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MONMOUTHSHIRE. NOMINATION OF SHERIFFS, 1846-7.—Thomas Pro- thero, of Malpas Court, Esq. Charles John Kemeys Tynte, of Cefn Mably, Esq.; Wm. Hunter Little, of Upper Pantygoytre, Esq. NEWPORT.-A t the recent general meeting of the Dock Company, we are sorry to hear that the reporters of the public press were refused admittance. The Monmouth- shire Canal Company appear to be actuated by a different spirit. At a general meeting held at the company's office on Thursday, Sir Charles Morgan, Bart., in the chair, it was resolved unanimously that a reporter should be admitted. In future we intend availing ouraelves of this liberal order. Newport Dock was never so full of vessels as it is at the present time. Two are obliged to lie out on the river, there being no room within for them. NEWPORT.—Her Majesty has been pleased, through Sir James Graham, to commute the sentence passed upon Gibbon, Cole, and Pring, convicted at the last Monmouth Assizes of a rape into seven years' transportation, instead of for life. I On Thursday last, the Tintema fine screw steamer arrived at Newport, being her first trip from Liverpool. We observed a full caigo of articles of grocery, &c. FIRE.-On Wednesday evening, at about 9 o'clock, information was received at the station house, New- port, that Mr. Wade's cooperage was on fire. The police with the fire engine were soon at the spot; and having obtained a supply of water, wrought so effectually upon the flames, that the fire was subdued within two hours. The crowd rendered very great assistance, but no one was more active than the respected member for the borough, Mr. Blewitt, who unfortunately fell into the canal. We are happy to state that he sustained no other inconvenience, further than a thorough wetting. The mayor (Mr. J. Latch), Mr. Wm. Townshend, Mr. J. J. Nicholas, and Mr. T. Cooke; Mr. Phillips, Mr. D. Blackwood, and many of the most respectable inhabitants exerted themselves greatly. The damage occasioned by the fire, although considerable, yet is not so great as was at first imagined. We are informed that in the immediate neighbourhood of the fire there were deposited 20 tons of hemp, 40 tons of oil, besides a quantity of turpentine. INQUMT.—On Wednesday, the 19th instant, an inquest was held at the Tredegar Arms Inn, Pill- gwenlly, Newport, before William Brewer, Esq., coroner, on view of the body of Samuel Hall, aged 25 years. It appeared by the tenor of the evidence adduced, that the deceased, at about seven o'clock in the evening, was stepping ashore from a schooner which lay at a jetty in the Victoria Yard, having been at work on board, and in doing so he missed hi* footing, fell into the water and was drowned, although instant means were used to rescue him. His body was not found till the following morning. Verdict- Accidental death. NEWPORT TOWN HALI.. MO.NDAY—[Present, the Mayor, Wm. Brewer, Edward Dowling, Thos. Hawkins, and Thos. Hughes, Ksqrs.]—Evan Y or nth was charged wiih having been drunk anrf disorderly. Sergeant Jiini Huxtaiile sworn: "Last night, between 11 and 12 o'clock. I was on dltly in Foiiiergill- street. I found the prisoner ihere iiruik. all d several persons around him. He was informing ,n that )t<- haJ money in his possession to tiie amount 01 £ ij. I found out that he re- sided near the dock. I toui; hiinio Dock-street—put him on the toad—and told him to go home. He said he would not go, and tha: I should gt) aioug with him, because he paid taxes to support us. I went awa), and he followed me; and a< tw was very disorderly, I took him to t$»e -a iou-le-use." Fined 5s. for being drunk.—Capt. Win. Dan-h, chained with assault- ing WiliUm Merchant, fined 5c. an.i 'Jr. Hondo's churiie of ussanlt a^uist kjin. Merchant was di,u:sjed. Henry Curton was ch.uy'd «;t!i stealing a ii;5ie from John Slade, LUiiOver Discord, on Friday morning, ll.h install'. Committed for tiial-—1'tederick Singleton w cliAi^ed with desertion from bis ship. Dismissed.— Thos. Fuid was charged with stralin* coal from Messrs. Latch and Cope. C.iuimitieil for the Mayo* tttOtn-ts Haw- kins, and Thomis fIndies, fr'squires 1 — Thotnus Jone* was charged with bavin; uu!wfu\\y aill l.is possession Case dismissed. Michael Manning, seaman, convicted in the pciiahy of i>veiny-two shillings, txriu&ive of cos s, lor breaking several panes ot glass, (damage H>.