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z-, kill PATEYT PSSSSSVE9 PilOVISIOYS. Protected hy her Majesty^ Royal Letters Patent. c. 1 n r"ICE:' 0F rR°VISIONS IN BOND. Stewed Deef „„„ T) J R» # y i • per lb# Kound of do. Flank of do QI J' "xCbeek old' Ir,Pe 6jd. „ List of Prices of Ooldner s Pftlenl Preserved Prolans. MILK, s. d. rtAAfP g, d. Milk- per quart I 4 Guinea Fo-.vls each G 0 Ditto- per pint 0 9 Venison, Haunch £ .5 to Ditto- Per 3 pint 0 6 Yenisorr J Ia«h'd, per I). 2 2 n bou"- Hare, Roasted ear-h 6 0 Real Turtle-per quart 1° 6 Hare, Jug^d peril,. 2 o Mock Turtle „ 2 3 Parlridge" roasted each 2 « A m •'2<5 Pheasant, Roasted 6 0 Ox Ta „ 2 2 Grouse, Roasted- „ 3 G 2,W • 2 3 I'txrmi^do. „ 3 0 V v, 2 8 Iilack Game, d,„- „ 6 0 Vegetable „ 2 8 Wild Drtck, do. ,.3 0 'irrot ,,2 2 UabbiMjirried, ner th. 1 8 Minli-atawny „ 2 8 Rabbits, with Oaiou Concentrated Gravy 3 4 Sauce I « Chicken Broth -30 FISH. Veal Broth 2 C Seal W. I. Turtle, Cali- Chicken Broth -30 FISH. Veal Broth 2 C Seal W. I. Turtle, Cali- Muttou Broth „1.9 ^)ash and Calipee Hoteii Potch „ 3 -4 „ lb |0 g Soup & Bouilli- per lb. 0 9. Ditto Steaks ,50 Do. from 6 lbs. upwds. 0 6^ Salmon 16 VEGETABLES. Cod Fish 1 (j Green Peas per lb. 1 0 Stewed Eels 2 0 Onions 0 10 Lobsters in Shell ,,3 6 Carrots and Gravy „ 0 10 Fresh Herrings -16 Carrots, plain „ 0 61 Yarmouth Bloaters „ 1 6 Turnips 0 10 Cod Sounds „ 1 6 Beet Koot- „ 0 c SAUCE. Parsnips „ 0 7 Lobsters for Sauee BEEF. per pint 2 G Roast Beef per lb. 1 1 Ditto per p;nt 1 t> Spiced Beef ,10 Oysters p,,r ,,iat 2 () Rump Steaks Stewed,, 1 3 Ditto per .J pint 1 3 Beef Alamode ,,0 l04! Mushrooma ngj pint 2 6 Gulyas Beef ,,11 Shrimps -20 Ox Tongue each 6 6 Tripe & Onions, per lb. 1 I FUEXCH. DISHES. Russian Tongues, each 5 0 Beef, a la Flamandj MUTTON. per lb. 2 0 Roast Mutton per lb. 1 1 Beef, a la Royal- ,.2 6 Roast Leg of Mutton „ 1 1 Ox Palate 3 0 Boiled Mutton ,,0 10j; Ditto Italian 3 3 Boiled Leg of Mutton,, 1 1 Ditto with Peas „ 3 0 Hashed Mutton 0 lot Teudroiis of Veal "a 0 Haricot Mutton ,,1 I Ragout of Veal 2 0 Irish Stew- „ 0 10.J Veal Cutlets Jardiniere 2 0 LAMB. Ditto m-itli Peas -1126 Roast Lamb per lb. 1 6 Ditto To in at a 26 Roast Leg of Lamb ,,16 Ditto Italian ,,2 0 Stewed Lamb and Ve- Sweetbread per case 6 0 getables ,,14 Minced Veal- per lb. 2 6 Lamb and Green Peas- 1 4 NoixdeVeau 2 0 VEAL. Fricandeau ,,3 0 Roast Veal per lb. 1 3 Calf's Tongue Sauce Roast Fillet of Veal ,,16 Piquante ,,3 0 Knuckle of Veal „ 1 2 Calf's Tongue with Stewed Veal and Vege- Peas ,30 tables 1 3 Ditto Smoked ,,3 0 Veal and Green Peas" 1 4 Mutton Cutlets,Tomata. 2 6 Veal Cutlets 1 6 Ditto Italian 2 0 Minced Veal „ 6Ditto J iirdiniere -1120 Veal Collops 1 6 Ditto with Peas 2 G Calf s Head „ 1 1 Ragout of Mutton 2 0 Ditto and Bacon- „ I 6 Lamb Cutlets, Jardinierc 2 G Ditto Hashed, with Ba- Ditto Italian26 coa and Brains ,,1 6 Ditto Tomata 2 6 Calf's Brains 111 6Ditto with Peas -26 Calf's Feet and Jelly ILeg and Shoulder of Curried Veal 1 4 Lamb braised ,,2 0 PORK. Ragout of Lamb- 2 0 Pork Cutlets per lb. 1 6 Kidney Saute ,,2 6 Sucking Pig 12s. to 15 0 Pheasant