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LOCAL RAILWAYS. NOTICES of the following applications have appeared in the o»don Clazette and the local papers, so that they may be regarded as fairly launched before Parliament — Birmingham and Bristol North Wale* Mineral—Shrew^- Malvera line bury and Oswestry and Brecknock and Glamorgan Chester Junction luc >rpora- Bristol and Birmingham ;— tiou Gloucester and Stonehouse Radnorshire, Aberystwith, and Bristol and Gloucester —lncor- Welsh Midland J unction r poration with the IHrming- Rugby, Warwick, and VVorces- ham and Gloucester ter Cambrian and Grand Junction Shrewsbury and Herefordshire Cheltenham, Oxfurd, and Lun- South Wales don Junction i.Taft" Vale Extension Chepstow, Forest of Dean, and Vale of Neath Gloucester Junction j Welsh Midland Eastern Counties Junction Ditio—Continuation from Car- Forest of Dean to the Severn marthen tu Cardigan at Welhouse bay Ditto Extension-Kiddermin- Gloucest. r and Abergavenny ster, Birmingham, and Leo- Gloucester, Aberystwith. and minster, to Stockport an 1 Central Wales Kidderminster Gloucester and Hereford Canal Welsh South Midland and Worcester Wolverhampton, Bridgnorth, Gloucester and Dean Fore-t and Ludlow Hereford aud Merlin r Tydvil Worcester and Port Dynllaen Junction Worcester and Mertliyr Tydvil Monmouth and Hereford (De- Junction vat ion) Worcester, Tenbury, and Lud- North Wales Mineral—Exten- low sion Worcester, Warwick, & Rugby The Marchioness of Bute has nearly recovered from her recent indisposition. J'he Marquis leaves Dumfries House for Edinburgh in a few days, to preside at the General Assembly as Lord High Commissioner to the Church of Scotland.—Morning Herald. The Lord James Stuart, Lady James Stuart, and fa- mily, arrived at Cardiff Castle, on Wednesday last. The Lord Bishop of Llandaff has been pleased to col- late the Rev. Thomas Stacey, M.A., Rector of Gellygaer, and Curate of St. John the Baptist's, Cardiff, to the office of Precentor, and to an Honorary Canonry, in the Cathedral Church of Llandaff, vacant by the resignation of the Rev. Henry Douglas. CASUALTY RECEIVED AT THE iKFtRMARY.—On Thurs- day, John Richards, one of Mr. Crawshay's boatmen, was brought to the institution, having had his toe broken by the falling of a i»«r ofiron upon ft, CARDIFF MARKET.—Nov. 15.-Beef, 6d. to 7d.; Mut- ton, Gd. to ti^'L Lamb, (id. to 7d. Veal, none Pork, G~d. to Tel. Geese, 7d. per lb. Ducks, 3s. &d. to 4s. Uti. p r couple; Fowls, 3s. to 3s. 6d. ditto; Butter, fresh, L. 2d. Butter, salt; Is. Id. per lb. Eggs, is. per doz. Potatoes, white, 9s. to 10s Do,,red, 10s. to 12s. persaek. SUDDUN DEATH IN PHNAUTII ROADS.—On Tuesday forenoon, an inquest was held at the Shoulder of Mutton Tavern, before K. Lewis Reeee, Esq., coroner, on view of the body of illiain Cooke, seaman on board the brig Cassandra, of London, aged 28 years, awl who was a native of Liverpool. Thos. Popplewel!, master, sworn We took in a cargo of coals and bricks at Newport, l and left that port on Saturday morning. The deceased 1 shipped with me on Friday, engaging to go to Malaga, iie apj.eared then in good health and spirits. We had a bill of health for myself and crew from the Spanish con- Kyi at Newport. On Sunday we got into the Channel. At about i2 o'clock the deceased, who hae. been up on the top-sail yard, came down, and complained of violent pain in the region of the stomach. I went, to him in- stantly, but found him in a state of insensibility-—he could not speak. He went that way in the course of a minute or two. He was sitting down 011 the deck— doubled up, and Ins hands were pressed against his sto- mach. His face was washed, and a little water was administered to him. I oulered him to be conveved immediately to the forecastle, to his bed-Io be kept very warm, and to be constantly attended by some one. In con- sequence of the gale 1 could not pay as much attention to him at that time as I could wish, but I sent him some brandy and black pepper-it did him no