} in -he lIoase of Mr. E. U. Iters, PiU Ko^d. In default of payment to iie im- prisoned for two months. John Rutiinytou, ,v< s ci.avicted iu the penalty of 9s. 6-1. and cosis, f.r air a il: hij: John Hagley. Tup, COURT FOR THE REUUF OF IXSOLVSNT Deur- ors, was held on Wednesday week, tit Monmouth, by J. G. Harris, Esq., commissioner. There were only two cases to be disposed of, viz., Thomas Hands :wd Saaiuel Wiisoii, both uuoppo.se> Upon calliiijj the case of Thomas Hands, the governor of the ,oat s'itotl that the iusolvent s discharge had beeu sent to him on the 10th instant, but upon his (the insolvent's) earnest soiiei'.ation, he h;;d allowed him to retntiin in the g-tol until this time that he had willingly conformed to the rules, and waa brought up in euatojy. The commissioner said that tho governor had acted perfectly right, and rem.irked iu strong Icnns upon the practice of discharging insolvents upon tiie eye of hearing; ne considered the case legiti- mately before the court, and ho should therefore proceed to discharge the insolvent, aud thereby defeat the objcct of the plaintiff, ill endeavouring to prevent hitn receiving the benefit of the act. The eases were g .12 into, and both insolvents ordered to be discharged forthwith. ABEKGAVBNN Y. — EDUCATION AT. JIovtM :■:« r. Last week, a meeting was held in this town, for the pnrpus.' of considering the propriety of adopting means for the ex- tension ol education. Sir Benjamin Hall took the chair, and after speeches from the honourable baronet, Mr. Daniel, Dr. Keynolds, Air. Isaacs, the lie v. Alicah Thomas the liev. H. J. Buuu, the Rev. H. Poole, Mr. Wyke, and Mr. Price, the following resolutions were agreed to: 1 bat it appears to this meeting highly iioc« s.a y tha". a chool should be i.n:iicdia<cly esuhlishcd in Ai *■ :nx-auy tor the instruction oÎ the did Iren e: th(' workiag c!,iss >. 1 0at this g C";l,.iti that win e the < ;ituition of 'he ct-iidien of the working (lasses ",1611, U) itc La;. u on t), principles ot the Bible, yet it should be kept jjcrl'ccdv free from sectarian peculiarities. '• That this meeting cordially approves of the s, tho Bri'Uii and Foreign Sehoot Society, becausc no oariv iufi'i- ence is piTmitted to eon'rol the management of i s sr/ioois. sirJ whih the Scriptines are road taikgh, 11 > h i.nan creed or catechism is used in the insti uc io.i of th pupils. "That this meeting earnestly calls on tin1 friends 01 rtee education to give tb«'ir support o a school <on.!u> t< d n these .innciples, and (it-signed for the benefit of ftersjns e*ery .eligiou« persuasion and that Ihe following .elltkmcil tie appointed to wait ou the j'ulJll.¡IJ:1' of the town io solu It siibscrij! ions anil donations in aid of Ih., IlU'I!'i(;1\ Mr. John Mo;gat), Mr. CbtiS. Daniel, .Mr. Wm ll-vanl, Mr. John James, Mr J. H. Conway, Mr..Michael, Mr. B:gglest ,nc, hud Mr. J. lliJey I' In the course of the proceedings, Dr. Keytiold- who is a. Catholic, warmly resented an observation of Mr. Daniel that the monks in formei tune*, aui in (act the Roman Catholic Church, would hare eouti: •, the know ledge of science and litcratuie to iheir.lvi An ami- cable explanation, hotveiei, to.m plaeo, an 1 i)r. ft. expressed his concurrence in the object of the tr.eeting. — Herefora Journal. ATTEMPTED K.UICIDE. The course of true lovz-. never did run smooth, and so poor Emma ihojgiifc she would distaib the smooth surface of the sylvan Wye, and in its deep civenis bury ut once herself and her troubles; but the Fates thought otherwise, for the moon shone bright, and after the faint scream an<!rf sP^as^» a mail named Jt ila:ny, to whom great credit is due, who was accidentally passing near, wa-i enabled to see the unfortunate Emma being lmr;'ie,! away with the stream, He, like a true knight. plunged into the deep and succeeded in bringing thj lady to the shore, qll;te exhausted, but no sooner had she recovered herself than she thanked her preserver by saying, Why didn't you let me go r The cause of her troubles appears to be a sturdy son of Vulcan, who hid created a fire in poor Emma's breast which nothing but the cooling waters of this Wye could extinguish. It is to be hoped that the cold bath she received on Tuesday night, will have restored her to a senpe of the awful situation in wlrch she had jrtwed l —v^mino'^hHrp