each 8 0 Hams per lb. 1 4 Ditto Truffled ,50 POULTRY. Partridge „ 3 0 Turkeys, Roasted or Supreme of Fowl Boiled each 7s. to 15 0 per case 12 0 Geese, Roasted each 9 0 Fricaseed Fowls, per lb. 2 6 Ducks, Roasted, each Duck and Peas each 6 6 4s. to 4 6 Teal en Salmi, per case 6 0 Ditto and Green Peas 5 0 Grouse en Salmi- ,,6 0 Fowls, Roasted or Partridge en Salmi „ 6 0 Boiled, each 3s. 6d. to 5 6 Pheasant en Salmi ,,8 0 Dorking Capons each 6 6 Green Peas ,,2 0 Pigeons, Roasted, 2d. extra charged for 1 lb, per couple 2 0 cases on French dishes. Ditto and Green Peas 3 0 Grouse Soup, per quart 3 6 Pigeons, Steak & Gib- Superior Turtle Soup 15 0 lets for Pies, per case 3 0Clear ditto -210 MADE DISHES. Julienne ,,3 0 Ragout of Goose, per lb. 1 6 POTTED MEATS. Ditto of Turkey „ 1 6 Potted Beef per lb. 3 0 Ditto of Fowl 2 0 Ditto Veal- ,,3 0 Ditto of Mutton- 1 2Ditto Giblets30 Ditto of Veal ,,1 4 Ditto Tongues ,,3 0 Ditto of Lamb 1 4Ditto Hall -30 Ditto of Giblets- ,,16 Ditto Shrimps ,,4 0 Curried Fowls each 7 6 Ditto Lobsters ,,4 0 The above can be had in Canisters containing from ) Ib. to 500 lbs. each. One penny extra charged for I lb. cases. These provisions are free from the objectionable gaseous flavour so much complained of in those preserved by the old process; and the very moderate price at which they are sold, renders them advantageous for Home Consump- tion as well as Sea Stores. Sole Agent at CARDIFF-J. G. BIRD, Ship & Insurance Broker, and General Commission Agent. ZjPWQiU'lii* Most Important Improvements in Dental Surgery, BY HONS. LE DRAY, SURGEON-DENTIST, No. 27, PARK-STREET, BRISTOL, One Door from Berkely Square. The Patent Incorrodible Terra Metallic TJE £ JTH ,t FIXED OV THE MOST SCIENTIFIC PRINCIPLES WITHOUT SPRIVGS, WIKES, OR LIO ATC/ii FS, a MoNS. LE DRAY and Co.'s usual moderate Paris Charges commencing at 5j. a single tooth, and t:.us continuing their scale of prices. Scurvy in the Gums effectually removed, Loose Teeth fus tened and filling Decayed Teeth with their Mineral Murmoratum. AT each announcem nt made to the public by MONTS. LE T\. DRAY and CO., their gra ification is highly increased as they are continually receiving from theirextensive connec- tion undeniable assurances of satisfaction and approval. In rendering acknowledgements for the patronage received from their friends among the Nobility, Gentry, Cierpy, and inhabi- tants of Glamorganshire and" Monmouthshire, North and South Wales. as well as the adiacent comities, they cannot refrain from expressing their implicit confidence in a continu- ance of the recommendations and favours of their patrons; being fully determined to continue those facilities, which have hitherto produced so much benefit andcomfort to those requiring their professional aid. MONS. LK MAY and Co. rn;ky he consulted as usual at their Residence, 27, PARK STREET, where they continue to restore Decayed Teeth with the Mineral Murmoratum, so highly recommended by the Faculty of Englami, France, and the Continent, and of which they arc the sole inventors. It is introduced into the cavity in an almost liquid state, without the