good. When we go: into I'enarth Ro.uls, on Sunday afternoon, I went to him and administered to him some castor oil and 50 drops of laudanum. He took it, but his stomach rejected it almost immediately. He afterwards had some jalap- some warm rum and water—more castor oil aud laudanum, but nothing remained 011 his stomach. He requested to have given him a little wine and Ivater, and I gave him some sherry with hot water, but that was also thrown up. I ordered him large doses of warm water, and had bottles of warm water placed to his stomach, bit he was no better. As a last lesource I ordered a mustard poultice to be applied to his stomach. He died at about three o'clock on Monday morning. In addition to the fore- go.ng particulars, the Captain—who appeared to have acted with great humanity and attention to the deceased -said that he had engaged with the two Newport pilots to take the deceased ashore, as he (deceased) wished it; but tiie pilots observing vessels with signals for pilots flying, left (he Cassandra. Several of the crew corrobo- rated the captain's statement; and one of them, who had remained with during his illness, said he (de- ceased) kept crying out to the last-" Oh, I shall die —I shall die. Ob, my 11');)1' dear oJOther-my dear mother." 'J'he jury refin ncii a veidict of Died by the visitation of God." The remains of the poor fellow were interred in the burial ground of Saint John's Church, in this town. NOTICES IOR TUB I'.ririiANY QUARTER SESSIONS.— To consider of the ptovhling a Lunatic Asylum for this county alone, or in connection with some other county or counties, borough or boroughs, under 8 and 9 Vict., eap. 100. Tocousidcr the present state of the law as regards prosecutions for petty offences, with a view to call the attention of the legislature thereto. To increase the police force in the Swansea and Merthyr Districts. To increase the salary of the chief constable. County rate, £ :mH 9s. S¡d. police rate, £ 885 4s, 9d.; stipen- diary magistrate rate, £ 335 ltjs. 5d. BLST OF HODEHT LonD CLIVE, K.B.—We understand that a splendid bust of the great Lord Clive has arrived at Powis Castle. It has beeu executed in Carrara marble, of the purest quality, by desire of his grandson, the present Earl of Powis, K.G. It may be mentioned, that although several portraits of his lordship were painted, this is the first and only bust in existence, being yodelled from a full length portrait at Walcot, and does 1n!inite credit to the correct taste and skill of the sculptor, John Evan Thomas, F.S.A., of London, whose chisel hits imparted to this fine intellectual head, a life-like ap- I'earaiiee, beaming with that benevolence and generous Reeling which characterised his lordship's life while the featllles are strikingly formed to command, and marked With determination to carry out its resolves. His lord- ship represented the town of Shrewsbury in parliament for nearly fourteen years; he was elected mayor in 1762, filled the honourable office of recorder from 1771 to decease, November 22nu, 1774.—S/vopskire Journal. [The great Lord Clive, was the grandfather of the "onour.ibie Robert Clive, M.P. who possesses large es- tates in this county.—ED.] PROPOSED BRIDGE ACROSS THE AUST PASSAGE. —Ti e original promoters of this unuertaking have given notu.e °f their intention to apply to pariiarneut in the ensuing ^ssion, and we perceive that the notice of the-»«London, Bristol and South Wales Direct" Company also embodies a similar application. Amongst the notices appear thoire of one or two railways which, it is proposed, shall '^rminate at Aust; The •'Bristol and Liverpool J unction" Company, apparently confine themselves this session to loti(:e ioi at notice lor the bridge. We understand that Mr.Walker, ''e Admiralty engineer, has reported in favour of ^e structure, and that he has recommended a plan ^signed by i\ir. Thomas Fulljames, C.E.,— a ciicum- ^ce which is justly calculated to materially enhance I I Tu AT.;E, CARDIFF. — OPENINO POSTPONED.