direful consequer.ce I he w Afflicted their pedalic sense All G When custom brought them into Fashion I clung Many a man who had no passion, Frei, That is to say, by nature given, > the s; Was by a swearing anguish riven for 10 Corns, Blisters, and those wretches—Bunions, hutic Made bis eyes weep, ay more than onions, Or even Peas which Pilgrims nse ""— To harden pi-nitential shoes I Unfitted for society, v Sour-temper'd soon he came to he The dearest friends' approach he thou-'ht '■ fl, Was with intent of mischief fraught. 3 His understanding weaken'd thus, He liv'd in constant pain and fuss But Mercy, that divinest maid, At length call'd Science to her aid, I At length ctilld Science to her aid, I And through her Agents, JONES & Co ( Soon sent relief for all his woe r TII No longer now he pines and frets, ( All former suffering he forgers, 13h And moves on "light Elastic toe" Cal As eVn St. Leon or Perrot! No boots too light-no leather pinches, "— Erewhile they killed him, ay, by inches Mi A LIGHT HOUSE in the Strand he gees, The home of coinfcrt and of ease, Where, after others' vain endeavour, O Corns and Bunions, aye! forever » Quit, the tortur'd foot and flee Before an instant remedy. j? This remedy for the Uelief and Cure of Corn*, &c., is ofteied to the Public as quite original, and 1 different from all others that have hitherto been adverti*^ "'i IT WILL AFFORD IMMEDIATE and, by attell tion to the directions, will ultimately cure the worst Corn Bunion that ever tortured humanity its composition iss" as to combine PRO'I ECTION AUAIN.ST FUTURE u with an instant removal of the cause of present suffering. other words, it is a M E'' H AN IC A L & M I". DlClV L 'j MEDY. Any person suffering from the agony and P',in h4 J Corn or Bunion, so as to be incapable of placing the foot to ground, on the application of this remedy, may jj walk with the greatest ease and coinfoi t.. Prepared and Sold by Messrs. Jones and Co., 201, Straf'J London, and by all Vendors of Patent Medicines, III Box o Is. lid. and 2s. 9d. each, and sent postage free to addre.s, on receipt of fifteen postage s &:nps. WHOLESALE AGENTS. 1 Edwards, St. Paul's Charctiyanl Barclay & Son, 95, ingdon street Sutton & Co.. How Churchyard. CAUTION. — Unprincipled individuals prepare the ""j' spurious compounds under the sune na.nes they copy 1 '*j 1 labels, bill-, advertisements, and testimonials of the o i#1" to I homas s Succedaneum. It i< therefore highly necessaty see that the words "Thomas and Howard" are on the wrapl'- of each article. All others arc fraudulent imita'.ions. ,1 For Stopping Decayed l'rice 2.v. Gd. PATRONIZED BY HER MAJESTY THE QUEE* HIS ROYAl. HIGHNESS PiUNCH A L B E It I', IfElt Imy AL HIGHNESS THE DUCHESS OF KIS\TT» HIS MAJESTY THE KING OF THE BELGIANS, HIS MAJESTY THE KING OF PRUSSIA, HIS GRACE T IE ARCHBISHOP OF CANTEHBU And nearly all the Nobility, til;, Bishops, and the Clerg1 Mr. Thomas's Succedaneum, FOR filling Decayed Teeth, however large the cavity- F It is superior to any thing ever before used, as it is placed in the tooth in a soft state, without any pressure pain, and in a short time becomes as hard as the enamel, will remain firm in the tooth m iny years, rendering cxtractio1' unnecessary. It arrest* all further progress of decay, an" renders tliem again useful in masfication. AH persons can n"? Mr THOMAS'S SUCCEDANEUM THEMSELVES WH'W EASE, as full directions are enclosed. Prepared only by Messrs. THOMAS and HOWARD, Slir, geon-Dentists, 61, Berners-S-.reet, Oxford-Street, London- Price 2s. 6d. Sold by their appointment by the following Agents:— t Mr. Thomas Stephens, drugist, Merthyr Tydvil; Ifr. Phillips, Cardiff; Mr. Far roir, Monmouth i Mr. Williatill, Brecon; Mr. Wi liams and Mr. Phillips, Newpoit; BilUf' and Son, chemists and ironmongers, Cowbridge; and by the Venders of Medicine generally throughout uie kingdom* and by all Chemists and Medicine Vendors or the Propria' s tors will send the Succedaneum free BY POST to any part- I the Kingdom l\ LOSS OF TEETH. LOSS OF TEETH. MessVs. "FHOM AS Se [IOWA ill) continue to supply the L«s8 't of Teeth without springs or wires upon their new sys'em or SELF-AOH ESION, whi, h has secured them universal appro* bation, and it is recotnmcnded by numerous Physicians and Surgeons as being the most in'geuious system of supplying artilicial teeth hitherto invented. They adapt themselves over the most tender gums, or remaining stumps, without causing the least pain, rendering the operation of extracting quite unnecessary. They are so fixed as to fasten any lo;)Se teeth where the gums have shrunk from the use of calomel of other causes. T;¡ey also beg to invite those not liking to un- dergo any p-iirftil operation, as practised by most members of the profession, to inspect their painless yet effective system and ill order that their improvements may be within reach 01 the most economical, they will continue the same moderato charges. Messrs.THOMAS and now AR:), SURGUON-DENTIST, 64. Berners-Street, Oxford-Street, London. At home from JO. I till 4. • Those INTERESTED IN THE SUBJECT will find THIS STATEMENT OF THEIR SUPERIORITY OVER ALL OTHERS TO BE ENTIRELY AND SCRUPULOUSLY CORRECT. Their new method of fixing Artificial Teeth has obtained the approbation and recommendation of the following emi nent Physiciaus and Surgeons — Sir Jaints Claik, Bart., Physician to her Majesty Dr. Locock, Physician Accoucheur to her Majesty Dr. Ferguson, Physician Accoucheur to her Majesty Dr. Bright, Physician Extraordinary to her Majesty Sir B. C. Brod.e, Hart., Sergeant Surgeon to her Majesty The late Sir A Cooper., Bart., Serg.Surgeon to her Majesty H. Keale, Esq., Sergeant Surgeon to her Majesty Dr. Merriman, Physician to her It. H. the Duchess of Kent Sir C. M. Clark, Bart., M.D. Dr. Paris Sir M. Tierflcy, Bart., M.D. D r. James Johnson v Dr. Chambers, Dr. Conquest Aud numerous other Members of the Medicat Profeasioa. i SATUUDAY, NOVEMBER 22, 18la, ] Published by the sole Proprietor, HENIlY WEBBBR, at his residence Charles-street, in the Parish of Saint John the Baptist, in the i own of Cardiff and County t of Glamorgan, and Printed by him at his General Printing Office in Duke-street, in the said Parish of. Saint John, io the Town Rod County aforesaid.