least pain, and in a few seconds hardens into the enamel preventing and curing the Tooth-ache, arresting the process of further decay—thereby obviating the necessity of extrac- tion. The Marmoratum not only converts a mere shell into a sound and useful Tooth, calculated for all its original purposes but by completely stopping up the cavity re moves that un- pleasant taint of the bieath which invariably arises from decay of the teeth. There is no disease to which the mouth is liable more de- structive than Scurvy in the Gums the loss of Teeth is more to be attributed to it than any other cause, for it is the primary source of decay in them. On its first appearance the Gums bleed on the most trifling occasion, become spongy, and lose that firm texture they hive ill a healthy state, causing the breath to be offensive and repulsive to every one under its influence, besi es other evils repugnant to a sensitive aud re- tined mind. It must be a source of extreme gratification to those thus afflict d to be assured that Mo.iS. Le Dray can effectual! re- move this destructive complaint, by a single application," a;.d without the least pain. Moos. Le Dray and Co's PATENT INCORRODIBLE TEIIRA MISTALIC ARTIFICIAL or NATURAL TEETH, of surpassing beauty, can be matched so c'.osely in shaue and colour to those left ill the mouth, and formed so exactly to nature, that the closest observer cannot detect the difference They are fixed from one to a complete set, without extracting the toots, or causing the least pain, and may be tak^n out and replaced by the wearer with the great st facility being incorrodinlc, they have the superior advantage, of never changing colour or decaying they are arranged on the most scientific principles, answering most satisfactorily all the pur- poses of mastication autt articulation, imparting to (he coun- tenance a younger and anproved appeaiance, protecting the adjoining teeth, fastening ihose that are loose, forming a new gum where the original in» lias receded, and the teeth re- maining perfectly secure in their places. maining perfectly secure in their places. Specimens of tbese beautiful Teeth may he viewed daily at Mous. Le Oray's residence, as well as hisothcr j nprovement-, and his supeiior mode of sparing the patient from the pain ind luconvenience hitherto attending operations of the mouth. Loose Teeth, arising either from age, or any other cause, fastened, aud deficiencies ot palate effectually remedied, Artificial Teeth out of lepair remodel ed to ti! the mouth, and restored equal in beauty an:) dm ability 10 their original sta^e. CHILOKKN'S Tt-'E I'll ATTENDED Ti> AfD Rl-GHLATtD. Attendance daily from ten till teve". For the convenh i; of country patients, Mtf.11. ve y ind Co. are enabled to ti < a partial or a com pi« s' t ot 1 vet o at one sitting, without the least pain or inconvenience. Those to « horn expense is an "!U' ct nee n>.t .>;• deterred from visiting Mous. Le Dray, as he will give very advice au.: information appertaining to his profession witnojt any remu- neration. N.B. No. 27, P*rk'itrcet, One Doqr from Berkeley-square, Bristol.