—We tit- infor.in; that in consequence of he crowded state of the P'tnce of Wales, steamer, the baggage, scenery, music, &c., necessaiy fur last night's (Thursday) peiformance, cculd uat be brought down from Bristol; therefore, the pei ibrinanees announced for last evening, (Thursday) were, we believe, unavoi iably postponed until this even- i'jg. In our next we hope to be enabled to give our opinion .A' the merits of the respective members of the company, which, according to common report, contains several established favourites. We shall see. ODD FELLOWSHIP.- Oil Wednesday night, the antii- v.rsary of tiie Temple of Friendship Lodge of Odd Fellow#, M.U., was celebrated at the lodgj-room, in the Hayes, Cardiff, upon which occasion, a very numerous, and most respectable body of members of the Older met, and par- took of a capital supper, provided and placed upou the table in Mr. and Mis. David's besi style. The chair was taken by P.C.S. Mark Marks, and the vice-chair by Mr. of the Bute Arms Inn. After ample justice had been none to the truly excellent entertainment, the cloth was removed, and the usuat ioyat and constitutional toas's were given, and warmly received. Then followed those of a more private nature—namely—" Prosperity to the Temple of Friendship Lodge" (acknowledged in neat terms by P.G. Hen.y Hopkins) The Town and Trade of Cardiff" (acknowledged by P.P.G.M. Jen- kins); "The District Officers;" "The Public Press" (acknowledged very briefly by P.S. J. E. Williams); Mr. Payne, the respected surgeon of several lodges in this town" (acknowledged in appropriate terms by th.tt gentleman); "The Chairman and Vice-Chairman." to- gether with several other toasts; and last, but not least, The landlord and landlady," which toast was very well received, and responded to by Mr. David in a very neat an" well-spoken spetch. During the evening various scngs were sung in excellent styh*, go that "time new ■ a golden wings." Upon the whole, it was a most delightful evening and will long be remembered with pleasure by all who had the happiness of being included in the party. IN consequence of an alteration having taken place in the time of the arnva! of the Irish mail, namely, 21 minutes earlier, the letter-box at our post-office is now closed at four o'clock, P.M. All letters intended for London, or any place to the eastward of Cardiff, must be posted previous to that hour. W F. beg to call the attention of the public to the adver- tisement of the Freemasons' and General Life Assurance Company, which appears in this day's impression. The advantages held out in the Company's prospectus are considerable, and well worthy of serious attention. NKW COMET.- A comet is now visible to the naked e\e, in the constellation Cancer, and the best time for seeing it is from two to four in the morning; at the former hour it will be found due east, about 30 degrees all ve the horizon, about II degrees to the left of,, and a t little below, the bright star Pollux in Gemini. CARDIFF SAVIXGS BANK.-Nov. 13th. Deposits received, t £ J3'y 3s. lid.; paid. £170 lis. 6d. The amount of deposits recc-ived duriiig the year ending the 20th inst., is £ 9253 8s. 2d. and the amount paid during the same period, is £ 7482 18s., showing an increase of £ 1770 10s. 2d, The affairs of this excellent institution are, we have every reason to believe, admi- rably managed, and clearly prove that the most exemplary attention is paid to the interests of the public generally. PROPERTY NO INCOME-TAX ON GAKOENS.—In con- iiiade to the Board of Stamps and Taxes, rese i' K 1 SSl1lf;n.:s 110')1; tèrJlIllIs occu- pying gardens a^joinm^ tti-ii:- bouses, under th" Property atul I:i omc-tax -t, t. tl,c "(Idr'l replied," it. was not their n i h that such assessments shoulj be m*de in ordinary eases oi gardens attached to houses, and tholl instructions to >hat effect had been sent II) their Surveyor." -1 knowledge 0" th s may prevent tmay persons attendm.; the Cummis- iioneis' meetings to appeal. •